A/N: Hello, this is my first one-shot? you could say. Anyways, this one-shot will have several chapters, not many though. This was inspired by the song Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. This will be a Bella/Alice story so if you don't like this pairing please refrain from reading any of it.

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Hey girl, you know you drive me crazy
one look puts the rhythm in my hand.
Still I'll never understand why you hang around
I see what's going down.

Cover up with make-up in the mirror
tell yourself, it's never gonna happen again
you cry alone and then he swears he loves you.

Do you feel like a man when you push her around?
Do you feel better now as she falls to the ground?
Well I'll tell you my friend, one day this world's going to end
as your lies crumble down, a new life she has found.

Face Down – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Chapter 1

Bella looked at herself in the mirror. The bruises were already fading from her right cheek to a sickened yellow color. But they were still there, taunting her.

Sighing, she grabbed her make-up bag and applied powder to conceal the bruises. She couldn't risk the possibility of Charlie finding out. Everything would go to hell if he did.

Double checking that the make-up hid the bruises well, she grabbed her back pack from the floor and headed downstairs. Tripping lightly on the last step, she steadied herself upright with the help of the banister.

She headed towards the kitchen and grabbed a package of Pop tarts to eat quickly before leaving to school. She knew that she wouldn't be able to eat on the way. Her boyfriend didn't allow her to eat inside the car. Apparently he didn't want her to 'dirty' his precious car.

While she munched on her pop tarts, she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Charlie appeared a few seconds later on the entrance to the kitchen. He was already in his uniform, ready to leave for work.

"Morning, Bells." He mumbled.

"Morning, Dad."

It was quiet. Charlie grabbed his mug and made himself coffee.

"Came pretty late yesterday," he more or less stated as he sat down on a chair. She did the same.

Bella sighed quietly. She knew this would happen. She hadn't wanted to come so late yesterday but Edward hadn't let her leave when she asked to be taken home. Instead they continued making out in his car. She went along with him, not wanting to anger him more than he already was. The bruises explained why.

"I know dad and I'm sorry. I promise it won't happen again."

He grunted.

Finishing her pop tarts, she got up to throw away the wrapper in the trash. Charlie followed too, setting the half filled mug in the sink.

"Well, see you later, Bells." Charlie said, adjusting his belt.

"Bye Dad, be careful."

"Always am."

She heard her father head out the door and start the cruiser. After a few moments she heard the cruiser leave.

Taking a deep breathe, she walked to the living room and sat down on the couch. She didn't sit for long though, as she heard a car beep outside her house.

Bella got up quickly and rushed outside. The Volvo was parked on her driveway. Bending her head, she jogged towards the car door and climbed inside quickly, glad that she didn't trip, to prevent from getting wet with the light drizzle. She was greeted with an aggressive kiss from her boyfriend, Edward. His hands touched her cheeks and she backed away quickly. The pain was still there.

Edward's green eyes darkened with rage for a second but then he quickly smoothed his features and smiled his famous crook smile.

"I'm sorry love, you know I didn't mean to," he said as he caressed her cheek lightly. "You know it was your fault for wanting to leave me so quickly."

She sighed. It was always her fault apparently. Either because she didn't do what he told her or because apparently she didn't show him enough that she loved him.

Not wanting to argue, she nodded, indicating that she knew that it was her fault.

She was getting tired of it. It had not always been like this. At the beginning of their relationship, Edward had been the sweetest guy ever. He would take her out on dates; bring her flowers and other presents. But after some time, Edward began getting more aggressive with her. He wouldn't let her hang out with any of her friends, especially not her guy friends, and whenever she would do something he didn't like he would push her around or smack her.

It always ended up with him apologizing over and over that he didn't meant to and that it was, somewhat, her fault. She always forgave him in hopes of him ever changing in the future. That day hadn't arrived yet and she was starting to think that it never would.

She was brought out of her thoughts by Edward's rough lips as he began to kiss her again.

After a few moments they separated, as the need for air had become too much. Edward smirked as he watched Bella breathed heavily.

"Such a feisty girl you are, love." Bella just smiled, which came out more of a grimace.

Edward reversed out of the driveway and drove to school. Along the way, Edward grabbed Bella's hand possessively in his own. Entering the crowded school's parking lot, he parked smoothly in his usual parking spot.

They both got out and met at the end of the car. Edward placed his arm around Bella's shoulders and they leaned on his car as they waited for the bell to ring. Bella looked around the parking lot and noticed an expensive-looking canary yellow car parked two cars away.

'There must be new students,' Bella thought.

The only really nice cars owned around here was by Edward's family. The famous Cullen family, as everybody said. Jasper and Rosalie were twins and Edward's siblings. They both were seniors this year. Edward, one year younger than them, was a junior. Not knowing them personally, you would think that they weren't related at all but looking closely, similarities could be noticed. They were easily the most beautiful people at school.

Out of the three, Jasper was the most calm and quiet, quite opposite from his twin sister, who was a complete bitch and was often referred as the 'ice queen'. Edward was a tad bit worse, because of his temper and all.

Coming out of her thoughts, she noticed a petite girl leaning against the canary yellow car. Her hair was in a pixie-like style, making her look like a fairy, and she was no more than 5 feet tall. She was wearing designer clothes that literally screamed 'Shopaholic'! But that's not what caught her attention; her eyes were drawn to the girl's face. Her face was flawless, with high cheekbones, rosy lips, small nose, and bright blue eyes. She was perfect and she looked just like an angel. No, she looked like a goddess.

"A goddess?" Bella questioned herself quietly. Where did that come from?

Apparently she wasn't that quiet because Edward gave her a questioning look. She ignored him and continued to look at the girl. By that time, a big muscular guy had joined her side.

The guy was easily over 6 feet tall with short curly hair and had the same blue eyes as the girls' except his didn't shine like hers. The big guy wore a big goofy smile on his face as he talked to the girl, who perhaps was his sister?

"Who are you looking at?" Edward asked with a dangerous edge in his voice.

Bella quickly looked away from the couple and turned to Edward.

"Nobody. I think we have new students though." She said quietly, gesturing to the two unknown people near the expensive car.

Edward moved his gaze sharply to their direction. He narrowed his eyes as he studied them. After a moment he tore away his gaze from them and looked at Bella.

"Why are you looking at them?" he asked as his eyes darkened lightly.

"I was just curious." Bella responded even more quietly than before as she shrunken back a bit.

She didn't want another angry episode from him like many other times. The guys at school now tended to avoid her gaze after Edward beat up Mike Newton, one of her fellow friends, because he had apparently looked at her for 'too long'.

Edward grunted as he possessively snaked his arms around her waist and hold her tightly against his chest.

Just then the bell rang and they both began to walk towards their class, with his arms still tightly around her waist.

As they were about to enter into the building, Bella caught the gaze of the small pixie-like girl. In spite of herself, she smiled lightly at her as she gave her a bright smile, with teeth showing and all.

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