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Emmie's POV

Chapter 32: Clarification

My brother was still quite exhausted from the Nova incident at school that he continued snoring after I playfully rushed the little ones out of my room. Luckily, he was a deep sleeper because even with it being late into the night Eddie and Ivee were still fairly energized and their giggles seemed to travel all over the house.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I found my parents cuddling on the couch, my dad completely distracted from the game on the big flat screen which was definitely a rare thing to find. I smiled at how lovingly they stared at one another. Even with Rommel and I being physically 13, I still enjoyed acting like I was my real age and so I swiftly made my way to them and wedged myself right in the middle. Despite my dad's brawny appearance, his scent was really sweet, almost like a masculine lavendar. We sat in silence for a while with my mom slowly stroking my sandy blonde hair. It felt nice. The last time I recalled ever doing this was when my brother and I were much younger. It was now that I realized we really were growing up at a fast pace. I suddenly felt a pang of anxiousness as if something bad was going to happen really soon. Whether is was Rommel's issue with Nova, my suspicions with Nina or perhaps something bigger, I just felt utterly scared for a moment. As an impulse, I grabbed onto my father tighter.

"Emmie, baby, what's wrong?" he asked.

Hearing the bass of his voice comforted me instantly and I let my worries wander elsewhere in my mind and answered, "Nothing daddy. It's just that I miss being cradled by you and mama. That's all."

He smiled and my mom replied. "Sweetie, we can do this every night if you wanted. We miss cradling you just as much and your brother isn't excluded in that."

I nodded and moved so that I was standing in front of them now. I yawned and stretched to realize that I was actually quite hungry. I knew my grandmother wouldn't mind fixing me some late night dinner but I was in the mood for some blood, especially after hearing Rommel's view of Nova.

"Momma, can we go hunting right now? Just you and me?" I asked pouncing onto the space near her on our white leather couch. I took note from earlier that her eyes were near to becoming black as coal.

She nodded, kissed my dad goodbye, me doing the same, and out the door we went into the darkness of the trees.

Within an hour, we managed to catch a total of four deer, a young mountain lion that I caught by myslef and a bear my mom found near the edge of a cliff close to the beach. Once we were done drinking, we strolled half human speed around the woods. I specifically asked for just her and I to go out and hunt because I wanted to tell her about Nina and what happened at school earlier.

"Although, it is very weird for Nina to hint or even know who we are," she stated, "I wouldn't worry so much about it sweetheart. Especially if she mentioned your Poppa. Carlisle wouldn't release our identity to just any human so in my opinion, we're perfectly safe."

I nodded in agreement. My grandfather after all naturally felt sympathy for humans like Nina.

During our walk, we even tackled the issue with my twin about Nova. She explained that daddy went through something quite similar to what Rommel witnessed. She called it having a singer, a specific human's blood that was so completely alluring and in this case, Nova would always be in danger by just being in the same room with him.

"So wait," I said, still wanting to hear about my father's experience with his singer. "How did he manage to not kill her and drink her dry?"

She smirked at the memories and answered, "well I was quite the distraction for your father, if you know what I mean."

Unfortunately I did and so I changed the subject.

"Well I sure hope Rommy can get through this without killing Nova because I would hate to move away from Forks and Seth."

My mother frowned slightly at the mention of Seth but she quickly composed herself.

"Well if your dad and your Uncle Edward can endure the temptation, I'm sure your brother can be equally strong and if he fails, I'm at ease knowing that you'll be there to help him."

I was shocked upon hearing that my uncle once had a singer as well.

"How did Uncle Edward handle his singer?" I asked, completely curious with tonight's family stories.

"Well," my mom started, "let's just say that your uncle tried to resist but he couldn't find the strength within himself to stop and so he followed his singer practically everywhere she went. He planned to lure her away somewhere so that his miseries would be put at a halt but instead he fell deeply in love with her and now he has a beautiful wife and family."

We were meters away from the house now but I stopped in my tracks. I just couldn't fathom the fact that my aunt and uncle were brought together like that. It kind of got me imagining that the same could possibly happen to Nova and my brother. He practically was the only one without a significant other in the family. Eddie and Ivee were still too young to know what kind of love that was even with their accelerating understanding and knowledge.

We arrived home to find my daddy waiting for us. While he and my mom reunited, I went off inside to find my Uncle Edward to hear more stories about the rest of the members of our huge family.

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