Written by Mr Thom E. Gemcity.


A summary is an important thing
It aims to draw people in
But I've felt lately it needs more
So read my hints and I'll try not to bore

What you're writing is a summary
Even if you write when it's summery (Phew it's hot in here!)
Double m and single r
Commit it to memory and you'll go far
And if I see sequel misspelled again I'll squeal

Tell us about your story
Try not to make it too gory
Make it interesting, make it fun
Don't say bad summary
Then the readers will come

I don't care if it's a challenge or written for a friend
Unless you say what is in it then I'll read to the end
CAPITALS have no place
And spelling mistakes are easy to erase
It's as easy as ABC
Ask a beta, use spell check and you'll see

So take these gentle hints I pray
You wouldn't want to meet Amy Sutton one day
She can make you vanish without forensic trace
So let's improve the Just In space.