"Ohhhhh," Bella breathed out as the warmth penetrated her everywhere.

Never had she felt so comfortable, her body lying on top of something deliciously warm and heavenly scented. Instinctively she burrowed her face into her mattress, breathing deeply and pushing herself further into it, whatever it was.

It, still remaining unidentified to her half-awareness, pushed back on the sweetest spot, her body tingling in anticipation. Positioned on her stomach, her legs were spread apart and slightly dangling with something—it- wedged in between and pressing into her crotch.

Hips thrusting on their own accord, Bella was delighted when her spot was hit again and again; an intense repetition that she was more than happy to keep accepting.

Quil had been dreaming pleasantly about hand feeding a seven course meal of different hotdogs to his mate; pornishly speaking, not all of the hotdogs were in her mouth either!

The fantasy fest, or fantasy feast, had been interrupted when his eyes snapped opened to stare blankly at a ceiling wondering why he never got to see the end of such dreams. The tiny huff of exclamation cleared his head quickly as he felt a warm body press tightly against him, relax and then press again.

His imprint was trying to dry hump him!

Tears of appreciation filled his eyes, quickly to be blinked away so he could focus on more important matters: shifting his imprint's position.

All along, Quil had held doubts about Sam's command that he couldn't remove clothes from himself to please his mate but this…this was perfectly acceptable and Bella had started it.

In between a tense, flex and relax motion, Quil hauled her up to replant her solidly on his crotch. With his hands firmly gripping her hips and Bella's legs spread even further wide to each side of him, he continued to aid her in this impromptu ride of lust, words of encouragement spilling out easier than breathing.

Having living so many months with a supernatural being watching her 'sleep' it took a lot for Bella to actually be disturbed by anything. She knew she talked in her sleep, too; sometimes the words waking her up as they randomly slipped out.

This morning wasn't really exception, yet…the words weren't hers. The moaning answer was, though.

"Fuck yeah, booty, move it!" Quil hissed in lust, fully awake and fully appreciative of his imprint's morning activities. With another forceful downward thrust, Bella's eyes snapped open in horror.

"Oh my god," she whisper screamed, her body's pleasure senses too far gone to do much more.

"That's right, I'm your god," Quil encouraged, unaware that Bella's eyes were open.

The sudden rush of blood to her face, fueled by shock and embarrassment alerted Qwar that something was amiss and his imprint probably needed to be sniffed. Then again, they were already basically fucking and wasn't that the whole point to sniffing? To make sure his imprint was still fuckable.

None of it mattered when Quil suddenly cried out in bliss, "I'm coming!"

Rubbing his imprint even harder against his releasing cock, he leaned up slightly to bury his nose back into her neck, sniffing her to ease the last bit of guilt from Qwar.

The second Quil's hands relaxed slightly, Bella tried to scramble off of his lap. Of course, there was still a tacky afghan wrapped around her, hindering proper dismount movements from a sexually relaxed wolf. She slid quickly, not caring how or where she landed and forgetting that there was a coffee table right beside her escape route.

"What the fuck is going on?" Jake hollered, his hand grabbing Bella before her head could make contact with furniture or the floor.

Swinging her around, he immediately assessed the situation. Bella was flushed, hair mused, wouldn't make eye contact, reeked of sex and yet still appeared to have all of her clothes on. Actually, Quil had all of his clothes on, too, and smelled more like sex than Bella did.

It didn't take a werewolf to figure out what had just transpired.

"Bella, are you okay?" Jake asked, wishing he was anywhere else but here.

Angrily, she brushed away his hands, still glaring at the floor like it had just insulted her. "I…I…I'm sorry," she cried out, trying not to walk like a drunk as she scurried to the bathroom.

Both boys flinched, more from the sound of her toe snubbing and her shoulder hitting the door rather than the loud bang it made when she was finally able to pull all of herself inside the tiny room at the end of the hall.

"What the hell did you do that for?" Quil asked, his buzz unpleasantly ending. "Geez, Jake, you embarrassed the shit out of her, running in here and screaming like a crazed druggie."

