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Chapter 3: weird

Max's Pov:

"Now, may I ask, who are you?"

The girl, Tory I think, narrowed into my eyes. I was surprised, because when I glared back, she didn't flinch. No one's been able to do that except Fang.

"And why should I answer that?" I asked, both of our glares never faltering. Another of the boys on her side, Hiram, snorted. "Well, giving that we just introduced ourselves when YOU asked us…" he shut up when the boy next to him gave him a glare. We all stayed quiet for a moment, none of us moved a muscle. Well, at first we were quiet, until I heard a big sigh coming from next to my leg.

"Oh, come ON, Max! Stop being so stubborn and just tell them our names already!" I was Total. I would've jumped because he just came out of nowhere, but I was too into my 'serious' mode to do so.

"What the H-…!"

I looked back up to the group in front of us. Tory had just cuffed her hand around Hiram's mouth, and whispered something to him about 'Don't you DARE cuss in front of two little kids!'. But it seemed that he was only half-listening, because the other half of his attention was staring at Total. He looked like he wanted to yell something, but another boy, Shelton, beat him to it.

"Did that dog just TALK!"

Tory and the boy next to her, Ben, looked at Shelton with a blank look. As if to say 'You're really worried about THAT?'

Angel picked up Total. "This is our dog, Total. As you can see, he can talk."

Hiram and Sheldon just nodded slowly, they… sorta… understood. Tory then looked back at me. "Well, we know what your dog's name is now, but what are your's? And why are you here?"

"Yes, why ARE you here?"

Tory's Pov:

"Yes, why ARE you here?"

Everyone jumped when Kit stepped into the clearing. Oh no. This was not good for two reasons. 1. Was that Kit now knew that I was exploring the dangerous Loggerhead Island with THREE BOYS that were older than me. And 2. Is that the other group of kids got all tense up and looked like they were ready for a fight.

"K-Kit! What're you doing here?" I asked him, trying to think of ways to calm the other kids down. Then I remembered, the youngest of them could read minds. Why didn't I think of that earlier? So I, grimly, sent a thought over to the young blond saying that Kit was my dad, and that he was a good guy.

"Don't worry, I know that. I'm telling them that right now, we were just tense at first because he was wearing a white coat."

Ok, so, it seems that she could project her own thoughts into people's minds as well. Goody. But wait, they were scared because he was wearing a white coat?

"Yeah, well, how about I tell you about that later. Right now, your dad wants to know why you're here on this off limits Island, why you're on an off limits Island with three BOYS, and why and how did we get here."

I mentally sighed. I guess introductions and explanations will have to wait.

"I'm here because the lab security noticed movement on this part of the Island and asked me to check it out. When I suddenly heard the voice of my daughter and her 'friends', talking to a bunch of lost looking kids." Kit looked at the other group. "I'm going to ask this once more. Who are you kids? Are you lost? Did you get shipwrecked?"

The blond leader stepped up to the plate. "Well, uh… you see…" She couldn't come up with a good excuse. After a short pause, her eyes lit up. "Were here because my mother sent us here on a vacation."

From where I was standing, I could see the rest of her friend's reactions. They were pretty funny if you ask me. The dark haired kid tried to not make a "What the H-E-doubled-Hockey-sticks" face, the smaller blond boy's eyes practically bulged out of their sockets, the older blond boy snorted, and then the two youngest girls were surprised at first but then got amused.

"A vacation?" Kit didn't look convinced. "During a school year?"

"Yeah, you see, my mom wanted me and my friends here…" she gestured to the others around her. "To take a short vacation, or field trip should I say, to South Carolina and study the wild life here. We like to study animals since she's a vet."

"Oh, well then. Should I ask why you're here on this particular Island?" Kit STILL didn't look convinced; I guess that he saw the campfire back there too.

"Our boat got shipwrecked just like you said." The older blond one said. "It was pretty bad if you ask me, everyone said that it sunk."

"Everyone told you?"

"I'm blind." He explained. Well, that explains why he was staring at the ground the entire time we were here.

"So your boat sunk after it crashed, you wandered into the Island, decided to camp out here, and then accidently bumped into my daughter and her friends while they were exploring?" Kit scratched his head. They nodded and he sighed.

"Well, we can't just leave you out here." Yes! He believes them! He looked back at the oldest girl. "What's your mother's name and phone number? I'll try to contact her so then we can get some stuff straightened out."

"Her name is Dr. Valencia Martinez." She informed him and was about to say something else, when Kit held his hand up.

"Wait, THE Dr. Valencia Martinez from Arizona?"

