I am very rusty bear with me for the first few chapters.

Life can be so funny. I've been away for a while, tried to go to school at a physical school, hated it ended up moving to Calgary with my dad. Got a job I liked then developed a medical problem that required me to end my employment. And through all that I became a brony ( A person that is out of the age range but still really enjoys My Little Pony: Friendship is magic)

some people don't like bronies, and that's alright; to those I would tell them to watch an episode. It's an awesome show that teaches kids valuable lessons, reenforces lessons adults often forget, and is a well thought out and excellently written series. Anyway its caused some creative problems... mostly I have had ponies on the brain but with this added free time I feel I should work towards wrapping up some of my stories. HiB is not all that close, but NNYGF is not far off from being done. Flee Hiccup was suppose to be a one shot that spiraled out of control and may get the axe for now, finally for you others... you know the 8500 or so people who read A Bath with Toothless (M read all warnings) I will be updating it probably one last time.

Packing, not something I have ever had to do really... I mean I packed a bag when I was trying to escape, but not an entire cave. Hmm okay a normal cave would be easy to pack, a rock there maybe a couple of sticks but our cave, or caves. I mean in our supply cave there are baskets of furs and dried foods, different gems, and all sorts of random things Astrid and I have discovered over the months of our exile. The love cave is, well fairly easy to pack, but every time we get in there to pack the memories kind of rush back to us and less packing gets done then we would have liked... its a slow process and we only have one night left. Thankfully, our main cave is almost completely packed, and Astrid and I are enjoying one last bath in the hotsprings. There was a kind of peace in the cave that I don't think we can find in a wooden house...

"We should find a cave," I blurt out, Astrid grunts and eyes me quizzically.

"We're in a cave?" she glances around before starring at me.

"Well yes, but I meant when we get to..." Astrid giggles cut me off and I glare at her.

"See that's what you're like some times," She smiles warmly. "Oblivious." She finishes lovingly, and snuggles closer to me. I smile and relax, while inside my head everything that still needs to be finished goes through a giant check list. In reality I'm making it out to be larger then it really is, most of the stuff is ready to go, after the bath Astrid is going to the love cave alone to pack it up, while Toothless and most of the dragons are going to help me out at the cave. We found a nice spot on the beach where everything will be safe until tomorrow morning.

"Why would you want a cave?" her question broke my train of thought and I looked over at her.

"Do you hear it?" I asked, looking towards the door. "Do you see light? Or hear sounds?" I pressed on. "All I hear is our breathing, the splashes we make, our heart beats." I sigh happily. "We're together and it's like there is no one else is in the world, you won't get that from a wood hut." I finish with a goofy smile and Astrid ponders what I said for a moment.

"That was corny, but I see your point." She looks around at the walls. "I mean I suppose we'll have access to paint, and we could get a real bed, but I don't think we will find this nice a cave on the bogs island." She shrugs, and internally I agree, it would be hard to find a better home. Bath time cant last forever, especially when your hands get all pruney so Astrid and I clambered out of the springs for the last time. The mood in the cave was different then normal, mix of joy and sadness, it was hard for me, or for anyone to accurately describe. We chatted idly about what was left to do while we dressed, Toothless and Spike were moving the last large things to the front of the cave, and Sigrun could be seen resting on the ledge outside our cave. Sanity was guarding our things down by the shore while the others would be meeting Toothless and I in the clearing.

"One more night," Astrid broke the silence, Toothless crooned and Spike nodded.

"We can always come back for a visit, but who knows it will make a nice home for a family of dragons after IT is gone." I mused, before I started to head for the cave entrance. "I'm going to get started on the resources," I added, Astrid nodded and Toothless followed behind me. "Seeya later!" I called out before hopping on Toothless' back.

