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Dragonball Z -Torment and Pain

-Gohan and Videl-

Written by: RK

Saga's of T.a.P.


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Dance Dance Dragon Saga – Its senior year for Gohan and the gang of Orange Star High, and things have changed to say the least. Gohan's secret is out on the table due to the tournament, and there are mixed reactions to say the least. As school life goes on however, something so evil…so epically evil that it may not even be able to be stopped appears from the boules of Capsule Corp. Can the Great Saiyaman and Saiyagirl defeat this pure evil of evils? What even is this threat? One word – Ribbit.

The Universal Tournament Saga – Earth's strongest warriors have been called upon to save the planet…by competing on a game show? Thank earth's lucky stars that all the contestants have to do is fight. However…this time something truly dark is coming and the Z-fighter's will get a glimpse of a far greater threat to Earth than anyone could have ever imagined.

The Calm Before Saga – Whatever was closing in on the Universal Tournament is now closing in on earth. Strange things are happening to the people as a result. The only problem is that the breathe before always feels like it's taking forever…

The Storm Saga – The Storm from the prophesy received along with the Z-Sword is upon the Z-fighters. A black nightmare is here, and it's time for Earth to tap into the power their race once held as Saiyans long ago. Upgraded and as strong as they've ever been, the Z-fighters go to war.


Darkness and Light exist in everyone, its a simple fact that no one is completely good or evil. So when you fight, don't be afraid to fight with both sides of yourself. Its okay to hate someone, you have to use all your emotions if you are to fight at your full potential. Its when Darkness and Light work together that we can move forward.


~Dance Dance Dragon Saga~

Chapter 1 - T.a.P. to the Music

Gohan, Videl, Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha all took a step back, their hands cupping behind themselves with a blue ball forming behind them. Tien and Chiaotzu pointed their hands like a gun up towards the station, a yellowish red ball taking form on the tip of their fingers. A blue ball formed in Bardocks right hand, him taking a step forward as if he were getting ready to throw a baseball. Vegeta held his arms out, sparks dancing around them as his muscles bulged. Gotenks took out his swords, mimicking Vegeta's stance while holding the sword in his right hand. And finally Piccolo spread his base, bringing two fingers to his forehead with dark purple lightning starting to spark around the fingers.


"Dodon Ray..."

"Final Spirit..."



"Special Beam..."

With a final burst, everyone's energies shot up in size along with their attacks. Not only the ground beneath them, but the entire planet was now starting to shake. It was now or never. Much more of this and earth would shake itself apart! The Z-fighter's didn't need to say it though, they all were thinking the same thing. Everyone moved as one, thrusting their attacks forward.







The beams shot forward from the Z-fighter's hands, making a v-line for the asteroid. The ground under them started to crack and crumble. Gohan and Videl especially were working hard to even just keep the attack up, their bodies just wanting to stop and fall over. The two of them grit their teeth together, glancing over at one another as the Z-fighter's attack closed in.

The attacks merged as they flew, becoming one mass of energy as it sped towards its target. It hit the station within seconds, the asteroid looking shields holding strong. The ship however did slow to a stop, it just pushing against the beams of earth's special fighting force.

It was good that the ship had stopped, but it didn't look like the shields were having any trouble keeping up with all the energy it was getting hit with. The Z-fighters couldn't keep this up forever, they needed Takula to make it to the control room and turn off the shields.


All around the world, the focus was on a strange beam of light hitting the asteroid, slowing the impending doom. Hercule was standing infront of his mantion, where he had been trying to keep people calm moments before. He silently let out a sigh. He had been wondering when those hero guys from the tournament were going to do their thing, and all he was trying to do was keep people calm till then. Now it was all left up to if those guys could blow up the rock or not. Surely they could, right.

Now that the champ thought about it, Videl had said something about leaving to do a little training, with those strange fighters no doubt...crap! That meant she was there with them! Without thinking much, the Champ rushed to get a hover car. It wasn't long till he was in one and had taken off towards where the beam of light was coming from. The people took notice and a few of them, news crews included, decided to do the same.

