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Let's cut to the chase.

I am Arthur Kirkland. I am a demon currently stationed in the human world, London, England to be precise. Right now I am enjoying a cup of tea outside of one of the many cafes the human world seems to be littered with. Not that I'm complaining. Drowning out the incessant noise of the city I pick up the newspaper in front of me. Taking a long sip I focus on the headline.


Three deaths huh? That has to be Gilbert's doing. Opening the paper to the page I started to read more, occasionally skimming over the other insignificant things the humans put in their newspapers. But that's what the human world is, an insignificant void between two other realms. But the longer I stay the more I don't want to go back. There are too many things one could do in the human world. The scenery is better, gardening is fun, and sometimes laughing at the human's stupidity is fun too. The more we understand humans, the more we know what the "real" bad things to their standard. Sometimes killing or arson isn't as bad as a one night stand. Humans might be idiotic beyond words, but their interesting. The "Above" don't interfere with us here, as long as we do our work and follow the rules. Living in the human world is very effective.

Wincing as a group of humans started making even more noise I put down the newspaper and teacup before turning to them. Even with my superior eyes it still took me a while to locate the group in the massive crowd. Humans are worse than rabbits. I suppose that's better for us though. Especially demons like Francis. Speaking of Francis, It's already ten and that frog is not even here… Turning my gaze away from the group of humans I decide I might as well leave because this really was a waste of my time. And just when I was about to declare that I was leaving to a nearby waitress so she could give me the bill, I heard it, the most annoying sound in the world.


Quickly picking up the discarded newspaper I smacked the irritating Frenchman in the face before he could come any closer to me or put those dirty little hands anywhere near my body, which, from the looks of it, he was about to. Hmpf, at least he had the decency to dress properly, or in any clothes at all. A nice formal suit actually.

" You Frog, you're late! And don't you touch me." I threatened.

He really didn't seem fazed though.

"Arthur, are you leaving already? I thought we were talking about this month's report." He smirked through the newspaper I had yet to remove. "Are you going to unimaginatively write about how you burnt your kitchen on the monthly report?"


"So what kind of bad things did you accomplish this month?" Francis asked. He was sitting to my right at the table I had just got up from. I did get to call the waitress, but it was to get Francis some tea and refill my cup.

"I still don't understand why being a demon requires writing monthly reports back to Hell…There really is no meaning in writing it out." I tried to subtly avoid the question by pretending I didn't hear what he said and divert the conversation to something else. Maybe it was not a subtle as I had hoped but my plan did work because the little comment successfully diverted the conversation away from that certain little topic. For how long? I really don't know, though there was that familiar look of glee in the French demon's face that showed that he was thinking of something interesting.

"Recently this whole business even upgraded into online submission!" Francis was practically bouncing in his seat. He loved human technology, particularly the internet. 'It can do anything Arthur!' he would scream. I preferred my 'old fashioned' ways and it shows.

"Are you kidding me? Why can't we use the fire of Hell to send our words?"

The damn frog just smiled and sat back in his chair. I did the same but crossed my arms. I could tell he was going to bring up that little question again so I redirected it at him.

"What are you writing this month?"

"The usual." He replied propping his head up with the palm of his hand and looking out into the crowd. I looked that way too. I mean, who would willingly look at his face for long periods of time?

"Raped and kidnapped 'young, fine' women?"

He gasped and looked absolutely aghast but somehow his smirk still stayed on his face. He never once moved his hand from under his chin."Non, non! I never force those lovely girls~ But I think this month's accomplishment award is in my hand."

Ahh. The famous 'Accomplishment Award.' The thing all demons crave for. The person who stirs up the most trouble in another world or does something truly horrific is graced with this trophy. A chance to say 'HA! I'm better than you!' You don't even need to be strong to compete. Even morons from the first circle had gotten this; one of the greatest achievements in the whole of the underworld. Of course your victory is short lived since there will be someone else who tops you a month later. It always was amusing to see what other demons do to get it though.

"Oh? Where does that confidence come from?"

Francis motioned me closer and I leaned my head over to him reluctantly. You never know what he's going to try. After looking around a bit the Frenchman leaned over and started to quietly whisper in my ear. And I mean quietly too! My demonic hearing could only pick up a few words.

"I am…affair….'s president's wife."

