Me: Hey guys! glad your reading this story! I love both Maximum ride and Virals, their sooo good!

Max: then again you love anything to do with human mutation, huh?

Me: well, kinda *sheepish grin* But these books are just so good! and Kathy reichs is the other of the books that made my Favorite show Bones!

Iggy: "Bones"? What kinda show is THAT?

Me: it's 'bout an anthropologist named Dr. Temprence Brennen and her partner Booth. They-

Tory: Look at bones and tell how old they are, what gender they are, who they are, and who murdered them. sorry Mykal, But i thought i should tell Iggy.

Me: ^-^ to prob! IS YOUR aunt anyway.

Iggy: So you like to watch and read about dead bodys? gross!

Tory: it's not gross at all acually. it's really interesting.

Me: yeah! i loved the episode where they found the 'Alien' in the bodybag.

Tory: Yeah it was so funny when aunt Temp screamed when she saw the body move. the look on her face was priceless!

Me: I agree! *laughs* But not as funny as when Iggy, Gazzy, and Fang destroyed the Hollywood sign.

Iggy: phwa haha! got that right!

Me: or when the penguin almost threw up on Iggy's shoes!

Max: That WAS funny, and gross.

Iggy: Please don't remind me of that...

Me: sorry! Well anyway, Nudge honey, Disclaimer please!

Nudge: Mykal doesn't own Maximum ride or Virals, if she did, she would, like, TOTALLY Make Fang and Max get together again, and she would make it so that Whitney wouldn't be so prissy and girly.

Me: yes, yes. I accually Gave Fang a mental lecture that lasted five hours for leaving Max, and when ever Whitney is mentioned in Virals i just totally want to yell "SHUT UP! you Snobbish Rich Person!". Anyway... on with the story! ^-^

Ch. 1 Bird-kids at loggerhead

Max's Pov:

We were in South Carolina, flying over a bunch of islands. And by flying, I didn't mean in a plain ('cause gosh knows that we would go near one.). No, we were actually FLYING, flying. We had wings. Me and my flock, were Avian-hybrids but like to call our selves' Avian-American.

My flock consists of Fang who's 14, Iggy who is also 14 and blind, Nudge 11, The Gasman, Gazzy (don't ask) 8, Angel 6, and Me, Max (short for Maximum) Ride who's the oldest, at 14 and the leader. Oh, I almost forgot. We also have a dog with us, Total. Right now he's being carried by Nudge who, ever the motor mouth, is talking to him about… who knows what anymore…

"Well I'm just saying, wouldn't it be cool if you had more powers than talking and growing?" Nudge asked. Total looked at the wings growing on his back and frowned (Me: Can a dog do that?)

"Naa! I don't think so. I got enough problems trying to figure out how to hide these things in my fur."

Nudge laughed. "Yeah, but, What if you, like, had special powers like us? Like, Max's super speed, or Fang's invisibility, or, *gasp* how about shape shifting like Angel! That would be sooooo cool! And-"

"Nudge, I love you, but right now you're making my ears bleed! Shut up!" Iggy yelled, and Nudge shut up.

"Haha! You know Nudge?" Angel flew closer to Nudge. "If Total had powers he probably wouldn't use them." Total nodded in agreement. "Yep, I Would just leave the power thing to you guys."

I rolled my eyes. "Thanks Total." He gave me a sheepish grin.

Suddenly Angel's head snapped to the left. "Something's coming!" she screamed. We all stopped flying, and just hovered in the air. With our raptor vision, we could see miles away. But clouds were blocking our vision, so we couldn't see what Angel was warning us about.

"Everyone! Guards up!" I ordered. No one said a thing, but I could see some heads bob up and down; they understood.

It took a while, but suddenly a big dark cloud ascended from the white ones. When I looked closer, I saw that it wasn't a cloud, but flyboys!

"Nudge! Gazzy! Get the bottom! Fang! Iggy! My sides! Angel! You get Total and get above!" I yelled more orders. Every one quickly flew to their positions. By the time Angel and Total flew up the Flyboys were already here. They had surrounded us.

I gave the first one an upper cut to its chin, then did a back kick to its neck. It dropped like a rock, and I turned to the next one. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Iggy and Fang fighting back to back. Then down below, Nudge and Gazzy were trying their best to get to the Flyboy's weak spots. Then above me, Angel was getting them to turn on their comrades with her mind tricks. Oh yeah, I forgot about that, you see Angel can read minds, control them and speak to them telepathically. Scary, isn't it?

The Flyboys kept coming at us again and again. I was finishing off my fifth one when someone shoved me away.

"Max! Watch out!" I heard a gunshot, and a bullet flew past my face. I turned to see Fang shoot over to a Flyboy that had a gun. Fang quickly Karate kicked it in the neck and took its gun. The Flyboy fell to earth, and Fang threw the gun at another Flyboy so hard that it took its head off. Gross. Fang turned to me, and I nodded my thanks. Fang being Fang gave me a 'No big deal' look, but I could see that he was relieved I wasn't hurt.

