Alexander Belmont

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Chapter 1:

When mortal man took over the lands from the Old ones they turned towards the heavens for guidance, so the creator gave rise to the Gods of diverse pantheons, these divine beings were tasked with protecting and guiding man until such time when they were no longer needed.

Once the diverse faiths seem to weaken or disappeared, the Gods humbly removed themselves as instructed by their creator, only coming to answer the calls of their remaining followers and under the direst of times.

To make sure a balance was maintained, the Creator made what was known as the Powers That Be, they helped keep the status quo, watching for anything that could disrupt it. They in turn had agents on Earth, champions if you will to defend man against the darkness that roamed the land.

For a time all was well, however the former guardians took notice that unlike them, who tried to ensure man lived in peace and push back the darkness, whether by their hand or those chosen, these Power's only kept it at bay, they neither advanced the light nor weakened it they simply kept it in between.

At first this was not seen as a problem, but soon the darkness took notice the lack of resistance when it came to small scale insertions, only when they attempted large scale assaults were they stopped by these new guardians chosen warriors.

What's more they did not move in personally like the ancient gods but let their champions battle them on their own, regardless of their casualties, this soon allowed the darkness to plant their forces wherever they desired so long as they did not push beyond their limits.

Though they were still kept in check by the Slayer, the Power's greatest weapon, the darkness still had a better foothold in the mortal realms and sadly the gods could do nothing to aid them, for the new guardians would not allow it, the gods of course were angered by this but could do nothing less they incur the wrath of their creator.

So they watched on, waiting and hoping for an opportunity to once more aid their former charges in tipping the scales back in their favor.

And as they watched the found their attention focused on one of the active gateways of hell, in a little town known as Sunnydale, its inhabitants unaware of the danger they were in by living on top of what the Spaniards called, La Boca del Infierno, or Hellmouth, if you prefer, which coincidently now rested in the most ironic of places, the High School, making the term "High School is Hell" quite literal.

The defense against the ancient evils, such as vampires and demons, laid in the hands of the current Slayer, Buffy Anne Summers and here colleagues; her second watcher Rupert Giles, the intelligent Willow Rosenberg and witty Alexander L. Harris.

Together they fought the monsters that dwelled there, overcoming many challenges in their way, soon they were joined by the ensouled vampire Angel and though often times unwilling the queen of the school Cordelia Chase.

It was during one of their battles against the master vampire Lothos, a prophecy was revealed that showed the Slayer would perish at his hands, her friends were sadden by this and all hopes for saving her were all but lost, the PTB simply accepted it as part of the balance and prepared for the next in line to defeat the ancient vampire.

What neither the rest of the "Scoobie gang" as they were called or the PTB realized was that Xander, as he was known by many, refused to accept this, so much so he forced the vampire Angel into the lair of the Master, regardless of the danger.

There they found her lifeless body in a pool of water, Xander quickly rushed in an gave her CPR, and when she took a lung full of air something happened no one could have predicted, the Slayer line was twined, Buffy remained the Slayer while another had been called.

This shocked the PTB as it should not have occurred, she should have died, they had made the prophecy, they had witnessed the event before hand, yet now it was null and void, all thanks to one boy with no special abilities whatsoever.

This did not sit well with them and steps would now have to be taken to ensure the balance was maintained, and what's more they must observe this boy more carefully should he prove to be nuisance.

However his act of courage and loyalty was not just watched by the PTB but the gods as well, for they too utilized prophecies but not as an early warning or a means of control, but as a test of character, to deemed them worthy of the title champion.

They watched as Xander continued to fight, regardless of his friend's pleas to stop or their attempts to push him away, they considered him the weak link, the powerless one, when in reality he was their strongest, for he chose to fight without any abilities to aid him just like many heroes of old.

And just like them, the Gods decided he deserved the opportunity to become more than he was, to fulfill his potential and become a true champion, for anyone could selected to become a champion but very few chose the path.

The question now was how to approach him? The Powers would not allow him to be enhanced for fear he may unravel their precious balance.

The answer came when the head of the Norse gods, Odin used his gift of foresight and saw an event in which their fellow god Janus would be invoked by one of his followers on All Hallows Eve, or Halloween as it is now known.

They approached the god of change and he agreed this was their best opportunity to act now the question was in what form they could empower him.

Janus, search through the many planes of reality looking for the right characteristics that could be used for the young man, he it had to be something that would work for a place like the Hellmouth as well as something the boy would jump at the chance to help in the fight.

He soon found it in the form of a reality were the ancient forces of darkness existed and were led by an ancient Vampire of terrible powers who was constantly thwarted by a family that stood against him from the very beginning.

Of this family Five stood above the rest, one the originator of the line an honorable and just knight, another who with many allies defeated the creature, one who was considered the greatest of them all, another who though once used as weapon of the dark was saved in time to vanquish the evil, and finally one who combined his combat skills with the magic arts.

And one more caught his interest, a man who had a dark past and power yet had earned his redemption and peace.

Janus took objects connected to them and easily duplicated their greatest weapon, now all was set and the only thing missing was the players involved.

Sunnydale, California, USA October 31st

Xander was currently cursing his High School principal and his luck.

The first, because the high and mighty Principal Snyder had "volunteered" him, Willow and Buffy as chaperones for the small and innocent children of this hell hole during Halloween, the one time in the year the night life backed off from causing havoc.

Naturally the universe couldn't cut them a break so it gave them guard duty courtesy of the troll.

