~The Calm Before Saga~

Chapter 30 – Her Name is Bra

In the cold darkness of space, a small solar system far far out of the way quietly went about its business. Its crown jewel, a small blue planet full of life, was but a spec in the distance. It had come under threat from outside forces countless times before, yet every time the pearl managed to repel its attackers.

A different kind of predator was stalking it this time though. Black as the void itself, it could move through the vacuum nearly invisible. This storm was closing in from the vastness of space with frightening precision and speed as it homed in on its target.

Earth was in the Casket's sight. It would not be much longer now.


"I don't care who it is, but someone is going to explain to me why the fridge is missing from the kitchen!"

"Krillin, we gotta go!"

"No! If we try to run now we'll be picked off, one by one and everything will have been for nothing!"

Goku glance over the pillow wall uneasily. "But Krillin…! Chi-Chi's on her seventh month and Bulma's due any day now! It's too scary to stay!"

"It was your idea to bring the fridge in here! We lost Goten on the way back, are you saying we should waste your sons sacrifice!?"

"Aww, come on Krillin! H-He'd want us run! Trust me, I'm his dad!"

Goku gave it his best smile, though Krillin could see the corners of Goku's mouth shaking from fear quite plainly.

Standing tall, Krillin looked as tall as he had ever looked before in Goku's eyes. "No Goku, we can't run. Not from this fight. There are people behind this wall counting on us to protect them. It is our job, no, our DUTY to protect them! We've trained for this day, day aver day, now is the time. So Goku, my friend, I ask you. Stand with me! So we will no longer have to fea-bleh!"

A shoe smashed smack dab right into Krillin's face. Caught off guard, the monk slowly fell backwards, the sharp heal of the stiletto still imbedded into his face as a small fountain of blood began to stem from the wound.


Goku rushed to his best friend's side, pulling the shoe out with a pop as more blood began to spurt out. His hands began to flail for air as he hopelessly tried to pick a course of action before Krillin bled out.

"G … Goku, please … come closer…"

"Yes!? Krillin, what is it?"

"Come … closer …"

Quickly scooting even closer, Goku lowered his head as to hear the quickly fading voice of his ally.

Krillin gave a warm smile to Goku, even as his eyes were slowly closing. "You will always be … my best friend."

Tears comically began to well up in Goku's eyes, the saiyan crying out in pain. "KRILLIN!"

"I swear men are all idiots" grumbled Chi-Chi.

Bulma had to agree. "They're a bad influence on the children!"

On cue, Trunks popped his head out from behind the cover of the pillow fort. "Give us back Goten!"

Chi-Chi crossed her arms, instantly gaining that motherly intimidation factor all seem to have. "Goten is in a time out, and you'll all be joining him soon if you don't put the fridge back where it belongs! Honestly!"

Before the argument outside Forlorn Hope x2 could continue, Vegeta rounded the corner from inside and stopped only to scowl Krillin's way. The Prince was currently looking closer to a mummy than a saiyan, but his eyes still held the strength to scare lesser mortals with but a glance.

"…Aren't you supposed to be watching the oldest of Kakarrots brats?"

It was more of a statement than a question, but either way it was enough to make Krillin to start sweating bullets. Goku sat backwards non the less, smiling happily after having so much fun so early in the morning. "Aww, come on Vegeta! Gohans fine, off having fun with his friends! It's been months and nothings happened. Don't you think you're worrying a little too much?"

Vegeta simply gave a "hmph" as a reply, obviously in disagreement.

Chi-Chi sighed again. "Uhh, all this stress is really starting to get to me. Come on Bulma, they can keep the fridge, I'm sure we can find some kiwi … Bulma?"

Everyone's attention suddenly shifted towards the blue haired genius, who was currently hunched over leaning against the nearby wall. "I – I think it's time…"

Silence consumed the room as everyone's eyes slowly grew larger and larger.

Krillin quickly jumped up, removing the shoe from his forehead and giving his best friend a wave. "Well, I think Vegeta's right. I'm off to go check on Gohan, bye!"

Goku extended his arm towards the small monk just as he disappeared into thin air.


"Never-mind him Goku!" screamed Chi-Chi. "We have to get her to a hospital, NOW!"

