Hi everybody! It is me, bremela /bree /bremmie (bremmie is for Maggie only) back from the dark place where people with writer's block go. Okay, so I kind of forgot about writing, and was a bit lazy. OMG I am so angry! They made a movie called the Witches of Oz, and it focuses on Dorothy! ARGH! Thankfully, it is confirmed there will be a wicked movie! Okay, I'm done ranting for now. Oh and yeah, I don't own wicked. Not that I don't wish I do.

Things I am not allowed to do in Oz

I will not tease the munchkins about being short.

Especially Boq

I will not get a few hundred fan girls and bring them to Fiyero

I will not scream "I'm melting! I'm melting!" in front of Elphaba

I will not get Elphaba to turn Glinda's entire wardrobe black.

Or get Glinda to turn Elphaba's wardrobe pink

I will not make fishy faces at Madame Morrible, no matter how funny it is.

I will not get any Wicked characters drunk.

Including Chistery

I will not steal Elphaba's hat. It isn't funny in any shape or form.

I will not tell fan girls that the wizard killed Fiyero.

Okay, maybe I will.

I will not declare a hug-an-Elphie-day.

I will not kidnap any Wicked characters.

I will not follow Elphaba saying religious quotes pretending to be Nessa's ghost.

Nor pretending to be Frex.

I will not sell Chistery

I will not make the Wicked characters have a paint ball war on each other.

The Wizard and Madame Morrible are not food for Fluffy the rabid dog.

No matter how funny it would be to watch.

I will not bring people to Kiamo Ko and keep jumping out at them from dark corners.

I will not say Morrible should be dead because she isn't in her fish bowl.

The Wizard's name isn't Mr. meaner.

Wait, yes it is.

I will not enchant Elphaba's hair to be gold with a gentle curl.

I will not greenify Glinda.

I will not galindafy Chistery, Glinda, or Boq.

I will not make Boq shrink to an even smaller size.

I WILL how ever make Boq slightly taller then Galinda to see if she likes him.

I will not haunt Fiyero's dreams of scarecrows.

Or of the corn exchange.

I will not spike Elphaba's punch.

Or Boq's.

I will not paint the yellow brick road bronze then say Oz was low on funds so they sold the gold bricks.

I will not try to get Elphaba to have a Wizard of Oz themed birthday party.

I will NOT bring Dorothy back to Oz.

I will not drop doll houses on Nessarose's head.

I will not blow up the world to see if Glinda notices.

Even if she doesn't

BYE BYE! Also, totally open for ideas!