High in the mountains, Blast and Launch were looking up at the sky. Launch was in her more aggressive state, and she were showing it. Yelling at the top of her lungs, letting the hills and valley's know what she thought, Blast in her clam blue haired form had to cover her ears just so they didn't burst.

"Come on Tien, show that giant rock you don't mess with the Shinhans!"

Blast just silently prayed Tien and Chiaotzu would come back safe, while trying to dodge her mother's bullets and shield her ears from her mother's voice.

Deep in the woods, Upa, his father, and the rest of their tribe were looking up at the beam of light was pushing against the giant rock in the sky. The people had worried looks on their faces as they hung their young ones, but Upa and Bora balled their fists and they rooted for their friend Goku to pull threw and save the planet again. If anyone could do it, it would be those guys.

17 had shown up in West City to meet with 18 and Marron. The young girl was currently sitting on her uncles head, whom was putting up with it quite surprisingly. The two androids were quiet as they stood in the yard of Capsule Corp. Marron was also unusually quiet as she sat there, a curious look on her face.

Chi-Chi, also in the Capsule Corp yard along with Bulma's parents was currently chomping down on a handkerchief to try and keep herself calm. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that of course Gohan and Goten would be smack in the middle of all this. And though she wouldn't admit it out-right, besides being scared for them she was proud of them for standing up and defending the planet. She just wished they didn't have to do it so damn often.

Mr and Mrs Briefs were standing side by side as they watched the light show quietly. Not much really fazed them, as they just waited quietly to see what would happen.

In Satan City, Konkichi looked out a window, grinning quite cheesily as he looked on. Looks like they were going to save the planet again. The thought of them failing never entered the green fox's head.


Up in the Universal Library, Takula was panting as he rushed down a fiery hallway. Damn it all, he was to old for this kind of excitement, and he hadn't exactly been moving around much lately, being chained up and all. Behind him, the ceiling of the hallway gave way, flames crashing down as the debris burned. Takula paid no head to it as he rounded the final turn to the control room.

"Thank goodness..." A sudden extremely violent shake in the ship sent Takula sprawling to the floor however just as he entered the control room. The old man grunted, pushing himself up as fast as he could. He really hated feeling this old, but he couldn't dwell on that right now.

Finally getting back up, he made his way over to the high tech computers infront of him. After pressing a few buttons, a screen popped up on the transparent monitor. He had to blink a few times, startled to say the least. The group had gathered on earth and had started to blast the ship before shields were down. But the part that surprised him the most was the fact that they had stopped the ship from moving. He had expected the force of the energy would only be able to slow it down, but for them to be actually halting the movement of the Library...

Shaking his head, he returned to looking for the controls to shut of the shields. Another nearby explosion rocked the ground Takula was standing on, but the old man stood firm. With those young whipper snappers trying so hard, no way he was going to be the one to fall. Finally, he found the button he was looking for. He pressed it, looking back up at the screen. There, now it was all up to those...darn...k-kids...

Up on the screen was a red error message. A fiery explosion from another console near by went off, but Takula didn't even flinch at it. A cold sweat was covering his body. Of all things, a fail-safe...and because of that... Because of that...he...he couldn't turn off the shields?

Takula just looked at the screen, the red message staring back at him. It burned into his eyes. Though he didn't like to admit it, it did make sense. The ship was on a crash coarse for a planet, there are explosions going off all over inside the ship, and to top it all off an exceptional amount of energy was hitting the shields. With all that going on, of course the shields wouldn't turn off.

The librarian went to his knees, ripping off the front panel of the computer. Looking at the mess of wires and crystals that made up the computer, he started to look for the right ones. He wasn't about to let things end like this. Not after all the work those young ones did to protect the universe. The least he could do is repay that dept.