So him and the girls made their way towards this new costume shop that had just opened, Ethan's it was called, everything was half off since it was the grand opening, so of course they just had to take this opportunity.

This is where the second curse came, when in his attempts at his time honored tradition of 10 dollar costume, thanks to his parents vice for the sauce, was denied as a kid took the last toy gun in the bin.

*Ah damn it, that was the last one now what am I going to do?* He thought glumly as he searched for Buffy and Willow.

He found them near a Victorian dress; from where he stood he could overhear his best friend tell the slayer that it would impress Angel.

From the looks on the blond Slayers face she was hooked.

*What I wouldn't give for her to look at me like that.* he thought as he still retained feelings for the girl he considered his personal hero, the only one who he felt just as strongly was Cordelia Chase, Queen C to her subjects.

*Maybe it's because I am so far out of their league, I feel that way.* He thought as he approached them.

Though those feelings sometimes dimmed whenever they patrolled as they all thought he should leave the dangerous parts to them who had knowledge and power, and that sadden him, as all he wanted was to make sure they were safe.

"Hey there ladies, what's the what?" He asks with a smile.

"Oh not much Xander, Willow just helping me find the perfect costume, and wait till you get a load of hers." The blonde says while the redhead blushes.

*I really have to tell Willow I don't feel that way about her.* He thought as he sees the blush despite her best efforts.

Many people thought he was not the kind of guy who notices things, but in actuality he had a rather uncanny eye for looking at a person and finding out what makes them tick, he just didn't apply this to school academics.

In this case he was aware of his friends crush, and just could not find a way of letting her down gently.

*That and she could use some magical wammy to set me on fire after Buffy beats the crap out of me.* He privately thinks, though soon his attention is brought back by the readhead.

"So Xander, have you found something to wear?"

"Not yet, some kid took the last piece I needed for my soldier get up, so I got to keep looking." He replies.

"Need a hand?" Buffy asks.

"Nah, I can manage you two head out, I'll meet up at your house Buff." He says to the Slayer.

"Okay, Xander, will see you there, come on Willow we need to get you ready." She says as she takes the blushing redhead away.

Xander kept looking through the shop pausing only for a moment to gaze at a costume only walk away when he saw he couldn't afford it or wouldn't fit.

He was about to give up when…

"May I help you young man?" a British voice said.

"GYAH!" The young man screa…yells in a manly voice.

"Don't do that!" he chastises the man.

"I do apologize, but I could not help but notice you seemed to have a problem, my good fellow." The man spoke.

"Uh yeah, I am looking for a costume since my principal…" saying the word as a curse "…made me and some friends take some kids out and well I am a bit short on cash." He replied.

"Hmm, you wouldn't by any chance by attending Sunnydale High, now would you young man?" the man asks.


"Do you happen to know a Rupert Giles by chance?" He asks with a smile.

"G-man? Sure he's our librarian, you know him?" He asks in turn.

"G-man? Heh heh heh, what a quaint little name, yes I know him from back in the day, he and I were mates back at Oxford, oh the stories I could tell you about him, oh but where are my manners, Ethan Rayne at your service, as the name of the front suggest I am the owner of this establishment." Ethan speaks as he offers his hand.

"Alexander Harris, you can call me Xander for short…" he replied the gesture "…now about those stories." He finishes hopping to get some dirt on the stuffy librarian.

"Oh now I can't divulge any secrets, but if you can remind of the time we took part in, what you call a panty raid I believe, back in Liverpool, I guarantee that will get a rise out of him, Ha!" He laughs and Xander has to contain his at the thought of Giles doing such a thing.

"Oh man, I can wait to tell the girls, they'll flip, anyway can you help me out? I really don't want to deal with the tr… my teacher." He asks.

"Hmm, you know I believe I have something that just might, come with me please." The mage says as he leads the young man to the back.

Once there Xander sees some boxes and something covered under a tarp, he sees Ethan walking up to it and pulls it away, Xander was blown away by the costume.

It was mannequin wearing something out of fantasy story; it had armored leg guards above knee high black leather boots, a gauntlet on the Left arm and a breast plate all black with golden designs in them, the right arm was a black leather glove with two ornate bracelets, an open coat with no sleeves and armored shoulder guards with a black shirt underneath the breastplate, there was a black cloth for a headband over a white long haired wig and it had three weapons on it a leather whip, a handled chain that ended in a small morning star and a long sword, and a ornate brass belt with black stones in the octagonal shapes from with the whip and chain were tied.

(A/N: For those wondering why I chose the sixth man, I shall explain in the end.)

"Here we are I believe it just your size, my friend." Ethan says to the awestruck man.

"I-I can't afford this, I mean just look at it!" Xander exclaims

"Oh no need to worry about that, it's already been paid for, it's a custom job you see, and sadly the person who made the request will no longer be able to use it."

"What happened? And why did he ask for something so specific?"

"Well to answer your first question, the person in question is no longer among the living, I heard he was involved in an accident involving barbecue forks, or something like that…"

*Vampires* Thought the teen when he heard the popular alibi for an attack.

"And in answer to your second question, the young man was an avid player of video games you youngsters are into this days, and found an image of canceled one, according to what he told me this is the lead characters look, he was a powerful Vampire hunter among other things, said capable of defeating any creature of the night, including the most powerful being count Dracula himself." Ethan said.

Ethan normally wouldn´t have done something so trivial as to build a costume, even if the results of this night could be considered interesting enough to warrant it, still the young man had this feeling to him that made the mage go through with it.

