Summary: Mac and Bloo are in a car accident. Although they are not fatally injured, Mac doesn't seem to remember anything about Bloo. Bloo tries to help him regain his memories of all the fun times they had, but Frankie, Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo notice something strange. As Mac remains clueless about his imaginary friend, Bloo begins to lose his memory as well, his full memory. Can they get Mac to remember his friend, or will Bloo disappear from the world?

A Foreword

Ancient folklore of the Companion Dream, otherwise known as the Imaginary Friend, depends on its creator as much as its creator relies on it. It is stated that there is a bond between creator and creation, an Empathy Link if you will, that is strong than any force on Earth. However, this energy has its limits.

An Imaginary can feel their creator's pain, their emotions, and their life. This bond makes Imaginaries incredibly in tune with human behavior and has made them more human than a simple daydream. The friendship with a creator is inseparable and impossible to come between.

When the creator dies, the creation has the choice to follow the creator or stay and find a new "host". Imaginaries rely upon their creator for their life force, their existence. If a new "host" cannot be found, the Imaginary will fade until it is no more. Most Imaginaries ask their creators what they should do, which has led to an increase in the Imaginary population.

Although certain questions pertaining to Imaginaries can be answered, there are many that remain unanswered. For instance, what if the creator completely forgot about their Imaginary counterpart? What if an event so physically and mentally traumatizing were to prevent further memory of an Imaginary? What if they were to forget their very best friend?

~ Excerpt from the AmLy Imaginary Theory, p. 77; report 7