We traced our familiar path towards the clearing and soon heard the Nightmare family. In the clearing the two young dragons were playing tag while their parents watched on. When they spotted Toothless and I, they produced a growl that caused the young ones to look over. Very quickly I was pounced by two overly happy dragons. After the playful mauling, Lazy and Sleepy propped themselves against my back to help me up, and the six of us headed towards the resource cave. The silence wasn't oppressive, we were all just apprehensive of the move, and of leaving out homes... again. When we reached the cave we got to work, it was a lot easier to move stuff in then take it out.

"No Toothless, twist your wing this way, to your left." I tried to direct my scaly pal but he was still having difficulties. "Your other left!" Toothless snorted and just tugged hard and the basket left the cave with a pop.

"My way was easier." He snorted in triumph and I just glared at him. The two smaller Nightmares were able to fit into the cave so they created a steady stream of stuff coming out while their parents took large loads to the meeting point. Toothless and I just dealt with the larger stuff that took some muscle... obviously not provided by me, Things were going well, and when Astrid, Sigrun, and Spike showed up the cave was empty and only two or three more loads were needed to the beach.

"The other cave is empty," Astrid informed me. "Wow you guys are fast, I thought we would be here for hours." She added as Mama and Papa Nightmare arrived for the next load.

"With you all here, this should be the last load" Toothless stated, looking at the few items left to be taken. So Astrid and I started loading the dragons up, giving some of the light weight items to Lazy and Sleepy while the older dragons took the remaining items into any available claw. Astrid and I hoped onto Toothless as Sigrun had her arms full. When we arrived at the beach we spent another hour sorting everything into manageable piles for the trip tomorrow. As the sun set on the last day on Berk we made or way to the cave for the last time.

Sleeping before a big trip is hard, you toss and turn and think about what you might of forgot? Did you grab all the gems form the cave? Did she grab all of the cloths from the love cave? And all these nit picky thoughts keep you awake. I tossed and turned and eventually got some sleep before the sky began to brighten, and with a grumble and a sigh I nudged Astrid who growled, and glanced over to the exit of the cave.

"At least we can sleep on the ship." She grumbled, I chuckled and began to dress. Toothless watched us calmly as we started to gather the last few things we were taking. "It's time to go Hiccup," Astrid said while examining the cave one last time. "it's been a good home." She finished, placed her hand on my shoulder and gave me a small smile, before turning to the door and heading out. I did my last look around too, my eyes lingered on the place I learned to talk with my best friend, the nook where I slept, where we slept, the entrance to the springs. I sighed and thought back to the day I was banished and how I said Berk was my home. It is, and always will be, and I'll be back I resolved. I didn't know when, or how, but I would be back, and no simply as an outcast.

With that last thought I turned to the cave door, pulled the last two furs down, and headed out Toothless, following behind silently. By the time we flew down to the beach, we could see the fleet of three moored a short ways out. Two smaller row boats had nearly made it shore when Toothless and I landed, so we started figuring out what would be moved first and waited for Bertha and Hag the younger to arrive. It didn't take long and Bertha strolled up to Hiccup with a big smile on her face.

"Finally!" she called. "There will be one Haddock, that isn't as stubborn as a mule." She crushed Hiccup in a big hug, before setting her down and looking at Astrid. "And it's been a long time Astrid." She gave the younger women a warm hug, before turning to look at the gathered dragons. "I've been told you're all rather intelligent." She glanced at each dragon in turn. "So I will just say this once, I expect reasonably well behaved guests, don't pick fights, but you can end ones others have started, don't steal any food, there is plenty of hunting and I won't let you go hungry, and when certain tribes show up, all of you." She paused and looked at Astrid and I. "Will have to make yourselves scarce and hide." Some of the dragons looked at each other, and even I had a worried look. "Don't worry that won't happen often, but I do not want my village to become under constant attack." She looked at me apologetically and I nodded.

