Her name was Mitsuki-Gloria Chaos Halfmoon Kurosawa, and she looked fifteen years old. I want to put emphasis on the "looked" because apparently she was really seven hundred, and the Composer of Tokyo. However, what with the recent earthquake/flood/wtf fire she was taking a vacation, and what better place to go than Shibuya?

Now, since she was fantastically beautiful in every way, I should definitely take four pages to describe her appearance.

But I'm not.

Here's what you get, in an easily readable list to boot: luxurious, long purple hair, sparkling blue eyes, a tiny, adorable mouth with pink lips, upturned nose, pale, perfect skin, skinny but with boobs, slender hands, and, lastly, she was tall. Her favorite color was rainbow sparkle black, and she was totally gothic. With gothic clothing and stuff. Like black boots. And a corset. And stuff. She was half-Japanese and half-American (even though she's close to seven hundred. The author didn't really think this one through, but plot holes? In MY fanfictions? Yeah, right), and only had the best qualities of both.

In any case, she and her gigantic sword (that totally wasn't Cloud's blade at all in any way shape or form) named "Every Rose Has its Thorn" (or ERHiT for short) stepped into Shibuya at precisely midnight, and looked around mysteriously at the wispy night air.

Someone poked her.

"Hello?" she turned around like a ballerina (she'd taken ballet for, like, evar, but she was totally a natural so the classes, like, didn't help that much). Her voice was like baby angels burping up sunshine.

"Hello." A smirk.

And there Mitsuki-Gloria saw a fellow Composer: Joshua.

Hand on hip, slight sneer etched onto face, the pale, lovely Composer Joshua stared at the new girl.

"My name is Mitsuki-Gloria Chaos Halfmoon Kurosawa! You can call me Chaos. What's your name?"

"Joshua Kiryu." He attempted to keep the slight smirk in his speech, but was so confused (and rarely did Joshua get mildly confused) he could barely speak at all. This girl had no Music to her – none. The only, and very faint melody he could get was from her sword tied to her back; it was like a cheap copy of something much more powerful.

"I'm a Composer too!" she giggled, twirling gracefully once more.

"Shut up." Joshua hissed, blood draining from his face. Even he wasn't so foolish to yell something like that in public.

"Sorry, jeez." Chaos gave him a look. "So, how's the town?"

Joshua sighed. "District. Shibuya is a district."

"Oh, whatever." She paused. "I command all of Tokyo!"

The silver-haired Composer raised an eyebrow. "So you're a boss I've literally never heard of before?"

Chaos giggled, thinking Joshua was making some sort of joke. They'd had an affair years before, right?


Suddenly, Joshua's phone made a slight buzzing noise. After pulling it out of his pocket, he discovered it was his on-again off-again boyfriend, Neku, who was probably doing that weird thing he did (i.e. telling him he hated him then giving him the "make out time" look within five seconds of each other). He frowned. "I need to leave. Someone's calling."

"Caaaallllling can you hear the caaaallling!" sang Chaos happily, her voice like a thousand birds.

Vultures, thought Joshua. Icky, disgusting vultures.

"Okay! Where do you live?" she questioned. Mysteriously.

"Dead God's Pad." Joshua mumbled, hands in pockets. He had an orange haired night owl to see.

"Okay. Thanks." She replied, smiling. "I needed somewhere to crash."

If Joshua had been paying attention at all, or even heard the words that had just come out of her mouth, he probably would have attempted homicide (Composercide?) then and there. However, his thoughts were on Neku, and how best to torment him tonight.

And thus, Mitsuki-Gloria Chaos Halfmoon Kurosawa skipped (mysteriously) to the house she hadn't even really been invited to. ERHiT chirped adorably because it's just that kind of sword.

Up Next: (and by that I mean eventually!) Mitsuki-Gloria meets the love of her life, Neku! In other news, Neku is really creeped out! Meanwhile, another OC lurks in town, mostly because she's Shiki's cousin and it's her time to come visit! Staaaayyyy tuned!