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Everything was going well, too well in fact. In front of me is a Monstrous Nightmare, one of the most feared dragons out there. Fairly hard to describe something that in a second could snap me up and swallow me whole but I will try. It has a large wingspan, maybe four vikings across give or take a fish-bone, a snake like tail and neck meeting a fairly bulky body. Its head was... well scary. Large yellow eyes, rounded face ending in twisted horns then there's the serrated teeth. They were exposed while the mouth was closed, large enough to go through me. I wonder how many of these dragons bit the inside of their mouths... not helping.

It was calm, though a little suspicious trying to see if this was all a trick. I suppose to an outsider or in fact the crowd watching one could be confused. I won't go back to the start simply because I am busy at the moment.

My name is Hiccup. Great name right? I got the total package, great name, body of a fish bone and the strength of a gnat. The upside would be my intelligence -if it ever panned out. I live in a village called Berk far in the north, its full of burly vikings that use their massive bulk rather then their brains, not that this introduction does it or its inhabitants credit again my mind is occupied with something else.

Currently I am in the kill ring. It serves as a training ground for the younger teens to learn the art of dragon killing. Simply put it is a large stone circle, about two longships in diameter and a longship tall. It has five heavy wood doors set on the far side, while a strong sturdy iron gate on the opposite side blocks the only exit. After that there is a ramp followed by another sturdy iron gate. Not so hard to get in, but there are very few options for getting out. The roof is a webbing of chain attached to metal railing to prevent the dragons from flying out while allowing the viking crowd to watch the festivities.

My dad, Stoick the vast, chief of the tribe is one of those rare vikings that have both impressive strength and intelligence. From his seat above the ring I could hear him shout "Stop the fight" I couldn't let that happen yet so as loud as I could without startling the dragon I called out "No I need you all to see this, they're not what we think they are, we don't have to kill them."

From this point on my infamous luck caught up with me. "I said STOP THE FIGHT!" Stoick repeated before bringing his hammer down on the metal rings surrounding the arena. The sound startled the Monstrous Nightmare, angry at being tricked it took this opportunity to take vengeance on the only thing in range... me.

While others have the muscle memory to wield a weapon with scary precision or to preform beautiful somersaults or other acrobatics, my muscles know how to run, fast, and in the other direction of whatever is trying to kill me... it happens a lot.

I yelped and scrambled around to avoid the enraged dragon. I managed to find my way to the selection of weapons laid out for the event and quickly picked up a shield before sprinting away. The sound of crunching wood could be heard and I did not need to look back to know the pile was reduced to a heap of bent and broken items. I was temporarily saved when Astrid, A blond Valkyrie, that up in till last night wouldn't give me the time of day, entered the ring and expertly tossed a hammer which struck the dragon in the skull.

By this time my dad had made it to the ring opening both gates before calling to us. Astrid made it but I was cut off by a wall of flame. The dragon bounded off the wall and pinned me to the ground. On the ground I could hear the sound of my heart and something worse, it was faint but growing rapidly and my day just got so much worse.

Now I suppose I am getting ahead of myself it could all work out right?...right? The reason I am in the kill ring with an angry Monstrous Nightmare is that I was picked as the most promising student in Dragon training. I didn't really play fair I had been getting some help. That help was Toothless, probably the coolest looking dragon out there, midnight blue scales that allowed him to blend perfectly with the night, agile and small body with four stubby but powerful legs and wings built to go fast.

The dragon that was about to burst in here and reveal to almost everyone that I am a traitor. I did something amazing and horrible all at the same time. I shot down the most elusive dragon ever the Night Fury and when I found it I couldn't kill it. Six years wasted trying to prove to everyone that I could be useful, that my inventions could help us in our war against the dragons. When one worked and I found the outcome lying on the forest floor looking as scared as I felt. I just couldn't kill him... so I set it free. I will give the short version.. you know impending doom and all. We built a friendship over the next few weeks, I sought to restore what I had taken away from him: his ability to fly. Toothless taught me so many things about dragons which I used in the ring. This led me to here and now, but now my friend is about to fly to his death protecting me.

The ring filled with smoke as Toothless made his entrance grappling onto of the larger dragon. The claw that had been pinning me was moved away and I quickly moved back and away becoming aware of the cries for action by the surrounding crowd .

The fight did not last long. The weakened Nightmare was in no shape to fight a Night fury and backed down with few to no injuries other then wounded pride. I now had to get a over protective dragon to leave before the vikings captured him or worse. Running over, calmly as I could I spoke to him "Alright Toothless, go get outta here" but he did not budge.

I would have to decide something right there. Do nothing and let him be captured and hope that my dad would listen or climb on top and flee with him and come back later when everyone had calmed down. I couldn't chance Toothlesses safety on my dad's temper. Knowing I may very well be signing my own death warrant I hopped onto Toothlesses saddle.

The crowd around us gasped then grew deathly quiet as the vikings that had jumped down to help stopped moving, eyes wide and mouths agape. Looking to my dad he stood there mouth open and confusion in his eyes. "Hiccup what are you doing? That's a dragon your sitting on" Stoick exclaimed, disbelief in his tone. Some days I wish I was like everyone else and had no idea what sarcasm was. "Thanks dad I hadn't noticed. Hey bud did you know you're a dragon?"I asked dryly earning me an annoyed huff from my companion. The vikings around us gasped and inwardly I cursed myself, this was not helping.

"So everything in the ring was what? a trick? a lie?" Stoick's temper slowly showing "We had a deal!". I could think of a dozen things to say. While I never lied about any of this I didn't exactly tell him the truth either so I went with what felt right. "We did dad, but you never gave me a chance to explain. I told you I can't kill dragons." sighing knowing this was going to end badly no matter what I said. I just wanted him to understand "You didn't listen and sent me to dragon training anyway. I learned something in training that made me realize that maybe we were wrong. I became friends with Toothless, he showed me many things." Toothless aware that it was him I was talking about crooned in delight before turning to snarl at the approaching vikings. "I never wanted anyone to get hurt...Toothless only came to protect me." my face set in grim determination I stared at my dad.

Stoick stood in front of me for what felt like hours till he finally spoke. "You've thrown your lot in with them" gesturing at Toothless "You're not a viking... you're not my son" slumping for a moment then standing tall. Looking directly at me "leave. you're no longer welcome here, if you're seen in this village you may be killed on sight. You are banished from Berk" he walked off to the side leaving the gate open. I motioned for Toothless to proceed through the gate. He walked slowly glancing around keeping an eye on the vikings around us but all I could do was stare at the top of his head, shoulders slumped.

As we reached the first gate I looked to the right where Astrid was standing. I wanted to say something, anything but all I could do was look the other way to where my dad was standing. "I'm sorry... for everything" as loudly as I could before I moved up and out of the kill ring. Taking a long look at the villagers of Berk I bit back tears then patting Toothless on the side "come on bud lets go" with that he shot up into the air and angled himself for our cove.

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