A/N: Alright, to start this chapter off, I saw some questions pertaining to the AmLy Imaginary Theory and "AmLy" in general, so I'll answer them. "AmLy" is, what I like to call, a semi-acronym. The theory was created by two scientists, Amelia and Lynda, during the late 1940s. Their work was discredited among most of the nation due to their methods of research and mental stability, but intellectual and psychologists found logic to their studies. Both died in the mid-'50s without giving the theory a proper name, thus "AmLy" was adopted. However, the theory was forgotten and didn't resurface until the 1990s, which is where #429 updates the information.

The controversy surrounding AmLy is connected to the racism of Imaginary Friends themselves. The hospital is one example of it. Also, if you've seen the episode "Frankie My Dear," Dylan addresses Bloo as a "thing" rather than a child or something that reflects his maturity level. Bloo looked pretty offended by that remark and it made me think about adding the racism factor since not everyone actually likes Imaginary Friends. In short, the government denied the theory due to the controversy concerning Imaginary Friends. I know, it's kind of a strange way to think, but I'm technically a minority myself and I face a bit of racism at my school. My freaking school! Oh well, as Madame Foster says, "No need to get your bloomers in a bunch!" Seriously, it's not worth your time dealing with ignorance on a daily basis. Well, onwards and upwards!

Oh, one more thing: Bloo is technically dying because he and (subconsciously) Mac do not want to let go of one another. They could easily have Bloo find another "host," but their promise binds them together. Plus, they don't even know about the whole Empathy Link aspect of this story or what adoption really is, which brings me to the point that the AmLy theory is going to go through a lot of revisions through the course of this story. Due to the secrecy of the AmLy theorists who fully support it, information can only come in clumps where one person revises/adds information. Another can just as easily erase said information using adequate proof and testing. For those of you who are interested, I'm planning another FHIF story concerning the AmLy theory in greater depth and their methods of "information gathering." Yes, it's a Mac and Bloo story and yes, it will have a similar style and a darker nature than this one. I hope that answered your questions! Now I'm actually going to get started!

"Come on! I just want to go do something! Please Frankie? Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase?"

"No way Bloo, you heard the doctor! You are not to move from this bed until the week is up!" Frankie said sternly to the small blue blob pouting in his bed. Bloo huffed and crossed his arms, careful of the left one still healing in a brace. Imaginaries heal much faster than humans (though no one has really explained why), but due to that indoor water slide incident, Bloo's arm wouldn't heal as fast as last time.

"But Frankie," Bloo whined, "it's Saturday! That's close enough to Sunday, right? C'mon, just let me go downstairs or walk around the hallway, even just a quick walk around the room. Please? I'm sooooo boooored." Bloo flopped back on the bed to emphasize his boredom. Being cooped up in a room with only Eduardo's stuffed animals and the occasional visits by the owner of said toys, Wilt, and Coco was definitely NOT enough to keep anyone sane.

"Well, I don't know, you're not supposed to move around until you get your stitches out tomorrow. I'm surprised they're not out already considering how fast you healed when you broke pretty much every bone in your body." Frankie sighed. The little guy hadn't caused much trouble for the last week and hadn't asked for anything too outrageous, not counting the first day back where he was slightly delusional due to the pain medication he was on. But, that one was to be expected.

"Please? I won't do anything too risky. Just walk around a bit."

"Bloo, you have trouble getting yourself to the closest bathroom."

"Your point?"

"Look, I just don't want you to overwork yourself. Besides, you do that often enough when you're not on bed rest." Frankie chuckled as she remembered all the outlandish things Bloo did. Foster's had become ten times more exciting (and harder to take care of) ever since Bloo showed up. As annoying as he was, Bloo did give Foster's a most needed energy boost…even if it did slightly increase her workload.

"Hey! I do not overwork myself! Name one time-" Frankie's laughter cut the rest of Bloo's sentence off.

"That one's way too easy! There's the time you hitched a ride on Eduardo's tricycle all to get one of Coco's Foster's baseball cards. Then, when you let Bendy get to you and made the house explode from water pressure. Then there's the whole Imaginary Man and Nemesister incident. Then,-"

"Alright, alright! I get it! Sheesh," Bloo mumbled and glared at the wall. Soon, his expression faltered and became downcast. The Imaginary Man memory…Mac didn't even remember what happened. Although his ego wouldn't allow him to admit it out loud, Bloo was incredibly hurt by what Mac had done. That fear and depression crept back into his mind ever since Mac asked who he was. Frankie noticed Bloo's discomfort, instantly regretting bringing up that story.

"Sorry Bloo, I forgot how touchy that was for you." She said. The blob nodded in response, eyes never meeting hers. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head, "Hey, how about this: you stay here for the rest of the day and tomorrow after I take you to the doctor's, we'll go visit Mac." Frankie smiled as she watched Bloo's face light up with excitement. If it didn't cause him pain, he'd be jumping up and down with no hopes of ever stopping.

