Playin' the Love Game

Chapter 9

By the Unlucky-Charm

It was like every other time. The sheets were just as dirty, his room was just as small and the disgusting smell of cigarettes and alcohol was still present throughout his entire house. Kenny was alive again, but his life had not changed.

The blonde teen sat up in his bed, checking every single part of him, making sure everything was in place. Even his orange hoodie was somehow back on his shoulders, keeping him warm.

"Oh...Oh! Hey!" His drunken father stumbled into his room, keeping himself stable by holding onto the chipping doorframe.

"He's back! How are ya' buddy?"

Kenny spared his worthless father a smile and hopped out of bed.

"Gee Ken, how d'ya do that?"

"Do what dad?" He humoured him, the same way you would with a 5 year old child.

"The clothes kiddo! They just appear!"

Kenny didn't answer and continued fixing his hair in front of his cracked mirror.

He would have to get going soon, although all he wanted to do was stay in bed and avoid his friends for the rest of his life. He walked past his father, completely ignoring him and his inebriated comments. He made his way to the front door and set his hand on the doorknob.

"I'm goin' in." He sighed to himself and pushed it open.

"Whoo! Go Kenny!" His father cheered him on, even though the guy had no idea what was going on. Kenny started to suspect a little more than just alcohol, but he brushed it off seeing as it was nothing new to him.

"Huh. Thanks dad." The blonde mumbled and stepped out, walking away from the broken down construction he grew to call a home.

'Sure, I could be an ass...' He thought as he walked down the sidewalk with his hands in his pockets. 'I could be an ass and just call Butters to bring me my stuff, without having to bother with all the others.' Kenny smiled. He was really liking that scenario better than what he was about to do, but he knew better. Those guys were probably going insane by now and Kenny was sure that some of them wouldn't think twice about sending him back to heaven on sight.

It was pathetic, really. When confronted, they might deny it, they might get angry, but in the end, they couldn't stay apart for a single day! Even Stan, who was the one who had the idea, broke the rule!

As he walked, he began to prepare a speech in his mind. He could make up some excuses and tell them he only meant well and crap like that. Kyle and Stan would probably be able to see through all that, but they weren't the ones he was worried about.

But before he could deal with all of this, he had one very important thing to do; something he should've done a while ago, but just wasn't sure. Hell, he still wasn't.

The Stotch house was the farthest from his which, in this case, was a problem for Kenny. On the way there, it wouldn't be a surprise if he bumped into someone he knew from school... someone he had watched and written about in his notebook. If luck decided to be a bitch and Kenny DID see such a person he prayed he wouldn't be French or named Craig.

Once he was off the main road and in the neighbourhoods, he allowed himself to slow down his pace, but still avoided any windows with open curtains. When he finally got Butters' street, he made a run for it. On the second step towards the porch, the front door opened, revealing a fully clothed Butters: jacket, scarf, gloves and everything.

"Kenny?" He said and grabbed him by the front of his hoodie. Butters pulled him inside and shut the door loudly behind them.

"Are you crazy?" He asked, but Kenny thought it would be wiser if he didn't answer.

"If one of them saw you..." He mumbled and then stared up at the taller blonde with worry in his bright blue eyes.

Kenny just watched him whisper to himself and found it amusing. Butters was always so cute, no matter what he did. Eventually, Butters took one big deep breath and stared straight at Kenny with a strong, determined, gaze.

"Kenny." He said. "We found the notebook."

He frowned and shut his eyes. Kenny figured he was waiting for a reaction or something, but all he could do was laugh. He chuckled and leaned in to kiss his head.

"I know Buttercup, I saw."

Butters' expression only changed for a second and then lightened up.

"You did?" He said. "Really?"

"Yup. I'm sorry you had to deal with that, babe." Kenny told him, running the back of his hand over Butters' cheek. The smaller boy froze under the touch for a second, his eyes darting quickly to the hand and then back, just as fast. He did not comment on the move, but it was obvious he noticed how unusual it was.

"Yeah...Well, you shouldn't just be w-walking around like that, Ken. If one of them sees see, they're awful mad." Butters paused and threw a second glance at Kenny's hand that still had not budged. "I –I was actually leaving to go see you, but I guess you beat me to it." He chuckled nervously.

