Title ; Sassy

Rating ; M

Fandom/Pairing ; "The Lost Boys"/Paul&OC

Summary ; Sequel to "Twisted Sister". Picks up right where that one left off. Paul/OC. Multi-Chapter. R/R.

A/N ; Alright, so today, I was at my cousin Shelby's house (yes – she's the Shelby in this story and in "Twisted Sister" ;D) last night, and we were watching "Lost Boys" (as we always do). I had already told her I was making a sequel to my previous TLB story. During the train scene (which is our fave scene in the movie ;D), she got all excited and told me I should write that scene into her sequel – with her instead of Michael. I thought that was a fabulous idea, so I did just that. But halfway through writing it, we kind of started brainstorming all these different ideas for this story and I decided it would be multi-chapter. So, here's the sequel to "Twisted Sister" – I'm really excited to be writing it ;)

I hope you all enjoy it.


"I'm really a… a vampire?"

"Yeah. You really are."

"Does this mean we can have sex without any worries now?"

"Yes, sassy, we can."

"Do you want to?"

"Of course I fucking do."

The only difference Shelby noticed was the fact that they were in an actual bed this time around.

That, and the fact that he wasn't holding back anymore.

This time, as Paul clutched her hips and thrust in and out, he didn't have to worry about hurting her. She was a vampire – there wasn't much that could do her damage now. She was strong and she was immortal.

But, most importantly, she was his.

"Paul…" She moaned, her nails digging into his shoulders and her face pressed against his neck as he moved inside her. "Paul…"

He smirked at the sound of his name coming from her mouth. It sounded so right when it was spoken by her… Fuck, she had him going. He was wrapped around her pretty little finger – and the strangest part was that he didn't give a shit. He didn't feel tied down or anything like that. He felt happy – legitimately happy – for the first time in decades.

Ducking his head down, he sucked on the skin at the base of her throat, rolling his tongue around the pale flesh and reveling in the sounds she made in response. She was so overwhelmed by everything that had happened to her at this point in time… She was a fucking vampire – first off – which, by itself, was ridiculous. And she was here, with another vampire – a hot guy vampire, to be specific – having sex with him for the second time… It was all too much for her to process.

As he got in particularly far, she whimpered, her hands tangling in his long blonde hair. "Fuck yes… God, Paul…" She breathed, sending shockwaves straight to his groin. "You feel so good inside me… Fuck…"

"You gonna come for me again?" He growled in her ear, his mouth attacking her jaw with kisses. "Hard? Like last time? You're so fucking tight, sassy…"

"It's because I'm close." She gasped, rolling her hips up to meet his thrusts and making him groan. "I'm really close, baby…"

Slamming into her – each time rougher than the one before it – he felt her panting under him, and held her close. "Come for me."

She yelped, her face buried in the crook of his neck, and he felt her walls constrict around him. The sensation was almost too hot for him, and as she shuddered her release, he spilled himself inside of her. Then, he slid out and rolled off of her, pulling her into his arms and kissing her eyelids gently.

"So – second time around," She said, her voice still heavy with pleasure, "Better than the first?"

Paul took a second to think about this, and shrugged, "I don't have a fucking preference when it comes to sex. Sex is awesome – despite any and all circumstances."

She laughed, and leaned up to kiss him. But before anything more could happen, they were ripped out of their bliss by a voice from across the room.

"Now, now, Paul – how many times have I told you to tell me before you invite guests over?"

They both jumped at the sudden comment, and Shelby instinctively pulled the bed sheets up to her neck, as Paul sat up. When he realized who'd spoken, he swore under his breath, "David! Shit, bro – what is wrong with you? You scared the living shit out of me!"

Shelby looked over in the direction Paul was staring and saw three boys standing at the entrance to the cave. The first one – the one who had interrupted them – was blonde – close to the same color as Paul's hair – and handsome. The way the two other boys stood behind him, one on either side, suggested to her that he was the leader of their little group. The boy standing on his right was shorter, with wide eyes and a curly mop of hair framing his face. And the guy on the leader's left was quite tall and burly looking – with long brown hair and dark, severe eyes. They all looked tough when they stood beside each other. Shelby assumed that Paul was the piece that completed the group. She looked from him to the boys, waiting for him to say something.

The small(ish) one was the first to speak up: "New friend, Paul?" He raised his eyebrows, a playful smirk on his face.

"Shut up, dick." Paul retorted, but with laughter in his voice.

David tried to mask the grin that threatened to appear on his face, and moved forward two steps or so. "So – are you going to introduce us to your –," He studied Shelby's face, then continued, "-beautiful lady friend? Or do we have to guess her name?"