"Yes! Oh, thankyouFrankieyou'rethebestwhydidn'tyoutellmeearlierYES!" Bloo yelled joyously on one breath. Inhaling deeply, his mind concocted a plan for Mac. Once both of them could move around again, they'd spend a day together at Foster's and do their favorite activities together. They'd do everything they had ever wanted to do, maybe even the Thing. No matter what, Mac would remember him, Blooregard Q. Kazoo! His little celebration was cut off abruptly by a resounding *snap!*

It had happened before: a week ago in the hospital, two days after he went back to Foster's, and then now. Bloo didn't really bother telling anyone about it, but he did tell Frankie about the headaches. Every time it happened, he'd get a severe migraine and become exhausted. He shrugged it off as an after effect of being hit by a car. Although, this didn't happen with the water slide incident…

"Hey Frankie, I'm just going to go back to sleep now." Bloo said, his speech slightly slurred. Frankie smiled, believing Bloo had just tired himself out after his bout of happiness.

"Sure thing Bloo, I'll come back up at dinner." She turned towards the door and opened it to let herself out. Her finger flicked the lights off. Right before she left, she glanced once more at Bloo.

*Wow, he fell asleep fast.* she thought. For a second, Frankie could have sworn that she saw him…flicker. Bloo had been nearly transparent for about a half of a second, maybe less. She raised an eyebrow, but shrugged it off believing it to be a trick of the light. Darkness flooded the room as the last breath of light was snuffed out by the closing door.

Where was he? Was this some kind of…trick? Some sort of illusion?

Mac looked at the scenery; an old Victorian Mansion, a lot of Imaginary Friends, and a swing set right in front of him. A smile crept onto his face as realization finally hit him; it was Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. As quickly as that happiness came, it was quickly replaced by anger as he stomped towards the swings. However, the person, or Imaginary, he was looking for was lounging in a beach chair.

"We were supposed to play together!" he shouted at the figure. It was that same one that appeared in every single dream. Who was it?

"Hmm? Oh yeah…you guys!" the figure clapped its hands and three Scribbles floated next to him. "Go play with the boy."

"No! That's not what I meant!" Right as he was about to scream the name, the scene changed. These dreams were starting to get pretty darn annoying! Every time that he was about to discover who this person/Imaginary really was, something would stop him. It was like a road block that would never be removed.

When his surroundings came back into focus, he was on the roof of Foster's. Before he could even wonder why or how he got there, the figure addressed him.

"Do you see it?" it asked him.

"I can't…" Mac replied, not really knowing what he was looking for.

"You can."

"So, left?"

"No, right."


"No, left."

"Next to the red…"


"Over there?"

"Yes, yes!"

"And now…left."

"Yes, yes! You did it!" the figure shouted with glee. Mac ignored the rambling, just wanting the thing to get to his point. "…and it's the corner of your apartment! Ho cool is that!" An apartment corner? That's why he was up here? Just to see the corner of his apartment? Some adventure that turned out to be. Before he could even yell at the thing, his dream changed again.

"Oh, give me a break!" Mac screamed to no one in particular. Once his vision settled again, he noticed that he was in a dark room with hardly any light. Squinting, he saw the silhouette of the figure he kept trying to talk to. "Hello? Can you hear me?"

"Barely, it's starting to get harder." The figure replied. Mac walked forward, frightened and curious at the same time.

"What do you mean by starting?"

"Well, something happened in here. First, the lights were killed. It started out as a small flicker, but then they died completely. Then, I've been losing my ability to hear in here. Heh, that sounded funny. I mean, 'hear in here?' What kind of cheesy person would say or write that out? Please, give me a break!"

"Um…you were saying?"

"Hmm? Oh, right. This has got to be the worst; I've been getting farther and farther away from that." The figure pointed to a small replica of Foster's, the object receiving the only light in the room. Next to it was a model of the apartment building as well as miniature figures of everyone Mac had ever known. Even that bully from preschool…

"Why is that important?" Mac said, picking up the small figure of him and Wilt. As he looked more closely, his seemed to be slightly cracked.

"They're everything I have, everything that I am. You may see them as toys, but they are essentially me. Those are my memories, my connections; my life. As you may have noticed, your statue is cracked."

"But-but why mine?"

"I…don't have much of an answer for that. I know you're special…" the figure grabbed at its head and continued with a more pained voice. "I can't really say. I…forget now. I've been forgetting more and more, it's scaring me. You know when you get that feeling that you should know something, but you don't? That's exactly how I feel right now. I used to know, but something's been happening, something bad." A loud groan alerted the stranger out of its explanation.

"What was that?" Mac asked.

"It's time for you to go; I'll talk to you later. Just…promise me you'll come back." The room shook.

"How? How will I find you again? How can I find this place?"

"Trust me and just trust yourself. Now, promise me you'll come back." The figure got further and further away.


"Please!" the voice sounded distant and strained.

"I promise!" Mac finally shouted back. With a final flash of light, everything was gone.

Mac's eyes flew open with a start. It had all been a dream, a very strange dream. Who was that creature? Why did it know him so well? How did it know him? What was it?

Mac glanced at his bedside clock, discovering that it was 2:00 AM. He sighed and closed his eyes once more, hoping to find out who exactly this thing was. Perhaps it was someone he knew.

Back at Foster's, Bloo turned in his sleep and let out an unconscious groan. The fourth link had been severed and nobody knew how long it was until his mind finally went with it. In fact, nobody knew that it was occurring at all.

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