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And All Was Well

Firenze plodded softly across the grass, ignoring the hordes of owls and bursts of colors that exploded overhead. No, instead he was focused on the small boy that was huddled by himself against a lone tree. Beautiful green eyes were unfocused, and thin boney arms encircled equally skinny legs. The centaur sighed and shook his gray-streaked head. While the Wizarding world was joyously celebrating the end of the world, the forgotten savior, the one who had rescued them from certain death sat alone and unwanted. 'It was wrong!' His conscious screamed. A child should be loved and cherished. Not discarded when they lost their purpose.

But there he was.

He towered over the boy, but no notice was taken of him. "Tis a joyous day." Firenze started "Or at least, that is what most think. Save for you."

The boy cocked his head to the side "No, not for me. Never me." He whispered.

Firenze studied him for a moment before slowly lowering himself to the ground and taking the abhorrently thin boy in his arms. "You are not alone, you know."

Harry had frozen in the warm embrace. He had dreamed about getting hugged like this. Like a child getting swept into their parents' arms. A shudder went through him as he hesitantly looped his arms around the creature's strong torso, hanging on for dear life. A bow-calloused hand rubbed his back gently and soft, deep voice murmured soothing nonsense in his ear. Slowly, painstakingly, the crying ceased and he allowed himself to relax in the deep chest, nuzzling his face against the warm skin.

"I have nowhere to go. Nothing left to live for." Whispered he.

The arms tightened. "Not true, little foal. You have a mate, do you not? Yes? Well, that is something to live for, I daresay. As for a home, you may take refuge with the centaurs. Never alone, young one. Never again."

With a sob of relief, Harry let himself drift into soothing darkness, dreaming of peace, his wonderful redheaded girlfriend, and a life with no war, in the home of his new family.

And all was well.

La Finn!

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