"I'm not the one who just fucked her in a public place!" Jake screamed back, wincing when his words caused Bella to cry out shamefully. The sudden sound of water was apparently her attempt to hide her tears.

"I didn't fuck her," Quil spat, jumping up from the couch and then kind of wishing he hadn't as a sticky substance began to travel. "She woke me up, all hot and horny. I was doing the imprint thing and taking care of her needs."

"Her needs?" Jacob stuttered over the words. "You dumbass! She didn't get anything from that except nightmares of what a first class dick you can be. And if you had even been paying attention, she was close to hitting her damn head on the coffee table. If I had been any slower, we'd both be making another damn trip to the hospital with her!"

"Well, thank you, Jake! I'd be willing to bet though that Bella would rather have to go to the hospital for a cracked skull rather than being all in one piece and knowing she's never going to be able to look at her friend again."

"Get out," Jake ordered, pointing to the front door. "Get out of here and go tell Sam what a dumb shit you were and why you now can't see your imprint. AGAIN!"

"Don't pull that mini-Alpha shit with me, Jake. I'm going to go because I need to change," Quil mumbled the last part before regaining full volume. "But I'm coming back to spend the rest of my day with MY imprint. I haven't hurt her and I even kept my clothes on, so there isn't a damn thing Sam can say to me. You, on the other hand, might want to watch yourself. I'm sure Sam will have plenty to say about you spying on us."

Jacob was nearly struck dumb by Quil's logic. "It's my house! I wasn't spying, I was chaperoning as instructed."

At the door, Quil turned around to face his friend. "Yeah, well, you suck at chaperoning, don't you?" He huffed before making his getaway. He was halfway to his house before realizing he had forgotten to say good bye to Bella.

Oh, well. It wasn't like he wouldn't be seeing her in about half an hour. They had beach plans!

Jacob wasted no time in calling Sam. He wanted to go and talk to Bella but since the water was still running, he figured he should give her a bit more time. Besides he didn't really want her to listen to what he was about tell Sam anyways.

"I swear to god, Jacob," where the first words he heard after the second ring, "if you're calling to tell me that Bella was hurt, I'm going to send Paul over there to torture both you and Quil and we both know how pissy he can be when called to attend shit when it's his morning off!"

"Yeah, I know Sam and normally I wouldn't call but-"

"And then," Sam continued, not even slowing down, "whatever is left of your mangy hides is going to have to face me, your Alpha! If you thought Quil's last task of continuous phasing until he puked was drastic just wait until I have to ruin my Saturday morning with my fiancée who has lovingly insisted we stay in bed. That is until the goddamn phone rang, disturbing whatever peaceful time we may have had because two of the pack are to fucking stupid to follow simple instructions!"

Jake's nervous giggling kicked in. He desperately wanted to clamp a hand over his own mouth but then he wouldn't be able to talk to Sam if he did that. Not like Sam could hear it anyways; he was on a roll. However, that didn't stop Jake from trying to explain.

"Funny you should mention beds, Sam. See Quil was on the couch with Bella and-"

"THEN, before I kiss my sweet imprint goodbye to deal with you douche bags, I'm going to have to call the council. Aren't most of them out fishing, including your father?" Sam questioned but not caring about an answer. "Yeah, that's why Bella is at your house to begin with. So before I can tell them what happened, I'm going to have to tap dance my furry ass on out to the lake they've chosen and explain that Chief Swan's is once again in the hospital! Do you have anything to say for yourself, Jake?"

Jake cleared his throat nervously, before he tried to talk. He could hear Sam's harsh breathing and Emily whispering in the background, trying to soothe him. "It's not that bad, actually. See, Bella was sleeping and Quil decided she looked cold and went to join her on the couch-"

"WHAT?" Sam screamed back into the phone. "Did that piece of shit whip it out and horrify his imprint? That's it! After I've finished kicking your ass for allowing him to assault Bella, I'm going to denutt him. I'm going to stake his ass to the ground and use a dremel tool to take off piece by piece throwing them off to the side where a flock of vultures will dine in delight, while Quil watches in horror! Then I'm going to-"

"SAM!" Jacob hollered back, clutching the phone with his legs crossed protectively together. "It's not that bad. No one is physically scarred or maimed."

