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Things were normal in Death City. The sun was shining brightly with the same laughter it had since anyone could remember. Students from the DWMA were walking the various streets due to classes being out early in preperation for yet another end-of-the semester exam.

The students were expected to study for the next test over the next few days. Expected being the key word.

Which means that a good number of them would be goofing off until the last possible minute before cramming everything they could into middle-of-the night rushed study sessions. Black*Star and Soul Evans in particular would be two such students.

They had somehow dragged Kid along for their schemes as well. A surprisingly easy task considering he had vowed that he would be spending his weekend doing nothing but prepare himself for the test. Especially since the last semester he failed due to passing out after his pencil broke. It was times like that where he silently cursed having OCPD.

The trio each sat at their seats consisting of several picnic tables lined up side by side. Kid had insisted they use an even number of tables and that they'd be lined up exactly with one another. Before them, resting on the tables, sat a good several dozen...perhaps several hundred freshly baked pies.

Kid groaned under his breath. An eating contest. Of all the things Black*Star and Soul could've had him compete with them in, and it was an eating contest. It wasn't that he didn't like pie. Oh, no. On the contrary, he was quite fond of the bakery dish. No, his reason for not wanting to be in the eating contest were more personal.

Of course, he couldn't back down now. It would be rude of him to ditch his friends like that. And, he couldn't just let those pies go to waste. He took a deep breath. Might as well get this over with.

"And...GO!" Maka shouted as she waved a small flag signaling the contest had begun.

As soon as the contest had started, Black*Star and Soul were already stuffing their face. They greedily shoveled as much pie as they could into their mouths without choking and swallowed quickly. Crumbs and filling dribbled down their mouths and onto their shirts and pants. Both of them acting more like starving animals than like two friends having a friendly competition.

Kid, on the other hand, calmly and, as usual for him, neatly ate any pies he could reach. Though, even then, he was eating them at a surprising speed. If anyone had been paying attention to him instead of Black*Star's or Soul's messy behavior, they would've noticed that he had eaten far more pies than the two of them combined. He paused for a moment as he could've sworn his pants felt a little tighter.

Not now. he thought to himself, I can't go through that again.

He reached downward when no one was looking and unbuttoned his pants. The young shinigami let out a sigh of relief as he felt the pressure on his abdomen leaving. Kid then resumed eating as much pie as he could. As he feared, he was unable to stop himself.

"TIME'S UP!" Maka shouted loudly in order to be heard over the noise Black*Star and Soul were making.

Black*Star groaned as he leaned back in his seat and Soul looked like he was about to pass out. Kid looked visibly ill as well as he set his knife and fork down and pushed the now-empty pie tin away from him.

"We will now tally up the number of pies eaten and determine the winner." Tsubaki spoke as she, Liz, and Patti began to count the number of empty pie tins in front of each contestant.

Kid sank as far down as he could into his seat. He was utterly disgusted with himself and what he had done.

"We're done counting!" Patti shouted enthusastically.

Liz nodded, "Soul ate a total of 5 pies, Black*Star ate a total of 14 pies, and Kid ate a total of...139 pies! That can't be right."

The girls looked over at the boys. Soul looked pretty much the same, though he still looked about ready to pass out. Black*Star looked a bit stuffed and his stomach bulged slightly. But it paled in comparision to Kid's stomach. It was so swollen that he looked at least 8 months pregnant with twins. His belly button was exposed and the buttons on his pants as well as his jacket were undone to accomodate the swollen mass of flesh. And, it was now pressing into the picnic table's edge causing the wooden surface to dig into Kid's swollen form.

"I-I don't feel so good..." Kid groaned as he stumbled and lumbered clumsily back to his home.

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