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It was seven in the morning, and Joshua was tired. Very tired. It was only last night that the Naomi Incident occurred, and he was not exactly jumping at the proposal of waking up to her killer, who was sleeping on his couch with one of his Neku plushies (Joshua's least favorite one, but still! He hated sanitizing the things…). Neku himself had long since gone home, "disgusted" and "have no idea what I'll tell my parents!" at Naomi's death. Joshua had been forced to include Naomi in the Game to satiate the angsty, angry teenager that he loved for god knows what reason. He had also made up some shit about a car accident or whatever to put in the paper so that the Sakurabas would flip out too much. They might ground Neku, and the last time that happened he got really pissed when Joshua just teleported into his room. Admittedly, it was three a.m. and Joshua wasn't fully clothed, but that was another story.

In any case, he had to start the Game or whatever, or at least find the current Conductor. After pulling on a random oxford and some grey jeans, he tip toed down the front hall, delicately clutching his shoes and several chocolate bars in his right hand.

Chaos was still asleep haphazardly on the couch, the Neku doll in her iron grip and the red blanket Joshua had so kindly provided laying primarily on the floor.

With a click, he was out of the house and, immediately, a comfortingly cool breeze hit his face. However, it turned out mid happy sigh that this breeze was apparently quite a bit stronger than he'd expected, and his grip was too loose, as everything he held in his right hand immediately flew away.


Chaos carefully stepped through the alleyway, still holding onto her Neku doll like there was no tomorrow. Its cheeks were already beginning to lose the meager color they had and its stuffing was falling out where the seams had been ripped…let's just say Chaos wasn't particularly good at not destroying things she touched. Very bad, actually. Very bad indeed.


ERHiT meep'd.

"Shhh…" Chaos whispered, putting a finger to her lips mysteriously. "We hav 2 get in her CARFULY!1"

While ERHiT was quietly wondering whether its master was suddenly a lesbian, Chaos was carefully scaling the brick wall of Neku's apartment building. "U tink hes stil asleep?"

ERHiT shrugged. It was just a sword, after all.

Chaos patted it as if it had said something. "Tht wuz just wut I wuz thinkin"

ERHiT wasn't completely sure why Chaos constantly pretended to talk to it, but it was a laid back sort of sword and just rolled with it.

"Hir it iz." Chaos smiled. "Hehehe…"

She had just come (The author finds this very funny. Again. Because she's perverted like that.) to Neku's room window. Peering inside, she turned invisible, as, obviously, to not be seen by the boy inside.

However, as she looked around, the room appeared to be empty. It was definitely Neku's room, though, of that she was sure. How was she so sure? Let's just say she took a peek into what Joshua had fondly dubbed his Neku Closet, which included a sufficient amount of pictures of her crushes' room. She had wondered briefly why he had all of these pictures, but decided it must be some weird Shibuya thing that she had never heard of.

Cracking the window open with ERHiT, she leapt inside all ninja and shit. Or whatever.

"NEEEEKU?1!" she screamed, repairing the door simultaneously.

No answer.

"Dey must b out." She nodded, sheathing ERHiT in a total flurry of magic awesomeness.

Smirking a devious (uh-huh, that's right, I said DEVIOUS) smirk, Chaos decided to search poor Neku's empty room for any souvenirs or evidence of ANOTHER girlfriend.

"So, where's the Conductor?" Joshua asked Kariya impatiently. He needed to protect Neku, and dammit, he couldn't do that if he was off here talking to this apparently stoned Reaper.

"Hm, Boss?"

"Dammit, Kariya! That was the fifth time I asked you that! What are in those lollipops of yours,? Am I going to start having to implement random fucking drug testing?" Joshua yelled, exasperated. He collapsed onto the park bench.

"Uh…I think he's over there." Kariya pointed vaguely at Lapin Angelique, oblivious to Joshua's anger.

After a withering glare at his subordinate, he speed walked over to the Gothic Lolita store ready to punch out the first annoying kid he saw. How can Reapers even have tenure? Is this some godawful policy Hanekoma invented after I fired that one guy for not being hot enough? Joshua vaguely remembered some law similar to this being passed, but he never really paid attention to laws or whatever anyway. They were meant to be broken after all.

Shuffling inside angrily, he didn't see any Conductor he expected to see…or had ever seen before.

"Heeellloooo~" A smile. No, a smirk. A very sexual smirk. A man was standing in front of him, or what could be considered a man. Black curly hair, plump lips… "I don't think we've met." He winked.

"Hello?" Joshua smiled, putting on his 'Ooooh, Neeeku!' face.

"You're the Composer, I presume." The man smiled again, showing his pearly white teeth.

Another man, this one extremely tan, muscular, and had some particularly pretty blonde hair, crept out from behind a rack full of fluffy loli dresses. He stared at Joshua awkwardly, saying nothing.

"Frank, what's going o-…oh." A girl, this one scantily clad with extremely short orange hair, stepped out from behind a hat covered rack.

"Ah, yes." Joshua nodded.

"I am Dr. Frank-N-Furter." The man smiled, holding out a hand.

Joshua shook it. "My name is Joshua Kiryu."

They smiled eerily at each other.

"Have you worked as a Conductor here before? You certainly don't look Japanese." Joshua commented, sipping some coffee delicately. Leaving Rocky and Columbia, as he'd learned they were called, behind to deal with the purchases, they'd moved to WildKat for some delicious beverages.