"But there are doctors a-a-and needles there!"


Goku's face quickly turned all kinds of blue, for all kinds of reasons.


Gohan, completely oblivious to the door he just broke, continued on with his explanation. "Krillin just came back from West City. Bulma's on the way to the hospital right now. If you guys want to go, we have to go now."

It took a moment for the news to sink in. Erasa was the first to process, her hands clasping each other as she began to fangirl over the very idea. "You mean I can get to see the Bulma Brief's new born baby with my own eyes!?"

Videl wasn't quite as excited as her friend, but still, even she was a little excited at the idea. "Are you sure it's okay if we come along Gohan?"

Gohan gave a slight nod, not sure as to why Erasa seemed so excited. "Well … ya, but we have to go now if we want to."

Behind Gohan, Sharpner was making a variety of hand signals to his blond friend. It looked about as silly as when the same thing happens in baseball, but the basic idea was that Sharpner was trying to get Erasa to let Gohan and Videl go alone.

Gohan and Videl looked at Erasa very much confused as she started to make a puppy-dog face as she tried to beg, the two oblivious to the conversation the blonds were having in private. With a firm shake of the head, Sharpner ended the conversation as Erasa hung her head in defeat.

Videl blinked, even more confused now. "Uh, Erasa? Are you okay?"

Erasa's head quickly bounded back up, a fake smile plastered atop of it. "O-Oh ya! But I think I'll stay here with Sharpner. Ya know, so someone can cover for you two suddenly disappearing…"

"But Erasa …" questioned Videl. "I could just tell the teachers I got a call from the police, and Gohan's a known ditcher."

"No! No! Come on Videl, we insist…" assured Sharpner as he finally stepped by Gohan to get inside the room. "Gohan's clearly in a hurry to get there, Erasa and me would just slow you guys down!"

It was Gohan's turn to question the blonds. "Well, I'm not in that much of a-"

Sharpner turned, placing his hands firmly on Gohan's shoulders.

"No, Books, I insist you two should go alone. Get it?"

Clueless as ever, Gohan gave a slow nod. "S … Sure…"

Krillin suddenly popped his head into the room. "Hurry up Gohan! Your mother is gonna kill me if you don't get there in time! We gotta go!"

Giving a quick nod, Gohan turned to Videl.

"Well, I guess it's just us. Ready to go Videl?"


Both Videl and Gohan had made sure to keep their expectations reasonable. Fire, screaming, explosions, law suits Bulma would have to sweep away later … you know, reasonable. At least for whenever their little group ventured outside the walls of Capsule Corp. What they found, however, was even more terrifying.


It was unnerving, but not only was the hospital still in one piece … everything seemed normal. Nurses and doctors quickly shuffling along as patients wheeled or wobbled around the halls. Everything looked exactly as it should, so Gohan and Videl couldn't help but glance at one another uneasily, their imaginations running wild as to try and figure out why.

Videl leaned over towards Gohan, still keeping her eyes scanning her surroundings, "Can you sense where they are?"

"Ya," Gohan assured. "Fourth floor, they're right above us."

Videl gave a quick nod, and the two of them started off towards the stairs. The second floor was much like the first, quiet and calm. The third floor, however, was where things began to change. As the two of them passed by, they glanced through the window on the door. The doctors and nurses seemed to have a little more spring in their step than normal. Whatever they were doing, they were trying to get it done as quickly as possible.

The fourth floor was stranger still. Rather than moving fast, the healthcare professionals seemed to be moving as slowly as they could. There also seemed to be a LOT more doctors and nurses on this floor than what could ever be needed. Many were standing around, trying to look busy as they whispered to one another. Gohan and Videl forced their way through the crowd, nearly losing one another a few times before they popped through on the other side to find Bardock, of all people, standing watch infront of a door, and conveniently enough creating a bubble of space as the doctors tried their darndest to avoid him.

"Hey," quickly waved Gohan. "Is everyone else inside?"

Bardock glanced over, his body staying ever ridged as he stood at attention. For fear or whatever other reason, Bardock dared only give a quick nod in response.