"Well, isn't that sweet."Kenny said and glided his hand downwards and began to unwrap the scarf.

"Butters...before we get anything done, because I really do need to talk to those guys, I have a very pressing matter to attend to."

"You're scaring me."

"I don't blame you." He said, very nonchalantly. "Butters, I am going to kiss you now and then we can go and see if Chris still wants to kill me."

To his surprise, Butters didn't say anything. He just stood there and blinked, as if he was waiting for Kenny to go on.


"Gee Ken, weren't you going to kiss me?" He said in a sweet, innocent voice.

"Yeah, aren't you surprised? Even a little?"

The shorter one blushed and stared down at the floor. His habit of bumping his fists together hadn't stopped either, but only started up when he got nervous, which was definitely the case at the time.

"You know Ken, that's very arrogant of you." He said, but Kenny knew he was teasing.

"How come?" He played along and discretely slipped his arm around the other's waist.

"Just because you had a notebook doesn't mean you're the only observant one when it comes to these things." He giggled and let Kenny pull him closer.

"Mmm, oh really?" He purred and planted a very delicate peck on Butters' lips.

"Am I not giving you enough credit, Buttercup?"

"No you're not. Especially since you made it obvious."

"Let's get going." Kenny opened the door. "You'll explain on the way."

So, turns out, Butters is a very logical person and doesn't really show it either. According to him, Kenny's feelings had been obvious since he had never included Butters in his notebook. Seeing as he was the only guy who was openly gay and that he has had several crushes in the past, it would only be normal for his name to at least be mentioned, but it never was. And that's how Butters reached that conclusion: Kenny had a crush on him.

Of course, Kenny didn't want to blow his bubble by telling him how wrong he was, so he pretended to agree since he found the whole idea of it cute and romantic in a certain way. The real reason why Butters wasn't in the notebook is completely different. It's the fact that he's actually OUT of the closet that disinterested Kenny. It was much more fun dealing with people in denial or ignorance, rather than someone who was aware and changed crushes every fucking week.

Their first stop was the Marsh house, but Kenny doubted that Stan would be home. However, he decided to let his companion find out for himself.

"Hello boys." Stan's mother answered.

"Hello Ma'am, we'd like to speak to Stan if he's up." Butters said, making it sound so polite because of his soft voice.

"Well I'm sorry Butters, I wouldn't know."

'Here it comes...' Kenny thought.

"Stan slept over at the Broflovski's yesterday."

Butters' adorable face fell. He frowned at Mrs. Marsh and pursed his lips.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

Mrs. Marsh grimaced and seemed taken aback, but Kenny couldn't help but puff out a laugh at the confusion that was going on before him.

"Yes she is, Butters. Now come on." Kenny said and grabbed him by the arm. "Bye Ma'am."

"Goodbye boys."

The second the door closed behind them, Kenny received a hard blow to the shoulder, courtesy of Butters.

"You knew!" The small blonde shouted.

"Yeah." Kenny laughed. "I'm sorry, that was mean." He added as an apology, but didn't really seem regretful.

"That bastard cheated!" He whined, stomping his small feet on the gravel. He seemed hurt, but slowly came to twist itself into a frown. His anger flared on his face and his eyes widened slightly when he finally had his own little realisation.

"Oh my GOD! He was the who made up the fucking rule! BITCH!"

"Yeah, he did." Kenny kept on laughing quietly, enjoying the situation all he could before Butters socked him in the shoulder again. "So we're going to Broflovski's then?"

"No." He said and spun around to face him, an evil grin stretching over his face. "As you're punishment we're going to Craig's house"

He crossed his arms over his chest and smiles smugly. "And it's closer."

They walked two more blocks before they turned to curb to Craig's street. The house was right across, but as they were crossing Kenny stepped on something that cracked beneath him like hard candy. 'Oh, right' he remembered, intentionally stepping on another one to get Butters' attention. The 'candy' was in a certain pattern, forming a scattered trail that led to a white, cracked plastic container, around which lay more of the stuff.