Both men were breathing heavily in the silence. Jacob had decided in the last ten seconds of the conversation that whatever punishment Quil deserved, it probably shouldn't be delivered by Sam. Or Paul either. That was what he told himself, anyways. The main reason was his own balls had taken up residence somewhere safe near his kidneys and he could bear the thought of Sam accidently turning that same punishment on him that was intended for Quil. It was best just to shut the fuck up.

"Jacob," Sam growled out a tad calmer. If one could surmise that going from an Alpha on a denutting rampage to an Alpha going on a ripping off fingers rampage as calmer. "I sincerely hope you didn't decide to call me this early just to fuck with me?"

"Of course not, Sam. I was just calling to report in and say that everything was going good. Bella and Quil had a nice sleep in on the couch. Fully clothed," he hastily added. "He went home for a bit and then we're going to go to the beach." Jacob's ears twitched, noticing that the bathroom water was still on full blast. "We're probably going to the beach," he amended.

"I see," Sam dead-panned, not buying Jake's excuse. He just knew they were in the hospital, or enroute to one. "And this surprising, laid-back detail warranted a call?"

The giggles weren't masked this time. "Yes, Sam, that's right. I knew how worried you'd be, so I decided to check in. That was okay, wasn't it?"

Swallowing his spit of rage, Sam grunted his reply, leaving interpretations up to Jacob.

"So, yeah, now that you know everything's okay and Bella doesn't have any new injuries, I'll let you get back to your morning with Emily. Tell her I said hi. I'm going to go now. Bye." Quickly Jake disconnected the call, sagging against the counter top in relief. His legs were still crossed but he could feel his body relax.

When the bathroom water finally turned off, he stood up, attempting to look as normal as possible. Bella might need a girlfriend to talk to at this point in time, but no way was Jake going to look like he fit that role. Clearing his throat, he made his way towards the bathroom.

Bella could not believe what had just happened. Sure, she was heavy sleeper, but she had never tried to have sex while sleeping! At least, Edward had never indicated she had.

His name was no longer painful to think or say. The realization that she was meant to stay alive and be a normal warm-blooded human suddenly seemed like the best idea. She had to wonder if she was just a normal sex-crazed teenager, or if the imprint played a role in her new found feelings.

The tears continued to run down her cheeks as she thought about what had happened on the couch. Aside from her brain, every part of her being was in the background, cheering for her to jump Quil and take him up on his find-a-bush offer. He was a very attractive guy and when not talking, Bella could easily place herself by his side.

Jacob had already explained that the wolf inside was programmed to be the perfect mate. Quil would be able to anticipate her needs and follow up to the best of his ability. Likewise, as his imprint, she, too, would learn about what he liked and didn't; in the end creating a perfect match as they were obviously meant to be together.

The thing was, there wasn't supposed to be a timeline. Jake said that whatever occurred between a wolf and his mate would mutually coincide with what both partied wanted, leaving Bella to wonder, once again, if she needed to progress her sexual state from innocent to less than?

Shutting the water off, Bella dried her face, determined to at least apologize to Jake and then asking if she and Quil could maybe talk a bit more. Horny or not, she wasn't about to turn into a Rambo-slut and jump Quil the second she had a chance. Not even if the rest of her body thought it was a good idea.

Things never go as planned and neither did the conversation Bella had to have with Jake. Both of them hemmed and hawed, refusing to say exactly what had gone on and awkwardly deciding that it was done and over with. Unfortunately, Quil had chosen that moment to return, causing Bella to blush like a nun at a Penthouse convention and Quil to whisk her away back to the scene of the crime, where she once forced most of her blood supply into her cheeks and Quil sniffed her.

At least Jacob had been gentlemanly enough to turn around when Quil suddenly dipped his nose into her cleavage and traveled further south before grinning and giving her an unexpected kiss.