"I´ll take it!" Xander says having heard enough to accept the kind offer, not knowing he is about to step up in a big way.

Summers residence…

Joyce Summers was getting ready to leave with her youngest daughter Dawn, much to young girls irritation, to the party over at the gallery, while her eldest and her friend got into their costumes.

Soon she heard a knock at the door.

*Must be Xander.* the eldest Summers woman thought.

"I'll get it!" Dawn said from the living room.

The youngest quickly rushed over and opened the door and there she found the boy she had quite the crush on.

"Greetings fair lady, is thy sister home?" Xander asks in a fake British tongue.

*Oh man he looks so hot in that.* the young girl thinks as she takes in his dashing appearance.

"Dawn who is it?" Joyce asks from the kitchen.

"It's Xander Mom!" was the reply.

Joyce soon joins them and also is quite surprised by the young man's costume.

"Why Xander you look so handsome and dashing." She compliments earning and embarrassed teen rubbing the back of his head and looking away.

"Thanks Mrs. S, are the girls ready yet?" he asks once he get himself together.

"In a moment, their upstairs getting ready, why don't you sit down and take load off. I'm sure some of that is heavy."

"Actually it's pretty light, but thanks just the same." He politely replies.

"Will you be taking any protection while you're out?" She asks seriously.

Now many would interpret that in reference to a certain activity between a man and a woman (or women, or a man with a man or a woman with a woman or…well you get the idea.) with a lack of clothing.

In this case however this was in reference to what Xander referred to as the nightlife in this quaint little town.

Now Joyce and Dawn at first suffered the Sunnydale syndrome of ignoring the creatures of the night, that is until they were attack by six Vampires and Buffy showed up along with Rupert, Xander and Willow to help.

This of course led to them revealing the true nature of the town to the distraught women; it was especially hard on Joyce because of the fact that last time she had sent her eldest to a mental institution because she thought she had gone mental, now though she regretted it and apologized profusely.

She was thankful for her daughter's friends watching out for her, keeping her safe, Xander especially, he was determined to see this through to the end.

*Sigh, why can't Buffy go out with a nice boy like him, at least I know him, unlike this Angel character.* the worried mother thought.

"Actually Mrs. S today is Evils night off, according to G-man, something about being too commercial for their liking." He replied.

"Huh, well can't argue with that." Dawn quips.

"True, but then again isn't every holiday like that nowadays." Xander asks not missing a beat.

It was at that moment that Buffy made her appearance in her red dress and black haired wig.

"Buffy, Lady of Summers, duchess of Buffdom, I renounce the spandex and am in awe my fair lady." He said as he bowed to her.

"Giggle, why thank you kind sir." Buffy curtsies.

"But seriously you look great in that, I am sure he will approve." Xander says with a force smile only Dawn and Joyce know the meaning of it.

"Thank Xander, you look awesome as well, and wait till you get a load of Willow she's…"

"Hi." The redhead underneath a white sheet with "BOO" on the front speaks shyly.

*Why did I let her talk me into wearing that? Thank goodness I bought the ghost sheet and boy those Xander look yummy in that…no bad willow! Do not think dirty thoughts like that!* was the myriad of thoughts going through her head.

"…Casper" the blond slayer says dejectedly.

"Hey there Will's, that's a fine Boo you have there." He replies

"All right let me get a picture of the three of you." Joyce says with a camera in her hands.

"Aww, do we have to?" Buffy pouts at thought.

"Come on Buffy, it's think of the memories, one day will look back on this day and say this was the day we had a day of normalcy." The young man says to cheer up his friend.

"Oh all right but just one, I don't want to give Snyder more fuel against us if were late." She replied.

Soon all three were by the stairs Xander in the middle with his arms around the girls, Buffy on the right and Willow on the left, Dawn wanted to be in it but Joyce declined saying it was there moment after all.

"Say cheese!"

"Cheese!" "Click." "Zip" the instant photo popping out.

"Perfect, now be careful out there and don't stay out too long." The Summers matriarch said to the three.

"We will." They reply as the walk out.

Soon all three make to the school for their assigned kids, Xander immediately giving them tips on how to get the most candy, years of experience coming to the front.

At Ethan's…

Ethan was in garbed in a black robe in one of the backrooms, black candles around him, and the bust of Janus in front of him, soon he began the ritual.

"Janus, evoco vestram animam. Exaudi meam causam. Carpe noctem pro consilio vestro. Veni, appare et nobis monstra quod est infinita potestas. "

The bust glowing bright as it did, Ethan wondering if the energies of the Hellmouth were too much.

In actuality, Janus was providing the power necessary for the spell, but in order to bring the powers and spirits he needed, he required the help of his fellow gods hence Zeus, Odin and Ra were there as well, under the excuse that they were adding their fellow deity not exhaust himself.

Ethan of course did not know this so he continued with the plan and continued.

"Persona se corpum et sanguium commutandum est. Vestra sancta praesentia concrescet viscera. Janus! Sume noctem!"

And with that the magic was released from its confines and move through the town and affected those who bought their costumes at the shop.

"I can't wait to see Ripper's face when he sees this!" the chaos mage says in glee.

Throughout the shop the magic causes the costumed people, whether child or adult to collapse as the magic changed them into their costumes and following the natures they now had started to cause havoc.

Willow and Buffy were no exception as they collapse on the ground as they were transformed.

However Xander was in for a life altering moment as the magic was more concentrated in him than any other.

"What the hell is going o…" "SHOOM!" He never finished as the spell reached him and the screaming began.