"Why the heck are these things still here? I thought that they got destroyed along with Itex!" Iggy yelled the question that everyone wanted to know.

"I'm not sure! But right now, we need to kill them!" I grabbed the wings of one and twisted them. Then I flung it at another, when they collided a big explosion took place. Nice. That got Iggy and Gazzy's attention; they started to do the same thing to other Flyboys and got the same reaction. Even Fang and Nudge eventually started to do it. Explosions went off everywhere.

I was hovering, watching the show when a feeling of worry went through me.

"Angel!" I yelled. "Angel, sweety! Where are you?" My eyes shot all over the area. No, no, no! Not again! Please don't let her get captured again!

I looked and looked until I saw her about 20 feet away. I shot over to her, then noticed a Flyboy aiming a gun at her head.

"Angel!" She turned around. "Max…" She was shaking, her bear, Celeste, was in her arms along with Total.

"Maximum Ride." Seems that the Flyboy took notice of me. "You will come with us." It unlocked the safety on the gun, which was still aimed at Angel.

"Oh? And why should I do that?" I asked.

"Itex wants you." It replied in its mechanical voice. A mix between shock, anger, and confusion shot through me.

"I thought Itex was gone. Dead. Destroyed!"

The Flyboy's eyes glowed evilly. "You thought wrong."

Tory's Pov:

Today was another boring day at the secluded house. I was up in my room on my computer, looking at old reviews of old movies. I wanted to watch one, but so far, I haven't seen any movie theater on Morris Island so no can do. I logged off and went down stairs. My dad wasn't here, but then again he's barley ever here. Can't blame him though, I should be lucky that he's got a job.

I went over to the refrigerator, got a snack, then slumped on the couch like a potato. I flicked the TV on to Animal Planet. Cool, Meir cat Manor was on. I sighed and ate my snack, which was a bag of carrot sticks. Suddenly my doorbell rang.

"Coming!" I yelled. I got up from the couch and walked towards the door. I opened it to find my pack of friends, Shelton, Ben, and Hi standing there. Hi was holding up a bag of mini ice-creams.

"Hungry?" Hi asked, shaking the bag. I grinned "Heck yeah! Thanks guys, you read my mind, or should I say stomach."

I let them in. Hi went over and put the bag down.

"Tory: mint-chocolate chip." He threw me a small container of ice cream.

"Shelton: cookie-dough." He threw one to Shelton, who almost didn't catch it.

"Ben: brownie-chocolate." He tossed another to Ben.

"And then me: Banana-split." Hi sat down. We all started to eat our ice cream and watch a movie that Shelton had brought; The Born Identity. (Me: Yay! Jason Born is so cool! ;^). ) We sat there, watching the movie when a loud thump outside. We all shared a questioning look, paused the movie, then ran out my back door to investigate. Well the guys went out, they just told me to stay here. How chivalrous. But I didn't listen to them, and went out anyway. Yep that me, Tory the cat, hopefully my curiosity won't get the better of me.

When I finally caught up to the guys, they were staring at something on the ground. I didn't know what they were looking at, but it sure was heavy, and big enough to create a small crater.

"What're you guys looking at? Is it the thing that made that noise?" I walked up behind them. They turned around.

"Tory! I thought we told you to stay at the house?" Shelton yelled, Ben and Hi agreed with him.

"Well I was curious, plus you guys aren't the boss of me." I tried to push past them, but Ben held up his arm.

"Don't get too close." He warned. "We don't know what it is yet."

I looked at him in confusement, but nodded anyway. Ben sighed then slowly brought his arm down. I stepped closer to the crater, and bent down. Inside, was a wolfish looking person, with wings.

"What the heck…?" I started at the creature. It looked just like a human, but with wings, and a whole lot of fur and fangs. But as I looked closer, I could see that its neck was banged up so much that the skin was coming off. And underneath the skin I saw mettle and wires. A robot?

Suddenly, a big BOOM! Came from above. We looked up to see a big explosion in the sky followed by other explosions.

"Everyone get down!" Ben yelled. Hi and Shelton got to their stomachs and covered their heads. Ben grabbed me and got down on the ground; shielding me with his body. I heard stuff land all around us. We just stayed there for a while, and when the noise of stuff falling was gone, we knew it was over. Ben slowly got off of me, and helped me up.

I looked at the ground. There was body parts everywhere, burnt. Shelton and Hi would've fainted if the parts didn't show wires coming out of them. There were hands, elbows, feet, legs, arms, and so much more. We all looked at the curious stuff, gingerly stepping around them not wanting to get burnt, when Shelton screamed. Our heads shot over to him. Shelton had fallen over in shock and fear, pointing at something. We ran over to see that Shelton was pointing at a burnt head, that wasn't connected to anything, and it was staring at us.

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