"It's a long story. Perhaps some dinner tonight?" Dr. Frank-N-Furter asked seductively.

Sighing, the Composer leaned back in his chair. "Can't. Prior engagement."

"That important?"

Joshua groaned. This was very tempting, but he had been attempting to be monogamous with Neku, since Neku was oddly obsessed with it. Bleah.

His new Conductor raised a hand as a white flag. "Hey, it's fine."

Joshua nodded absentmindedly, fishing a large manila envelope out of his shoulder bag (*cough* purse */cough*). "Here are the rules, instructions, etc. If you need any help there should be a number on the back of the packet."

Frank-N-Furter nodded. "Yes, I have some experience with this. I was very popular in America."

"Oh? May I ask why you left?"

"I…work outside the box." He replied mysteriously.

"Well, we always appreciate that here." Joshua had gotten somewhat bored, and had remembered that he had to get Naomi's most precious thing or whatever. "Remember, call me if there's anything you don't get. Otherwise, just get it done by tomorrow. Bye." He giggled the final sentence, waggling his fingers girlishly.

Neku still wasn't back, and Chaos had gotten quite a lot of time to look through everything. The only thing she hadn't touched yet was his underwear drawer, which she had saved for last.

"OOooh!1!~" Chaos chirped, practically shaking at the thought of touching things that Neku wore down there.

Pulling open the drawer with a quivering hand, she beamed, looking through boring boxer pair after boring boxer pair, deciding which ones were her favorite until-


A pair of lacy, pink female panties with several little bows. A small, perhaps AA cup bra (MUCH too small for Chaos's amazing rack, naturally), lay folded neatly below it.


Chaos screeched, throwing them across the room. "HOW HAZ HE NT GOTEN RID OF DESE ALREDI I TOLD HM IM HIS GURLFRIND NOWWW!11!"

It was several minutes after she collapsed onto the floor, sobbing at the unfairness of it all, when she thought of another reason he might have them. "Wut…wut if hez secritly a cros-dreser?"

Eyes wide, she picked up the panties, twirling them on her pinky finger.

"Aw…3 how kewt!1 He's like efimeninte and stuf!" She giggled. "Iz nt a gurlfrind hez to good 4 that."

She hugged the panties to her chest, rocking back and forth.

Naturally, this was when a very surprised Neku walked in on her.

First he noticed that his room was completely ransacked.

Then that crazy girl sitting in the middle of said unorganized floor.

Then what said female was holding in her creepy little hands.

His eyes widened immensely, and he stuttered back a few steps almost involuntarily before realizing he needed to get this girl out of his house right that very second. His family was home, for god's sake!

"What…what are you doing?" he hissed.

"Its okay i no ur secrit!" she beamed.

"What?" Neku whisper-yelled back.

"U liek cros-dressin!" She smiled. "I dun't care tho. I stil luv u."

Oh god. She did not know his 'secret'.

"Um, yeah. Cross dressing. Yeah." He winced out. "Don't…um, don't tell anybody."

"Doz Joshua no?"

"Um. Yeah. Just…don't discuss it with him, okay?" Neku did not want yet another embarrassing story added to Joshua's already impressively full archive.

"Iz okay.!" Chaos stood up, brushing herself off. "1 sec"


"Deedle doodle avada cadavra

Abracadbra presto poof

I command this room-avra

To go back, good as new!" She chanted, ERHiT in hand (which doubles as a wand somehow).

Instantly, the room became quite clean. Even the panties went back into their drawer.

"Um, okay, cool." Neku raised an eyebrow.

"U wana go back 2 Joshuas?" Chaos asked.

"Sure." Neku sighed. "I don't really want to go to yet another Naomi wake-funeral-party whatever. We've already had like 2, and it's been a day."

Chaos smiled inwardly. He was already over her!

Joshua groaned.

He had just finished up taking Naomi's most precious thing, which turned out to be some sort of signed basketball or whatever. He didn't really care, to be honest, about Neku's relatives. They were all going to just die eventually anyway.

Glancing at his watch, he discovered to his extreme displeasure that it was already 1:30 p.m. Where had the time gone?

Annoyed, he quickened his pace slightly. Neku had been alone the entire day. Or with Chaos.

He shuddered at the very thought.

Just then, a familiar man stepped up behind him.

"What is it, Sho?" Joshua asked in a monotone, turning around, hands on hips.

"Stop sending girls after me!"

"….what?" The Composer facepalm'd a little. "Is this some sort of joke?"

"Some yoctogram came after me today! She didn't even have factoring music! How the factoring hectopascals do you even manage that?" He yelled.

"I can tell this has been bothering you," Joshua drawled. "but I really don't car-…wait…what was that about the lack of music?"

"I don't know." Minamimoto crossed his arms, sulking. "You tell me."

"Hm, so everyone can tell…I thought it might have been a glitch…" he murmured, hand on chin. Distracted now, and not particularly fond of Minamimoto's constant antics in the first place, he ambled off, thinking about the oddity of Chaos and all of the possible solutions to this strange problem.

"Hey! Hey! Stop being so zetta-" Sho let his arm drop from the air. "Ugh. Fine then, radian. I'll beat you one day…someday…"

Coming Soon: Joshua visits Another Day's Joshua to see if he can learn more about Chaos's mysterious lack of noise. Meanwhile, Neku and Chaos have what Chaos perceives as a date, and no one cares about Naomi some more!