Videl blinked, slightly confused at the stoic saiyans sudden change in personality. He usually was more or less as quiet as a lawn ornament, but a relaxed one. Something had him very stressed out. "Um, are you okay?"

Bardock looked at the two for a long moment, presumably at a loss for words. His hand reached up, scratching at his red bandana as he seemed to try and find his tongue.

"The … the stupid pillow fort … it's gone."

"It … what?" questioned Videl. What was he going on about?

Gohan however froze in place much like Bardock before him. "Was it … Bulma?"

Bardock slowly shook his head.


To that, Bardock froze solid. His face turned blue, and beads of cold sweat could be seen rolling down his forehead. "I've worked for someone like Freeza … for years, and I have never seen … ANYTHING like that…truly, I can't even recall how I got here…"

Videl's eyes narrowed skeptically. "Are you guys going on about that Month Seven thing again?"

Gohan however couldn't answer, his eyes glazed over with fear as he contemplated his next move. "…it happened again…"

"Oh for Kami's sake." Bravely, depending on who you asked, Videl shoved past the two petrified saiyans and pushed the door open. She found a rather large waiting room where the others were sitting rather quietly. Beyond them was a door to where she surmised Bulma must be.

Upon hearing the door open, all the males in the room nearly jumped from their skins. Trunks and Goten were all but curled up in a corner, as far away from Chi-Chi as possible. Krillin, who had flown ahead for fear of what had befallen his best friend Goku, was next to the two boys, either to shield them if something were to happen, or to make sure he had something close he could guard himself with, it was hard to tell.

Bulma's parents were their normal selves, calm as cucumbers even with everything going on around them. It was rather impressive, all things considered, but at the same time rather unnerving.

"Where do babies come from mommy?" asked Marron. Her mother 18 looked down to the daughter in her lap, a flat look on her face even as her eyes slightly shrank as her mind raced for an answer.

"What did your father say." It was a question, but 18 never was good at making it sound like one.

"Well, daddy said I should ask Uncle Goku where he came from, and Uncle Goku said he came from space."

18 glared out of the corner of her eyes towards Krillin, for dodging her daughters question and passing it on to someone else. Krillin visibly flinched, but otherwise was pretty much helpless.

Turning back to Marron, 18 prepared her own answer. "Men come from space, and if it were up to me some would stay there."

Gohan and Videl did their best to walk into the room, though every step felt like they were cutting a near visible amount of tension.

Chi-Chi stood when she noticed Gohan and Videl join the others, an unnerving smile plastered over her face as she came to give her oldest a hug. "Good! You both finally made it! I was beginning to wonder if Krillin let you get lost in this huge hospital."

Krillin, glanced to the side, mumbling to himself about how Gohan was one of their strongest fighters and could sense energy clear across the planet, Trunks comforting the poor monk all the while. Safe to say poor Krillin got an earful for showing up without the two teens.

Gohan smiled nervously, scratching the back of his head. "Hehe-na we found you guys all right. Seems like almost everyone is here already … wait, mom? Where's dad?"

Chi-Chi's face wrinkled in disgust at the very thought of her husband. "You mean that useless sack of meat you call your father? He's down there."

Flicking her thumb back behind her, Gohan and Videl leaned over to see around Chi-Chi. All they saw were the empty chairs besides 18 and Marron, yet, their senses could feel Goku over that way. Slowly, and rather curiously, they began to lower themselves to see under the chairs.

Sure enough, Goku had hidden himself in the dark and dirty shadows beneath.

A happy wave even greeted the two once they could see Goku's face. "Hey you two! Good to see you could make it!"

"D-Dad? Why … why are you down there?"

"Oh … you know, those nurses recognized my face from the last time I was here after the fight with Vegeta. Apparently I might have broken a few things when they were trying to get me with their needles, and it seems like they held a grudge…"

Chi-Chi closed her eyes, trying to contain herself. "Kaaami help me…"

"Don't worry though! Grandpa Bardock's standing watch outside, so if they try looking for me in here, they'll mistake him for me!"

Gohan blinked. "So … why are you hiding under the chair then?"

"Oh, hehe, ya know. Your mother asked me so nicely, I figured I'd do whatever I could to help!" Goku's voice cracked more than enough times to give Gohan and Videl a pretty good idea of the real story, a sweat dropping down the back of their heads as they watched unable to say anything more.

