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Because Bulkhead and Miko are awesome, and we need more stories for them that's why! Follows the episode Con Job, Miko's pov.

With Her

As soon as Wheeljack made the offer, Miko knew Bulkhead would go. She would go if given the chance, and Bulkhead had a lot less tying him to Earth than Miko did. Bulkhead would leave, and Miko would be alone again. Sure, she'd have Jack and Raf and the other Autobots, but they weren't Bulkhead.

So she looked away, not wanting him to see the hurt in her eyes when he joined Wheeljack in his ship.

"Nah. My place is here, with them. With her."

Those words still ring in her mind. They make her feel warm.

The lookout is bathed in the warm light of the sun, and it's quiet. She's alone. Jack and Arcee went off on a ride together, and Bumblebee and Raf are playing videogames in the base. Miko doesn't want to deal with Ratchet's muttering or Optimus's scrutiny. She loves them both, but she wants to be alone. She sits down and lets her feet dangle off the ledge.

It's a long way down.

"You really shouldn't be sitting there. You might fall."

Miko twists around to grin at Bulkhead. "Aw, come on. The ground's sturdier than that." she teases. Bulkhead grins.

"After all the time we spend staring off into space here, I'm surprised it hasn't fallen down yet." He sits down a respectable distance from the ledge, examining her closely. "You okay? There's something on your mind."

Miko sighs. Her attention drifts back to the sunset, which is almost gone. The encroaching darkness makes it easier to speak. "I didn't want you to go." Bulkhead doesn't respond, so she continues. "You're the only one who tolerates me. I mean, sure, you get in my face when I'm being stupid, but you don't push me away. You don't know how much that means to me."

Bulkhead doesn't respond immediately. When he does, his words are slow and careful. "You aren't afraid of me, and you don't laugh at me. That means just as much to me."

Miko yawns. "Thanks."

Before she knows it, Bulkhead picks her up and sets her on his shoulder. "Time for bed." he says gruffly. Miko giggles. It's just too darn amusing how much he sounds like Ratchet right then. She snuggles into the warm metal of his neck and closes her eyes. She's almost asleep when she hears Bulkhead speak one more time.

"My place is here, Miko. Never doubt it."


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