Important Announcement:

Why, hello there, everyone!

The reason that I have put this message up is... THERE IS GOING TO BE A FINAL FANFIC IN THIS... SERIES... THING!
The name will be Luka and Gakupo: A Story of Tuna, Eggplants, and Love. You can look it up, or find it on my profile. I will put the story up just as soon as I finish the first chapter.

Believe me, this one is going to be EPIC. And if you are a Gakupo+Luka fan, this fanfiction will make you... spontaneously combust. NO, THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH. It will make your SOCKS explode.

So, look for it! I think I'll have the first chapter up by... hmmm... Monday, tops, but it might even be there by tomorrow! Thanks for getting this far, and... happy reading!

I LIKE PENGUINS. WHEEEEE! (sorry about that, I'm just SO EXCITED...!)