"This is perfect, don't you think Bella?" Quil gushed as he spread a blanket out on the warm sand. He was beyond excited to spend such a beautiful day at the beach with the girl of his dreams. Hoping she'd rip off her clothes to reveal a naughty G-string bikini.

Qwar was slightly disappointed when that didn't happen immediately, but the day was still young and hope was fantasy.

"Yes, it's fine," Bella answered.

Jacob stood off to her side and she could feel him staring at her in obvious confusion. She had told Jake that she felt uncomfortable around Quil and was happy for his presence. What she hadn't said was that she felt uncomfortably because her body always seemed to tingle in the presence of Quil and her mind objected furiously.

Quil wasn't a bad guy, nor was he unattractive. But Bella had never been the type of girl to be controlled by her hormones in the beginning of a relationship, yet presently they were quite loud.

She felt like a worm on a hook; dangling in pain and waiting for some big fish to eat her whole. On one hand, she was terrified at the thought of Quil somehow consuming her. On the other, she kind of just wanted to get it over with.

The fact that Bella had just equated having sex with fishing metaphors made her freeze, blush, shake her head and cough. Quil, sensing her sudden mood change, went over to her and bent down. Slowly he ran his nose across her check, down her throat column and back up again. Qwar, relived that she was still fit to fuck, calmed down and Quil went back to fix a corner of the blanket that had flipped over in the wind.

Having no idea why a picnic at the beach had seemed like a good starter date, Bella sat down; Quil on one side of her and Jake looming on the other side feeling awkward and out of place and not wanting to be around Quil at all.

"Did you wear a swimsuit, Bella?" Quil asked, turning over to stare hopefully at his mate. Her blush made him grin and he leaned over to casually sniff her crossed leg.

"I, uhh, didn't wear a suit today. I figured we'd just sit here and not go swimming. Is that okay?"

"That's fine, sweet pea," Quil reassured her, affectionately patting the leg he had just sniffed. "If you decide that you want to go swimming though, we still can. There's a dryer at my place and I'll bundle you up and keep you warm until your clothes are dry."

On cue, her blush came back, causing Quil to laugh heartedly before attempting to discreetly sniff.

"That's, uhh, okay, Quil. I don't think I'll want to go swimming today, but if I do, I'll let you know," Bella replied. Her breasts tingled slightly at the thought of the cold Pacific touching them, immediately followed by a hot-bodied wolf hugging her tightly and causing further tightening of her nipples.

Quil's head whipped around to face her so suddenly that Bella had to wonder if he could hear her nipples tightening. The look he had went from inquiring to the promise of something that was probably going to embarrass everyone in the state of Washington.

"I have a surprise for you," he told her, unable to stop staring at the blushing female while he stood back up.

Jacob, too, now was paying closer attention to Quil. That boy didn't have a damn thing with him and Jacob was seriously going to burst into furious furriness if Quil tried a repeat of this morning.

Not knowing how to act or what to say, Bella looked upon him blankly. She certainly hadn't expected any kind of gift from Quil and really hoped it was something simple like a can of soda.

Even the aardvarks in Africa knew better than to hope for something that easy.

Without an ounce of shame, Quil unbuttoned his shorts, thankful that he was already bare-chested so as not to hinder the view.

Qwar had been slightly against this idea, but was vetoed. He felt better now, though, considering that Bella's eyes were firmly affixed to Quil's crotch. Only good things could come of this.

As the shorts hit the sand, the only sound was Jacob's horrific gasp followed by the sound of his hand firmly planting itself into his face.

"Jesus, Quil, cover that shit up!" He cried in dismay.

Bella was a little bit torn. Undoubtedly, no straight man on the planet should own Speedos, but Quil was definitely manly enough to pull the feat off; the tiny, sky-blue scrap of cloth hiding what it needed to.

Not that what Quil had could easily be hidden, Bella thought to herself. If Quil became aroused even slightly, the skimpy wear wouldn't have a chance of keeping it in.

Satisfied that his mate was sufficiently surprised and pleased, he plopped down next to her to stare skywards.

