The Secret Life of Hilda and Oga - Chapter 15

The screen on Lamia's phone showed: 'Connecting Video Call'. I had been expecting only to be able to talk, but this would be so much better. If I could see Furuichi's face, I could easily sense any attempts by him to weasel out of telling me the truth. On the other hand, I was not exactly properly dressed. I was still wearing Lamia's robe with nothing on underneath... but perhaps I could use that situation to my advantage.

I wasn't sure exactly what I would see on Furuichi's end, but I hoped the two minute warning would have given him enough time to make himself presentable; not for me personally of course - but for Lamia's sake. She would be seeing the man who had taken her virginity, and first impressions do make a difference.

"Lamia, this is a video call. I suggest you stay out of view for now," I said.

The call finally connected and Furuichi came into view. He looked better than I had hoped. His hair had been groomed, his face looked freshly washed and he was wearing a clean short-sleeved summery print shirt. It wasn't fully buttoned up, either he hadn't had time, or perhaps he thought it looked cool to show off some of his chest. Whatever the reason, I had to admit, he didn't look badly dressed. The only thing that spoiled the image was the expression on his face. He tried to appear nonchalant, but instead looked guilty; like a kid caught with his hand inside the cookie jar.

"H... Hilda. Nice of you to call... you know, Oga is going crazy looking for you. Where are you?"

"Furuichi, do you know what happened to the box under Oga's bed?"

"B... Box? There are a lot of boxes in Oga's room," he said nervously. Furuichi's face had suddenly turned red and he was beginning to sweat.

As I might have expected, Furuichi was trying to weasel out of admitting he had taken it.

"The box I'm talking about is the size of a large shoebox. It's covered in Dragon Scales and has an electronic combination lock. Where is it, and what happened to it," I said in a tone laced with deadly menace. "You had better tell me the truth; I know two people who saw you with it."

Furuichi's face paled. But true to his nature he didn't completely lose his cool. I could almost see the wheels turn in his head as he tried to think of how he could talk his way out of this one. "Oh, that box. Oga gave it to me when he couldn't smash it open."

"He just gave it to you?" I asked incredulously.

"Well, yeah... really, honest. After destroying half his room trying to smash it open, he was really mad and threw it at me. He said I could have it if I could crack the combination. The only thing he wanted was to know if I found any clues inside about where you were." Furuichi seemed to have gained back some of his composure by now. Although... I noticed he was no longer looking at my face but somewhat lower.

I glanced down to see that my robe had fallen open a little; almost, but fortunately not quite exposing a nipple. My first instinct was to close the robe, but I decided that this distraction might actually help me get to the truth more quickly. Guys like Furuichi would not be able to think properly when their gonads took over.

"So you cracked the combination and opened the box?"

"Of course... it was easy... well... no, to tell you the truth it stumped me at first. There were six digits and thirteen demonic looking symbols for each position - that calculates out to almost five million possible combinations. But then I got the idea to try something ridiculously simple and it worked," Furuichi explained absentmindedly. I was a little surprised at how much his explanation reminded me of Lamia's technical explanations. Perhaps Furuichi was more intelligent than I had originally thought.

His attention was now almost fully on my cleavage. From the slobbering look on his face, I had no doubt he was hoping that my robe would slip just a little more to reveal the nipple. Oh hell, he was showing his lecherous Creepichi side to the max now. Lamia was sure to be disgusted.

I sneaked a look at Lamia. She was staring at Furuichi and to my utter astonishment, she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Oh my... Takayuki is cute! Quite the Bishi, and smart too."

I quickly moved my head sideways to keep Lamia out of the picture, but that movement, to Furuichi's delight finally revealed my nipple. You could see his eyes fire up with lust and if there were any thoughts at all going through his brain, they were no doubt extremely lewd ones.

I really did not really care if Furuichi saw my naked breast; I had known he had lusted after me from the beginning, and to his credit, at least he never tried to hide it, even from Oga. If my flashing distracted him enough for my purposes, let him look. I was more concerned about Lamia's reaction. Of all the outcomes I had tried to predict, I had not seen this one coming.

In the past, I had never really paid much attention to Furuichi's physical appearance, but now that Lamia seemed attracted to him, I tried my best to look at him objectively and from Lamia's point of view.

Come to think of it, didn't Furuichi's lecherous reputation and the Creepichi nickname originate from the Redtail members? That ridiculously prudish gang under the former leadership of that puritan Aoi Kuneida, could hardly be a sound basis for evaluating Furuichi as a man. In fact, it seemed to me now that it was entirely possible they had attacked Furuichi's reputation to indirectly attack Oga.

