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Bankotsu's Greatest Challenge.

Chapter 27: Finale.

The ferocity of the wind grew as the seemingly endless demon hoards high in the sky, headed right towards them.

Bankotsu flipped Banryu into a defensive position and waited, eyes scouring the land as the ground began to shimmy and shake. He grunted and stabbed Banryu into the earth, hand tightening around the handle.

Inuyasha slammed Tetsuiga into the earth and clung to the handle. "What the hell is this?"

Ginkotsu slowly rolled over to Kagome.

With Renkotsu's help they got the frightened girl on the tank man's back and Kagome jumped on Ginkotsu, holding to one of the weapon racks.

When the ground finally ceased moving, Sango and Miroku sighed with their backs against Ginkotsu's wide base.

A loud shriek filled the air as Kikyo's body raised into the air held by a single, solid tentacle stretched out of the ground.

"Kikyo!" Inuyasha cried, ripping his weapon from the dirt. "Windscar!" He screamed, slamming the weapon on the ground and a burst of light flew towards the tentacle, but was reflected by a green barrier.

The windscar was deflected by Banryu as Bankotsu ran over in front of Ginkotsu. "Are you fucking insane, Inubaka?" He growled, flipping Banryu before him to stave off the remainder of the attack, grunting behind the blade, he used his free hand to push the attack towards the trees off to his left.

"Watch where the hell you aim that thing!" he barked out, eyes flashing with the promise of a fate worse than death the hanyou endangered his group again.

"How the hell was I supposed to know the damned thing would be deflected?" Inuyasha's barked back, nostrils flaring and ears twitching.

The ground shimmered again causing the warriors to step back a few paces in order to keep their balances.

Twenty feet before them a black mass of bubbling ooze erupted from the ground, with a light purple miasma filling the air.

Bankotsu's eyes widened and he froze in momentary shock as his mind replayed the night he'd been relaxing in the tub. 'That's the same shit from my vision.'

"Inuyasha, don't let that shit touch you!" He called out in warning as the hanyou ran towards the area, determined to retrieve his beloved Kikyo.

"Kikyo's puppet screamed in pain and fright as the ooze rose up the tentacle towards her.

Inuyasha watched horrified as if everything happened in slow motion, while his feet were cemented in place. His heart lurched as he watched the body engulfed by the noxious ooze.

"No!" He cried out raising his weapon, intending to release the windscar again.

Bankotsu ran over and smashed Banryu against the weapon, forcing it down to the ground before the energy finished gathering. "Baka! Stop acting like a retard. Can't you see that's exactly what the bastard wants?" His stone solid fist smashed into Inuyasha's jaw, and sent him skidding across the ground, towards the others.

Bankotsu picked up and tossed the tiny blade to the ground by Inuyasha. "Fucking holster that thing!" He growled before back flipping over to them.

Kikyo's puppet cried out as the ooze slowly dissolved her body.

"Kikyo!" Inuyasha struggled against Bankotsu's iron grip, ready to use his blades of blood, until Kagome jumped down in front of them and fired an arrowed charged with miko energy.

Miroku sighed and stared his friend dead in the eye. "Inuyasha, that wasn't Kikyo."

"How can you say that?" The hanyou snarled, eyes turning red.

The previously injured girl jumped down and grabbed his arm. "Stop please." She begged, staring at him with wide, frightened eyes.

Inuyasha inhaled a shocked breath as energy poured into him, causing little electric zaps to run down his spine as the girl hugged his waist, burying her face against his chest and trembled violently.

Bankotsu stared at his wife. "Think it will work?"

"Only one way to find out." She strung another arrow, focusing it towards the gaping crater, still emitting ooze. She fired her arrow towards the center of the hole and watched the energy push through the ooze, before crackling energy engulfed the massive puddle.

"It's not strong enough." She frowned.

"Together than." Bankotsu raised Banryu, releasing the Dragon Hammer and Kagome fired an arrow into his attack, watching as the combined energies mingled to destroy the ooze.

"So, you two have grown stronger, eh?" Naraku's vile voice filled the air as the demons hovering in the air started their descent.

"Figured you were behind this." Bankotsu scowled and sent his attacks towards the descending demons, quickly joined by Kagome's arrows. "Renkotsu, burn this shit to ashes!" He ordered, before running towards Naraku, who came up out of the crater.

Renkotsu leapt down from Ginkotsu's back, spewing forth flame as the demon bodies fell to the ground at the mercy of Jakotsu's snake like blade, Miroku's sutras and Sango's boomerang.

Kirara and Shippo joined in by using fire and fox fire attacks on the demons.