"Wait…WHAT! I can totally imagine you doing something like that but…" I to say I was at a loss for words right now would have been like saying water is wet. Francis obviously took my lack of words as a compliment of sorts and looked even more pleased with himself, If that was possible.

"As long as the media keeps going at this, and it effects the following election, this could possibly be the headline for the whole year!" With a flip of his wrist he threw his blonde hair over his shoulder before continuing. "And I will be the best in Hell for this whole year because no one will be able to top that."

Even thinking about Francis getting the Achievement award this century before me made my blood boil, but there was no way He wasn't going to win with that.

"…You're just lucky."

"Don't be too jealous Angleterre." The bloody frog replied with before suddenly looking thoughtful. What a miracle the frog is actually thinking. "By the way Angleterre. You used to be very serious about this. You had every achievement award for almost a decade when you where a pirate but recently you act like a retired old man. Are you satisfied with the quiet life you have? Your recent reports are all about burning the kitchen and triggering the alarm system."

There was that damned topic again. In a sudden burst of anger I stood up and slammed my hand against the table. I got a few curious stares from the humans around us but nothing more.

"That was just the preparation for something big." I lied, "You will know when it happens."

I turned around and started to walk away but knowing Francis just had to say something. If it was anything over for words I wouldn't hesitate to kill him.

"Oh, leaving already?"

Bastard just made it. Talking a deep breath to calm down I turn to face him, only to find that he still had that stupid smirk on his face.

"You were late and I have something more important to do. You pay the bill." I really did walk away this time.


Back at my house I sat staring at the computer screen in my favorite turtle neck and a jacket. On the glowing screen is fifteen bold letters: Accomplishment(s). Beneath that was a text box that held the same words I always write.

Burnt the kitchen and triggered the apartment alarm.

Those simple words irritated me to no ends today though. How I hated those words and long to write something else in there. Not just anything but something big. Something big that would earn me the Accomplishment Award and show that bloody bastard of a frog.


Today suddenly feels like a good day to take a walk.

After ensuring that my house was secured-that included a spell-so that perverts like Francis could not get in I started down my street. Fuck that online submission, he didn't shouldn't get so worked up over it. Instead I focused my thoughts on finding something big to get the award. Not that I needed it you see, it was just to stop the Frog from getting it. I sighed. Something big…Easier to say than to actually find one. After a few more steps on the stone sidewalk I was alerted to presence of my fairy friends and a few flying mint bunnies too! They always seem to know when I'm feeling down and always cheer me up.

Fairies and other creatures like them are neutral beings and tend to stay away from humans and beings that have a definite 'side. 'Infact many don't even know they exist. It had taken a lot to get them to trust me enough to show themselves to me and an even longer time to have this, dare I say 'friendship.' The flying mint bunnies had approached him first, and then the fairies, gnome, elves and recently I've befriended a unicorn!

I don't really have the mood or energy for what I did before and even the fairies said that there isn't anything interesting happening so what can I do for the award? A sudden noise from one of the mint bunnies drew my attention back to them.

"…hmmm? Wait, what? Something weird…?"

Looking down at the spot they pointed out I saw it.

I had immediately picked it up and carried it home. It was now wrapped comfortably in the fluffiest pieces of fabric and pillows I have in my house, including a little stuffed bunny I keep as a souvenir from one of my old jobs. Hey it not my fault the woman had decided it was a good idea to drag her son with her when she ran out into the road to get her hat that had conveniently blown off.

What is 'it' you say? 'It' is an egg. It was surprisingly smooth and a shocking white. From the human world's point of view, it was about the size of an ostrich egg. I didn't think it was one and why would an ostrich egg be on a street in London anyway? The fairies don't know what it is either, and they have mixed feelings about it…Hm, just in case I'll keep it here for a while then, to see what comes out. Maybe it wouldn't even hatch. Or maybe it really is just an ostrich egg that just happened to be on the side of the street and I'm just overanalyzing things.

There was a problem though; I don't exactly have an incubator to keep it warm. Eggs needed to be in a certain temperature to hatch right? Sighing, I went to the thermostat. Ninety seven and a half seemed to be an acceptable temperature. Don't worry I can handle staying in a warm temperature like that for a while. Scorching weather, freezing weather, any extreme or torturous weather the human world could throw at me I can handle. Hell isn't all flames and brimstone. The electricity bill is going to go out of the roof though.