I looked at Furuichi's face on the screen and tried to recall how he looked in other situations. He didn't have Oga's hard-as-steel build or the demonically bad boy good looks, but I had to admit that Furuichi was good looking in a pretty boy way. As for his lecherousness, in truth it probably was not any worse than most of the other guys at Ishiyama. In fact, I could think of a few who were much worse. Now that I had finally seen Lamia's true side - the perverted side that she carefully hides under a prudish facade, I had to admit that my best friend might actually be more perverted than Furuichi. Could it be that Lamia and Furuichi were actually a good match?

I decided I would listen to the rest of the story from Furuichi's point of view before figuring out what to do. Gently pushing Lamia out of view, I motioned her to be quiet so I could continue.

"So what did you find inside the box?" I asked nonchalantly being careful to avoid breaking Furuichi's semi-tranced state.

"It was amazing, the most realistic and beautiful looking artificial pussy I'd ever seen. It had a post-it note on it that said 'Hilda's Pussy'. At first I thought it might really be a copy of your pussy but it had pink pubes and I was sure you're a natural Blonde. Also it was strange, it was like I knew as soon as I touched it, that it wasn't yours, because it had a completely different aura."

"So what did you do? Did you fuck the artificial pussy?" I prompted.

Furuichi seemed to break out of his trance and began to realize he might have inadvertently said too much. His eyes swept back to mine and they were pleading as if to beg me to believe him. "No, no. I mean, even if Oga had given it to me, I would be crazy to put my... pe... I mean manhood inside something marked 'Hilda's Pussy' from the Demon World. But... it was so beautiful and smelled so amazing it was making me go crazy. So you know I figured what harm would there be if I just looked but didn't touch."

"So you jerked off while looking at it?" I smirked.

Furuichi went pink with embarrassment, "Do I really have to answer that? That's invasion of my privacy," he protested.

"Yes you do have to answer that, and more. Every single detail of what happened, "I said menacingly, then I continued in a more pleasant tone, "Besides, you might get a very nice reward if you cooperate. If it makes you feel any better, we all do it... yes even me!" I said with a sly conspiratorial smile.

Furuichi gulped and I could imagine his fantasies going wild as he realized what I had just admitted. Telling him that even I masturbated was most definitely loosening his inhibitions. I had no doubt the idea he might be getting a lewd reward was also egging him on to spill the beans. "Alright I'll tell you everything. Yes... I was so freaking hard from seeing it I just had to relieve myself or I would probably have cum in my pants. But here's the weirdest thing, I had just undressed and I swear I was at least four feet away, when the artificial pussy just floated out of the box and impaled itself onto my penis before I could do anything to stop it."

I looked over at Lamia questioningly; she had not told me about this ability. She nodded with an embarrassed grin and quickly gestured to let him continue. Apparently, she knew this was possible. So far, it would seem that Furuichi was telling the truth.

"Go on," I said

"I thought I should really try to pull it off, but I couldn't, and anyway it felt so good I almost came right there with the first thrust. So I moved onto the bed and I swear it felt like I was fucking a real live woman. It felt so real, so warm and the more I thrust the more it felt real, the more it grew into a full live body of a girl - I couldn't see her, but I could feel her smooth hips and tight butt; slender legs and her tiny waist. The skin was soft, smooth and warm; it was incredible. When I felt the breasts, they were small but firm, and the nipples felt amazing in my mouth. I wanted to savor it, make it last, but feeling those pert breasts, it was just too much for me and I came so hard it felt like I emptied a gallon inside her."

"I thought you liked women with big breasts?" I said.

"Well sure I do, I mean what man doesn't. But... I really get turned on by petite nicely shaped ones too," he seemed to go off in a fantasy thought for a moment, then quickly tried to explain, "But I'm not a lolicon, I would never go for an underaged girl. Just older girls who are petite. You know sort of like a pettanko."

I was amazed at how much Furuichi had been willing to spill. It was as if he had been holding in these secrets and for the first time he had someone he felt he could tell, perhaps he was even using the fact I was coercing him as an excuse to do so.

I nodded as if to show I understood and said, "What happened next?"

"Well, it wasn't finished with me. She kept moving, squeezing and milking my cock - within a minute I was hard and ready to start fucking again. I don't know for how long we kept going but suddenly she had what felt like a huge orgasm. I could feel her pussy contract around my cock and her legs and arms were locked around me while I felt her body spasm. It was the most amazing feeling ever and I immediately came with her, into her. After that, she suddenly stopped and I felt the body pull away, the strong compulsion I had felt before relaxed. So I pulled out of her... it... and put it back in the box."

