Summary: Ianto gets a life outside of Torchwood. His new friends know him about as well as the Team, i.e. not at all. Things get a little complicated when his two worlds collide and even more complicated when a Rift object gets involved.

A/N: This story takes place between "Combat" and "End of Days". It is very different from the usual dark fiction I write, but there are some angsty thoughts from Ianto. He can't help it. He's an angsty kind of guy! The story works fine without the smut so if you don't want to read those chapters you can safely skip them.

Chapter A/N: This was supposed to be a much different opening chapter, but then graphic man-on-man action insisted on being written instead of implied. I apologize for not getting the plot rolling, but I hate editing things out...especially porn.

Chapter 1 – How to Ruin a Suit

Ianto didn't have a life outside of Torchwood. That's what the Torchwood team thought. As little as they knew about Jack, they knew even less about Ianto. It just never occurred to them. And Ianto liked it that way. When he came to Torchwood Three, he had needed to stay under the radar. He couldn't tell his colleagues his girlfriend was a partially converted Cyberman in the basement. Back then he didn't have time for a life outside Torchwood and Lisa.

After his secret was revealed, Ianto was too exhausted to get a life. Soon, all the time he spent hiding Lisa was spent keeping Jack happy. There was no time to think about 'Ianto time'. He realized he wouldn't know what to do with it if he had it.

He wasn't complaining. It wasn't his style. He was glad Jack had given him an ultimatum. He could stay, but he couldn't keep any more secrets, unless they were Jack's, and he had to swear the loyalty and devotion he had shown to Lisa to Torchwood Cardiff, which really meant Jack. Ianto would have agreed to anything. He loved Torchwood and had since he had joined Torchwood One. He loved the secrets. And Jack, it had to be said, was a man of secrets.

That was what he found attractive about Jack. Sure he was handsome and had that amazing smile, but it was his enigmatic qualities that kept him interested. It was easy to be loyal to Jack. Ianto had a case of hero worship. He knew he'd never be as flashy as Jack, but he could emulate him in smaller ways and he'd do what he could to please him. For example, he wore suits because Jack liked how he looked in a suit. He liked wearing suits so it wasn't exactly a hardship. He'd worn them at Torchwood One. People made assumptions when they saw a man in a well pressed suit. It was a costume that gave him a readymade image.

The only issue was convenience. A suit was fine for giving people an impression of sincerity, but it was a damnable nuisance when it came to cleaning up Weevil vomit. That had never been an issue at Torchwood London. They had people to do that sort of thing who wore suitable clothing for the task. Here, he was "the people". Owen mocked how he fastidiously tried to stay neat, but it was easy for Owen. Owen could get any amount of blood, sweat, alien gland excretion, or Chinese takeaway on his clothes and simply burn them. Most of his clothes should be burned regardless of stains anyway. Ianto had to go to dry cleaners. Even if he bought a suit off the rack, he had to have it altered, damn his long torso! It required effort.

He was contemplating a hole in his sleeve where Janet had torn a button off while he was feeding her when he felt fingers brush through his hair. He closed his eyes and sighed wearily.

When Ianto had been hiding Lisa, he'd walked a dangerous line with Jack. He'd accepted his flirting and subtly encouraged it partially to keep him from thinking of Ianto as anything more than a decorative piece of office furniture. In truth, he was flattered, confused, but flattered. With Lisa gone, he was missing part of his identity and that dangerous line was quickly erased. Subtlety went on a holiday. Sometimes, he had even found himself being an aggressor. In his attempts to feel anything, he used Jack. He knew Jack was using him so it seemed like a fair arrangement.

Except it wasn't. He loved Torchwood and Jack was Torchwood. His hero worship had turned to infatuation and that was now dangerously close to turning into an emotion he was not prepared to admit feeling for anyone so soon after Lisa and certainly not for a man. In the dark hours of a long night he could admit it was already too late. The only thing worse than having those late night thoughts lying alone in bed was fighting those feelings when Jack was close, too close, and showing him some sign of affection. Sometimes he thought Jack actually meant it, like he had stopped thinking of Ianto as a betrayer or a designer accent piece and had developed some measure of fondness for him. Ianto could get by when Jack wanted sex. It was those few moments of warmth that were driving him mad.

Moments like feeling fingers brush through his hair while he was distracted by a hole in his sleeve.

"Looking a little shaggy, soldier." Jack ran his fingernails along Ianto's scalp. He nuzzled against the back of Ianto's neck. Ianto gasped as Jack licked his tongue along his neckline.

He concentrated on standing as his knees felt weak. The electricity shooting along all his nerves wasn't helping. Blood was leaving his head and traveling to his groin. He hated how Jack could do this to him.

"That suit's looking rough, too," Jack said grabbing Ianto's hand. He pulled Ianto around as if examining the damage sleeve. He pulled his hand closer and latched his mouth onto Ianto's wrist. He backed Ianto against a clear cell door.

"Been meaning to stop at the hair dresser." Ianto hated the breathy quality of his voice. He hated being so weak.

"Nah, you should go to a barber and get a good razor cut. That'll fix you up. I don't think anything can save the suit." To punctuate his statement, Jack pulled Ianto's suit jacket off his shoulders and pinned his arms.