Oh well.

Retreating to my room I stole a quick glance at the egg.

"Goodnight egg."

The first day I had the egg I really did nothing but stand and stare at it. The second day I had only glanced at it twice the entire day. It was no surprise that when the ninth week came around I had forgotten about the egg completely.

In case you're wondering the scandal with Francis and a president's wife didn't get out as soon as he had hoped so his 'obvious win' had to be postponed. It was all over now though. The prize last month went to some low level nobody that had convinced a school bus driver to get drunk before work so they had crashed into the side of a building. I really couldn't see why that was such a big deal, there were many survivors.

I had gone to sleep shirtless -and happy since Francis hadn't won yet- that night.

Sometime later that night my half awake conscience was graced by a weird feeling. My surroundings were too pure…to off balance in my house filled with demonic essence. My toes dragged along the cotton sheets and I could feel the soft padding of the pillow on my face. Something is…very strange…something…feels…strange. My fingers curl around something softer and smoother than the sheets. Feathers? Dragging them around the new material the tips of my fingers absentmindedly stroke it. Then they brushed past something else. A small hand. At this realization I was fully awake and sitting up faster than humanly possible. I was looking down at an angel, an angel child. The material I had felt just seconds before was its wings. They looked frail and weak and were about the same size as it's-I mean-his body (though that was not much since it had the appearance of a three year old) and bright white feathers covered it. The angel himself had sandy blond hair and slightly tanned skin. I was suddenly hit with the terrifying urge to touch them. It-I mean- he* was wearing a white gown with a long strand of red string tied in a neat bow around the collar.

Of course. I thought. Because angels are too pure to be born naked like the rest of us.

Through all of these observations the only things besides this running through my mind were as followed:

'Why is there an angel child in my bed?'

'How the hell did it get in my house!'


And let's not forget the famous-

'Fuck I'm screwed'

My eyes caught something at the side of the bed. It was a large chunk of an egg shell and a few more smaller pieces scattered around it. Peeping over the edge of the bed I could see a trail of egg shells leading out the door.

"This…this is what was inside the egg?"

I really didn't have any time to collect my thoughts after that new insight because the sound of my voice seemed to have woken it-I mean-him up. It-I mean he- mumbled something about being cold before his eyes fluttered open, showing blue irises for the rest of the world to see. Green met blue for only a second before the little angel sprang up into a sitting position also, but not out of fear like me. It actually looked happy?



It-I mean- he suddenly keeled back from the sudden wave of demonic aura that filled the room. It was coming from me but I didn't realize that until later. Grabbing its-I mean-his head so he could not esca-err-fall off the bed, I told him a little bit about myself.

"I am a man, so you need to call me Dad. Understand?"

"Yes Dad." The trembling angel answered.

At a more reasonable hour in the day I was sitting across from the little angel and it was just staring back at me. Granted I was staring back at it-him-but he was looking at me with such adoration and love that it made me wonder if he realized that our races have been enemies since both were created. Judging from the grin he just flashed me…probably not. I just can't believe that it was an angel egg. Those hypocrites, always saying how bad we treat our young and they just abandon their egg in by the street.

I took another look at the angel child. He was sitting in the couch surrounded by all the pillows his egg had been enclosed in and such hugging the stuffed rabbit. One of my jackets was draped around its-his-shoulders after he complained about being cold after I turned the heat all the way up. The angel child gave me another smile and I just looked on in curiosity, contemplating on what I should do with this thing. If I returned it they will definitely blame me for stealing the egg. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the computer. Getting up and sliding into the desk chair I stared at the glowing screen. It was on the accomplishments page since I have yet to finish the monthly report. How could I? The month had just started. I started to type and a smirk slowly stretched across my face.

"Sorry Francis, this month's award is mine."

And on that glowing screen, in the small text box were the words:

I have an angel as my pet

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this. The dialogue, story and plot belong to waterylt on you can see some of her work at h t t p : / / w a t e r y l t . d e v i a n t a r t . c o m / (no spaces)

The comic strip can be found here h t t p : / / w a t e r y l t . l i v e j o u r n a l . c o m / 8 6 8 2 . h t m l (no spaces)

Hetalia belongs to Hidekazu Himaruya

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Notes: *England keeps referring to America as 'It' because of tension between angels and demons. He is trying to correct himself though so we know he's not all bad.

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