The Z-fighters fought to continue their energy draining attack. The cannon they had fired at the space station was massive, and it was holding the station in place. The only problem was that they couldn't keep this up forever, and the shields were showing no signs of failing. Gohan and Videl especially were struggling to stay strong. After their fight with Darkon, they were at their limit. Now they had to continue right away with this? They really didn't have any luck. They needed Takula to turn off those shields. Their breaking point was nearing.

Videl, her red aura burning around her as the blue beam of light shot towards the sky, looked towards Gohan. He was grinding his teeth against one another, his legs visibly shaking under the strain. All she wanted was to stop and sit down, rest for a bit, but she knew if she did that she would never be able to forgive herself. If she truly wanted to walk beside Gohan, she had to stand strong here. It was now or never, the planet and all who called it home was at stake, and she wasn't the type to quit.

Gohan glanced over to Videl, his silver aura wavering. His body was spent, and he'd like nothing more than to stop and catch his breath. But how could he do that, when the girl he had just met only not even a year ago was still fighting? It took every last one of the Z-fighters just to hold that space station in place, if he stopped now it would mean they fail. It was the same for everyone. They were in a deadlock, and they needed either those shields down or more power.

Gohan cursed himself, wishing he were stronger so Videl didn't have to be here. By all rights, she shouldn't be. She was in danger, and he couldn't save her. It was taking everything he had just to stand and keep this attack up. Growling under his breath, he returned his focus to the space station. Damn it all, the shields still looked as if they weren't suffering at all! What could they do...what could they do...

-I have an idea...-

Gohan's head popped up at the sound of the voice. Did that come from someone? that sounded more like it came from the inside of his head. Gray, Gray is that you? You have a plan?

-Ya...can you promise me one thing?-

Promise? Sure, what is it?

-Promise me...promise me that you'll take good care of Videl.-

Gray, what are you getting a-

-Promise me!-

All right, all right! I promise. Gray, what are you thinking about trying?

-I'll give you what's left of my energy. That should be enough power to finish this.-

Wait, you still have energy to spare? How's that even possible, shouldn't I be able to tell now that I'm tapping into it?

-My life energy should be sufficient-

Woah! Stop right there, you can't even be thinking about trying something like that!

-Let me do this, I...I'm tired Gohan. All those memories from Hell...I can still see them. Let me do this...-

Gohan went quiet. He sure as hell didn't like this plan, but he couldn't think of anything else. The shields showed no sign of giving. The other Z-fighters looked as if they were on their last leg. They were out of options. Gohan closed his eyes, growling again in frustration. Why...why couldn't he protect anyone?

Gahhh...Gray...there has to be some other way...

-Can you think of one?-

...there just has to be...

-Thank you Gohan...-

You... promise me you'll come back. Maybe you'll get your own body some day...if anyone deserves something like that its you...when that happens, come find me...'s a deal.-

The silver energy around Gohan slowly began to darken. At first no one noticed, but with a sudden burst of black energy around Gohan all the Z-fighters took note. Black lines started to appear all over Gohan's body, outlining his muscles. Crying out with a mighty battle roar, the energy around him exploded in size and power. After a second burst, he changed. As the black energy calmed down and returned to silver, a new Gohan emerged.

Black pointy shoes, baggy white gi pants, and a blue sash around his waist and wrists. His tail was now in view, the silver appendage twisting around behind him from the energy. Gohan was shirtless, instead his chest was covered in silver fur minus his pecks and abs which were still bare. His silver hair was much spikier and longer. The front spikes looked like his normal hair, all pointing towards the sky with one rebel bang hanging down infront of his face. The rest of his hair curled back over itself from its own weight, reaching down to his neck.

Pulling his hands back, Gohan roared out again as he shot another powerful blast which followed the path of his first Kamehameha, this one being black instead of blue. The other Z-fighters were speechless to say the least, however they continued to feed their own attacks. The black beam smashed into the shields, the asteroid looking shields showing signs of stress for the first time. Ever so slowly, the space station was being pushed back.


Takula's head smashed into the motherboard of the computer infront of him, causing the librarian to curse at his luck. Standing back up to figure out what in the world just happened, his eyes widened in shock. There was just no way it was possible. The shields couldn't take in all the energy it was being hit with? That...that should be impossible! He never expected that, the odds were that the battery would fill up and then go critical before this. To overwork the absorption was preposterous.