That last part sounded like the moment when Lamia awoke and sat up to realize it wasn't just an erotic dream she was having.

"Go on," I said.

"I waited for maybe ten minutes or so expecting it to float out of the box again but it didn't. I was thinking about what had happened and I decided I really wanted, needed to taste her, put my face in that beautiful pussy. So... I started by taking it out of the box and immediately it felt like I was holding a real live girl. I sucked and licked her pussy and pushed her onto the bed and I made love to her, many times. She didn't resist at all and it seemed like she liked it. It was only a few minutes after we had spent ourselves completely when my sister Honoka, knocked on my door and told me you would be calling."

I was a little stunned at how honestly Furuichi had described his story. There could be no doubt as it matched what had happened here with Lamia. He was now looking away from me at something across the room, as he did so he moved his phone and I caught a glimpse of the Dragonhide box, inside it was what I immediately recognized as Lamia's pussy.

Lamia was glowing with excitement and she was literally jumping up and down with the desire to talk to me.

"Furuichi, I'm going to put you on hold for a while. Don't go away and don't touch or do anything with that box," then I pressed the hold button and turned to Lamia.

"Did you hear that?" Lamia panted excitedly, "He actually really likes my body, even my breasts and he described it so lovingly."

I could not believe my eyes, it was obvious Lamia was infatuated with Furuichi. I considered for a moment, and decided it wasn't necessarily a bad thing, Lamia could do with some romance in her life. What I was more worried about was whether Furuichi would be attracted to Lamia as a person when he saw her. I had no doubt that Lamia was pretty enough, the only question was whether she looked old enough. Lamia was at least as old as I was, if not much older, but she had hardly grown physically in the past few years. Perverted as Furuichi may be, I did not think he would relish the idea of being thought of as a lolicon, he had said as much. Up until now he simply believed the girl he had made love to was just petite, a pettanko as he had put it, but Lamia in her usual outfits did look very young.

I considered the possibility of keeping the pair separate, meeting only through their trans-dimensional trysts. Not a long term possibility, I concluded. They would eventually want to meet and it would be inevitable simply because of Lamia's role as a Physician to the Royalty. Eventually she would have to travel to the human world to treat Beel.

Hell... why was I over thinking things? I was running out of time for more important issues. I would get Lamia dressed up to present the best first impression, then let them work it out.

"I suppose you want to be introduced to your invisible lover?" I inquired and Lamia immediately nodded excitedly, upon which I grabbed her hand and lead her to her closet.

"Hey what's wrong with what I'm wearing now?" Lamia protested.

I looked at her, she was wearing her usual work outfit, grey shirt, red tie, blue skirt and striped socks. Only her lab coat was missing.

"Lamia, you're wearing your work clothes and on your day off. Don't you want to make a good first impression? Jeez, for someone who has such an extensive wardrobe... What is it for exactly?" I teased. I knew that Lamia enjoyed dressing up for her fantasies, which was why she had this incredible wardrobe, but until now, I was quite sure it was a solo pleasure. Perhaps now she could finally indulge her 'hobby' with a real live lover.

"Fine, fine, dress me up already," she said.

I considered the red and black lingerie outfit I had picked earlier. It certainly did make Lamia look older, but also very slutty. Lingerie was probably not ideal first impression material. I finally picked an elegant dark blue evening dress and matching high heel shoes. The dress was something between what might be worn to a high school ball and a high society evening gown. It had strategically placed embroidery in colors which matched and accentuated Lamia's green eyes and pink hair; there were rhinestones and openings to accentuate the figure and bustline while conveying a regal look.

Together with the high heels, I was sure it would add several years to Lamia's perceived age and it definitely showed enough skin to excite any hot blooded male. Perhaps it was over the top, and not really the normal Lamia, but I decided that not only did we have to make sure that Furuichi was entranced by Lamia, but that he also knew in no uncertain terms who was boss in that relationship. The regal look would hopefully help convey that.

"Put this on and hurry up, I can't keep Furuichi on hold forever, a bit of evening makeup would also help," I told Lamia.

I was just about to take Furuichi off hold when I saw another call coming in. It was from my phone and I guessed it had to be Oga.

Hell... what do I do now, I thought. Embroiled in the situation between Lamia and Furuichi, I had completely forgotten to try to think of a solution to my problem with Oga. Could I convince him to resume masturbating in my absence, or at the very least have phone sex?

I decided it was better for me to just answer and wing it; I owed Oga an explanation and besides, I did want to see and talk to him. Now that we were physically separated, I realized I really missed having Oga around, and of course, I missed Beel. I composed myself mentally and pressed the answer button.

To be continued...

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