Thankfully a doctor exited the back room at that moment, drawing everyone's attention for at least the moment.

"Well, Ms. Briefs is uh, definitely going through labor."

The men in the room looked on rather cluelessly - while the women, save Videl for obvious reasons, looked as if they wanted to smack the man in the white scrub.

"She should be fine for now, but we'll make sure to keep a doctor on hand and we already called in some extra help to make sure none of the press manages to get into the building. If none of you have any questions, you're free to visit her."

And just as quickly as he had came, the doctor was quickly lost in the echo of shuffling feet as people tried to make their way through the small door into Bulma's room.

The blue haired mother looked as if she had seen better days. A smile grew on her face as everyone made their way into her room, though the quickly growing bags under her eyes helped put an exclamation point on the fact that she was quickly growing tired. Her smile grew larger still when Trunks popped his head through the crowd and wiggled his way to her bedside, though it dampened back down as she realized there was no Vegeta to be found.

"Hey everone..! Thanks for coming!" Gohan noticed Bulma's voice was a lot softer spoken than normal. It only could have been an hour or so since her labor pains started, but it looked like it had already taken its toll on her.

Videl curiously poked her head through the crowd to get a better look for herself. Curiosity was getting the better of her, she had never exactly seen what a woman has to go through to become a mother, that and she had never seen Bulma without makeup before. Honestly, she couldn't decide which was more impressive to see either. Awkwardness with Gohan aside, she was glad she asked if she could come.

Chi-Chi smiled, holding onto her best friends hand. "Are they taking good care of you? If you need anything don't feel bad for asking, Krillin needs a way to make himself useful anyway."


Bulma chuckled, waving her hand halfheartedly. "Don't worry hun, the hospital here is sparing no expense. The last thing they want is someone as famous as me saying they didn't like their service."

Everyone laughed, the tension from the room before seeming to have finally left. Gohan knew Bulma well enough, she would definitely let the doctors and nurses know if something wasn't up to standards. He even shivered a little as his mind started to wander on what she might just do if something wasn't good enough. He wasn't sure the hospital would be able to survive a Month 7 incident.

Videl however found her eyes drawn to Bulma's face. She was slightly envious, but the blue haired woman was still very pretty even now, which was pretty impressive to say the least. Yet there was something off that was bugging Videl. Giving Bulma a closer look, Videl noticed Bulma's forehead was beginning to shine from what could only be a lot of sweat.

"Bulma, are you feeling alright?"


Bardock let his eyes close, if only for a moment. The activities of the day were draining, even for him. Childbirth was not something he had ever been involved with. Most males from Vegeta hadn't. It just didn't fall into their skillset, though many had joked about simply not wanting to be in the way of any pregnant females.

The back of his neck began to throb slightly, causing Bardock to bring his hand up to rub it. To his surprise, the skin felt like it was on fire when he touched it, yet at the same time felt wet.

Bringing his fingers forward, Bardock opened his eyes again only to find a disturbing amount of red on them. His senses heightened in an instant, the smell of the liquid all too familiar to him. Blood.

When his eyes opened however, he found himself no longer in a small hospital waiting room, but rather a wide open city, or what was left of one. Chunks of buildings littered the landscape, with only a few small ones still standing properly.

Bardock growled when his vision began to blur. His head was throbbing much more violently now. His sense of balance was failing him. Yet still the saiyan stood, forcing at least one eye to stay open as he turned around. It was now that he noticed the sky, a brilliantly terrifying red. The sky was aflame, from above him to the horizon beyond it burned. It reminded him all too much of his last moments before the end of planet Vegeta, but more than that it reminded him of the last time he saw the Casket.

Do you want to be stronger?

Bardock whipped his head around as he heard the voice of a woman behind him. But when he turned, he saw no one.

Do you want to fight?

This time Bardock recognized the voice coming from inside his head, or at least that was the best he could gather with the state he was in. Telekinesis possibly? "Who are you? Where are you!?"

You are a saiyan, right? Do you wish you were stronger?

Growling in frustration from being ignored, Bardock kept his head on a swivel to try and catch sight of wherever this woman was.