"The trousers are still nice," Ianto said refusing to outwardly acknowledge Jack's efforts.

"They were," Jack said with an evil grin. Ianto felt a tug and heard the rip as Jack sent the button skipping across the floor and Ianto's fly opening next to instead of via the zipper. The sound made him wince. The trousers were no longer nice.

"Oh come on! I could have still worn these!" Ianto flapped his lower arms in an attempt to shake his arms free from the bundled jacket.

Jack laughed and kissed Ianto. He slipped out of his suspenders, but immediately returned to manhandling Ianto. He raked his finger over his chest, down his abdomen and back up. On each pass he moved lower and wider.

"I'll make it up to you," Jack said pulling down Ianto's trousers and boxers. He ground his clothed pelvis against Ianto's growing erection. "You look so hot all disheveled and messy." He attacked Ianto's mouth. Ianto, whose mouth wasn't putting up a defense to the attack, feared Jack was going to leave his lips bruised.

"And here I thought you were attracted to my neat appearance. If you wanted a slob it's much easier to maintain." He was trying to keep from smiling without complete success as Jack sucked on his ear lobe.

"Oh I am, but this is a nice change of pace. Usually I have to put in a lot more work to have you look this wrecked." He stroked Ianto's erection roughly with one hand and undid his own trousers with the other. Ianto groaned when Jack let him go. Jack pulled his cock out and rubbed it against Ianto's. Jack closed his eyes and shivered.

Ianto took advantage of Jack's distracted state. Surprising Jack was one of his favorite past times. With his arms still wrapped in his jacket, he dropped to his knees. He made a mental note to ask the tailor about reinforcing the knees in his next suit. He hoped he wouldn't ask why. Jack stepped back in surprise and Ianto licked Jack's cock frantically. He needed to move fast before Jack could react. He sucked Jack deep into his mouth and held him tightly.

"Zawk! Fra zawk!" Ianto had no idea what language it was or the precise translation, but whenever Jack said that he knew it meant he'd done something good. Ianto relaxed his mouth a little and swallowed around Jack's dick. He began bobbing up and down minutely. He raked his teeth along Jack's foreskin then pushed it back with his lips. He flicked his tongue along the underside of the tip.

Jack pulled Ianto's hair. Ianto yelped causing his mouth to open wider. Jack shoved his entire length into Ianto's mouth making him gag. He pulled back, but shoved in again. Ianto wasn't as surprised as he pretended. This was hardly the first time Jack had pulled that particular maneuver. He was, however, a little more "enthusiastic" than usual. Ianto liked Jack out of control. He moaned and sucked harder.

"!...Fuck! good...soooo...good..." Ianto was ready to feel Jack explode in his mouth. He was prepared to fight his gag reflex and swallow Jack's come. As he had pointed out to Jack, much to Jack's delight, real gentlemen never spit. But Jack had other plans.

He pulled out of Ianto's mouth and pushed him back and to the side. He barely missed hitting his head on the cell door. The air was knocked out of his lungs and his arm hurt. Jack pulled him around, dropped down, and straddled his chest. His knees painfully mating with Ianto's trapped elbows. He grabbed Ianto's tie, further restricting his breathing, and held it firm in his hand while he stroked his cock. Jack came with a scream. Still panting loudly, he made sure all his come was soaking into Ianto's tie.

He carefully climbed off Ianto's chest. Giggling, he kissed Ianto's lips tenderly.

"You can get rid of the suit, but save that tie." He kissed Ianto again. He reached down and stroked Ianto's hard on.

Ianto moaned. He was feeling light headed partially from arousal and partially from a lack of oxygen. He tried to reach for Jack, momentarily forgetting his arms were bound in his jacket. He flopped inelegantly making Jack laugh.

"There's something really sexy about having you at my mercy." He grinned at Ianto mischievously. "Do you have any idea how cute you are when you're all flushed?" Jack stopped stroking him. He untied his tie and undid the top button on Ianto's dress shirt. He put a hand on Ianto's cheek and another on his throat. He kissed him. In spite of his desperate state, Ianto lazily accepted Jack's tongue. Ianto moaned against Jack's mouth.

This, Ianto thought, is an example of my problem. I'm rock hard and I don't care if Jack touches my dick or not. I'd be happy to just lie here uncomfortably on this hard floor and kiss him. What's wrong with me?

Jack bit Ianto's bottom lip and his train of thought experienced a disruption of service no doubt to return to normal operation at 3 am when he was a solo passenger. Ianto let his eyes flutter shut as Jack lightly pulled the dry half of the tie against his erection.

"Do you like that," Jack asked his breath tickling Ianto's ear.

Ianto moaned. Jack wrapped the tie around Ianto's cock loosely, covered the tie with his hand, and began to pump him. Ianto moaned again.

"I love making you hard, making you moan." Jack licked the shell of Ianto's ear. "Making you come."

He kissed Ianto tenderly on the lips. He sat up slowly and repositioned himself by Ianto's hip. He pushed Ianto's shirt up exposing his navel. He bent his head down and licked a circle around it, spiraling around until his tongue dipped inside. Jack blew on the wet area and pumped Ianto faster.