"Th-that just can't..." That was all Takula could get out before another red message, this time a warning that the shields were failing, popped up onto his screen. His mouth gaped a little, honestly surprised by the turn of events.

After a few moments, explosions rocking the room he was standing in as fire roared around him, his open mouth changed to a smile. "A mystic silver saiyan of old...huh? Darn kids..."

The room Takula was in slowly started to be consumed with light, the old man starting to chuckle as he was enveloped.


The silver super saiyan four Gohan gave one final battle cry as his black Kamehameha grew in size for the final push. The boost crashed into the shields moments later, the other Z-fighter's attacks twisting around Gohan's, the massive beam shattering the shield like glass. The ship itself was hit moments later. The metal was consumed entirely by the attack the fighters had shot at it, and the structure never stood a chance once the shields were gone.

Gohan forced one of his eyes open, straining under the power his body was dishing out. Infront of him hovered a ghostly form of Gray, the depressing form of himself slightly smiling.

-Remember Gohan...take care of her...never let her go...-

The ghost of Gray faded into the black blast that was made up of his life energy, Gohan shutting his eyes tightly as he cursed how things were happening. This wasn't right...but it was still happening...why? In a matter of seconds, the round Universal Library was pushed into space and broken down into nothingness...the attack of the Z-fighters fading into nothingness in space as well.


The Z-fighters, new and old, all fell to the ground. They were exhausted, tired beyond belief. With a flash of light, Gohan returned to his normal look black hair and all. Videl fell forward, landing next to Gohan. Glancing over to Videl, Gohan smiled. Wincing in pain the saiyan brought his hand over to hers, Videl smiling as she took his hand. The two gave a slight squeeze, their bodies relaxing for the first time in a long time as they lay next to each other on the ground.

Their silent moment of peace however was interrupted by the sound of hover car's nearing. The fighters stopped sucking air for a moment, tilting their heads up to find a mass of incoming flying vehicles. Vegeta growled, twisting his head around to find Trunks and Goten laying face up on the ground sucking in as well.

"Kakarrot...get us the hell out of here."

"All right...everyone grab a hold..."

The first of the cars landed, and one over protective father going by the name of Hercule Satan rushed out.


Videl groaned, not being quiet about her annoyance. Sure, she was happy that she helped save the universe along with the planet...but she was tired and her father wasn't exactly going to help her relax.

Gohan laughed at her displeasure, his cheesy smile covering his face. The Z-fighters all grabbed a hold of each other, Hercule grabbing a hold of his daughter just as the fighters vanished from the deserted area leaving the crowd at a lose for where they had went.

Not very far away in West City, the fighters reappeared. The grounds of Capsule Corp were suddenly full of extremely tired warriors. They were all still sucking air, their bodies happy to finally be at ease and able to relax. Hercule, much to Gohan's amusement and Videl's annoyance, was checking over his daughter and continuously asking if she was okay.

His amusement was cut short however, because Chi-Chi's motherly instincts kicked in and quickly located her sons with the help of the androids. As much as he wanted to cover his ears to shield them from his mother's vocal onslaught, his body was just to tired to listen. Gohan could only hope his younger brother was in better shape than he was, because he was a hero now too.

Then something rather odd happened. Chi-Chi looked up from Goten, finding herself looking right into the eyes of Bardock. The old Saiyan blinked a few times, wondering why he was getting such strange looks from this earth woman and why she was trying to strangle the two boys here. Suddenly however, a frying pan moving at rather impressive speeds caught his eyes. He had to blink a few times, wondering why exactly one was moving at him so fast and where it had come from. Could it be that there was food in there?

Clang! food. That was for sure.

"Goku! Wh-what are you...sniff...what are you doing...?"

"Ahhh...Chi-Chi? I'm over here."