The power of the ancient gods poured deeply into the youth as it began to alter him to suit their needs, as the mystical connection was established from this world and the one chosen.

Xander soon collapsed on the street while the demonically changed children scurried away from the display when they sensed the power surge.

However if they had remained they would have noticed 6 spheres of light appear above him, red, blue, yellow, white, black and green. They encircled him as fireflies in the night and as if by some unknown signal the white light entered his body.

"Ugh…that was a rather novel experience." Xander spoke though it was not in a form he was known for.

He stood up and surveyed his surroundings.

*Strange place I find myself in, but then again this are unusual circumstances.* he thought, before turning to face the other five lights and raises the gauntlet.

"Come my friends, we have much to do this night." He spoke to them; the lights entered the enchanted item one by one.

He found the familiar weight of the whip, and the light chain weapon, the gauntlet glowing blue when he neared it, but something else that intrigued him.

*My company sword! So in the end the lord has favored me with two of my familiar weapons, so be it then.*

"Xander! Xander!" A voice brought his attention.

"Oh thank goodness, something Hellmouthy is going on! I was on someone's front porch when I collapse and next thing I know I am out of my body! And the kids turned into monsters!" The girl said with alarm.

"Firstly me lady, I do not know who this Xander is but I assure you I am not him, my name is Leon Belmont." The now identified man spoke, to keep suspicions down.

"Quit kidding around Xander, this is serious we have to get to Buffy, and then find Giles, they'll know what to do." Willow insisted.

*Please don't tell he changed too.* She thought, and sadly his next words and actions confirmed it.

"I do not recognize these names you speak, but I assure you I am who I say I am, and…look out!" he spoke as he took out his whip and cracked it at a large furry beast, making sure not to strike directly.

"Wait! Those aren't real monsters their kids." Willow shouts.

The creature sensing the power of the whip runs away.

"I sense evil magic in the air."

"We have to find Buffy she'll know what to do." Willow spoke.

"If you believe this…Buffy will provide the answer to this debacle than we must make haste in our search." Leon replies.

"Follow me and please don't hurt anyone, we don't know who is a real monster and who is not." Willow says as they move on to find the Slayer.

As they do Leon explains he is a vampire hunter, and that he was currently chasing after his nemesis Dracula when this occurred, the girl of course doesn't believe he can take on a Vampire in her friends body, until of course he shows her his skills when they encounter many creatures, and fends them off with sword, whip and fist.

As they continued their search they heard a woman's cry.

"Demon! Help!"

Leon draws his sword and rushes in to find a woman in a red dress with raven hair pointing at the metal vehicles while calling it a demon.

"Me lady please, that is no demon." He says to the woman as she rushes towards him.

"Oh thank the lord! I was so frightened; I was at my father's estate when I find myself here surrounded by all manner of beasts and demons."

"Buffy! There you are! We've been looking all over for you." Willow yells as she meets up with them.

"I am lady Elizabeth Anne Summers, not this Buffy you speak of you degenerate harlot." The woman who currently inhabited the Slayer spoke in a haughty manner to the redhead.

"Harlot!" *Oooh she is so going to apologize for that one when she is back to normal.*

"Ladies please! This is no time for discussions or name calling, evil is loose and we must secure a place to fortify ourselves in, now Lady Rosenberg, where can we seek shelter?" Leon asks

"Yeah we can go to Buffy's house, will be safe there." Willow replies.

"Lead the way please."

"But I wish to return to my father!" Buffy whines.

"Lady Summers, as a former knight I cannot in good conscious leave you here, now I realized you are scare, and as confused as I am by the situation we find ourselves in, but we must remain together, I promise you do I shall protect you with my life." He spoke as held out his hand to her as he looked deeply into her eyes.

The transformed Slayer, blushed at the man's piercing gaze and took his hand into her own, and soon all walked towards the Summers residence, Buffy clutching the man's left arm, much to the annoyance of the future witch.

They soon arrived at the place and went inside, locking doors, windows and drawing the shades as they waited and planned.

Leon walked towards Buffy who gazed at a picture of herself with Xander and Willow.

"What is the meaning of this?" She spoke out loud.

"I believe they are the ones we inhabit me lady, some foul sorcerer I believe has cast some sort of spell to cause all this pain and misery." He spoke up behind her.

"Why me? I have never harmed a soul, why I am involved in this?" She asks with some unshed tears.

Leon holds her in comfort as she cries.

"I cannot give the answers to that, but I shall make sure we are all protected." He replies.

No sooner he says that when he feels a presence in the house.

"That sounded like Cordelia!" Willow shouts.

"Stay here with the Lady, I shall investigate." The Vampire hunter speaks as he rushes out the door.

Leon rushes out the door and soon finds the source of the problem as a brunette in a form fitting cat suit is chased by a hairy demon.

"Ahh!" Cordelia runs as fast as her high heels will allow when the creature trips her.

*Great I am going to be shredded by Jojo here, I knew hanging around Summers would be bad for my health.* She thinks as she closes her eyes and braces herself for the killing blow, however…

"Hold monster!" a strong and familiar voice is heard followed a heavy thump and whine.

She opens her eyes to find herself staring at the back of a man standing over the unconscious beast who had attacked her; he then turns to look at her.

"Are you all right?" He asks.

"Xander! What the hell?" She yells out loud as she gazes at the young man who saved her.

"I´m afraid miss that I am currently not this Xander fellow everyone speaks of, please come with me, we are not safe out in the open." As he holds his hand out to her.