Eventually, Bella pulled a book out of the bag she had brought and began to read while Quil gazed at the clouds, wondering if the different types were somehow a sign from above to indicate different sex positions. The one he was currently staring at definitely looked like reverse cowboy, even if it was a sore-spot with Native Americans.

"Jake, are you just going to stand there?" Quil asked, wondering if he could find a cloud that looked like the sixty-nine position. Qwar perked up at that thought and decided to help.

"No," Jake answered, relieved when Bella looked up to bestow a shy smile before returning to her novel. "I think I'm going to take a stroll and let you guys talk a bit. I won't be far," he added for Quil's benefit as the young man's smile.

Making a rather dramatic shooing gesture, Quil waited until Jacob was a way off before returning his attention back to his imprint.

"So, Bella, would you be willing to apply some tan lotion on me?" He asked, wiggling the bottle suggestively, eyebrow movement and all.

Bella dropped her book, all plot instantly forgotten as caught Quil's smirk. It was about to be the longest day she had ever spent at a beach; her tingling body parts said so!

Jacob walked for at least a half hour, occasionally turning around to make sure there were two forms sitting on the beach and neither was hurt or unconscious. Actually if Great White shark jumped shore and bit Quil, Jacob would be okay with that; Bella was his only concern.

Thoughts of a disfigured Quil could only take the man so long to fantasize about before Jake remembered that he really should be closer by. The sight of seeing Quil in those trunks though…

Jacob shuddered for the millionth time. He had no idea where Quil had come up with the idea to surprise Bella like that, but he knew she'd wait until there wasn't an audience around before revealing to Quil that his choice of dress was making her uncomfortable and to please cover back up.

The sight of a figure striding out of the water tore Jake away from his anaconda nightmare. Apparently, Sam had felt the need to send more back up and here it was: Paul.

"Paul, I need a favor," Jake asked as soon as the wolf was in close range. He didn't want to ask, but this was torture.

Flicking more water from his hair, Paul studied his pack-mate. "I don't know about that, Jake. What kind of favor could you possibly need and what do I get out of it?" smirking at the goldfish face Jake was making, Paul continued to remove excess water from himself, purposely flicking droplets towards the gaping man.

"What do you want?" Jake finally asked, closing his mouth and narrowing his eyes. Paul never did anything without a double type of payment

"Nah-uh; you first. What do you want as a favor from me?"

Jake had already known this wasn't going to go well. He didn't have much to offer, other than taking on more patrols, but if he waited too long, Paul would realize that Jake was somewhat shirking on his duty to babysit.

"Could you please go supervise Quil and Bella? I don't want to leave her alone, but I cannot handle this!"

Paul figured it had something to do with the bumbling couple but Jake's aggravation was the real surprise. "Fuck! That Swan chick better not have two of the pack members crying about their lack of jizzing. I swear, what the hell do you guys need? Should I go over there and fuck her? Then maybe you'll guys will get over yourselves and see how damn easy it!"

"Thanks, Paul, for that complete comfort and understanding sentiment," Jacob dead-panned before huffing slightly. "Never mind, I don't need anything."

"Come on, Jake! You know as well as I do that this all about sex. I don't see what the big deal is."

"The big deal is we can't just jump her. If Bella had accepted my advances, none of this would be an issue. Quil would be off crying and licking…," pausing, Jacob tried to push away those disgusting images. "Well, licking whatever, but I'd have Bells and be happy. I am happy for her if Quil is what she wants, but it's a tad difficult to be around it all the time especially when she isn't happy."

Jacob was sure this imprint would be a failure. Bella had told him countless times that he was too young and any relationship they had would be awkward. By that logic, Quil—who was the same age as Jacob -was not only an unfit candidate to date Bella, but his maturity was well below that of any one else. If sixteen was too young, than a man with the mind of a ten year old had disaster written all over it.

"You're such an emo-homo-loser, Black!" Paul snickered, enjoying the tormenting. "It's all about feelings", Paul mocked in a high-pitched voice before laughing. "Just man up and deal with it. Not every guy is lucky enough to have females fawning over them like me. You and Quil just need to cope."