"Of course I do! A saiyan lives for battle … come out so I can show you!"

Hehehe …You are new, but you are without a doubt a saiyan. Open your eyes Bardock, your blood will remember the rest.

Bardock awoke with a jump, his eyes wide and his senses grasping at anything to try and help orient himself. Surrounding him was the white of the earthling hospital, it was calm and quiet, a disorienting contrast to where he had been moments before. He quickly brought his hand up to the back of his neck, to assess himself. Thankfully this time he found no blood, though he could still feel the muscles strain from the stress of yet another vision.

His heart slowly began to stop pounding off his chest, his nerves calming down. Taking a second glance around the room, he found his sons friends leaning on one another as they quietly tried to catch up on some needed sleep while a few others tried to force themselves to stay awake.

The problems with the prince's woman were troubling, even for him. Regardless of the problem, he was helpless to face them, and a helpless saiyan was a worthless one. It just didn't sit well with Bardock, but again, he was helpless. So he sat with the others, their quiet forms filling up the small room.

Yet, there was something about them Bardock couldn't quite place. He decided to give them a closer look, to make sure he still wasn't stuck in one of his visions. Poking the closest to him, Goten uncomfortably squirmed when the callus fingers hit his cheek. Well, it didn't seem like he was still in one of those annoying visions, but something still was off.

It was … as if … everyone around him was giving off a barely visible blue tint of light. Some more than others. Actually, it was the stronger ones among the group that seemed to be giving off the stronger light.

…Was he … sensing energy?


Vegeta woke up just as the first light of the new day was beginning to break through the darkness of the night. He was sporting just as many bandages as the day before, if not more, but as he got out of bed he moved as if he wasn't hurt or sore in the slightest. Without wasting time, he made his way through the stupid pillow fort. It was much quieter than the months before. He felt somewhat uneasy about it, but he quickly shoved such thoughts out of mind as he began to make his way towards the gravity room.

After quickly removing his bandages and then reapplying new ones to the wounds that still needed them, Vegeta returned to his training.

His mind wandered as he began to spar a mental image of Kakarrot, despite his best efforts to focus. The others had gone with the Woman to the hospital. An earthling tradition most likely, and a stupid one at that. The new brat would be born with or without them, they could be spending their time more wisely. It's like they weren't worried in the slightest about this Casket thing coming towards the planet.

No matter. Vegeta was confident that this time he'd prove superior to the lot of them. So let them waist away with their silly customs. They'd only be forced to depend on his strength later.

Vegeta gathered energy into his hands, straining as they gained more and more mass. The gravity room made it harder to move, harder to breath, harder to live. As the difficulty ratcheted up, he finally was able to focus on his fighting. He shot the ball left, a drone catching it and absorbing the energy into its own power cells. The drone began to glow before firing the ball of energy back at the prince. Vegeta crossed his arms infront of himself, the energy crashing into him and exploding on contact. The drone hovered lower, closer to the cloud of smoke as if to get a better look. As the smoke wavered in the air, the small robot switched to thermal vision when the saiyan failed to show, but it was all too late. A hand shot from the smoke, taking hold of the drone entirely. Vegeta focused his energy down his arm as the robot cracked from the pressure. Wheels and gears groaned as they gave way, the drone finally giving in as it fell to pieces in Vegeta's palm.

Vegeta put his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. The vents in the gravity room opened up, sucking the smoke out while replacing the heavy air with fresher stuff from outside. Slowly, the gravity lowered till it was back to the normal level for earth, Vegeta giving himself a rare break as his wounds from the months of training prior began to burn.

"What … are you doing … here, Kakarrot."

Goku stood off to the side, arms folded as he silently watched Vegeta catch his breath.

"Didn't you go to watch … the Woman?"

Goku's eyes narrowed slightly as a smirk grew on Vegeta's face. "I came to see why you aren't over there with Bulma."

"Hah!" laughed Vegeta at the thought. "We have better things to do than wasting our time with your earth customs. Incase you up and forgot, this entire planet is in danger!"

"I haven't forgotten," assured Goku. "But some things are more important than that."