Quickly debating the pros and cons of accepting the request without a snark remark she decides to can the sass for a moment.

However as she stands she feels a sharp stinging sensation in her right leg.

"Ow! My Leg."

"Let me have look." The hunter says as he bends down and gently feels around the area, Cordelia would of voice outrage if it weren´t this strange sensation of peace she got when the male Slayerette showed such tenderness.

"I believe it is just a slight twist still you shouldn´t put some weight on it." With that said he quickly picks her up easily bridal style and makes his way towards the house, a blushing Cordelia in his arms.

He soon reenters the house and places the teen on the couch; willow sees this and immediately sets about breaking Cordelia from the spell.

"I know this is strange, but you're not a cat your Cordelia Chase a human." She says out loud but internally she adds.

*You´re also an Uber bitch who just got to live out one of my fantasies.*

"I know duh…" *And besides the fact that I won't get my deposit back from party town, my night is going peachy* she adds mentally before continuing "…so what the hell is going on? And why is Xander acting like a mix of Indiana Jones and a knight of the round table?" She asks.

Before she could answer Leon had his sword drawn and threw it at a figure near the back door, when the figure dodged the blade he was met with hand on his throat lifting him easily and nailing him to the wall, the gauntlet glowing in multiples colors as it does.

Leon withdrew the vampire Killer and the figure began to squirm in its presence.

"You shall no longer plague the living vampire scum!" He said with scorn as he readied to strike…


A few moments earlier…

The cursed vampire Angel had quickly made his way to the Summers residence when he first heard the commotion outside his home, He like the other true creatures of the night took the night off on Halloween, however this night thanks to the machinations of the mage Ethan Rayne he would find the town un chaos.

So naturally he headed for Buffy´s house to enlist the aid of the Slayer.

*Just hope her mother isn´t there or worse Harris.* He thought bitterly.

It was no secret that they hated one another, especially after the incident in the Masters cave; he did not enjoy being threatened by a boy.

But a part of him was glad he did, thanks to that Buffy lived, that was overshadowed by the fact that it was not him who brought back but the boy, a fact he was reminded of when the two were alone together.

Unlike the others who approved of his relationship with Buffy, Harris did not, thinking it obscene and abnormal, it was only because he wanted her to be happy and not lose her did the boy not reveal his nature to her mother, who was not exactly in favor of their dating.

*It isn´t like we're doing anything physical or anything like that, he´s just jealous she chose me over him, he´ll get over it once he finds himself someone and leave us alone.* The vampire thought as he soon saw the house of his love.

She had made sure he was always welcomed here hence the wards never affected him, and since he wanted to avoid drawing attention he slowly made his way in the backdoor.

"What the hell are you own? And why is Xander acting like a mix of Indiana Jones and a knight of the round table?" the voice of Cordelia Chase being heard in the living room.

However before he could make his presence known the sound of sword being drawn was heard and then saw the object fly at him.

With seconds to spare, he dodges left and avoids being impaled on to the wall, however no sooner he turns to face his attacker when he feels an iron grip around his throat and is lifted into the air.

He looks down and is shocked.


He sees Xander pull a whip from his belt, however his demon is screaming to get away from it.

"You shall no longer plague the living Vampire scum!" He hears Xander speak with a hatred he has only seen in one man, Daniel Holtz, and sees him ready a killing blow.

"WAIT!" the voices of both Cordelia and Willow resound in the home.

That shout saved him from a form a pain he had yet to feel.

"What is the meaning of all this yelling?" Buffy soon enters as she hears the screams.

"Buffy? What´s going on here?" Angel asks his girlfriend.

"Do not address her vampire." The possessed teen speaks.

"A vampire!" Buffy says in shock.

"Yes I can sense his stench, why have you stopped me?" He asks the ghost and the brunette.

"Because he´s one of the good guys, he isn´t like the others he has a soul." Willow replies hoping that can convinced whoever is in control of her friend to release Angel, unfortunately this is not the case.

"Of course it has a soul, all vampires retain their souls, it is the evil within them that is brought out that make them spawns of the devil."Leon replies as he continues to hold onto the cursed vampire.

"We should kill it quick before it attacks us!" Buffy yells.

Angell looked liked someone knocked the wind out of him.

"Listen Leon he won´t hurt us, me and Cordelia can vouch for him." Willow insisted.

After a few minutes Leon released him and pulled out his sword.

"I am watching you monster." He warned as he walks back to the redhead with Buffy clinging to him.

"Can someone please tell what the hell is going on?"

A few moments later…

Angel was frankly stunned into silence as Willow explained to both him and Cordelia what had occurred to the three.

The two were both on the sofa, him because he need to sit for the tale and Cordelia needed to rest her foot, the same one Leon had wrapped up, causing much blushing and grinding of teeth.

Xander, or Leon as he was currently, was acting as guard at the window calmly looking for any threats, next to him was Elizabeth, who would not stay too far away for fear of the vampire.

Angel had tried to protest, but the vampire hunter had his hand on the sword throughout the conversation and seems to know when he was looking, evidenced by his grip tightening on the hilt.

"Okay so time out, you´re telling me that the spaz and the bimbo are possessed by their costumes?" Cordelia ask incredulously.

*Only in this godforsaken town doe this shit happen.* She thinks as she eyes the hunters back.

*Still why can´t he be like that 24/7?* She asks herself.

"Lady Willow?" Leon asks.

"Um, yes Leon?" the redhead asks, a bit taken a back at being referred to as Lady.

