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I stared out the window, watching the trees rush by, not paying any attention to the music blasting from my iPod. Elizabeth, my child care worker, tapped my shoulder and I took out my ear phones. "We should be there in about twenty minutes." She told me nervously. I just turned to look out the car window again. I knew she was scared of me. She hated the dead look in my eyes, my haste to punch the lights out of anyone who so much as looked at me the wrong way. I refused to speak to anyone anymore. What was the point? Talking to someone means getting to know them, which leads to letting them in. Letting someone in means caring about someone and caring always leads to heartbreak. I should know. I arched my back, trying to ease the tightness and pain. My gashes were almost gone now; just scar tissue, a painful reminder of that night.


-Yes, this is a line. His name is Steve. Don't make fun of Steve, he has very low self esteem.-

"Dad! We're home!" I called, slamming the door behind me and my little brother, Ari.

"Where the hell have you been, you little piece of garbage? Huh?" I could tell that he had been drinking again. A lot. I stepped in front of Ari; if he was going to hit one of us again, I would make sure it was me, not him.

"I took Ari to the Library like I said." I told him. It was the truth, not like that mattered.

"Ya, right." He said, his breath heavy with liquor, "I bet you were with your stupid boyfriend weren't you, you little slut?"

"Da-"I tried.

"SHUT UP!" He screamed slapping me hard. He grabbed Ari by the front of his shirt, shaking him. "Tell me where you were! Tell me or I swear you will wish you were never born!"

"We were at the library, I swear, we were!" Ari whimpered.

"Don't lie to me boy!" I saw my father throw back his arm to punch and I launched myself at him, knocking him to the floor. "Oh, you didn't want to do that, sweetheart." He growled.

"Ya, actually, I really did." I then punched him in the face as hard as I could and heard a satisfying crunch. I saw the blood pouring out of his nose and he looked dazed. "Come on Ari, let's get out of here. Now." He nodded and gulped hard as I grabbed the two bags from the closet that we had stowed earlier. We were planning on running away the next day, his ninth birthday, but now seemed pretty urgent.

I swung the bags over my shoulder and grabbed his arm and we ran out the door. We were barley down the street when we heard loud cursing and a car start. I clenched Ari's hand and ran even faster.

"Ow, Max! Slow down a little! I can't run as fast as you!" he panted.

"I'm sorry honey but we have to get out of here! We only have to make it to Sam's house!" Sam was my boyfriend, he lived only a few blocks down and I was sure he would be able to help us, give us somewhere to hide. My best friend, Abby, lived next door to him so she could help us too. We just had to make it there before my dad!

"Max, I can't go that fast!" He said again. I almost carried him but I already had the bags so he was faster on his own feet. I was about to pull him down a side street when my dad's car screeched around the corner. I turned to see him pull something out of his pocket and thrust it through the window. The next thing I knew, There was a bang and a scream. He shot Ari in the side. I screamed and tucked my brother behind a dumpster. I saw the blood already covering his shirt. I ripped off my hoodie and tried to stench the flow, my eyes filled with tears and my breath wreaked with sobs.

"Max, it's okay." He whispered. "Just promise me….. Just promise me you'll have a better life than the one I had. Promise me you'll make yourself a future, you'll be happy."

"Oh my God! Ari, don't talk like that! You'll be okay! Please! We're almost there!" I picked him up and ran between the buildings, hearing more shooting and bullets landing at my feet followed by cursing. I saw the porch lights up ahead and flung myself towards the door, holing Ari close to me. He was still breathing, but barely. I raised my hand to pound on the door and I saw through the window something that made my heart drop even farther, if that's possible. There, on the couch were my only two friends, Sam and Abby, making out. Betrayal was all I could think. I looked back down at Ari and hugged him close.

"Promise?" he asked weakly.

"Yes, I promise, anything." I sobbed.

"Good…..What time is it?"

"12:30am, happy birthday."

"I'm nine…The moon is so beautiful tonight." I looked up at the perfect full moon shining silver in the dark sky.

"Yeah," I agreed, "it sure is." He didn't move after that. I gently closed his eyes let my grief take over, my sobs shaking my entire body. Then my father, Jeb, drunk and furious careened around the corner again and raised the gun, pointing it at my head. I stared him in the eyes, not moving an inch. I had nothing to live for anymore.

That bullet never found me. Instead, Jeb was so focused on aiming; he didn't see the light post right in front of him. He crashed straight on. I knew what would happen next so I jumped to protect my brother's body. The pole crashed onto my back and before I blacked out, I heard sirens, but I knew relief would never really come. Not for me, not after I lost everything so quickly.

-Steve is back-Did you miss him?-

End Flashback

Jeb had died on impact. If you ask me, it was too good for him; to not feel the pain, the guilt of what he had done. After I was released from the hospital, there were funerals. They had wanted to bury them together but I refused. Ari was way better than that slime.

I remember spitting in my father's grave and then limping over to Ari's. I sobbed for hours by his side. I eventually calmed down enough to sing his favorite song, the one I always sang to comfort him. I won't repeat it now. I whispered my promise and dropped the lilies. I couldn't believe he was really gone, the one who was always so full of life even when life didn't seem worth living.

Sam and Abby showed up but they didn't have a chance for any excuses. I knocked them both out in seconds. They could sleep together as much as they wanted now. I was defiantly not in the mood to forgive and forget. Everyone I had ever loved was taken from me in a second. Even though I hated Jeb, he was family and I always wanted to believe he was good. There was no chance of me forgiving him now. He was gone from the world and had cruelly dragged Ari with him. My two friends had cheated behind my back and betrayed me. They didn't really care about me. I had no one.

After a week the police told me I wasn't allowed to live on my own and I was going to Virginia. I protested but they wouldn't even give me any additional information. I was being shipped across the country, from Colorado to Virginia, to live with a stranger. My life sucks; the understatement of the century.

"So have I been adopted or something?" I asked Elizabeth.

"Something like that, yes." She replied, obviously surprised that I had spoken.

"Well by who?" I asked for the millionth time. I wasn't expecting a straight answer.

"Your mother." My eyes shot open with shock and disbelief.