Author's Note

Hi guys!

I'm really sorry this isn't an actual update – really, really, really sorry – but I felt the need to put up a little update to just let you guys know that I have not given up on this story. I really haven't. I've been very busy with school - lots of work, lots of drama, lots of shit – and I haven't had as much time as I used to have for writing. Also, my ideas have been coming and going, as well as my inspiration, and it's difficult for me to just sit myself down and write something without any inspiration, as it is for any writer. If I tried to write a chapter without any motivation, it wouldn't be good, and I would feel like I was letting you guys down. I want this story to be as good as it possibly can be, and it won't be that way if I try to churn out chapters as often as possible without any inspiration or drive to write them. Does that make sense? I'm sorry that I've been slow to come out with chapter 12, I really am, but I promise that if you'll just be patient with me, and give me time, I won't let you down. I'm on winter break right now, so I'll have time to do whatever I want, and I'll probably work on the new chapter before school starts up again.

I promise that this story will get finished. I am determined to write it until the very end, and I will do my very best to do that. Just don't give up on me ;)