Hey guys! Been a long time! Honestly I could name an excuse as to why it's been so long but it would be pointless. But truly I am sorry I didn't put anything out for this story in such a long time. I had high hopes for this story, and I still do! I've decided to rewrite the first two chapters and then continue on afterwards. However I will be leaving the original first two chapters up so as to 1) show just how much my writing has improved, and 2) embarrass myself for how bad I those two chapters. Also, I would recommend that even if you have read the first two original chapters that you read the updated ones since I've make some slight changes to the story.

To be honest, if anyone was still interested in reading my story I would be honored. I'm going to give this story my all, and I can't wait for everyone to read it! Thanks everyone!

Sincerely, Sterolinelovely