"The problem with you," Jack said between kissing a trail down Ianto's underbelly, "is I'm spoilt for choice. Everything about you is so tempting!" Jack licked the base of Ianto erection along the narrow band of exposed skin before his tie began. "So tasty," he huffed. He bit Ianto through the tie then shook his head like a dog with a bone. Letting go, he laughed. He pumped Ianto with one hand over the tie and played with Ianto's balls with the other.

Jack flicked his tongue into Ianto's slit. Ianto struggled to sit up to look at him. As if he'd been expecting it, Jack locked eyes with Ianto and sucked Ianto's tip into his mouth. He palmed Ianto's testicles and reached behind them with his middle finger. He stroked Ianto's perineum the way that always made Ianto see stars. He moaned sending vibrations along Ianto's length.

Ianto cried out a stream of profanities which Jack only heard him use in situations like this followed by Jack's name. He came hard in Jack's mouth. A final spasm spurted a last streak of fluid onto Jack's cheek. The sight was too much for him and he collapsed back on the cold floor. When he opened his eyes, Jack unwrapped Ianto's tie and wiped the come off his cheek with it.

He helped Ianto's boneless body into a sitting position and unbundled his jacket freeing Ianto's arms. Jack gripped the back of Ianto's neck and pulled him close for another kiss. Several moments later they stood and tried to make themselves look presentable. Too many times Ianto had been sure they were the only ones there and they'd suddenly been intruded upon by Owen, Tosh, or Gwen. They were trying to keep it a secret, but in their lustful exuberance they didn't think they had done a very good job. On the other hand, nobody had mentioned it to either of them so they couldn't have made too big a mess of it.

It helped, Ianto assumed, that everyone discounted him as just the tea boy. He didn't know what Jack saw in him so he could well understand the others thinking it was impossible. Even if they realized he and Jack were having sex, they probably thought of it as one of Jack's indiscriminate dalliances. Ianto guessed that's what it probably was, after all, but sometimes it felt like so much more. Then again, sometimes it felt like so much less.

He was afraid Tosh would still be upstairs. She was working on some complicated equations. She tried to explain them to Ianto, but it quickly became one of those condescending moments where she gave up because he wasn't going to get it. Unlike the 95% of the times this happened, this time he knew she was right. He wasn't getting it.

Owen wouldn't be there. He was on half days still as he milked his Weevil attack and ennui to the hilt. Ianto had tried to talk to him about Diane and about his self-destructive spiral. He'd lost a girlfriend to Torchwood weirdness and he'd been down the path of self-destruction. He knew Owen had lost a fiancé to an alien parasite years earlier. It was clearly all getting to him. Ianto wasn't very good at conversation, but he could listen if Owen wanted to talk. They didn't always, well, ever, get along, but Owen was a man who he could relate to. He wouldn't mind being able to talk to someone about him and Jack and his guilt. He didn't think that was going to happen.

And Gwen had told him loudly several times that day how she was going home a little early to surprise Rhys. The way she kept telling him how wonderfully happy she and Rhys were, he thought she must be upset about something involving Rhys and she was overcompensating by spending as much time as possible at home.

He was ready to blame the state of his apparel on a Weevil feeding mishap, but luckily everyone really was gone and the Hub was quiet.

"Well, I'm going to see if I can get in to see the hair dresser. I'm sure she'll take one look at this emergency and fit me in!" He smiled broadly at Jack. Jack grabbed his hands and pulled him towards the couch Ianto hated.

"Or you can go to a barber in the morning. I might even be persuaded to give you time to go shopping for a new suit to go with this old tie." Jack, returning to his affectionate mood, pulled Ianto down onto to couch. He ran his fingers through Ianto's hair and kissed him.

Ianto wasn't fighting him, but he was always confused by these moments not only because of the feelings they conjured inside him, but because he didn't understand Jack. Was he thinking of another lover? Gwen? Was he feeling lonely and settling for the first available warm body? Ianto decided he didn't care. Jack wasn't the only one who was lonely.

He felt a little snip of anger that Jack, like everyone else, assumed he didn't have anything to do with his personal time, but he crushed the thought down. He didn't have anything else to do and what, really, could be better than being alone with Jack?

He snuggled into Jack's embrace and kissed his neck. He kissed up Jack's jawline and finally claimed his lips.

"God I love kissing you," Ianto sighed. He rested his forehead against Jack's. He immediately regretted saying it and wished he had an alien device that would let him zap small segments of conversation from memory.

"You don't have to call me God," Jack said laughing. He kissed Ianto's nose. "Can you stay and make out? I don't expect my parents home any time soon and I don't have any homework."

"I can stay for a little while," Ianto said amused by the scenario, "but if I'm out after curfew I'll be grounded."

They laughed and kissed and petted. At some point Ianto suggested they would be more comfortable in Jack's bedroom bunker. Jack agreed and they spent the rest of the evening in the claustrophobic room.

He fell asleep wrapped in Jack's arms thinking that, with the exception of his ruined suit, this was a perfect evening.