Excuses? I have none, I said this already and it's still true, but there are a lot of you who read, and still read these stories even though I have failed to update them for a very long time. As I said before, lose of muse, a second hernia surgery, and two university course have left me... dazed. I recently re read HIB, which is why I'm updating it first. As always, I do not own HTTYD but the mistakes, any plot holes, or the insanity of it all, I will own.

Stoick The Vast

The show of force worked, however it was a risky gamble. If the council had gone the other way, and demanded a more extensive search citing safety concerns, I would be hard pressed to deny them. Although, that might have meant Hiccup and Astrid leaving for the Burglars home, which would at least allow to me to visit. Sadly I have to push such a notion out of my mind for the time being. Cami, and Skaoi's "recounting" of their harrowing battle with the dragons and their human "Overlords" had many of the villagers afraid of sending more forces to attempt to deal with them. Heh, barely a few remember that one of these "Overlords" was in fact my son Hiccup, who the village considered useless and pathetic. The council bowed to the villagers concerns, now that Gobber and Hiedrun, who were expertly waylaid from the last meeting, were in attendance and could make sure the more arrogant and pompous councilors toed the line and behaved.

The true tale of Skoai's reunion was far more pleasant, and I was happy to hear of my sons joy, and the possibility of grandchildren! I chuckle to myself as I make my way to the great hall, little hiccups running about, they'd be smart, and strong like their mothers... or maybe not, Hiccup was what he was, and he turned out fine. A sad sigh escapes me when I reach the door, and as I reach for the handle Spitlout charges through, annoyance and suspicion written on his face. He immediately recognizes me and nods.

"Stoick!" He booms, "The statue, the one As..." He fumbles for a moment before snarling. "That traitor had Ingermans boy craft is missing." He finishes, disturbed that he nearly spoke Astrid's name. Rage flashes across my face, and internally I scream 'That is my STEP DAUGHTER!' but I stay quiet. He notes my rage and assumes I'm angered by the news, so I role with it, clenching my fist before speaking.

"Find it, bring the Ingerman boy, and search the cove where it was found in!" I order before stomping into the mead hall. Once Spitlout is on his way, I smile. He won't find it, Fishlegs has an alibi, and it is hidden in a place only the very crafty, or those capable of flying can reach. Play the part Stoick, I may never get to see my boy again, but by Thor he will be safe, and as happy as I can make him from so far away.

Hiccup Haddock – two weeks after the "battle"

No mini Astrids or Hiccups are expected, and while it would be amazing, it will be nice to have time to our selves. I was sitting, oddly enough, in front of the dung cave and was trying to determine what made the dung so... explosive. I haven't really discovered much, but the idea is still there and I could make some dangerous and powerful weapons with it. Mind you, I would never EVER let the villagers get their hands on the plans, because that would just spell chaos for everyone.

Right, no mini uses, we know because Astrid had her monthly visitor, I have an idea of what that is and at the same time I don't want to know anymore then I do... Astrid's happy, now that she has more contraceptive and the recipe to make more, which as a by-product makes me very happy. Not that doing it less had worked in the slightest. Speaking of Astrid, at this moment she was probably on her way to pick up the missives from Dad, and would soon return. Rising, I wandered over to Toothless and poked him a couple times.

'Did no one ever teach you, Not to poke the sleeping dragon' He thought-mumbled at me, and I glared at him.

"I think my mom tried to teach me that, but it sounded like so much fun I must have ignored her." I grinned and continued to poke him. "Come on, the smell is making me nauseous and you can't honestly enjoy sleeping by the smelly cave." I wave my hand in front of my nose to try to disperse the smell.

'You have a point, I suppose' With a grunt the lazy flying lizard got up, shook himself awake, and promptly licked me. I stood there, covered in dragon slime for a second before glaring at him.

'See, poking the dragon from now on will get you covered in dragon slime, enjoy' he grinned, before allowing, a still glaring, me to get on his back.