Paul nodded. "Sorry, man. Uhm, Shelby, this is David." The leader raised a hand, jokingly, "Dwayne," The burly one cocked his head silently, "–and that useless looking fucker over there is –,"

"–a cunt!" The little one howled, jumping down from the cave entrance and moving over to one of the chairs nearby. "And my name's Marko."

She stifled a giggle and looked back to Paul, who rolled his eyes. "Fucking idiot." He muttered. "Anyway: David, Marko, and Dwayne – this is Shelby. She's gonna be with me from now on – alright?"

"Why's that, twisted sister?" Marko asked, from where he sat, slumped over, in the seat. "Are we not enough for you anymore?"

Dwayne snickered, his voice deep, as he navigated his way to the couch opposite Marko. "Judging by their –," He cleared his throat, "– lack of attire, I think it's pretty clear what's caused Paul's… erm… change of heart."

"That – and it fuckin' reeks of sex in here right now." David added, before letting out a mock-gasp, "And, look – he's got at least three hickies on his neck. Fuck me, boys – our little champ here got laid. More than once – by the looks of it."

Shelby couldn't help but giggle along with the rest of the boys. Paul took the teasing like the man he was, however, and she smiled, leaning close to kiss his shoulder, before hearing Marko gasp.

"You bastard!" He cried, in a high-pitched voice, feigning distress, "You said you loved me! What was I to you? Just a pair of tits?"

Paul picked up a pillow from behind him and flung it at Marko, who fell out of his chair laughing. "Jesus, bro – grow the fuck up. How old are you?"

Marko stood up and shrugged, "Hell if I know. Lost count about a decade ago."

After being silent for so long, Shelby finally spoke up: "Uh – not to sound rude, but I can put my clothes back on, please?"

David smirked again, and before she knew it, he was standing beside the bed, just about a foot away from her. Reaching out, he cupped her cheek in his hand. She felt Paul tense up from his place next to her, but didn't understand why. The whole cave fell silent as David caressed the side of her face, slowly. When he let go of her, he looked over at Paul, hostility in his eyes. "Why would you do something like this?" When no response came, he grabbed Shelby's head in both his hands and jerked her around to look at Paul. In that moment, she was terrified. He could kill her with one simple flick of his wrist… "Answer the fucking question. You know how I am about repeating myself."

Paul's eyes were ablaze with anger. When he looked to Marko or Dwayne for help, they wouldn't meet his gaze. So, letting out a sigh, he replied, "It's a pretty simple thing, man. I saw her, I wanted her, I took her. Hey – you know what? That shit sounds kind of familiar. It reminds me of someone –,"

By now, David's grip on her head had tightened, and she felt dizzy. "Why did you do this?" He repeated, his voice low and dangerous. "She's one of us now – is that it?"

"I just did the same thing you did; To Star. Remember her, David? Hmm?"

David laughed, humorlessly, "You're right. You're fucking right – that is what I did to Star. But, refresh my memory – I'm a little fuzzy: How did that whole thing work out?" Paul's face fell, and he nodded. "Exactly. So the fact that you dragged another girl into this is just about the stupidest thing I've ever heard." He relinquished his grip, throwing her forward, where Paul caught her in his arms, holding her to him protectively. "Get rid of her."

Shelby gasped, sitting up and shaking her head, vigorously. Paul looked outraged, "What the fuck? Why?"

"Because I don't have time to babysit a teenaged hormone bomb." David spat.

"Fuck you – I'm nineteen!" Shelby cried, angrily. "And I can take care of myself; Creature of the night here."

Both of them ignored her.

"She's not your responsibility, David. She's mine. She's staying with me. Okay?" Paul kept his protective arms wrapped around her the whole time he spoke.

At this, Marko found his voice: "David, man – why don't you just let her stay?"

Dwayne agreed, "Yeah – Paul's more than capable of watching out for her."

"Plus, she's already a vampire. Full-on." Marko pointed out. "She's one of us, like it or not."

Shelby watched David's eyes closely as he glared at Paul. Her head still ached from where he'd held her. Finally, he rolled his eyes, sighing. "Fuck. Whatever. As long as you keep her out of trouble, I don't give a shit." She sensed Paul nodding, before David continued, "Now, please – for all our sakes – get dressed, Paul." He picked up Paul's leather jacket off the ground, and tossed it to him. "You too, lovely." He turned away from them, then said, "As soon as you two are dressed, we'll go for a ride. Train'll be coming soon – and you boys know what that means."

All of the guys let out excited cheers – even Paul – as David walked off.

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