Paul was not a babysitter. Hell, most of the time he wasn't even human and that wasn't counting when he was in fur form, but…

Short of a vampire invasion, no way was he about to pass up the opportunity to watch those two interact. From afar it was similar to watching Comedy Central. With a front row seat it was like trying to watch a lion fuck a lamb. One was too stupid to do anything but bleat and the other couldn't realize lion 'tabs' would never fit into lamb 'slots'. And the entire fucking metaphor was only in reference to the two barn-yard critters attempting to hold a conversation.

"I'll tell you what, Black. I'll go sit on the dumb duo while you stay here and pout. But when I figure out what an adequate payment is, you'll come through. No bullshitting or saying it isn't a fair trade. Deal?"

When Jacob reluctantly agreed a few minutes later, Paul knew he had made the deal of the century. He didn't have anything specifically in mind for Jacob, but when the time came, he would have someone else to take over whatever shitty chore Sam had.

He found them easily. Bella hunched over a book; Quil squirming around like he had Icy-Hot on his crotch (a dare that Paul loved to replay anytime the pack was phased). Jacob hadn't mentioned that Quil was out here, dressed like a fag. If he had, Paul probably would've offered to do this shit for nothing! The only way this pair could possibly be more doomed was if Bella informed Quil she was hot for the Easter Bunny.

The closer Paul got, the more easily he could smell the scent of arousal.

"Mmm, something smells toasty," Paul offered suggestively looking between Bella and Quil before sitting directly between them.

It was quite funny to watch as Bella blushed and Quil attempted to sniff over Paul. Elbow at the ready, Paul swung hard, pushing away at Quil while the two engaged in a hand battle. When Bella finally eeped in concern, both wolves stopped to stare.

"Move, Paul," Quil huffed, leaning over the surprised wolf to sniff his girl.

"Damn, Ateara," Paul commented still staring at Bella. "Does he always do that sniffer shit to you?"

"I'm getting, better, Paul. If you'll recall, however, you are an aggressive male sitting between me and my mate. Sniffing is only normal." Shrugging, Quil returned to his spot.

"Right," Paul cast out, wondering how he could convince the Swan to rub peppers or some shit on herself. Her skin would burn and Quil would go nuts, trying to sniff her, his own nostrils starting to burn somewhere in the frenzy.

"Paul?" Bella asked hesitantly, worried over his earlier comment. "Do you think Quil is getting a sun burn?"

Cackling madly, Paul could not believe the naivety from this girl. She clearly had no clue and probably couldn't even buy one for free. This afternoon was going to be priceless!

"Ignore him, Bella," Quil suggested, upset that Paul was here to ruin their date. "He meant something else by his comment. I'm not burning, though. Werewolf, remember?"

As if Bella could forget, her eyes watching Quil point to himself without her permission. When she was finally able to pull her gaze away, it was to resume reading and trying to ignore Paul who made her feel uncomfortable.

Quil also found Paul's presence discomforting and struggled to think of something they could do to get rid of him. He figured he had Jake to owe for this changing of the guards and he wasn't happy.

"Hey, Bella?" Quil finally called out over a dozing Paul. "It's a nice day out today, you wanna do something?"

"We are doing something; we're having a picnic at the beach," she answered, looking up from her novel. Wistfully she smiled towards, Quil.

"Well yeah," he agreed sitting up. "But a day at the beach for a wolf usually involves some cliff jumping. Jake mentioned you were interested in trying. You wanna do it today?"

Slowly closing her book, Bella thought about it. Initially she had asked Jake about trying it out to further test her suicidal impulses to hear a dead…deader guy speak to her. Since that fateful night at the bonfire with Quil imprinting, she hadn't spent much of any type thinking about Edward. Actually she spent most of her time convincing her body that Quil wasn't a sex-god willing to ravish her although she was probably going to have to revise that thought after this morning.

"I don't know Quil," Bella finally sighed. "It doesn't seem as exciting to me anymore."

Quil, having no idea what her initial reasons were for wanting to jump in the first place only heard that his imprint thought he was boring. Jumping up, he reached over to pick her up, determined to show her otherwise.

