Summary: Becker finds out Matt doesn't know the Beatles, this is of course unacceptable and has to be changed. But will Matt let him in long enough to do it? Warning: Slash.

Disclaimer: The characters belong to ITV, the songs to The Beatles. To sum it up: I own nothing! (Excuse me while I sulk off to mope)

Author's note: So for some reason an image appeared in my head of Becker playing the piano and it was just too pretty to ignore, also Becker playing the Beatles is almost too much for my fragile mind to handle.

Warning: Slash Matt/Becker nothing explicit, but still slash, also spoilers for season 4!

Chapter 4: In the End

When he returned from the next anomaly there was no cd waiting for Matt. No Beatles to listen to, to comfort him, and it made Matt realise he had been an idiot all this time...

The latest anomaly had produced a large angry dinosaur which Connor had excitedly announced was a baryonyx from the early cretaceous period. Connor had rambled on telling them how the baryonyx was perfectly adapted for its prey, because it ate fish. Abby had dryly announced that apparently the baryonyx hadn't yet been informed of this when it had tried to eat them, then three more baryonyx had come thundering trough the anomaly and everything had gone wrong.

This time Matt knew for sure he'd been distracted, not being with Becker was even more distracting than being with Becker, who'd have thought. Ironically it was Becker who paid for Matt's distraction.

Matt was guarding the anomaly, more like staring at it, when a song suddenly popped into his head. A song had never popped into Matt's head before, but he found himself humming the Long and Winding Road, which in his head was not sung by McCartney, but by Becker.

Matt heard him yelling his name too late, turned to look behind him too late. Two baryonyx were bearing down on him at an alarming rate.

And suddenly there was Becker, in full on action man mode, putting himself between Matt and the angry dinosaurs. For a couple of agonising seconds Matt had no idea what was going on as the whole place erupted into a symphony of chaos. Then one baryonyx went down and the other changed its focus from him to Becker.

Becker was running, guiding the creature towards the anomaly, when the anomaly faltered and popped out of existence. He heard Becker curse loudly, then saw him turn around to face the creature bearing down on him. Only then did Matt realise he should probably try to shoot the creature.

Baryonyx and Becker collided. It was Abby who finally took control of the situation, distracting the creature getting it far enough away from Becker so the soldiers could shoot it. But Matt wasn't looking at the creature.

Becker was lying very still, blood slowly pooling around him and Matt felt like he himself was dying. A medic pushed past him and rushed to Becker's side while Matt tried to wrap his mind around the idea that Becker might die... die without ever knowing how Matt felt about him. He couldn't, he just couldn't...

When Becker awoke in the hospital there was an mp3-player on his bedside table, it contained only one song: I'm a Loser.

When Becker looked up, Matt stood grinning sheepishly in the doorway. "I know he's singing about a girl, but the principle is the same."

Becker raised an eyebrow. "I thought you didn't know anything by the Beatles?"

"I spent more than an hour going through Beatles songs trying to find an appropriate one." Matt admitted.

"So is it safe for me to assume you learned a thing or two from all this?" Becker asked with a hint of a smile.

Matt made his way over to the bed and gently pressed a kiss to Becker's lips. "Yeah, I learned a lot actually, for example did you know that the guitar solo in While My Guitar Gently Weeps is actually played by Eric Clapton and not George Harrison?"

Becker chuckled softly. "I actually knew that yes." He said before pulling Matt in for another kiss.

Yay for happy endings (and yay for Matt and Becker, and yay for the Beatles)! I actually have an epilogue for this, but right now it kinda sucks, so I'll try and improve on it and then post it, but that might take a while because I'm really busy at the moment.