The poor distraught woman glanced over to the familiar voice, finding the real Goku, orange gi and all, sitting up and waving over at her with his classic goofy smile. Chi-Chi looked back and forth from Goku to Bardock, whom was trying to figure out why he had been hit. After a few moments of looking back and forth the mother finally fell backwards, fainting.

Goku moved to collect his wife, while Krillin chuckled standing next to Bardock. The saiyan just continued to look on in confusion. "What...just hit me?"

"We call that a Chi-Chi. Pretty scary, but you get used to it." said Krillin, rather smugly.

As the other fighters slowly started to rise to their feet one by one, they all made their way inside. As the day made its way on, and they recovered their spent energy, the fighters all made their way home. The word was that they'd be getting together again in three days to party, and they should rest up till then.

Gohan followed Goten into their room, the two boys tired beyond belief. The past events that had transpired in the past thirty eight hours hand drained them to the bone. Goten took his ring off his finger and placed it on his desk, then going over to his bead and promptly falling onto it, passing out.

Gohan eyed the ring, something popping into his head before he followed his brother's example. Reaching into his gi, he pulled out two ear-rings. Placing them down onto his own desk, the saiyan started to move toward his bed before something about the ear-rings caught his eye. Hadn't they been yellow before? Or had one always been black and the other white? Strange...shaking his head, Gohan waved off the thought as just his tired memory making a mistake. He had only gotten a good look at them for a little while before he tucked them away, maybe they were always like that.


Three days passed, and as promised Bulma had thrown a Saiyan sized party. They just kept on multiplying, now the richest woman in the world had to cover for six of them. Any more and she'd be losing more money than what she was making.

The press lost track of where the fighters had gone to, but the ever charismatic Mr. Satan told them that everything was okay and the protectors of earth would be ready again if such a problem would ever arise. The press was happy enough with that, and went on to talk about relief efforts for those whom had lost their homes due to water damage. The gravity had been thrown out of wake due to the space station, and the waters of the world had shown the effects the worst. Coastal cities were damaged, but they could be rebuilt.

Bardock...after a little convincing that it would be safe, came to live in the mountain area next to his sons home. He had elected to get a capsule home free of charge from Bulma, one that was small and easy to keep. The guy was pretty lay back for a Saiyan, only asking for a small training room. None the less, he spent most of his time outside. The house would be ready for him soon, so until then he would be living in his son's home. He didn't say anything, but it was pretty obvious he didn't exactly like that. To peaceful, to say the least.

Goku was happy to be alive again, and Chi-Chi was thrilled about the idea. The poor woman broke down when she learned that her husband would finally be staying with her again. Goten was as happy as ever, and Gohan was just as happy about their father coming home to stay. King Kai was a little torqued that Goku was back but he was still dead, but that passed over rather quickly when he got invited to the party as well. The condition was that he would be allowed to tell jokes as people ate...the horror. But that is where the Z-fighters found themselves now.

Gregory and Bubbles along for the ride, everyone was listening in on the "best" comedy show earth's special forces...or the North Galaxy for that matter had ever seen.

"Okay okay...what do flies where on their feet? …. Shooos! Ahahahahh!"

Uhhh...was pretty much the unanimous consensus. Bubbles was being considerate however, and did most of the clapping for King Kai. Gohan, Videl, Erasa, and Sharpner were entertaining themselves at their own table, trying to drown out the comedy. At another table, Goku and Goten vs Vegeta and Trunks were currently trying to see who was the fastest father son eating team. Food was disappearing faster than the robots of Capsule Corp could keep it on the table.

The mothers, Chi-Chi and Bulma, just made sure to keep their arms back and to guard what was on their own plates to the best of their abilities. The saiyans knew better than to steal from them, but in the heat of the moment anything could happen in a saiyan eating competition.

At a near by table, Krillin and his family was sitting with Yamcha and Puar and Tien's family. They were having less success not paying attention to King Kai, them being the closest to where the blue man was telling his jokes. The Namekians plus Mr Popo were sitting down in the grass along with Konkichi and were currently talking about things only they and the people whom live with them could understand. It's not easy being green after all.