The girl pressed against Inuyasha's chest stared at him. "I think I know how to defeat him."

Inuyasha blinked and his ears twitched. "How?"

"He's not alone." She pointed towards the hole, where Tsubaki slowly rose, surrounded by a pale green barrier.

Inuyasha's eyes narrowed. "You!" he snarled and pushed the girl against Ginkotsu.

Tsubaki grinned. "Hello yourself."

Kagura flew through the demons in the sky. "Dance of blades!" she yelled, slicing her fan trough the air, releases three blades towards the tank like man.

Inuyasha blinked as a blue barrier surrounded him, Ginkotsu and the girl, destroying the wind blades.

"What gives?" Inuyasha asked staring at the barrier.

At the same time Kagome heard a whisper in her head. 'You and Bankotsu need to combine your attacks with Inuyasha's in order to destroy Tsubaki.'

She blinked. 'Midoriko?'

'There isn't much time, child.'

She stared at Inuyasha. "I need you to trust me."

"Kagome, now really isn't the time to - "

She silenced him with a glare. "Use Tetsuiga and aim for my arrow."

He frowned but withdrew his word, preparing to do as she said. "Hope you know what you're doing."

She reached back, notching another arrow. "Bankotsu, aim for my arrow!" She yelled before pulling back the string and aiming for the center of Tsubaki's heart.

Bankotsu nodded and prepared to do as she asked, trusting his wife.

"Now!" Kagome fired her arrow, watching in horror as two tentacles threatened her husband from the left. "Look out!" She cried trying to warn him.

Before she could fire another arrow, Renkotsu's fire spewed onto the tentacles, turning them into harmless ashes.

Bankotsu spun around and smirked at his second in command. "Nice save." He whirled around and used Banryu to hack at the next wave of demons.

Renkotsu nodded and blew more fire from his mouth, shaking his gourd, which was almost empty.

Kirara flew over to Bankotsu, getting him out of harm's way by knocking him onto her back and flying over to the tank.

"Dance of the dragon."

The girl screamed as three tornadoes aimed towards her and Inuyasha.

"Damn you Kagura." Inuyasha snarled as he counteracted with the windscar, ripping into her fan. She cried out as the fan was ripped from her hands and half her body was shredded.

Another tornado barreled across the ground, heading straight towards them, but stopped a foot away. "Kagome, watch out!" Kouga cried, running towards her as a tentacle sailed towards her, intending to impale her.

At the last second Kirara flew over to Kagome, dumping Bankotsu on his feet as he quickly sliced the tentacle and then Kirara blew fire on it. "Stay away from my wife, you bastard!" He ground out, eyes zeroing on Naraku.

"Kouga?" Kagome asked in disbelief.

He smirked. "Couldn't let you have all the fun." He held up his left hand which held the Gorashi. He flicked his claws and grinned. "New and improved."

She smiled. "I'm glad you're here."

Bankotsu grunted. "Focus people!" He snapped, as Banryu flipped into a defensive position.

"Yeah, yeah." Kouga retorted, before spinning to face Naraku. "You and your little bitch will pay for what you did to my clan!" He ran forward, aiming for Naraku's head, missing by only a fraction of an inch.

Kirara flew over to Sango, who was busy slicing the remaining demons with her boomerang. Miroku fought by her side, using his staff to slice through the ones who managed to get close enough to threaten them.

Bankotsu, Kagome, and Inuyasha's combined attacks struck Tsubaki and rendered her to pieces, as Kagome's miko energy destroyed the evil miko from the inside out.

"No!" Naraku cried out in anger and released a waved of tentacles, tossing the wolf prince away from him.

Kagome felt a strange, yet comforting presence behind her and then felt someone's hand on her shoulder. She looked but saw nothing.

'Focus on Naraku. You and Bankotsu must combine your powers to defeat him.'

She blinked. "Ban, we have to work together to beat him."

"On three." Bankotsu nodded and raised his weapon. "One, two," He raised his weapon into the air. "Three!" He swung down, releasing his most power dragon hammer.

Kagome's arrow flew towards the middle of the energy strike and she felt a strong surge of power flow through her. She watched as her pink energy turned to bluish white, strengthening the potency of the attack as it barreled toward Naraku.

Bankotsu charged forward, intent on following up the attack by slicing his blade through the bastard's flesh.

Kagome watched horrified as Naraku sent forth a massive cloud of miasma with his tentacles, trying to stave off the attack and aiming straight for her husband.

Her heart stalled as she heard him cry out in pain, trying to hold off the attack. "You, die, today." He ground out between pain filled gasps, calling on all of his massive strength to force the tentacles, which were pummeling his weapon back.

'It's time.'

