VERY IMPORTANT Author's note: Why, hello there! This is not an individual story. It is a mini-sequel to my previous story, "Luka and Gakupo: A Story of Tuna and Eggplants." That story is on my profile, you can find it there or search it. It's crucial that you read that to understand this fully.

Apart from that, if you already did read that, well, I hope you enjoy this story! I wanted to shed some light on Haku, BRS, and what went on before Gakupo arrived with Ata Udne. Once again, hope you enjoy! And pray for the people of Japan.


Chapter One

A man leaned over the girl tied to the stretcher. "Yes, yes, very interesting..." He jotted some notes down on a pad. Then, he adjusted a laser apparatus attatched to the wall.

"Experiment H-B may begin."

And then the laser started glowing and the girl started screaming...

Haku gasped and shot forward in her bed. Her forehead was beaded with sweat and the blankets on her bed were tangled all over her body. She eased back into her bed, and laid a hand on her forehead. It felt warm.

Haku turned over and looked sideways at the other bed, where Black Rock Shooter was sleeping. BRS's dark blue hair was all over her pillow.

Haku's own white hair was messy, all over her face. And then BRS spoke.

"You can't sleep either, huh." she said, turning over. Her blue, tired eyes looked at Haku.

Haku breathed out. BRS took this as a yes.

"Try to go to sleep." she said, turning over the other way again. "Even lying in bed gives you rest."

Haku nodded and said "Mm." in response, closing her eyes.

They were in a government orphanage, taken into custody after Ata Udne had been arrested and put in an insane asylum. They were almost going to be stuck in the poor orphanage forever.

But three months after the incident at the Sutin building, a message had finally come in from Vocaloid Mansion saying that they would like to adopt the two. Haku was grateful, but she was also nervous.

She didn't show that she was nervous, of course. She had learned to conceal her emotions long, long before.

Miku stared out the window. "So, when are they coming?"

"Tomorrow." said Hiro, joining her. "Don't worry, they may seem strange, but imagine living with a madman like Ata for so many years! Do your best to welcome them."

Miku nodded, glanced out the window one last time, then ran to Al's room.

Rin was walking along the hallway, listening to music. She pulled off her headphones as Miku passed.

"Watcha gonna do in Al's room?" she said in a fake sweet voice.

"Nothing! No, nothing... nothing at all!" stuttered Miku, blushing. Al opened his door.

"Hey, Miku, you ready to-?"

Then, he saw Rin, listening intently.

"Uh... study for the test?" said Al, embarrased.

"Yeah, uh, I'm ready! You quiz me first!" said Miku as she hurried into his room. The door closed.

"All right then!" said Rin, and continued down the hallway.

She suddenly saw Kaito, Meiko, and Lily. "Hey, any of you seen Len?"

Kaito cocked his head. "I saw him playing with Ann in his room."

"Hm. That's good." said Rin, nodding. "She fit right in as soon as she came!"

"I wonder if Haku and BRS will too," said Meiko thoughtfully. "I mean, they're a little strange... she'd never even tasted a cookie!"

Lily was about to respond when someone ran down the hallway and skidded to a stop.

"Thank goodness! People!" said Gakupo, out of breath. He quickly slid behind them. "Hide me...!" he whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut.

"Why? What happened?" asked Lily.

"Luka... Luka...I...!"

"You what? Speak up already!" said Len, who had heard the racket from his room and come out. Ann followed close behind.

Gakupo gulped. "I... I called her..."

"Called her what?" said Ann, sweetly. "You two love each other, she'll go easy on you!"

Gakupo shook his head. "But... I called her-"

Luka and barreled down the corner adjacent to theirs, without seeing them. She was swinging her fish, hollering, "SEXY? I GUESS I'LL USE MY "SEXY" MUSCLES TO BEAT YOU UP WITH MR. TUNA HERE-"

Her voice faded away into the distance.

Everyone took a step back from Gakupo.

"What?" he whined. "It was a compliment!"

"Sorry, dude, you are on your own." said Kaito, starting to walk away.

"Yeah, none of us want to experience Luka's mighty wrath." said Meiko, waving and leaving.

Suddenly, Luka appeared and everyone else stepped back from Gakupo. He curled into a ball.

Luka approached him, waving her fish around. "APOLOGIZE!"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Gakupo squeaked out.

Luka's gaze softened. "Aw, you're so cute! I forgive you!" Then, she knelt down and kissed his surprised face on the cheek.

"I'm... not... dead!" Gakupo choked out in joy.

"And I thought we were really going to see some action here." muttered Len discontentedly. Ann, however, was dewy-eyed.

"Awww, aren't they just perfect together?" she said, clasping her hands.

This was to much for Len, who left, dragging Rin with him. Everyone else eventually dispersed.

Luka and Gakupo sat on the floor.

"Can I at least call you hot?" said Gakupo hopefully.

Luka grabbed her fish and slapped Gakupo once in the face with it.

"I deserved that." he said, and then Luka laughed and they kissed.

Haku just couldn't sleep. There was just too much going to happen tomorrow.

She got up and reached for her pills. This wasn't the first time she couldn't sleep.

Most of the time it was because she dreaded the nightmares, the horrible nightmares about her past life in Ata's laboratories that regularly reared their ugly heads in her slumber..

After all, if all you've known all your life is fear, the fear will stay with you.

BRS lay in her bead, hearing the sounds of Haku pouring herself a glass of water for her pills. She sighed and closed her eyes.

BRS felt responsible for her. The poor kid, she thought. She can't even do something normal like fall asleep anymore.

And the truth was, BRS had the same problem, the same scenes playing over and over in her head.

"Well, tomorrow's a new day, a new life." she muttered to herself, too softly for Haku to hear. She heard the sounds of Haku gulping down the medicine.

"Let's just hope it's better than the life we had before." she muttered again, and descended into a troubled sleep sprinkled with horrible, gruesome dreams.