Having finally regained his breath, Vegeta proudly walked over to Goku, taking a fistful of his orange shirt. "What could be more important than that?!"

Goku looked down at the much shorter Vegeta, both of their eyes locking in a stern glare.

"Do you want know why you can't beat me?"

Vegeta's eyes widened, letting go of Goku as he stumbled back from the shock of such an absurd statement. "What … did you just say?!"

"Well, do you?"

"As I remember, you haven't beaten me!"

Vegeta jumped forward, his right fist flying out infront of him. It landed squarely on Goku's jaw, but the saiyan took it without even blinking. Vegeta's eyes widened even more, his mouth gaping a little from the shock of it all.

Goku looked down at his rival, anger welling in his voice. "You need to open your eyes to what you have. You always go on about the saiyan race and planet Vegeta, but they're gone! They're gone Vegeta! We're the last of our kind with no place we can call our own. But the people here, Earth, they've let us live here and have been so kind to us. They changed me, they've changed you! When we met, you didn't think twice about killing your own friend and partner, but now look at you! You're working as hard as you can to protect this place!"

Vegeta growled, but was otherwise silent as Goku continued on.

"Ask yourself why that is Vegeta! Ask yourself why you want to protect this planet … and you could be the strongest fighter we have."

Vegeta lowered his head, his hands balling into fists. "Why are you here … to mock me? That's just like you Kakarrot. Never missing a chance to mock and torment me. So tell me that! Why are you here!?"


Silence consumed the gravity room, and even though it was off, the air was the heaviest it had ever been.

"…what do you … mean … sick?"

Goku glanced to the side, pain washing over his face. "Bulma and Chi-Chi, they're only human Vegeta. And our saiyan blood is strong, maybe … maybe too strong. Giving birth isn't any easy thing, so giving birth to our children … would only make it that much harder on them…"


"Out of my way!"

"I'm sorry sir, there's a mother who just gave birth in there, and we can't just let anyone in!"

Bulma tilted her head forward when she heard the voice of Vegeta come from beyond the closed door of her hospital room. Her body hurt as she tried to move, oh Kami it hurt. It was a relief to finally have the baby out, but Kami it hurt all the same. Still, a slight smile came to her face and tears came to her eyes as she listened to her husband force his way in.


"I-I-I'm sorry sir, bu-u-ut Ms Brief's isn't officially married. We can only let f-f-family se – hey! S-S-Stop! Somone, s-stop him!"

The door burst open, unable to remain on its hinges as it shot across the room. Vegeta was quick to follow, all but stumbling in behind it. His head turn quickly to meet Bulma's, and the exhausted woman gave the strongest smile she could muster. Vegeta's eyes however trailed downwards towards the small bundle in her arms, his breath rather clearly getting caught in his throat.

The doctor who had failed to stop Vegeta outside at the door, adjusted his eye-glasses as he took a more confident stride closer to Bulma's bedside. "The baby girl is only four pounds even … an infant is in danger below five point five."

Vegeta's eyes turned to the doctor, who understandably flinched a little. "…how?"

"Well …" mumbled the doctor, "Ms Bulma here has admitted she is a smoker. Even if she didn't smoke much to begin with and stopped cold turkey when she learned she was pregnant … it can still affect the infant … though there seemed to be a few other things … we still aren't sure of … honestly, neither the child nor Ms Briefs should have made it. The two … simply just didn't want to die. Kami gets the credit for this one."

The doctor trailed off, and Bulma looked down at her little baby girl. That last part probably had to do with Vegeta being saiyan, the hospital staff might have noticed something off here and there this time. Vegeta's eyes returned to his daughter. She had a soft blue fluff of hair at the top of her head. Even after his loud entry, she was sound asleep.

"Do you want to hold her?"

Vegeta nearly jumped from his skin, his eyes returning to Bulma. Holding her arms out, Bulma realized just how hard this whole thing had been on her. She could barely move, let alone lift her tiny little girl. Vegeta hesitated for a while, the rest of the Z-Fighters piling in the doorway to catch a glimpse. The Saiyan finally gave in, walking past the nurses and leaning over the bed to take the baby in his arms.