"Surely there is someone who can undo this spell that has befouled the land?"

"…oh my god Giles! He would totally know how to fix this, he should be at the library right now, I´ll go and talk to him while you guys wait here." She spoke.

"Hey why do you get to leave and we're stuck babysitting?" Cordelia asks outraged at the thought.

"Because, nothing can hurt me right now and you can´t run." She says before dashing through the wall.

"Oh right."

After some 30 minutes of silence and Angel taking over watch, Cordelia decided she might as well get to know the person now inhabiting the male scoobie.

"So Leon?" She asks casually"…Do you have someone waiting for you once you get back home?" She asks.

A sad smile graces her eyes as his eyes look to the past.

"No, my love left the realm of the living long ago."

"I´m sorry I shouldn´t have asked that." she speaks as she can sense his sadness, most would be surprised at this, but there is more to her than meets the eyes.

"It´s all right, I found a way to move on eventually, and my calling helps ease the pain." He speaks to her.

"So it was a vampire who murdered her?"

"Not just a vampire but also someone I trusted with my life, he and I have battled many times over the years, and I have vowed that those in my line shall always stand guard should he ever rise to power once more." The man said with conviction.

Before she could comment on his tragic tale, fate decided that the peace had lasted long enough and the sound of the back door breaking was soon heard, followed by the snarls of many creatures, whether they were real or not was not on the minds of the group as Angel put on his game face on and Leon readied his fist sine he could not kill the creatures should they turn out to be victims of the spell.

"Aahhh! Demons!" Screamed Buffy as she ran out the back door from where the creatures entered.

"Lady Elizabeth! Damn it all! Vampire we must hurry with this rabble or else I fear for the life of Lady Summers." Leon said as he knocked out a vampire with a powerful right hook.

*I wish he would call me by my name* Angel thought as he delivered a roundhouse kick to a reptilian looking creature who tried to make a snack out of Cordelia.

"You can't leave me here!" Cordelia yells.

"And I do not intend to, vampire aid Lady Chase while I track down Lady Summers." The Hunter spoke before dashing off after the possessed Slayer.

"What am I a pack mule now?" He asks out loud.

"Shut up and help me." The now angry cheerleader spoke, none to pleased to the reference she had just heard.

Meanwhile at Sunnydale High School Library…

Giles was enjoying a cup of true British tea and reading the latest in books the council had sent over when Willow came rushing in.

That in itself was not as surprising as in the time he had known her the young girl seemed to always be rushing from one thing to the next, however tonight what caught him off guard was the manner in which she entered, in this case literally through the doors.

"Bloody hell!"

"Giles! Something bad happened." She starts.

"Willow what in god's name is going on? And what are you wearing?" He asks both shocked and perplexed.

"Never mind that, Giles me, Buffy and Xander were out when we suddenly changed into our costumes, I dressed as a ghost and now I am one." She spoke in distress.

"Ghost of what?"


"Right sorry, you say that Buffy and Xander have been affected by this as well?" He asks to which she nods.

"And what did they turn into?"

"Buffy dressed as an 18th century noblewoman and Xander dressed as a vampire hunter, and a powerful one at that." She replies.

"How do you know he is powerful?"

"Because when we were heading towards Buffy's house he protected us, and when Angel came by, he picked him up by the neck and nearly killed him, I think he's as strong as Buffy."

"My word." The watcher says as he polishes his glasses.

"How do we fix this?" the redhead asks.

"Well first how many were affected by this phenomenon?"

"Well I don't know, Cordelia seemed fine and she dressed as a cat."

"Where did she get her costume?" the older gentleman asks.

"Party Town, and we got ours at this new place that opened up, Ethan's, Xander said he knows you." Willow says to man, though she later regrets it as a look she hasn't seen n him passes for a moment.

"Ethan bloody Rayne, I should have known, Willow go back to the others, I shall remedy this as soon as possible." He says to the young teen as he goes to get his car keys.

"Okay." She replies meekly.

*Boy do I feel sorry for this Ethan guy.* she thinks before rushing out the door.

With the others…

Leon soon caught with Buffy when he heard her screams.

There in an alley he saw her being chased by a pirate,

"Arrg! Ye be mine now wench!" The foul mouthed human spoke as he caught up to her.

"Help! Someone help please!"

"Unhand her scum." The Hunter said as he drew his sword.

"She is mine, pompous fool." The football quarterback formerly known as Larry spoke as he drew his cutlass.

"I shall not ask again" Leon spoke as he readied himself.

"Yarg!" throwing Buffy aside he charged the vampire hunter, sword raised high for a downward slash.

Leon having the better weapon parried the blow hard enough the blade shattered.

Larry turned too look at his shattered sword and when he looked back a fist met his nose, both breaking it and knocking him out.

*That was oddly satisfying.* He thought.

"Oh Sir Leon thank you for rescuing me from that miscreant." Buffy says as she runs up and hugs him.

*There's that feeling again.* He thought.

"It's all right lady Elizabeth, now we must hurry back to the others, I do not trust Lady Chase safety to that vampire regardless of what they say." He spoke as he comforted the currently raven haired woman.

"Oh I don't know about that, I think you have more important things to worry about." A new voice spoke; both looked to see a blond man in a black trench coat surrounded by a group of monsters.


"Spike!" the voice of Angel could be heard behind them; Leon spared a glance and saw the cursed vampire supporting Cordelia with Willow in tow.

"Well this must be my Lucky night; I get to kill the whole lot of you, Kill them!" He orders as he puts on his game face.

