I thought everything would be fine by now. Forgotten, left alone, just like any other dreaded event in the past. I was completely wrong. I thought that I can spend the rest of my forever with my big, wonderful family. I thought my life was bliss, now that I knew my destiny with Jacob. Apparently, my thoughts didn't matter at this point. They would never leave me alone. To them I was a liability, no matter how many times we proved them wrong. The fighting would never end! I stood there defenseless as I saw my family risk their lives for me again. Something had to be done to end this once and for all. And in that instant, I knew. I had to die...

Blood. Red. Eyes. My ability to look away temporarily disappeared. My vampire instincts weren't quick enough. Pure, ultimate fear paralyzed me. And it didn't stop there; it just kept growing and growing as I realized what they were after. They justified me as the most valuable, considering I was so rare. Aro couldn't be happy with just me unfortunately because he also wanted my parents, Edward and Bella, as well as Aunt Alice. Our gifts were just too precious that he couldn't help but want to covet them. We would be an incomparable, superb addition to the guard; well at least that's what Aro exclaimed. I can't believe this was the same guard that swore to protect our kind. Ridiculous.

"Renesmee..." Aro, Caius, and Marcus whispered perfectly synchronized. This was it. They were advancing on me.

I wasn't aware that I was dreaming. It just felt so real, so concrete. I was so thankful to be awaken by mom's cold but comforting arms.

"Ness? Nessie, honey, it's alright. You're having a bad dream. Everything's okay," her words urging me to open my eyes. Instead I shot right up and locked my arms around her neck, silent tears streaming down my face as I held onto her.
"Shhh," she soothed. Uncle Jasper must've entered my room because in an instant I was completely calm. Another minute or two went by and I sighed but reluctantly let go of my mom. I let out a small smile and said thank you to Uncle Jazz. In a second, he was by my side and quickly kissed my head before leaving the room. I got up from my queen sized bed to my enormous closet. I switched out of my green flannel pajamas and slipped into a pair of skinny jeans, a light pink tank top, and a black cardigan.

"Don't you wanna go back to sleep?" she asked. I checked my wall clock quickly. 5 hours of sleep. Hmm, that was enough, I thought. I didn't feel like reliving my nightmare.

"No," I replied. "I wanna go outside, take a breather, and just look up at the stars."

I began to notice that by doing this, it calmed me. It made my mind clear, free of worry. My mom got up to leave. I swiftly went to her and placed my right hand on her left cheek.

(Thank you, Momma.) She smiled her dazzling smile and said," You're welcome, baby girl."

Her lips briefly brushed my forehead and then she was gone. I walked over to my white-framed window to check the sky. Thankfully there weren't many clouds out and even a full moon was visible.
I quickly went down the hall, ascended the stairs, went through the kitchen and stepped out the back door into the brisk, cold night. It was mid-fall but I could still smell a hint of the colorful forest despite the fact that most of the leaves were on the ground, dead. I made my way down further away from the house, not too far, though, because I could still hear movement inside. I was finally in the garden. Gramma never really had a reason to have one, since no one ate human food besides me. I was surrounded by a vast majority of flowers, fruits and vegetables. My dad built a medium-sized hammock for me to lay in the afternoon, or whenever I wanted. It was perfectly nestled along these two huge, middle-aged maple trees.

I heard a rustle a few yards away as I was approaching the hammock. I automatically went into a crouch, my instincts kicking in as I scanned the forest for any signs of danger. I waited, but nothing came. I figured it was one of the wolves on patrol or maybe even a squirrel. Once I felt safe again, I went and fell into the hammock. I sighed in awe once I laid my eyes on the night sky. Fortunately I had vampire eyes, with my mom's human eye color, a deep, warm, chocolate brown. I can see everything perfectly. I quickly found the northern star, along with the Big Dipper and the Small Dipper. Not too far away was Orion's Belt, also. I rarely look at the calendar. A couple days ago, however, I just so happened to stumble upon one and it said October 13, full moon.

I smiled at the clarity of my vision. I loved that deep, dark, blue color the sky had at night. To human eyes it appeared almost black. Human eyes couldn't have seen the subtle indigo swirls in between the twinkling stars. I was completely transfixed with my view. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by that familiar, woodsy scent. And just right on cue, Jacob came booming to my side.