"Trust me, Bella, I promise it'll be exciting."

Paul woke up in time to see Quil scurrying away with a confused girl in his arms. He could barely utter his excitement over his grin as he loped after them. "Oh, man. This is so worth it!"

Jake strolled back to where Quil, Bella and Paul had the blanket spread out, deep in thought. Looking up he realized that no one was there. All the stuff was still laid out minus any human or wolf presence. Worried about a possible vamp being around, even though it was broad daylight, Jake breathed heavily hoping to gain some clue as to where everyone had gone. The wind off the ocean was fickle and while he could smell his companions, their location wasn't an easy thing to track. Looking up at the trails and paths cut into the cliff side, he finally made out his friends.

Then he began to yell as loudly as he could.

"Stop! You piece of shit! Don't you fucking do it, Quil! I swear, I'm really going to kill you this time!" Taking off at a dead run, Jake raced through the sand and up towards the trail leading to the highest cliff point.

"So, Bella, what do you think?" Quil asked nervously looking towards a smirking Paul. Now that Jake was on his way, he'd stop all the fun that could be had.

"I'm not about to interfere with this one, pup," Paul drawled out slowly to Quil. If Jake made it up here before Bella said yes or no, Quil's ass was in it for it. Hell, regardless of Bella's decision, Quil would still get a beat down.

"I don't know if I can," Bella answered hesitantly, looking over the edge as Quil walked up behind her.

"I'll help," he offered, picking her up. With a reassuring smile and no sound coming from Bella—she was truly too shocked to make a sound -Quil hurled Bella over the side before she could actually say no.

Hesitancy was just as good as a yes, as far as Quil was concerned.

Paul jumped over to the nearby edge with Quil and both watched as she found her voice and screamed shrilly before taking the impact of the water a bit harsh; the wolves cringing at the audible *smack* sound produced before the waves engulfed her.

"Daaammmmmnnn," Paul drawled out, his tongue not leaving the top of his mouth. "That's gonna leave a bruise."

"You think?" Quil asked hesitantly before shrugging it off. "Well, at least it wasn't her head," he offered hopefully, staring into the water below. "I hope Sam doesn't consider this as 'failure to protect'.

Paul just laughed. "I don't think Sam is the wolf you need to be immediately intimidated by. Sounds like Jake is going to take care of Sam's Alpha duties for him."

Nearing the top, Jake watched Bella fly through the air, scream and plummet. Clearing the peak, he watched Quil Give a little wave to him, take a step and drop over the ledge as well.

Paul barely cleared out of the way before Jake launched over the cliff as well. Unlike Bella, his slice through the water was near perfect and probably wasn't even felt.

Watching all three idiots disappear into the surf, Paul turned away to go home extremely happy in knowing that he had neither an imprint to worry about or best friends to coddle. Life was good.

When Quil hit the surface, he let gravity do its work before his natural buoyancy had him floating upwards. The cliff tides were tricky and he realized a bit too late that there were some nasty rip tides. In a move only an imprinted werewolf could perform, he allowed his imprint-sense to lead him to Bella. In Quil's not so humble opinion, it was better than LoJack and the best part was, it was free!

Jake however, felt the deadly currents as soon as he hit the water. Forcing his way back up, he checked to see if Bella had broken the surface before diving back down in search of what he was sure was his dead friend.

Both wolves reached her at the same time. Bella, who was nothing more than an inadequate human, had her eyes shut tightly, struggling against the water in search of air. When Quil grabbed her and thrust upwards, she lost what little breath she held, still in shock as to what had happened and what was holding her despite the usual body tingles.

"Oh my god, Bella! Are you okay?" Jake asked when the trio was finally back on shore, checking to see if she was at least breathing.

She had yet to speak and Quil was useless, sniffing the crap out of her inert form and whining about how he hoped this wouldn't be another setback.

"Shut the fuck up, Quil! We need to get her to the hospital; you really fucking broke her this time." Struggling in agony over the thought of Bella being hurt, Jacob rose up, hoisting her body into his arms in a steadier grip.

