The Secret Life of Hilda and Oga

Don't you think that it is strange that a High School guy living with a gorgeous blonde Gothic Loli seems totally uninterested in her? Here is the real reason and what really goes on at night and behind closed doors.

This story starts around episode 9 in the anime (Chapter 20 in the Manga) and will roughly fit the canon storyline. Think of this as an erotic behind the scenes view.

Mainly Hilda x Oga Tatsumi but other pairings will show up later.

Written from Hilda's point of view.

The Secret Life of Hilda and Oga - Chapter 1

Oga Tatsumi irritated the hell out of me. Against all my initial instincts, his bond with the Master had grown far stronger than I could ever have imagined. And his power... he continually amazed me with increasing displays of strength which would easily have killed any normal human. Worst of all he was stirring a feeling - an emotion inside me I did not like one bit.

To the outside world Oga displayed a total disinterest in females. But I knew better. A male at the peak of adolescence who was also demonically aggressive, must have the testosterone level of a bull in mating season. It was just a cool facade he presented to everyone. His frequent trips to the toilet, overly long baths... at first I thought it was normal, but when I decided to spy, my suspicions were confirmed.

I knew what Oga was doing right away. I had training in that matter; although it was the first time I had seen a human do it. The Master, when he reached the right age, would probably do it too, and if it was his desire I was to help him. Although I knew it was more likely that he would choose a young succubus to handle his needs. Succubi were experts in all matters relating to sex.

My duty was to be a mother to the Master Beel and if Oga was the chosen father, I had to behave as his wife. But as of yet Oga had not even attempted to touch me sexually. Did he not think I was attractive? Not that it should matter, he was only a lowly human, but for once I felt a little insecure. Who or what was he thinking of when he masturbated. I needed to know. Especially now another strong beautiful woman had entered his life... Aoi Kuneida.

I didn't understand why, but it had irritated me when Oga told Kuneida, after their fight on the rooftop, that I was not his wife. It had pissed me off even more when she had criticized me in front of Oga. I did not show any outward display of those emotions, but it had been nagging at me all day. Kuneida had such a strong crush on Oga that she had even left the Red Tails. The fact that Master seemed to like Kuneida made it even worse.

Master, Oga and I had been sleeping in the same bed for several weeks now. There were no spare rooms and Oga's family really believed I was his wife and biological mother of his son. I had wanted to sleep naked as I had always done in the demon world, but Oga had protested and I was given some nightwear by Oga's sister. They were uncomfortable; too tight around the bust. Sometimes I would wake up in the night and strip off; I slept so much better that way. In our sleep we would move around. Sometimes I would awake to find Oga snuggled up to me. I couldn't tell if I had moved into that position in my sleep or if he did; the bed was so ridiculously small it was almost impossible not to be touching each other. In the beginning I would push him away, but now I knew that Master had truly chosen Oga, I just let him be. I always awoke before Oga in the morning and was dressed before he could notice our intimate sleep positions or my nakedness.

Tonight, he was again snuggled up to me and I was again naked. I could feel his erectness pressing against my stomach. It was time to find out the truth. I decided to use a trick I had just learned from Lamia during my last visit to the Demon world. I touched a finger against Oga's forehead and willed our minds to connect. Then I reached down and slid a hand into his boxers. Oga's dream mind was a jumble of incoherent fleeting images. Most seemed like they were from fights, but there were a few of the Master and then I saw images of Aoi Kuneida - I felt an illogical sense of anger that bordered on fury. I gripped Oga's hard cock meaning to squeeze the life out of it, but stopped. At my touch, those images of Kuneida quickly disappeared. His mind began to fill with images which looked like naked women from his secret stash of porn magazines. I started to stroke his cock and soon those images were replaced with an image of the back of a naked blonde, as I stroked him harder new images of the blonde flashed by, each one more revealing and explicit than the other. I could not see the face but I knew it was me. That pervert had been peeking on me in the bathroom and toilet; he had even watched me in my sleep naked; all the while pretending he was uninterested.

I could tell that Oga was about to cum; his image was now firmly fixed on a scene of me sitting on the edge of the bathtub legs apart. I could now see my face contorted in ecstasy as I pleasured myself. I had done this quite often, it was considered quite normal, even encouraged in the demon world. But until now I had never realized that I had a most unlikely peeping Tom. As I watched the scene of my orgasm through his mind, I felt Oga's cock spasm and a warm stickiness covered my hand. Slowly the image slipped away to be replaced by images which must have been stolen glances at me in my black dress. I felt a great sense of satisfaction when I realized that despite his aloof behavior, Oga had secretly desired me... a lot.

I also realized that I was extremely horny and wet between the legs. I thought about using my fingers to pleasure myself, but now I had an irresistible urge to feel the cock I was holding in my hands... inside me. It was beginning to soften but as I started to stroke it again, it quickly hardened. I carefully removed Oga's boxers then squatted into a position to lower my vagina onto his erect penis. I rubbed the head against the outside lips and flicked it across my clit. Waves of pleasure shook my body. When I could hold back no more I slowly lowered myself onto his hardness. I was so wet that despite the size, it slid in smoothly. It felt warm and filled me completely. Then I started to ride it - allowing myself to give in to complete pleasure. This was unlike any masturbation session I had ever had. My pleasure was so intense I scarcely noticed when the images in my mind changed to the dim image of a woman bouncing up and down. I stole a glance at Oga and realized he was awake, watching me in amazement but also trying to pretend he was still asleep. I could feel his penis stiffen even more inside me and I knew he was enjoying it. I could sense it in his thoughts. I could feel his orgasm build and that made me hornier than ever. I timed my own pleasure so that I would cum with him. I wanted to feel his hot sperm shoot into me.

I savored each stroke of my ride up and down. Sometimes making it short and quick other times up to almost the full length and back down slowly. Soon we could hold back no longer, I could sense Oga's mind holding back his orgasm with all his might, he was waiting for me. I orgasmed with such intensity my entire body shuddered and despite my attempt to stay silent I let out a cry of pleasure. I could feel the warmth of Oga's cum fill inside me as his cock spasmed over and over again. I continued to ride up and down slowly squeezing with my inner muscles until I knew he was completely milked dry. Then careful to keep Oga's penis sheathed in my vagina, I slowly lowered myself down onto his chest. I snuggled my face into the crook of his neck. I could sense Oga's surprise at my affectionate embrace, but he continued to pretend he was asleep. Tomorrow we would pretend it never happened. But for now I didn't care and let sleep take hold of me as I felt Oga's arms encircle me with surprising tenderness.

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