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Kid nearly choked in response. Had Maka already found out? He was unsure of what to do. On the one hand, he couldn't just lie to her face. Yet, on the other hand, he wasn't sure how she'd react if he were to tell her that he was being a glutton behind everyone's backs.

He couldn't blame her, though. After all, he figured sooner or later someone would be bound to notice his increasing girth. He glanced briefly at his reflection in one of the windows. As Tsubaki and Patti noted earlier, his cheeks were rounder and puffier and a second chin was forming on his face. His neck was thicker as well. Kid's arms were noticeably larger and his fingers were stubbier. His thighs and legs were wider and began to rub against one another as he walked. Not to mention that his rear had grown noticeably in size, as his currently ripped pants made evident.

There was a good-sized layer of fat forming on his chest as well. Creating what, as he had learned from the Internet, were given the unfortunate nickname of "moobs". However, it was his stomach that had become the most evident aspect of his increased weight. His belly, once flat and firm, now bulged outward swollen and rounded with fat. Kid sighed as he absent-mindedly poked the jiggly globe watching his finger sink a few inches into his fattened frame.

"I, erm, I haven't been getting enough exercise lately, that's all." Kid felt sick upon forcing another lie out of his lips, "Been busy with...other things."

"What other things?" Maka asked sounding suspicious of Kid's response.

"Just...things. Erm, Shinigami things." Kid lied again, "Nothing for you to be concerned with."

Maka frowned in response. She knew Kid was lying, but why? After all, if Kid's weight gain was due to "Shinigami things" like he claimed, then why hadn't Lord Death gained weight as well? And, why did Kid look so guilty lately?

She sighed deciding not to question him any further at the moment. They soon arrived at the nurse's office and knocked the door.

"Kid? Maka? What brings you two here? Shouldn't you be in class?" Mira frowned opening the door.

"Sorry, Miss Nygus." Maka spoke, "Kid...had a bit of an accident regarding his pants. We were wondering if you might have a replacement pair he could use until his old ones are fixed."

"I'll see what I can find." Mira spoke as she began rummaging through some old pants in the lost and found section, "Kid, what size pants do you wear?"

Kid muttered a number under his breath.

Mira frowned, "You'll have to speak up. I can't understand what you're saying. Never mind, I'll just take some measurements. Maka, could you please step out of the room so Kid can have some privacy?"

"Yes, M'am." Maka nodded as she stepped outside the office.

Kid nearly threw up upon what he had heard. Take measurements? Normally, Kid would be gushing over something as precise and measuring something. He would've gladly given Miss Nygus one of the numerous measuring tapes he kept with him at all times. That is, if he wasn't the one being measured at the time and wasn't trying to hide his weight from others. If Mira found out Kid had gained weight, she surely would've informed Dr. Stein who in turn would inform Lord Death. Kid lowered his head in guilt remembering how he had lied to his father for the past few weeks.

"O-Ok..." Kid's voice began to waver a bit.

He then removed his torn pants and shirt leaving the chubby young reaper in only his socks and his boxers. Mira raised an eyebrow at the sight of Kid's larger form.

"Kid, please step onto the office scale for a moment." Mira spoke sternly indicating she wasn't in any mood for resistance.

The young Shinigami sighed heavily as he stood on the scale. The bandgaged nurse adjusted the weights on the scale until they balanced with Kid's current weight. Kid looked at the resulting numbers and felt another wave of nausea and guilt.

"247 pounds." Mira wrote down the number on a notepad, "Well, I can see why your pants ripped. You can put your clothes back on. I'm sure there's a pair of old sweatpants in the lost and found that should fit you."

Kid felt his eyes began to water as he put his baggy shirt back on and found the pair of pants Mira had mentioned. He was disgusted at them. There was an uneven number of holes in the legs and some stains that he didn't want to know what they were or how long they were there. Still, he didn't have much choice between ugly assymmetrical pants and walking around in his underpants. He reluctantly put the pants on and left the office.

He knew it wouldn't be long now. Wouldn't be long before Mira would show Stein her notes on Kid's recent visit. Wouldn't be long before Stein would tell Lord Death that his own son had put on weight. Wouldn't be long before his father would learn that Kid had gone back to his gluttonous ways behind his back.

The guilt was too much for him now. He clutched his belly and groaned before rushing into the bathroom and vomiting. Soon the sounds of retching and gagging were accompanied by a surge of bitter sobs.

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