"Yes?" The girl looked confused. But Kit smiled. "Then we have no problem here, I know her personally. And since I owe her a favor, how about I give you a place to stay while you are on your vacation?"

They all looked a little surprised, even I was surprised. What was going on through my father's head?

"Um, sure. That'd be nice. I guess…" She looked at the others, who slowly nodded. Kit smiled even wider this time. "It's settled them! I'll call your mom and go over the plan with her. Tory…" He turned to me. "You came on Ben's boat, right?"

I nodded. "Yeah…"

"Then you take them home on that and get them set up at the house. I'll come back later after work to here names, parents, and other info that I'll need from these guys." He turned back to the other group. "That fine with you guys?"

They all nodded. After that, Kit said goodbye to me and the gang then left to go back to work. The Virals and I were left with the vacation kids.

"Well that was odd." Shelton said.

"Yep." The older blond boy agreed. We all looked at each other then. After a quiet pause, the oldest girl cleared her throat.

"Well, since that's over we'll introduce ourselves." I rolled my eyes, finally! "My name is Maximum Ride, Max for short." She said.

The black haired by spoke up next. "Name's Fang." His voice was rough and emotionless, the same voice I heard earlier when I flared.

"Iggy, and yes, it's true that I'm blind." The straw-berry blond said nonchalantly. Then the smaller boy next to him started to jump up and down, grinning.

"I'm the Gassman! But you can call me Gazzy or Gasser!"

Hiram opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by Max. "Don't ask, you don't want to know." She said.

"Give him a bean burrito and you'll find out." Iggy grinned. I decided that I didn't want to know anytime soon.

"Ewwww! Iggy, why would we give Gazzy a burrito! Oh! Do you think they have a Mexican restaurant somewhere? I've always wanted to go to one! I wanna try a 'Tamale', 'chicken taco', and … ooooh!… Guacamole! What do you think it tastes like? Green vegies?..." the Mocha skinned girl kept ranting on and on about Mexican food till Max shot her a glare. "Oh, sorry! Hehe! Anyway, I'm Nudge!"

I starred at the girl in disbelief, I have NEVER heard anyone talk that much without a single breath!

"Haha! Sorry about that, Nudge has a big motor mouth." I turned and looked at the youngest one. She smiled at me. "I'm Angel, it's nice to meet you, Tory."

"Uh, yeah, nice to meet you too." I said.

"Hey, do you mind doing something for us?" She walked up to me.

"Sure, what is it?" I couldn't get over on how she was so cute. She took my hand and walked me over to the place they were looking at earlier.

"Can you tell us what this is?" she pointed to the ground. I looked at the spot and immediately crouched down to get a closer look.

"How did you find this?" I asked Max. She gestured over to Nudge. "Nudge and Angel were looking for food and Nudge tripped over it."

I glance back down. It didn't look like it cracked from when her foot contacted with it.

"What is it Tory?" Shelton asked. He, Ben, and Hi were now standing behind me, trying to look over my shoulder. I didn't say anything, but I knew that they found out what it was because he and Hi both gasped.

"Well, what are you going to do now?" Ben said to me, calm and cool as he always is. I looked up and the rest of the Virals. Both Hi and Shelton were pale and Ben was holding Coop.

"I'm going to find the murderer."

"The murderer? That thing was MURDERED!" Iggy couldn't believe it. "And HOW are you going to find out who killed it! Do you have time sight or something?"

"But she can figure out who it was." Angel insisted. "Tory can also find out the murder weapon, the victim's gender, AND how old it is."

"You really can do all that?" Max asked me. I nodded. "I'm pretty smart on this stuff."

"It also helps to know that she has the blood of the famous forensic anthropologist; Dr. Temperance Brennan in her." Hi said mockingly. I glared at him.

"What's a therensic anthropolojist?" Gazzy asked me, Nudge and Angel looked like they wanted to know to.

"Forensic Anthropologist." I corrected. "That's a person that studies bones; they figure out the history of the bones, like how they are, when they died, what gender, and etc. My great Aunt is one that works for the FBI, she looks at the bones of victims that have detariouted (Me: I know, I spelled that wrong. So sue me.) for so long that you can't even tell who they are anymore. With the help of her assistants and partners, she can find out if the victim was killed or in a tragic accident. If they were killed, then she helps find the killer with her FBI partner." I finished explaining and the kids looked at me with awe.

"That's… so cool!" Gazzy grinned. Nudge and Angel agreed with him. I smiled but then went back to work. I started to dig around the skull gingerly so I could pull it out. It was an odd shape of a skull, but I could still get some facts from it.

When I finally got the skull out, I held it up.

"From the angle of the cheek bones and the size…" I started, turning the skull around in my hands. "It seems to be a male, about the age of 15 to 17."