"Looks like Stan wasn't the only one to break the rule." Kenny said, trying to hide his amusement and excitement as much as he could. The reaction was going to be priceless!

Butters followed his gaze to the container and then he took a few steps towards it.

"Is this..." He picked it up. "These are his meds, Ken!"

"Seems so. I wonder who would do this..." Kenny teased.

"Stop playing dumb! You know damn well –"

A blast of sudden Lady Gaga cut him off and he began to stumble with his jacket pocket, trying to find his phone.

"Speaker." Kenny whispered, receiving but a nod in response.

With incredible grace and agility, Butters swooped out his phone and pressed all the right buttons at an amazing speed, the second he answered the call. Kenny had noticed in the past how feminine Butters looked when answering phones. He never knew why, but maybe it was in the way his fingers moved... The thought of skilled fingers made his breath get caught in his throat.

"Hey Tweek." Butters answered, holding the phone in his palm, floating between them.

"GAH! How'd you know it was me?"

"Caller ID, babe."

"Oh... -ngh."


"Tweek? Something wrong?" Butters asked patiently.

"Um...ngh –yeah! I have a p-problem."

"Lemme guess." Butters said, a devious smile playing on his lips. "Craig threw your meds into the street where they exploded all over the place."

"AGH! How'd you know!"

Butters didn't answer, at least not directly. He pressed another buttons rapidly and snapped a picture of the ground where the container had landed, immediately sending it to Tweek.

"Butters? You there? Jesus Christ, are you being mugged!" He panicked...again.

"I'm fine."

There was a silence again and all that could be heard was the sound of Tweek pressing buttons on his own phone.


Kenny covered his mouth to stifle a laugh, causing his eyes to water a little. Butters pressed a finger against his lips, signalling him to shut up.

"Yeah. Feel better now?"

"No! I gave it to him so that he can help me, not –ngh throw them out into the street, dude! What am I supposed to do now? I'm going crazy without them, man! It's totally just..."

He paused again and Kenny was beginning to believe that Tweek WAS, in fact, going crazy without his pills. Even so, Kenny waited with anticipation, because he knew the coffee addict wasn't that dumb and that it was just a matter of time before he figured it out.

"Butters." He said very calmly, which creeped the hell out of the both of them. "Why are you in front of Craig's house?" He asked, his voice very steady and very composed. The kid sounded like an evil mastermind without his nervous ticks there to cut him off in between words.

"J –Just passing by to talk to him, hon." Butters stuttered and Kenny knew that he wasn't the only one disturbed by Tweek's sudden change in tone.

"Yeah...but Kenny's there." He said, slightly angry. Kenny was thankful they were talking threw a phone and not face to face. Butters would have made a run for it by now.

"W –what? No, he's not, Tweek. You're being paranoid. Just –" His nervous voice was disturbed by the sudden beeping his phone made; Butters had received a text.

" From Tweek:

Wtf are butters and mccormick doing in the middle of my street?

-Craig "

Kenny risked a glance toward the Tucker house where, just as expected, Craig was standing behind the window. He was staring at his phone, but then looked up. They made eye contact and Kenny got flipped off, no surprise there. Craig disappeared right after and Kenny waited for the front door to open, trying to ignore the conversation Butters was still having with Tweek.

The front door never opened, but that's because Craig left the house from the back door. Kenny didn't bother alerting Butters about this, since the other boy had his back turned to the house, still trying to reason with a certain twitch-ball who refused to give in.

"McCormick." He said, stopping on the edge of the sidewalk. Kenny decided to meet him halfway, even though he heard a few mutters coming from behind him. Butters must have noticed.

"What's up, Tucker?"

"I think I should be the one asking that. What the hell are you doing here?" He glanced at the medication on the floor. "They won't get you high, so don't even bother."

Kenny chuckled sarcastically. Craig had a way of saying these things, and unless you have known the guy for a while, you won't realise how mean he's actually being.

"Not why I'm here." Kenny said. "I just wanna talk. I don't like you being mad at me."

"I see...Well, I'm over it. Now I just think you're stupid."

Kenny was about to smile and walk away, but Butters kind of ruined his image.

