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Basically, I was just thinking about Sarah's bridal party the other day, and I'm hoping for at least one good bridesmaids scene because I feel like Ellie + CAT Squad would = comedy gold. So I wrote my own. This one will be a two-parter (it just got too long to be a one-shot.)

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"Oh, stop moping," Sarah Walker said as her boyfriend let out another heavy sigh of disapproval. "You can't go down there, and you know it. Besides, grooms don't go dress shopping with the bridesmaids."

"I'm not sure what you're doing can really be considered dress shopping," Chuck replied.

Sarah and Chuck were in the middle of the Buy More, waiting for the elder Bartowski to arrive. With the wedding rapidly approaching, Sarah had called the girls together to find them bridesmaids' dresses, something both bride and groom had been putting off over fear of what would happen when they put Ellie in a room full of spies who were privy to Chuck's secrets. Keeping in tune with the rest of the wedding party, Sarah had chosen to make this search a virtual one and conduct it in Castle before venturing out into bridal shops. Carina and Zondra were already there, so Sarah was only waiting on her maid of honor.

Chuck was sitting slumped behind the Nerd Herd desk, sulking because Sarah had banned him from Castle until further notice. Sarah stood on the opposite side of the desk, dressed in a simple tank top and jeans, hand on her hip as she listened to Chuck's attempts to persuade her to let him join.

"Chuck, what if you go down there, and Ellie ends up finding out you're still a spy?" Sarah asked. "And if you're planning on telling her, I really wish you would've done it before the twenty-minute talk on how I need to consider your small Buy More salary when making wedding decisions."

"No, not telling her!" Chuck said. "Ellie can't know, but I'm afraid your fellow CATs are going to let that cat out of the bag if I'm not there as a sort of buffer."

"Carina and Zondra have been briefed on the situation and are under strict orders not to say anything," Sarah said.

"And lucky for us, Carina's never met an order she didn't feel the need to break," Chuck teased. Sarah shot him a look. "Hey, speaking of the girls, how set are you on my sister as the maid of honor? I was thinking about who'd be walking down the aisle with whom the other night, and I thought it might be really fun, albeit a little evil, to pair Morgan with Carina."

"Chuck," Sarah said, trying not to smile.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"We like Alex, remember?" Sarah said. She glanced towards the opening Buy More doors to see Ellie, with Clara in tow, hurrying into the store. "Oh, Ellie's here."

"Hi!" Ellie called. She placed Clara's carrier on the Nerd Herd desk and wrapped Sarah in a hug. "I'm sorry I'm late."

"Oh, no, you're fine," Sarah said.

"Hi, Clara!" Chuck exclaimed, tickling his niece's stomach. "Fancy seeing you here."

"I hope it's okay that I brought her. Devon got called in to surgery," Ellie said.

"Of course," Sarah said.

Ellie reached into her purse and pulled out her Keep Calm notebook. "So if you give me the names of the places we're going, I'll put them into my GPS and let it find us the best route. I was thinking we could maybe take my car since I don't think Clara's seat will fit in your new Porsche."

"You don't need to worry about that," Sarah said. "We won't be driving anywhere."

"I thought we were going dress shopping?" Ellie asked.

"Oh, we are," Sarah nodded.

"Where are the other girls?"

"They're waiting for us downstairs."

"Downstairs?" Ellie asked, a look of confusion on her face.

Sarah glanced at Chuck, who was still busy playing with Clara. He noticed the abrupt end to the girls' conversation and looked up with a smile on his face.

"Have fun!" Chuck said.

"What's downstairs?" Ellie asked.

"Follow me," Sarah said. She touched Chuck's arm before she left and said, "Bye, sweetie."

"See you later," Chuck whispered. They leaned over the desk until their lips met in a soft and tender kiss. "Go easy on her."

Chuck put on a goofy grin and waved goodbye to Clara as Ellie picked her back up. Sarah led her soon-to-be sister through the store until they reached the elevator to Castle. Sarah punched in a code, allowed the machine to scan her retina, and stepped to the side when her official agency photo appeared on the screen and the elevator opened.

"After you," Sarah said to a bewildered-looking Ellie.

"Sarah, where are you taking me and my baby?" Ellie asked, staying firmly in place.

