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The Secret Life of Hilda and Oga Chp 11

Tap tap tap ... tap tap tap ... tap tap tap

That annoying sound scratched at my consciousness and I was feeling so warm, comfortable and content I wanted to ignore it. But years of martial arts training caused my senses to automatically go on full alert.

Tap tap tap ... tap tap tap ... tap tap tap

There it was again. I quickly surmised that it was someone knocking quietly on the door. Who could it be at this hour? Whoever it was, whatever they wanted had better be damned important.

I quickly assessed that there could be no immediate danger. An enemy would have simply sneaked in and attacked. Besides, the door wasn't even locked.

I tried to get up to go to see who it was and realized the warm thing I was feeling was in fact Oga sound asleep on top of me. Hell, he was sound asleep inside me. I knew about morning wood, but this was unbelievable. This man was a machine! Even after several hours of frenzied sex until we both passed out from exhaustion, he was still hard! I could feel the now familiar flow of energy entering me through our intimate connection. He was charging me with energy even as we slept. According to Lamia's theories this was probably a good thing; it increased the release rate of baby Beel's excess energy, and strengthened both Oga and me - I had no complaints about that for sure.

Tap tap tap ... tap tap tap ... tap tap tap

There it was again. Impatient aren't we! I grumbled to myself. I eased Oga off and out of me, rolling him onto his back next to me. I had to stifle the urge to giggle at the silhouette of his woody sticking up in the air.

I was about to roll out of bed when I felt a trickle down my inner thigh and remembered that Oga must have filled me with what must have been a pint of semen. I clamped a hand over my pussy just in time to prevent it from gushing over the floor and bed. With my free hand I pulled the bedsheet over Oga, no point flashing the polite person at the door. Besides in the unlikely possibility that it was Aoi Kuneida, there was no way I wanted her to see him naked.

I grabbed a towel and covered my front as best I could. It was surprisingly difficult to do a simple thing like wrap myself in a towel when one hand was clamped between my legs. Waddling over to the door like a duck, I whispered, "Who is it?"

"It's Alaindelon. I'm very sorry but you've been summoned by the Great Demon Lord."

Without any further warning, the door opened and I was sucked into the dimensional transference portal inside Alaindelon's split body. What the fuck? Give me a moment to get dressed at least!

In the few moments the journey took, I felt a rising feeling of extreme panic. I wasn't a prude and nudity wasn't normally embarrassing for me, but to be deposited in front of the Great Demon Lord and his entire Court with my hair loose in a just fucked look, sperm dripping down my legs with nothing more than my hand holding the rest from gushing out, and only a small towel covering part of my front - this was more than my dignity could bear. Even if Yolda (my annoyingly competitive sister) wasn't there at Court to witness my entrance, I knew she would most definitely hear about it and make my life hell.

My first inclination was to get mad at Alaindelon, but I knew that he was only carrying out orders he couldn't refuse. The Great Demon Lord was not known for patience; he must have asked to see me right away. Don't shoot the messenger and all that, I thought to myself and braced myself for the worst.

I landed in an ungainly pile on the floor in a familiar white room. Thank goodness I was being spared from my worst nightmare; this was not the Great Demon Lord's Court. Glancing around, I saw Lamia in her usual lab coat attending to a patient. Then it dawned on me what she was doing. This was the cherry on the cake to the series of embarrassing events so far.

A girl with flaming red spiky hair, matching red eyes and skin so smooth and white it looked like porcelain, lay on the examination bed. She was wearing a leather top cut to accentuate her ample breasts and there were buckles and openings which gave a new meaning to the "Mistress of the Night" look. However, below the waist she was completely unclothed. Her ankles were in stirrups and her long slender legs were spread wide leaving nothing at all to the imagination. She has matching red pubic hair, I wonder if it is dyed or natural? I wondered, and then almost immediately kicked myself mentally as I realized it was one of those useless thoughts that always seem to pop up in the middle of a crisis.

It quickly dawned on me that Lamia was in the middle of doing a Gynecological examination on this girl. There was a moment of silence as we all regarded each other in various states of surprise. I noticed that Alaindelon was still there, holding a hanger and bag with a full set of my wet nurse uniform in one hand and my umbrella sword in the other. I could see that he was trying his hardest not to look in the direction of the redhead and failing miserably. His attempts at surreptitious glances were so obvious, he might as well have been staring open mouthed at the pale skinned girl, who I now realized despite her bizarre appearance, was stunningly attractive.

"You can look all you want... you big handsome man. Come closer," purred the redhead in a voice which I could only describe felt like delicious husky silk. How did she make her voice so alluring it affected my sense of taste and touch? She winked at Alaindelon then looking at his shorts gave her lips a deliberate sensual lick. To my astonishment, the trans-dimensional demon who never seemed to have any sexual interest in females, was actually sporting a large bulge in the crotch area... a very large bulge.

"Stop that Meridiana! These are friends of mine," Lamia said in a surprisingly authoritative tone.

"Very well... Besides it looks like she needs your services more than I do at the moment," Meridiana said glancing in my direction. She flashed me an amused grin which revealed perfect white teeth with two sharp pointed fangs. With a smooth motion she swung her legs off the stirrups, slid off the examination bed, fastened on a leather miniskirt and disappeared out of the room. Her movements were so mesmerizing I barely realized she had paused by Alaindelon, wiped her pussy with her red panties and then had draped it over Alaindelon's head.

"Meridiana is half Vampire half Succubus," Lamia said, "Quite irresistible to any man she wants. She can draw energy from sex or blood, and she can use both Vampire Glamour and Succubi talents to bewitch her victims. Although, as you can see, most of the time she doesn't even need to use any of her power. I would definitely try to stay on her good side and keep your men well away from her."

It took a moment for Lamia to switch out of her professional mode and fully absorb my appearance on the floor. I was still clutching one hand to my pussy, with the other I was holding on to the towel which by now was dangling to the floor and doing nothing to cover my nudity. Then she glanced over at Alaindelon who was still holding my things in each hand; but now he was wearing Meridiana's red panties on his head with the wet crotch area positioned over his nose, he had a stupefied grin, and was sporting a huge tent in his shorts.

Lamia started to giggle. "Oh my goodness, I need a photo of this!"

There was suddenly a mad scramble to stop Lamia from getting her camera as both Alaindelon and I suddenly realized the "blackmail" potential of such a photograph.

In the confusion I managed to gasp out, "Lamia! Please stop playing around. This is an emergency!"

To be continued...

What does the Great Demon Lord want? How does Oga behave when is finds that Hilda is gone without any warning? How does Hilda handle the unfinished business with Oga in the human world? What is inside that mysterious Dragonhide box under Oga's bed? These are some of the questions which may be answered in the next chapter.

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