Bankotsu scowled and grunted. "No!"

'You must let me go.' Banryu spoke to his mind.

"No damnit, now shut up and fight!" his grip tightened on the handle as if trying to bend the blades will.

'You don't need my guidance anymore. Let go and move on.'

"I refuse." He whispered with a fierce determination.

'If you don't give up your search for more power, you will be killed.'

"Then so be it." He grunted, forcing the last reserves of his strength behind the blade.

'You have a wife now, who depends on you. Take care of her.'

"I can't lose you." He whispered, silently willing the blade to understand.

'You will never lose me; I will always be in your heart.' Banryu glowed brightly and began to crack under the pressure.

Bankotsu felt the loss like a piece of his soul being ripped from him as the weapon glowed with pure energy to the point his hands hurt. "Please." He begged. "Don't do this."

'Let me go, so that you can survive.' Warmth flowed from the massive blade and he felt strangely comforted, despite the soul deep sadness filling his body. 'I love you.'

"I love you too, Mother." He sobbed, before he let the handle slide from his fingers and was immediately thrown out of the way, by a huge burst of energy, just before Banryu exploded into billion's of fragments.

He grunted as he hit the ground on his back, just before Naraku impaled his gut with one of his tentacles.

"No!" Kagome cried, firing arrows at the tentacle, running over to her husband's side, landing on her knees with tears streaming down her face. "Bankotsu!" She screamed out in horror as she saw the look of death on his face.

Inuyasha's attack combined with Bankotsu and Kagome's final attacks to destroy Naraku, who screamed in pain and outrage as he was rendered to pieces, and then fell to the ground in a pile of ashes.

"Kagomeā€¦" Bankotsu's eyes clouded over with a mixture of pain, sadness and regret.

"You hang in there you hear me?" She spoke frantically as she closed her teary eyes and placed her hands over his wounds, chanting the healing words from the cave. She feverently prayed that it would work and nearly broke down sobbing as she felt his life's energy draining away.

"Don't you dare leave me now!" she slammed her hands over his would and poured every ounce of energy she had into repeating the healing chant and focusing on his wound.

She heard him cough, the sound like blood rattling in his lungs and felt the cold claws of fear seize her heart in an iron tight grip. 'I will not lose him!' She silently vowed, focusing all of her concentration into the healing chant.

The sky around them glowed with a bright blue light, mixing with her pink energy as the others watched avidly, with mixed feelings.

'Please Kami, I can't lose him. Not now.' Kagome collapsed against him, barely able to sit up anymore and repeated the chant, forcing the final vestiges of her strength into it, before she was surrounded by the black abyss of unconsciousness.


Two days later Kagome lay in bed still too weak to move and stared at the other side of her bed, which was cold, and empty as if it hadn't been used in ages. Her heart squeezed painfully as she uselessly wiped the tears away from her eyes and felt her heart breaking all over again. She hugged her knees to her chest and cried.

"It's a shame to see such a beautiful lady crying." A man with wide shoulders walked over and pulled her into his arms.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her head against a strong chest. "I was so afraid I'd lost you forever." She whispered, still afraid to believe he was right there, holding her.

She felt a pair of lips brush against her hair. He pulled back and lifted her chin to stare into her watery eyes. "Nah, You're stuck with me for all eternity." He sent her his signature smirk, before kissing her as if it were their first time.

She kissed him back, inhaling his scent, capturing it with her lungs and allowed the heady sensation of his drugging kiss to sweep aware the nightmares.

He pulled back and nuzzled his nose against hers. "No more bad dreams, okay?"

She smiled and nodded, placing his hand over her heart. "I'm just glad it's finally over." She said, before slowly standing up, with his hands on her hips, bracing her as they made their way to where the others were waiting to celebrate their hard won victory.

Miroku sat next to his wife, who held Shippo in her lap.

Inuyasha sat next to the girl he'd saved. "Are you sure you don't mind coming here?" He asked, staring at her.

"I'm honored to be included." She smiled shyly at him. "You saved me, I'll never be able to thank you enough."

Inuyasha snorted. "Enough with the gratitude already." He blinked as she leaned over, brushing a kiss against his cheek.

She pulled back and smiled. "Okay, but still thank you."

His face reddened as he rubbed the spot she kissed, still shocked by how her touches affected him.

Kagome and Bankotsu walked into the room and took their seats. Bankotsu stood at the head of the long table and clinked his glass. "Today we're here to celebrate our most important victory and welcome a new friend."

Everyone raised their glasses.

"From this day forward, everyone at this table is a part of something special. Misfits and all we're family." He tapped his glass against Kagome's and everyone tapped glasses and then drank their wine.


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