"It's totally safe, Ellie," Sarah said. "Trust me."

Ellie slowly stepped into the small elevator. Sarah followed and pressed the button to take them to Castle.

"You guys are sweet," Ellie said on the ride down.

"What?" Sarah asked.

"You and my brother…that goodbye kiss…you're sweet together," she said.

"Oh," Sarah said, smiling shyly. "Thanks."

The elevator doors opened, revealing a very long hallway. Sarah started making her way down it, and Ellie timidly followed.

"Seriously Sarah…where are we?" Ellie asked.

"This is Castle…my CIA base," Sarah replied.

"There's a CIA base under the Buy More?" Ellie asked.

"We're actually going to be under the parking lot, but yes," Sarah said.

"Do the employees know about this?"

"Some of them are our operatives," Sarah revealed.

"The polite, efficient, hygienic ones?" Ellie asked instantly. Sarah grinned back at her.

"That would be them," she answered.

"What about Jeff and Lester?" Ellie asked. "Do they know?"

Sarah let out a laugh at the prospect. "No. Definitely not."

"Aren't you worried about them finding out?" Ellie asked. Sarah turned again and shot her a look. "I know that's probably extremely unlikely, but I'm constantly amazed at what those two get into."

"We're not really worried about that," Sarah said. "Though Morgan found out by just stumbling upon Castle, so I guess it's possible."

"What about Chuck?" Ellie asked.

"Well, of course he knows," Sarah said. "He's about to be my husband. In here…"

Sarah punched in another code and the door slid open, allowing Sarah and Ellie access to the CIA wardrobe room. They walked in and found Carina and Zondra adorning themselves with drawers full of jewelry.

"Having fun?" Sarah asked as she walked in. Like two kids caught in the cookie jar, Carina and Zondra quickly replaced the jewelry and slid the drawers shut. Sarah turned to Ellie. "You can put Clara up here."

"Oh, there's a baby…" Carina said as Ellie placed the baby carrier on a table near the main desk in the center of the room.

"Be nice," Sarah warned, stepping up to the center console.

Ellie stood beside Sarah, on her side nearest the baby, and Carina and Zondra took their places on Sarah's other side. They both leaned forward to peer at the wide-eyed little girl. Mom's expression matched daughter's as Ellie looked around the room in awe. Sarah, suddenly surrounded by three girls who had just found themselves in unchartered territory, chose to deal with her friends first.

"This is Clara," Sarah said. "Chuck's niece."

Ellie smiled and squeezed Sarah's arm. "Yours, too," she said.

"Wow, uh…" Sarah said with a slight chuckle. "I guess she kind of is."

Carina and Zondra shared a look as Sarah and Ellie shared a smile.

"So, anyway…you guys might've met at the engagement party, but these are my friends Carina and Zondra," Sarah said, looking at Ellie. She turned to her friends and said, "And this is Chuck's sister, Ellie."

The girls exchanged hellos as Sarah powered up the system.

"So how exactly do you know Sarah?" Ellie asked. "Chuck said something about cats…"

"Oh, we go way back," Carina shrugged. "We were all part of a CIA team called the CAT Squad."

"Everyone called us the CATs," Zondra added. "That's what Chuck meant."

"They're spies, too?" Ellie asked Sarah.

"Well, yeah, I don't really know anyone else anymore," Sarah said. "Except the people I've met through Chuck."

"So what are we doing down here?" Ellie asked.

"We're going shopping," Sarah smiled. She grabbed Ellie's shoulders and switched places with her. "Stand here, don't move, and smile."

Sarah pressed a button, and the computer scanned a startled Ellie into the machine. Virtual Ellie popped up on the dashboard, and Sarah swapped places with her again. She touched to add Ellie to the folder that Morgan had affectionately titled "The Walkertowski Wedding Party" and waited as virtual Ellie, Carina, and Zondra, all dressed in their real counterparts' current outfits, popped up next to virtual Sarah, in a white dress, and virtual Chuck, Casey, and Morgan, all dressed in tuxes.

"The Walkertowski wedding?" Carina snorted. "Who decided to start calling it that?"

"Three guesses," Sarah replied, shaking her head.

Carina sighed. "Martin does look rather dapper in a tux, though. Maybe I should've returned some of his e-mails."