*And Dru said this was a bad idea.* William the Bloody AKA Spike thought.


Spike was out enjoying the chaos and death that permeated the town; he decided his lover should join in on the fun.

"Oh isn't beautiful love? The screams of pain, the fires of destruction, it reminds me of the good ol' days when the four of us were together." He said to his girl.

"Spike…the stars are speaking to me." She spoke as she held a doll close to her chest.

Spike stop talking as he went to her, knowing full well that despite her madness Drusilla's foresight had helped them on many occasions.

"What is it love? What do they say?" He asks.

"They say the bane of the night has come for us, that he carries a weapon that which no one but his kin can wield, he will lead the charge against the night and bring the day, I'm scared Spike." She said with tears.

"There, there love I'm here, just tell me who he is so I can bring you his heart to you." He spoke.

"No! No Spike, Ms. Edith says to go out there is to risk death!" She said in alarm as she held onto him.

"Easy Dru, I promise you everything will be fine, let me get you some food, that will perk you up, you just rest here, I'll be right back love." He said as he disengaged from the distraught vampire.

End flashback…

Spike had started out by looking for a good victim for his lover, when he saw the redhead pass him by without looking at him, he decided to follow and overheard the conversation.

Deciding he could nail two birds with one stone, he gathers up a small mob of creatures and vampires and went searching for the Slayer.

Now here they were.

"Run!" Leon shouts as he picks up Buffy bridal style, Angel doing the same for Cordelia and they run.

"Oh I do love a good chase, follow them leave the girl in the dress for me."

Back with Ethan's…

Ethan was currently enjoying a cup of Earl Grey when he heard the door open.

"Hello Ripper, been a while." He spoke as he smiled at his old friend, though Rupert did not share the sentiment.

"What did you do Ethan?" He spoke with barely contained anger.

"Oh just a small chaos spell, give people a taste of what it feels like to walk in another person shoes as it were." He smiled for a second before Giles sent a fist to the man's jaw.

"How do I break it!" He shouts.

"Now there's the Ripper I know, ugh!" He grunts as a kick lands on his stomach.

"Tell me Ethan!"

"You won't kill me."

"True but I can make the next few minutes rather painful for you." He said in a dark tone as he removed is glasses.

Back with the others…

The group had managed to barricade themselves in an abandoned warehouse.

"All right me and the vampire shall engage the monsters, Willow please keep watch over Cordelia and Elizabeth."

"But you could die!" Buffy spoke.

"I swore to defend you with my life, and if what you say is true of the gentleman I inhabit he too would do no less."


"Well isn't this a quaint scene." Spike said with sarcasm.

"Him you can kill." Willow said from her spot.

"Gladly." Leon said in a dark tone as he sheathed his sword and withdrew the whip.

Again the vampires and monsters felt the danger it posed.

"I 'm going to enjoy drinking you dry!" Spike said in false bravado as they charged.

"CRACK!" "Argh!" Spike screams as the whip cuts into his chest, though it seems to be a minor wound the pain he feels is by far greater.

"Now foul creature you die this night, have at thee!"

"Kill them all!" the master vampire yells as he clutches the wound.

Soon the two are rushed, though they concentrate more on Angel than on the possessed teen that is going after the blond vampire.

Back at Ethan's…

"I am growing tired of this game Ethan, so once again how do I break it?" Giles said as he just finishes breaking the man's arm.

"Just like old times, mate, ugh!." Ethan grunts as his ribs are subjected to another kick.

"The bust in the backroom, break it and it ends." He spoke.

Giles quickly rushes to the room and sees the focus, so he grabs a crowbar and smashes it.

A wave of magic is let loosed and knocks him back.

Minutes before the spell is broken…

Spike was on the ground in a terrible amount of pain, he looks to the stump where his left hand used to be, the whip having ripped it off at the wrist.

His minions were on the floor unconscious.

"Now we reach the end scum." Leon spoke as he readied his sword for a strike to the neck.

However before he could finish it the spell broke making him drop the blade, and clutching his head, Buffy doing the same while Willow banishes, and the monster turning into frightened children.

Spike not one to take chance runs off into the night.

"Ugh! What happened?" Xander asks no one in particular.

"Xander?" Cordelia asks just to make sure.

"Cordelia? Deadboy? What the heck is going on?" the confused teen asks.

"That's what I would like to know." Buffy says as she gets up.

"Buffy." Angel quickly moves to help her up.

"It's a long story spaz, let's find Casper first." Cordelia says as she tries to get up.

"Aw!" she cries as she stumbles.

"Lady Cordelia!" Xander speaks and grabs her before she falls, this makes her and Angel turn to look at him.

"Uh why did I just do that?"

Harris residence, the basement…

Xander was stripping off the costume, thinking back to everything he and the others were told by the Cordelia and Angel.

They eventually found Willow fully alive and happy they were ok.

*I can't believe I was the hero this time, and I can't remember all of it, ugh just my luck.* He thought with a wistful look on his face.

He soon got into bed and sleep soon claimed him.

But as he slept, the six lights came out of the gauntlet and floated over to him and entered him one by one.


Xander found himself surrounded by mist.

He looked around and found no one.

"Well this is surreal, usually I dream about Buffy and Cordelia in bikinis mud wrestling for the right to date me." He said out loud.

"Though that does sound rather interesting, I believe we shall skip it for this night." A strange voice spoke, it sounded like two voices speaking at once.

He turned around and saw a man wearing a toga and a mask with two heads on the sides.