Bardock was standing to the side near a window, looking out it. All in all, the Z-fighters were having a relaxing party to welcome Goku back. Finally though, King Kai made it to the end of his show.

"If you want me to say some more material, just-"

A resounding "NO!" was all it took to send King Kai grumbling off the stage they had set up. The nature room where all the larger pets were stored at Capsule Corp made an excellent picnic area, and the tables they had prepared were strong enough to withstand a saiyan picnic. Up next, to the further horror of everyone, was Krillin. The short monk had quickly ran up to claim the microphone as his own.

"All right everyone...I dedicate this song to my family." After a wiggle of his eyebrows to his wife and child, Krillin closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.

Master Roshi quickly covered his ears, knowing what to expect after hearing him sing in the shower. The rest of the fighters quickly followed suit when he started.

Marron was her father's biggest fan to say the least, clapping the whole while Krillin was singing his off pitch song. 18 had long learned how to shut off her hearing units, and this time was no exception. Her neutral expression looked as if she was listening and the...sound wasn't annoying to her, but the reality of it was that she couldn't hear a single thing.

Everyone thanked Dende, who was confused at that to say the least, when Krillin finally put the microphone back and walked smugly off the stage. Returning to his seat, he glanced over to his family.

"So, how was it? Good as ever right?"

Marron giggled, clapping her hands. "Daddy's the best singer!"

18...didn't respond. Tien chuckled nervously, rubbing his hears as tenderly as he could.

The saiyans had to even take a break from their eating contest to shield their ears, but once it was over they got ready to resume. Before they could however, Bulma made a remark to Vegeta.

"Well...he may be bad. But at least he has the guts to do something embarrassing like that for his family. To bad you can't sing that infront of other people."

Vegeta's body tensed up, knowing that sentence had been directed towards him. The saiyan prince grunted, glancing over at his mate. Bulma crossed her arms, looking rather smug that she had struck a nerve with him. Setting his food down, Vegeta swallowed what he had in his mouth and wiped his face before turning to a nearby robot.

"Two shots of Tequila."

The world itself went quiet as everyone turned to face Vegeta, curiousness and shock written on their faces. Even the people who didn't know Vegeta very well could tell something was up, the air was full of the feeling that something monumental was about to happen. The quiet was filled up with the sound of gears turning and wheels rolling on grass as the robot returned with the desired drink. Vegeta downed both of them without a moments thought and then proceed towards the stage.

If it were possible for things to be even more quiet than it had been moments later, it was now. Everyone's attention was directed towards the Saiyan prince. Vegeta took the mic from its stand, turned to karaoke machine behind him, and started to look for something.

Finally, the sounds started to come from the music machine, and a slightly buzzed red faced Vegeta turned to the crowd.

(At youtube, go to .com/watch?v=FT2Vt01oax0)

So many times I've wondered where you might be heading down towards this railway track called life!

And if Maybe i could Journey with you...

Passing by the scenery we travel on the two of us together on this train but not a passing glance, accepting no romance in this Station of Love.

Oh, You'll never know the pain i Feel Knowing that your
Love for me is not Real!

You Don't Know...You Don't Know...

That Every-time i see you smile my heart is slowly breaking...
because i know your dreaming of someone else.
But I dreamed my own reality of the space train to love
It's only you and me... Riding forever...

La La La La La La La
La La La La La La La

Silence...would be the understatement of the century.

The new additions were rather distraught...but the old Z-fighters...the ones that had been around when Vegeta first came to earth along with the people that met him soon after Namek...their mouths were fully open and their eyes wide. Krillin dropped his fork, the food still on it as the metal hit the spoon on the plate where the rest of his food rested on giving off the sound of metal hitting metal.

Even Bardock couldn't control his usual self, his mouth wide enough for a dragonball to fit and his eyes just as big. The royal family...the prince...the hell?


"Wow King Vegeta, you're boy there is quite the singer!"

"Frieza...don't talk to me...just...don't."