Vegeta took a slow step back. The child was still sleeping, though stirred slightly from all the moving. He just couldn't believe how small she was. The closest Vegeta had ever been to infants was when he and his father watched the weakling saiyans being sent off to stray planets. He had been enduring extreme training for the androids when Trunks was born, so he hadn't bothered. It didn't seem important at the time, and he had left for space to escape the women when Kakarrot's second was born without the clown.

Yet here he was, despite his best efforts to avoid it. The earthlings had finally managed to get him to take part in one of their customs. Yet for some strange reason, Vegeta didn't feel softer for being their. Rather, he felt calm, calmer than he had been for … as long as he could remember.

"Woman …"

Bulma murmured a response, her strength quickly failing her. "Yes?"

"You're … no longer permitted to use those smoke things. … Understand …?" Vegeta glanced out of the corner of his eyes uncomfortably, "Bulma."

Vegeta found Bulma with closed eyes and much slower breathing. His body stiffened, so much that he couldn't even move when the doctor made his way to her side.

"No cause for alarm, she's just fallen asleep. This ordeal has taken its toll on mother and daughter, it'll take some time and rest for them to recover. So … if you're not going to leave, the least you could do is stay quiet."

Vegeta watched the doctor for a moment more as he weighed his words before returning his attention to the small half saiyan in his arms.

But that was all the others got to see as Goku silently pushed Trunks inside before beginning to close the door. The small boy looked back a little startled, but quickly curiosity won out as he tentatively walked over to see his new little sister. Just as Goku was about to close the door, Vegeta glanced back. Goku hesitated only for a second so the two fighter's eyes could meet. Vegeta simply held eye contact with his rival, to which Goku gave a toothy smile back before finally closing the door.

Vegeta's eyes lingered on the door for a few quiet moments before they turned back to his new daughter. He soon found his son standing at his side, up on his tiptoes to try and catch a glance of the new baby. For another moment, Vegeta looked Trunks over. The boy was amazingly strong, despite his lack of motivation. Would his daughter be the same?

Looking back down, Vegeta looked over the newest half saiyan. He wouldn't admit it, but a small smile worked its way onto his usually cold face.


Outside the room, the others took a step back into the hall, realizing just how packed they had been into that doorway.

Chi-Chi wiped a tear from her eye, taking Goku's hand in hers while resting the other on her own tummy bulge. "Hmm … my big softy."

"Heh, you bet" smiled Goku, scratching the back of his head.

Videl crossed the narrow hall and found a chair opposite the door to Bulma's room and all but collapsed in it. She was drained … and she hadn't even been the one giving birth! Silently Videl promised herself that she wouldn't make herself go through anything like this for as long as she could put it off.

"Thanks for coming Videl. It means a lot to everyone."

Videl forced her eyelids open to find Gohan sitting in the chair next to her. Quickly she gave herself a once over, trying to get back into some form of presentable character. She really was missing her nice warm comfy bed back home, hospital chairs did not make good sleeping companions.

"No, I should be thanking you for inviting me. It's never dull around you guys."

The two laughed, more awkwardly than they probably had to. Videl found herself once again and smiled. "Really, thanks for letting me be here."

Gohan blushed, his eyes suddenly finding his shoelaces really fascinating. "Do you want me to fly you home? Or…"

"Nah, it's ok" assured Videl, pushing herself out of the chair and stretching. "I'm almost as fast as I used to be."

"Wow, really? That's … amazing, I'm nowhere close to where I used to be."

"Well … you have a lot more ground to make up, right?"

Gohan blinked, slightly confused. Videl had always been amazing, but almost back to one hundred percent? And what did she mean by having less ground to make up?

"Bye Gohan, see you in school. Make sure you remember what Bulma decides on for a name! Erasa's gonna wanna know!"

Gohan looked up, finding Videl already halfway down the hallway. Yelling back, Gohan smiled in agreement. "I'll make sure the first thing I do Monday is come see you!"

Videl smiled, turning to give one last wave before rounding the corner. Gohan let his arm slowly fall from his own wave, it resting just behind his neck. "The first thing I do…for sure."

Author's Annotation:

Yes yes, it took me a long time this go round. In my defense, this is one of the longer chapters. Hope you enjoyed it!