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I heard the final gun shot go off as I was kneeled over his body trying to stop the blood flow. I had told him to stay back, but like always he refused to listen and ran into the cross fire. I told him he wasn't ready and to stay with the other kids. I heard his father yell and that's how I knew he was hit.

"Someone better have called the ambulance!" I yelled across the room.

"But the cops boss!" Afton yelled as the sirens grew closer.

"I don't care! If he doesn't get to the hospital he'll die!"

"I already called them," The familiar voice of my love said as she ran to my side. I saw her quickly scan me for any injuries. When she saw there was none she looked to the boy and put pressure on another wound he had. I heard the sirens right outside then.

"Don't stop them from coming in. Do what they say, don't resist if they arrest. Everyone hear me? I will take care of everything," I stated. I heard everyone respond. Then the doors were broken in and they entered.

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