"Just not cool..." I grumbled, and after clambering on his back, we took to the skies and angled towards our cave.

I could tell Astrid was home, because before we even got close we could hear her arguing with Spike. I swear they are like siblings, if that were possible. They argue, scream, and shout and then at night everything is all forgiven and they fall asleep happy and tucked either under Spike or Toothless' wing. Only to do it all over again the next day, it happens so often Toothless and I have become experts at tuning them out. This has gotten both of us in trouble, as an occasion question will be shot our way, to which we just nod and reply with some generic agreement. Sigrun tends to view the four of us with delirious amusement, as if we were the best play ever reproduce in Berk.

Despite all of this, I find the cave to be a wonderful home, and I'm hesitant on leaving the island to go south to the Burglars Isles. Astrid is less so, and she has come up with a lot of pros for it, with more mounting every day. It also doesn't help that every person who is communicating with us in the village has been gently suggesting it in the missives we've received.

"What do you think Toothless?" I query aloud, and my companion grunts before dipping lower in preparation to land.

'They always fight, I thought you knew this by now,' He muttered, and I shook my head.

"Not about that, I mean about leaving here, and going to live with the Burglars." I explained as Toothless flapped once more before landing with a humph, then he looked at the cave and back at me.

'Change is good, but it's also hard.' He mused, ' for all we know, the change in perspective could make the largest of differences, or none at all.' Toothless shook his wings once before folding them in.

'Do these Bog burgers fight many dragons?' He asked, and I chuckled.

"Bog Burglars," I corrected, "And not very often, the dragons don't seem to travel further than Berk, maybe IT looses control that far out?" I wondered, Toothless shrugged.

'It's possible, there are plenty of free dragons to the...' He stopped and chuckled. 'basically anywhere but here, maybe the others killed off the Gigantuses, or they caught on to their plan early. There are other nests, the Civil war only really affected the northern species so who knows.' He paused for a second. 'I never really thought about that, in the mountains we knew of a nest but there were no raids on humans, in fact the dragons avoided them. I wonder if the Skill or Timberjacks can confirm that.' He produced his draconian smile before ambling inside.

Change in perspective? That could work in many ways, if we could convince the Burglars to bond, or befriend dragons maybe the other tribes would follow suit. We would need to prepare the mental defenses of each dragon, but it might work... But that means I'll have to leave Berk. I will have to consider it very carefully, but now I should see what Astrid has found. I stepped inside the cave to see Toothless munching on some cod from their food baskets, while Astrid was reading a piece of vellum and occasionally glaring at Spike, before she notices me and smile. I melt a little and my goofy grin flashes before I to glance over at Spike.

"Don't start," Astrid states firmly. "She called me fat! Not that I'm concerned about what a scaly lizard thinks of me." She mutters crossly, as I put my hands up in surrender.

" Any news from Berk?" I ask, smartly and quickly changing subjects. Astrid eyes me for a moment, noting how I didn't immediately tell her she wasn't fat. I mean she isn't, but there is no point in telling her that now cause she'll say that I'm just saying that to make her happy... then she'll snap something, and if I'm lucky it will be an arm or leg, she'll go lower if I'm not lucky.

"Nothing overly new, but the Burglars leave in two days time, Bertha herself sent you an offer," She hands the vellum over for me to read, and I scroll through the message. Most of it is overdue ships that we should look out for, how the "battle" was still affecting the village, and some random scribbling from Birdlegs. I find it immensely amusing that Dad convinced Birdlegs to climb a stone cliff to deposit missives to his banished son, or that dad let him add little things to it as well. After trying and failing to decipher the scribbling I found Bertha's offer.