Vegeta huffed, placing the microphone back. The prince then walked back to where he had been sitting, glanced at Bulma who was blushing as red as a teenager confessing to her first love. Vegeta grinned, his pride shining from his smile.

"I win, you owe me woman."

As Bulma's face grew even redder, Goku proceeded to fall backwards, gripping his gut as he laughed his ass off. The poor saiyan was starting to turn blue from lack of air, but he couldn't stop himself. Poor Trunks however was turning green and looked as if he were to be sick, and Goten wasn't helping.

"Trunks...? Is that really your dad?"

"...I think...I'm gonna be sick..."

Vegeta just huffed, turning his head to the side as if he didn't care as he walked out of the large garden area. Everyone's eyes watched him out, and for a long while everyone was quiet.

After a while and everyone recovered, the party resumed. Granted it took Bulma a good half an hour longer to come back, she eventually too returned her usual self. Vegeta hung to the edges, looking his normal non-caring self, though no one would probably be able to look at him the same way again.

Everyone else going soft...ya right.

There was dancing, talking, and all around partying for the Z-fighters. Gohan managed to dance with Videl for a little while as everyone clapped along, the two getting over the embarrassment as they had fun together. Chi-Chi and then the rest of the less shy fighters got out onto the dance floor, making fools of themselves as they did something that was probably more martial arts than dancing. But it didn't matter, cause they were having fun. The rest of the fighters just smiled, watching as the more open of them made themselves look silly.

After they all took a snack break for the saiyans, it was about then that Gohan stole himself away, retreating to a balcony that overlooked West City and the setting sun. In all honesty, he felt guilty. Here he was...having fun with everyone like nothing happened, but Gray was gone now. Gray had shouldered all those things for him just a part of his mind or not, he was a real person to Gohan...and because of him he was gone now.

Videl opened the door to the balcony, finding who she was looking for. She took one look at him, a worried expression covering her face. "Hey okay?"

"Ah...don't worry about me. I'm fine." The saiyan didn't turn to look, simply continuing to look out over the city.

"Say...what did you see up there...when Darkon force fed you hells memories I mean..."

Gohan looked down, slightly guilty at that question. "I...don't really remember anything. I know they were bad...but, I can't recall a single one. Gray took them when he...left."

"Oh...well, that's good I guess."

"I guess..."

Videl walked up, leaning over the railing as she looked out over the city as well. "I've thought of your punishment by the way..."

Gohan blinked, turning to face Videl now. That's right...she did say something about that before...heh, wonder what she's got in mind.

Videl blushed, glancing over the the much taller boy. "A..k-kiss and you promising never to do it again should be good...I think..."

"K-kiss?" Gohan blushed just as red, Videl was being rather forward about that. Though...that's just how she was about most stuff. He smiled, the words Gray had said before he left echoing through his mind. Take care of her, and never let her go. Well...if he were to do that, it would be best to start now...and live the way Gray would have wanted. It was the only way Gohan could think to repay him. Okay, maybe that was an excuse to help himself calm down and just follow threw with his punishment...but that didn't make it any less true.

Reaching back, Gohan scratched the back of his head. "I can live that...I guess."

The two turned towards each other, Gohan placing his hands on her shoulders as they both leaned in towards one another. With everyone watching from the shadows, the two consumed teens unknowing of course, they proceeded to have their second kiss...and a new start to their relationship. A lot had changed since their first one...but they still liked each other. Not even Dende or King Kai knew what the future held for those two, but whatever it was sure to be exciting.

Author's Annotation:

And begins again. I figured everyone will be looking for this little tad bit of conclusion that Talent and Potential was purposefully lacking. I'd like to thank all you reviewers from my last story now starting to read this one...but especially Kakarot Son for all intensive purposes becoming my beta reader/editor. Without you, there's be way more spelling mistakes than there should be. So thank you very much.

I hope everyone enjoys this story, the sequel should be every bit as good as the first one...maybe even better as I get more experience with writing. I'll do my best, and I hope you all enjoy!