I mean Astrid and I were outcasts, no viking anywhere is suppose to associate with us, missives from my father are easily played off as a ploy to discredit him, but finding us in the Bog Burgalars village would basically declare to the rest of vikingdom that the Burgalars didn't abide by the rules of the gathered villages. I mean they don't but sometime appearances can keep you safe. Hiding now and again was a small price to pay for a warm bed, company and a better climate. I turned to the dragons and assured them that what she asked was reasonable and each dragon nodded their ascent. Toothless pushed passed me and walked towards Bertha, who held her ground eying the ebony dragon with some apprehension. When he was right in front of her he sat on his haunches and stood there watching her. Seconds turned to minutes and I was about to ask what he was doing, when Bertha broke out laughing.

"I thought you would be be bigger." she exclaimed and Toothless huffed, got off his haunches and while she was still laughing gently nudged her. Bertha stopped laughing to look down at the dragon, and she smiled. "If this is you thanking me, then you're welcome, any friend of theirs is a friend of mine." Toothless produced his gummy smile, and I smiled, goofy reptile.

"So, now that that's done, where do you want our stuff?" I asked still smiling and Bertha walked over to examine it.

"How in Thors name did you two collect so much stuff?!" She asked examining a basket full of gems. Astrid chuckled and I grinned.

"There are only so many things you can do while you're all alone out here, so exploring became a fun way to pass the time." I explained, and Astrid rattled off some of the various caves we had found most of our items. Bertha was still surprised by it, and after some deliberation our items were divided into three piles destine for the three different ships, the lightest load going to Berthas ship, which was still in need of some repairs.

"Don't you worry, the ship is sea worthy, but lets just hope the sea stays calm for us." She jested as we started the loading process. It took longer then Bertha expected, and far less time then I had originally predicted and the ships were loading just as the sun rose over Dragon Rock mountain. We embarked on the two row boats, a tight fit with Toothless, and we went over the dragon flight rotation.

"We can't have them all land at the same time, there is just too many of them." Bertha explained, and Hag wrote down the rotation. "Now the young ones and the terrors are fine to stay down, and Toothless as well since he can't fly without you." She continued, Toothless warbled his disagreement.

"There is no way I'm staying on deck for that long!" he complained, and Bertha looked at me for translation.

"Don't worry Toothless and I will take a turn as well, we would both go stir crazy sitting on the boat." I explained, Toothless nodded and Bertha shrugged.

'Ship." She corrected, "But I understand, I got my sea legs, you young man have a taste for the air." she smiled and gestured for Hag to add Toothless to the rotation. By the time we reached the ships we had a workable schedule that allowed all the dragons some rest, and accounted for any protective nature the Nightmares might have about their children. I have been on and off ships most of my life, and its never been a problem for me, Astrid displayed some mild discomfort but in a true viking fashion sucked it up. While the dragons did not like it at all.

"You can feel every time the ship shifts... its unnatural." Spike complained, Sigrun clicked her tongue at the multicoloured dragon while Toothless just rested at the front of the ship.

"Where is Cami?" Astrid asked when she had finish poking around the ship.

"She's on the other ship, just in case this one isn't as sea worthy as I think it is." Earning Bertha some annoyed looks from the crew. Astrid looks over to the other two vessels and quickly spots our mutual friend. From here you can tell she's ordering some ship hands about, and glances over to notice Astrid and I. Waving merrily she returns to her duties while behind us Bertha starts bellowing her own orders. There really isnt anything for us to do, so Astrid slinks down stairs to find an empty berth and I head over to Toothless at the front of the ship.

At first we look to the ocean as the sails flap and carry us from out home, but in the end we turn back to watch as Berk becomes smaller then vanishes behind the horizon. It would be a few days till we were even close to the Bogs home, so I settle down with my best buddy and watch the world float by.

THE END - Nah :P just for now, later we get to the bogs island, I kinda have an idea thanks to the new movie. for the fans of my other story NNYGF it will be updated next, hopefully friday... as it is nearing its conclusion. the other HTTYD story has been removed (FH) there has been a large gap in between the start of the update and me finishing... I hope you... well I mean I hope its similar to my other work, as it is more of a bridge chapter... To the Bog Burgalars!