'Young man, This is my last offer, plea if you would. Dragon-Rock mountain is no place to live, and I know you've done well, but why make it harder than it has to be, come south, its warmer, you can have a home, a real bed, and your father can actually visit you...our ships leave in two days, say the word and we can anchor off shore to collect your belongings. If your flock behaves, they will be WELCOME in our village. We will find a way to clear your name, at the least find a way for Berk to be safe, but that doesn't mean you need to freeze your self to death as an artificial penance. I know better than anyone of the stubbornness of the Haddock line, so for Valhallarama I ask you to come stay with us. You are family, something no man, not even the bastard that spawned me, can claim.

I read it, and as I often do, reread it, and made a decision. I turned to Astrid and smiled, and then glanced over to Toothless.

"Hey Bud, can you call all the dragons?" I asked, and he eyed me for a moment then nodded. Astrid gave me a curious look. "The offer is good, but it's not my decision, and I can't decide for all of us." I explain, and a thoughtful look flits across her face before she nods. Toothless wanders outside, and while I feel the slight buzzing of thought speech, I can't hear what he sends. While I wait I take a long look at the cave, the same cave that served as a home and shelter for the past six or so months. It was a nice place to stay, and it had plenty of memories, but the memories never go away do they? Toothless wanders back inside, and outside I can hear the flapping wings of our flock. I gesture for the four of us to join them outside, as the cave is too small to fit everyone.

When we exit, our friends our all waiting outside, and Astrid wanders over to Sigrun, giving her an affectionate scratch, which frizzes Astrid's hair somewhat. I smile warmly as Astrid giggles and tries to fix her hair, before looking at the other dragons. Sanity is trying to tie knots with its own heads, while the young nightmares watch amused. The terrors are lounging about, some wrestling each other about some, now long forgotten, slight. While the older Nightmares are waiting patiently.

"Alright, I have asked you all here because..." I glance at the letter. "Because some really nice people, people I trust have offered me," I gesture to myself and then collective dragon crowd, "And all of us, a new home." I pause to let it sink in. "And that's too large a decision for me to make by myself. I understand that many of you, rightly so, do not trust Vikings." Glancing sympathetically at Sanity and the Elder Nightmares Mama and Papa. "And I would never bring this to you if I thought it was a trap, or ploy." There was silence, until Lazy turned to his mother.

'We're going with Hiccup, right?' He asked, and Papa nodded his head in assent, while the Terrors all thought in unison.

'We will follow you,' They nodded in my direction. Sigrun sighs, and nudges Astrid.

'I will follow Astrid, and by extension, her bonded mate.' Astrid smiles, and nudges the large dragon back playfully.

Sanity looks at each dragon, four eyes roving from dragon to dragon.

'And you all call me insane' Found mutters, while Lost turns to his other head.

'But we are, aren't we?" He asks, and Found sighs.

' Yes, yes we are...' He replies, and Lost bobs his head.

'So we follow?' And Found simply tips his head in acceptance. All eyes turn to Toothless, and he just blinks.

'Come on, that's just a stupid question...' He turns to me and grunts. 'Even if my tail could magically regrow, you're stuck with me, and if this place is even a bit south of here then it will probably be a hell of a lot warmer.' He grumbles and the other dragons make a sound of approval. Finally, I turn to Astrid.

"This is Berk. It snows nine months of the year, and hails the other three, but it has always been our home, I..." I pause, and internally flail for the words. "I don't want to leave, but if I do, it will be with the friends that have made my life extraordinary, So choose, please." I smile at her, "Berk, or beyond?"

Astrid, for her part didn't simply blurt out what I knew she would decide. She waited, and she considered my simple question. I think she was doing it to tease me, she can be a little evil. I'm surprised she doesn't just shout I told you so.

"Home isn't always a place, it's the people you stand beside," Astrid smiles. "and honestly I would rather sleep in a wood house, maybe see my mother and a semblance of a normal life while my big brained husband figures a way to kill that vile dragon." She grips my hand, and yank's the letter out of my hand. "Pack, Hiccup we are officially banished, and so much better off for it.

Don't kill me! Not that you could, but to move forward, they need to move away. I will attempt to update when I can, but I make no promises