He had a huge grin on his face and I couldn't help but smile back. I also couldn't miss the fact that the only thing he had on were a pair of gray sweats. I quickly looked him up and down twice, basking in his stunning body. He was so ripped and muscular! I think he noticed because he started snapping at me.

"Hello? Earth to Nessie?"

We both chuckled and I surprised him with a hug. "I missed you," I said to his chest.

He was so tall! I was really barely 5 foot tall and he was like, what, 6'5"?

"I missed you, too" he murmured onto the top of my head. "I've been busy the last couple of days. You know, alpha duty. But I felt your fear earlier so I came to check up on you."

Darn. I'd completely forgotten my dream, until now. We were still in an embrace but I turned my head to the right and the rapid humming of his heart calmed me instantly.

"I'm fine, now," I said. We stood there for what seemed like an eternity, when in reality it was just 10 minutes.

Times like these, I was really happy I had a best friend like Jake. It didn't matter what we did, as long as were together. We would never get bored and we were nearly inseparable. Lately, though, I just didn't know. It had been almost a year since the incident in the clearing with the Volturi. Back then I looked like a 7 year old. But now I looked like a 13 year old. I felt like one, too, one that had a huge crush on my best friend, Jacob Black. I mean this was normal, right? After all, I do have some human genes. Which can mean I'm just going through some major hormones. I let my worried thoughts run through my head full speed. I wasn't aware that my face reacted, too, because before I knew it, Jacob smoothed my forehead back to how it was.

His hands wandered off to my waist and they lingered in its place when he whispered, "tell me what you're thinking."

I felt this strange sort of electric current surge through my body as his dark, serious eyes bore into mine. We stayed like that for quite a while. I knew him all too well to know that he wouldn't drop the question so I decided to just show him what I was thinking. I didn't need my voice to break, embarrassing me. I didn't show him everything, either, because I was simply not ready to spill out my guts.

I replayed my nightmare and how I was observing the stars, the sky, and the moon before he joined me. I even brought up the rustling I heard from the forest that gave me a small scare.

"That was me," he said.

"I'm sorry if I scared you, Ness, I was just watching you from a distance cos I didn't know if you wanted company. But when you got up and I saw you twirling, I was just blown away. You're just so dang irresistible."

I smiled. He always knew how to cheer me up. He smiled right back and then we were back to staring into each other's eyes. I knew I wasn't in quite in control of my body because somehow, someway, I was inching closer to his face.

I was even more surprised to see he was mimicking me. I could feel the heat emanating from his body even more. 5 seconds past and our lips were just millimeters away. I closed my eyes, waiting for him to make the final move so that I can shape my lips perfectly to match his. But before I can even take another breath we were interrupted by a fairly loud "Ah-hem."

We immediately stepped away from our position and I turned to see who it was.

Why wasn't I surprised? Of course it would be daddy.

He was always so protective over my fondness with Jake.

"Hey, Edward," Jake said with a little head nod, obviously a little caught off guard.

"Jacob," my dad sternly replied. I guess Jake got the vibe too because before I knew it, his lips were right next to my ears to say, "I gotta go. I'll catcha later, Ness."

And with a kiss on my cheek, he was gone.

Just like that.

Into the woods.

My breath caught when I assessed what just happened in my mind. I was going to kiss Jacob. I've been wanting to for a long time now but I wasn't sure if he felt the same way. Apparently, he did because he wouldn't be leaning into me, too, right? Again I was lost in my thought that I completely forgot that I wasn't alone.

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen."

Sheeeesh, he must've been really mad.

"I'm not mad at you, sweetheart," my dad said. "Now get over here."

I was beside him in a flash and he took me into his arms. I breathed in his musky, honeysuckle scent.

He was whispering into my hair. "I'm sorry if I upset you. Jacob should just have a better control of himself."

He sort of mumbled the last part that I wasn't really sure what he said. He started to pull me towards the house to join my family when I stopped him. He frowned a little but quickly composed himself. I just wanted to take a last look at my surroundings. I couldn't wait until next month when I can enjoy this silver air again.