Everyone staid quiet while I inspected it more. I brought it down and looked at the top. It was yellow from age so it probably died a couple years ago.

I kept looking at the top till I found something. "What the…"

"What, What is it?" Shelton asked. I stood up and turned around. I turned the skull to so that everyone could see.

"See this right here?" I pointed to a small spot on the top of the skull. It was a small dent with a small crack in the middle of it. Everyone nodded.

"This boy was hit in the head with a small blunt object, it cracked his head and he fell unconscious. When he was out of it, his brain slowly started to bleed out, and he died from loss of blood from a concussion." I told them.

"So he hit his head?" Ben asked. I shook my head. "No, if he did, then the injury would be in a different spot. From what I can tell, the weapon was a hammer of some sort… Hi, come here."

Hi came while I put the skull down. I turned him around so that I was behind him.

"Ok, imagine this." I told everyone. "The victim is runny away from me, the killer. I'm chasing the victim and I want to stop him from running away, but he's too fast and strong for me to hold him down. The only thing I have is a small dangerous object that's in my hand. So…" I lifted up my arm and pretended to hit Hi on the top of his head. "I strike the top of his head and he goes down, unconscious. I see that he's bleeding in the head and leave in fear that I killed him." Hi decided to make everyone laugh by rolling his eyes up and falling to the ground. "I'm dead!" he yelled.

I rolled my eyes and told him to get up. He gave me a sheepish look and stood back up. His stunt earned a hi-five from Shelton, who was busting out laughing.

"So the thing that killed him was a small object?" Shelton asked after his laughter died down. I shrugged. "Not sure. I don't have the rest of the body it look at so…"

"You think it's buried somewhere around here?" Ben asked. I nodded. "Yeah, but we'll have to try to dig it up when it's not so late and when we have shovels."

"So that means that we'll be back out here again." Hi sighed, slumping his shoulders. I ignored him. "Speaking of it being late, we should probably get home."

"Yeah, it's going to get dark soon, and I don't want to drive Sewee in the dark." Ben agreed.

I turned to Max. "You ready to go? The boat's small so well have to cram into it, but it's not that long a trip."

"Huh? We're going in a boat? But, Max, we can just-…" Gazzy started, but was stopped when Iggy's hand was over his mouth.

"Yeah, we're ready. Just lead the way." Max gave out a nervous laugh. I raised my eyebrow questioningly, but decided not to press any further.

We started to walk through the marshy forest and stop by the camp site that they made; only to see that the fire had been put out.

"Must've been Kit." I said. Ben, beside me, nodded. Then, suddenly, from the corner of my eye I saw him flinch. I turned to look at him, and was met by golden eyes. Ben had flared.

I looked at Max and her group, hoping that they didn't notice. They didn't, but Angel looked pretty suspicious.


I turned back to look at Ben. "What?"

"Blood." He repeated. "I smell blood, I think someone's hurt."

Everyone turned to the two of us then. What did they have, super hearing or something? We were barley whispering and yet they could still here us!

"You SMELL blood?" Iggy asked. Ben nodded. "Yeah, and it's coming from Max over there."

I looked at Max and saw her flinch. Fang narrowed his eyes at her. "Max, what's he talking about.?"

"Er… Um… well." She shifted from foot to foot, not looking him in the eyes. That's when I noticed that she was keeping her left arm straight to her side, and when I looked closer I could see a small red stain seeping through her jacket."

"How did that happen Max?" I asked, pointed at her side. Fang immediately ran to her side and lifted her arm up, seeing the blood. His eyes grew cold as everyone else gasped.

"Max…" He started. "Why did you keep this to yourself!"

She flinched again at the loudness of his voice. "W-well, I was thinking that when we were all asleep, I could just quietly patch myself up…"

"If we did it sooner then there wouldn't be this much blood!" Fang yelled. Man, is it me, or when quiet boys like him and Ben yell, it sounds louder than any other boy's on Earth?

Knowing that I didn't want to go deaf, I stepped forward In front of Max. "May I?" I asked. She nodded slowly, and I lifted up her shirt pushing her jacket out of away. Underneath, was a long horizontal scratch. It looked pretty deep, I wonder what made it. I put her shirt down and stood up.

"It's not that bad." I told them, trying to reassure Fang. "But we might need to hurry to my house so we can patch it up. Or else you'll faint from loss of blood."

Max paled for a minute, probably remembering the skull, and Fang looked impatient. So we hurried to the boat, and Ben started her up. With all 12 of us, counting Total and Cooper, we squeezed into the Sewee and sailed through the water back to Charleston.

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