"Who are you?" He asks calmly as he feels no malice from him.

"My name is Janus, the Roman god of change, and we have much to do Alexander." The god spoke.

Xander didn't know what shocked him more, the fact that he was talking to a god or the fact that he knew his name, gulping he decides to ask the meaning of his words.

"What do you mean?"


"Just Xander, oh sorry."

"No it's all right Xander, I and others have been watching you for quite some time, ever since you brought back the Slayer from the dead and twined the lines." He spoke knowing what he was about to ask.

"Twined the lines?"

"Yes, you brought her back with all her powers yet also created a second Slayer, something that has never occurred before and was garnered the attention of the Powers That Be." He replied.

"Is…is that a bad thing? The PTB thing?" he asks.

"Heh PTB that's good, and to answer your question it could be, they created the prophecy, they saw it happened up to the point she died, they did not however conceive the notion that you would refuse to let her perish." He spoke.

"Yeah well she's special, the world needs her." He spoke.

"And you love her." He spoke in certainty.

Xander flushed at that response.

"It's all right, the ability to love is one of your kind's greatest gifts as is your free will, and hence why you such a fascinating race." The divine being spoke.

"Thanks I guess, but will these guys come after me because I mess up their plans?" He asks.

"Possibly, they try to maintain the balance so they may see you as a threat, however that's where I and a few others come in." he spoke as he waved his hand at the right side of him.

At first nothing occurs but soon a deep rumbling is felt and heard.

From a mist a large building bursts.

Once it stops he sees it is a cathedral, a multicolored window at the center depicts a man with a whip striking down a large figure in black, and in front 5 mausoleums with crosses on top of them can be seen.

Janus then waves to his left size and a smaller rumble is heard and a black coffin comes out.

Xander was about to ask what was going on when the five smaller buildings doors slowly creak open, a white light revealing itself, the same occurs with the coffin.

From the light movement is seen and from it figures can be seen moving towards them.

The figures reveal themselves to be 6 men, four with whips, one with a chain and one with no visible weapon in hand.

Two have brown hair, one dark one brown, the darker one wears a familiar shoulder armored coat, while the other seem dress in a blue coat.

One has blood red hair, he wears skin tight leather with some pelts.

Two have white hair, one in a red coat with some bracelets on his arms, wearing a red coat; the other's has wild untamed hair and wears the onyx encrusted belt.

Finally there is blonde man with in armor fit for a knight.

"Xander say hello to the five greatest warriors of the Belmont clan and the Devil Forgemaster."

"Um Hi." He waves at them weakly.

"Greetings Alexander, I do not know whether you know this but I was the one chosen to help your friends, my name is Leon Belmont." The knight spoke.

"I am Trevor Belmont." The dark brown haired man spoke.

"I am Simon Belmont." The red haired man spoke.

"Hello, I am Richter Belmont." The chain wielder spoke.

"And I am Juste Belmont." The man with the bracelets spoke.

"You may call me Hector, I have no last name to give." The Forgemaster spoke.

"I don't understand, what is all this?" Xander asked the god.

"This is your chance to really make a difference, you see Xander, the costume you wore was made from elements from these men, they are their world's first and last line of defense against the darkness, and you have been granted the abilities from the five most powerful bloodlines as well as Hector's unique powers."

"Okay so I get what exactly?" He asks both excited and a bit scared.

"Your strength will be equal if not superior to Slayers; you will be able to sense the supernatural, weaponry, certain relics, and magic they used when they fought evil as well as the training to go with it, and with Hectors abilities create creatures to aid you, I will also unlock the healing and speed of the Hyena without the side effects you experienced last time." Janus spoke.

"Whoa! That's a lot, but there's gotta be a catch right?" He asks.

"The catch is you, and should you have children, will be forever marked as it were as hunters of the night, you shall take part as the Slayer in fighting evil no matter its form, but you can walk away now and I shall not bother you again."

"No, I want this." He said with conviction.

"Are you certain? Once the dice is cast there is no going back." The god said

"100% sure, I made the choice the day Jesse was killed and turned, this is a chance I can't pass up." He said with fire in his eyes.

"Oh like this boy." Simon said to Trevor, who smiled and nodded.

"Then it is done." Janus spoke as he raised his hand, which soon glowed a golden color and placed it on his chest.

Xander felt a rush of power when the god pulled it back, the Hyena remnants went silent but he could feel their abilities.

"Wow, what a rush!" He spoke as he felt the strength in him.

"Now your training begins here in this dreamscape, where time has no meaning, when you awaken you shall notice your changes as well some items I have prepared for you, once you awaken you shall not hear from me for we have done all we can to aid you, and the Powers may try to strip you of your gifts." Janus spoke.

"Should I tell my friends what happened to me?" the teen asks.

"That is up to you my friend, but I suggest you wait, build a reputation and when they feel ready to approach you do so."

"Okay, that sounds like a plan, so I guess we should get this show on the road, so what do I learn first…"

And so a new champion shall rise but what changes will come from this is anyone's guess, all that was meant to be shall change, and a new course for mankind shall spring forth.

To be continued.

Well here's my first attempt at this, most likely question I guess I would get is why did I include Hector as a part of this? Because I liked the game and Alucard seemed like pushing it.

I'm going for Multicross here I just haven't decided on what to include, I'll work on it as I go along.

Pairings are undecided, but I will not do Willow, Kendra, Faith or Anya for Xander, I have spoken.

Will I bash anyone? Possibly depends on how I feel the flow would go.