"Martin?" Ellie quietly asked Sarah.

"Morgan," she replied, matching Ellie's tone. "It's not a code name; Carina just can't seem to get his name right, despite having slept with him."

"Carina and Morgan?" Ellie asked with a laugh. When no one joined her in her laughter, she looked at Sarah. "Wait…really?" Sarah slightly nodded. Ellie shook her head. "Wow."

"It surprised me, too," Zondra agreed, glancing at Carina.

"So as cool as this is," Ellie said, looking at their virtual selves and the massive closet in front of them. "How are we going to find matching dresses down here?"

"Well, I'm not very concerned with the dresses being identical," Sarah said as Zondra slipped out of the room. "I'd rather you guys like what you're wearing. Where did she go?"

Carina shrugged and said, "I'm a big fan of that not matching thing you just said."

"Besides, Ellie, this is just to get an idea of what we want. We'll get you guys new dresses. Despite the fact that I'm more enthusiastic about the planning than I was when we started, I'd still rather spend four hours down here making decisions than doing that in a bridal shop," Sarah explained.

"Amen to that!" Zondra said, walking back in with champagne and glasses.

"Is that how you knew exactly what you wanted when we went to look for your dress?" Ellie asked. "I was sort of in awe of how quickly you picked something."

"Yeah, well, I would've used the perfect dress I found down here, but the back was covered in blood and bullet holes," Sarah said casually. "Which reminds me…let's check the dresses for things like that before we put them on today. I'd rather not fall in love with something and then find out it's been shot up on some mission."

Carina and Zondra nodded their approval and understanding, while Ellie looked completely stunned. When she finally regained her voice, she asked, "Bullet holes?"

"Yeah, four of them right here," Sarah said, rubbing her back to indicate their location. She was tapping on the computer screen, setting it up to scroll through dresses, unaware of the astonished and slightly terrified look on Ellie's face.

Once they were ready to look at the dresses, Carina gently pushed Sarah out of the way and began absent-mindedly scrolling through the garments, voicing her disapproval for each and every one of them while Zondra poured and passed out champagne. After Carina's fifth consecutive groan of disgust, Sarah sighed.

"Is today one of those days where you're just going to say no to everything?" Sarah asked. Carina shrugged again.

"Maybe," she admitted.

"Oh my god!" Zondra called as Carina landed on a lime green dress in the database. "That was mine! From the time I pretended to be a bridesmaid on that mission."

Carina scrunched up her nose while Ellie, with a laugh, said, "That's awful."

Sarah took a sip of her champagne and said, "I concur."

"Girl knew her way around government computers, but she didn't have a fashionable bone in her body," Zondra said.

"Lots of room to hide some weaponry, though…that was the one good thing about the pink monstrosity I had to wear on my bridesmaid mission – lots of room to hide the machine gun," Carina said, contemplating the dress. She turned to Sarah and added, "Something to keep in mind."

Ellie looked alarmed again, while Sarah very calmly said, "No machine guns at my wedding, remember? Well…you won't be the ones with the firearms anyway."

"Is that really such a good idea after what happened at…?" Carina started, gesturing towards Ellie.

Zondra subtly shoved her elbow into Carina's back to shut her up, as Sarah shot her a panicked look. When discussing the wedding that morning, Sarah had shared the story of Ellie and Awesome's ruined first attempt at a wedding with her friends. Carina covered by pretending to stumble and took a sip of her drink.

"I'm just saying there's going to be a lot of good, reputable spies in one room," Carina finished, taking another drink.

Sarah, whose back was turned to Ellie, closed her eyes and let out a silent sigh of relief as she mentally scolded herself for not adding that story to the list of things not to mention once Ellie arrived that she had given her friends that morning. She turned to see an apprehensive-looking Ellie.

"I am working on getting my superiors to give me a security team of agents for the ceremony," Sarah said. She turned back to her friends and, with a grin, added, "I'd rather not have to wear a garter full of knives."

Zondra nodded her head in agreement and tapped her glass to Sarah's before taking a sip. Ellie, her head filled with images of bullet-battered dresses and machine guns under ruffled skirts, simply glanced back at Clara, who was happily sucking on her finger, and wondered what she had gotten herself into.

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