He didn't even try to bat away Quil who followed alongside, still grabbing limbs and sniffing while making some type of whimpering noise. They hit the beach access before Bella was able to speak again.

"Jake, I'm okay; just a little dazed. Put me down"

Jacob, who had been determinedly staring straight ahead, nearly dropped the girl in his relief. Even Quil stopped short, surprised that his imprint wasn't dead and ecstatic that she wasn't hurt.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Honey. You took a nasty fall and the shock alone could be masking pain you might start to feel at any moment."

"Jacob, I'm fine. Maybe just a bit sore, but I'll be okay."

Quil decided it was time to be a serious imprinter. Stepping in front of Jake who was still staring down at a dazed Bella, he put his hands underneath her and tugged.

"She's mine, Jacob. Give her here, I'll carry her." Expecting full and immediate compliance, Quil nearly took a step back when Jake finally focused on him.

If a person ever doubted that a demon could inhabit a human's body, the expression of Jacob's face would have made anyone an instant believer.

"You just threw her off the fucking cliff! Over my dead body will I let you touch her again. EVER!" Ignoring both Quil and Bella, Jake increased his pace from a brisk walk to a hurried jog, anxious to get Bella to a warm house where she could be looked over.

Between the weak pleas of Bella and Quil's one-third snarling, one-third whimpering and one-third sniffing behavior, it took Jake longer than he would've liked to reach the Black property. Once there, he finally allowed Bella to walk on her own, hovering directly behind her with his arms wide for support if need-be and his back blocking all attempts Quil was making to reach Bella.

When the bathroom door was firmly shut, Jake turned his demon face back to Quil.

"Do you have any idea of what you did?" He hissed in wolf volume. "Once Bella comes out, I'm taking her home. Imprint day is over!"

"Don't be such a moron, Jake. It's barely noon. I still have a good five hours to spend with her and I plan to make the most of every minute." Crossing his arms, Quil tried to appear as though he was being stoic and not sniffing the air for his imprint. Qwar was giving funny signals.

"Quil, you have two choices. You can either, leave her alone and let her go home, or I can call Sam and let you explain what just happened," Jacob threatened.

"Go ahead, call Sam. He's gonna tear you a new one before he does me, because I didn't hurt her," Quil crowed triumphantly. "You, on the other hand, were nowhere around when Bella jumped. That's worth more of an ass-whooping than engaging in an activity Bella wanted to do."

Jacob opened his mouth to dispute Quil's argument, only for both wolves to whip around when the bathroom door opened and Bella came out wearing a different set of clothes.

"Where did those come from?" Jacob asked.

"Oh, umm, Billy suggested I leave a change of clothes here since we started hanging out so much a few months ago. He let me keep them under the sink," Bella mumbled in embarrassment. Shakily she dodged the two giants, sweeping past them to curl up on the coach.

Quil was right behind her sniffing, still trying to figure out what was wrong with Qwar. He froze when she sat down and winced, her eyebrows doing a cute caterpillar Lambada dance before being forced apart.

"What's wrong, Bella?" Jacob almost yelled, pushing Quil aside to get to her. Her breathing was starting to sound funny.

"I'm just…oww," Bella cried out, rubbing at her chest where a sudden pain was forming. Her fingers didn't ease the ache though, they seemed to increase it. "I…I'm fine," she panted. "Just a little bit sore."

Neither wolf believed her, and for once, they worked together, Quil holding her arms while Jacob slowly pushed up her shirt.

"Jacob, stop! What are you…oww." Crying out again, Bella was humiliated that he was lifting her shirt. Sure she was adequately covered by her bra, but it wasn't an action your best-guy friend was supposed to be doing.

Through the increasing pain and difficulty breathing, Bella had no energy to spare in fighting off their movements. When her top was pulled all the way up, Jacob gasped in horror, nearly punching Quil in the nose when he swooped in to sniff.

Gently rolling her top back down, Jacob had no time for Quil antics.

"What's wrong?" Bella asked. She hadn't bothered to look at herself while changing in the bathroom but suddenly she wished she had.

"Bells," Jake choked out. "We need to get you to a hospital."