"Why?" He asked. "How is he stupid?"

The taller blonde wasn't sure whether or not Butters was trying to defend him or was just plain curious. Either way, Kenny did not appreciate this interference.

"Think about it. That notebook was going to be found eventually and it wasn't like he was making an effort in hiding it either. Now what if Tweek found it? He wouldn't have shown it to anyone and...he's Tweek, God knows what he would think."

Both Kenny and Butters looked away and smiled, trying to look as nonchalant as possible, as if they didn't notice how Tweek was the one and only example Craig could have come up with. On top of it all, it was a hypothetical situation.

The stoic teen must have noticed, because he sighed and flipped them off out of the blue. A hint of a small smile could be seen on his lips, but Kenny didn't point it out, seeing as Craig didn't look like he was going to beat him up and giving him a reason to change his mind was not a very smart thing to do.

"Shut up." He added, staring at Butters who had just let a chuckle slip out. "You're just damn lucky Tweek doesn't hate me, or else I would have killed you."

Craig shrugged and began to walk, as if his previous statement ended the conversation.

"So, that's why he's stupid?"

"Yeah..." He stopped walking but didn't turn back their way. "There was also the possibility of the mole finding it. THEN you would have been dead."

And so, that ended their conversation. Craig was off his list and with much ease too. Tweek could also be considered off the list, which relieved Kenny greatly. The pair was supposed to be one of the hardest ones, but they had proven him wrong. Now the only difficult people, no, the only difficult PERSON left was Christophe. Gregory will be reasonable. Clyde and Token are easy and Stan and Kyle might not even be awake after the previous night they had spent together. Whichever way, they would soon find out since Kyle's house was their next stop.

"What the hell do you want? Do you know what time it is?" Stan answered the door, rubbing his eyes. "It's fucking cold too."

"That's probably because you're in you boxers." Butters snapped at him.

"Yeah, so?" He yawned. "What do you guys want?" He said rudely, which Kenny knew would piss Butters off and raise his bitchy meter to a maximum.

"I want to know why the hell you're answering the door half naked when this isn't even your fucking house, Marsh." He said with all the attitude he had, crossing his arms over his chest. He would have commented on his outfit too, but the guy wasn't really wearing much.

Butters' comment must have set him off, since Stan clearly hadn't woken up proper and didn't seem to realise much yet. Kenny took this as an opportunity to get a glance behind Stan for any signs of a certain sexy redhead, hopefully as shirtless as his partner.

"Oh...shit. Yeah..."

"Mmhmm, no clothes, not your house, smelling of sex...the odds are no tin your favour, my friend." Kenny teased, staring Stan down. "Parents not home, I'm guessing."

"Yup, just Ike."

"Yes!" Someone called room the living room. "Did someone say my name?"

Stan grunted and rolled his eyes. "No Ike! Kenny and Butters are here!" Stan called back.

"Hey Ike!" Butters yelled into the door and allowed himself step inside. He walked passed Stan, followed by Kenny.

"How are you?" Butters asked the younger Canadian boy once he had taken off his shoes and jacket. He sat next to him and examined the book he was reading.

"I'm okay." He said. "Are you guys gonna stay? Kyle's making breakfast." The boy paused and chuckled quietly. "He looks like such a nerd in his apron."

"Apron, you say?" Kenny grinned and bounced off towards the kitchen.

"Hey! Kenny, wait a sec!" Stan ran after him.

As promised, Kyle was in an apron; something Kenny would have spent hours drooling over if it weren't for Stan doing everything in his power to stand in the way and block the view.

The redhead's hat was still on, along with a white T-shirt and boxers. He was poking at stuff sizzling in the pan he was holding above the stove top. Kyle didn't pay much attention when the 2 boys ran in, but rolled his eyes and their foolishness.

"You know I can hear you in here. The living room's not that far." He said loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Love you, bro." Ike shouted.


He continued cooking with his adorable apron on, adding a few things into the pan every now and then. He was so dam cute.

"Stop looking at him like that." Stan muttered with his teeth clenched together. "It looks like you're gonna eat him up."

"Looks like you already did, Marsh."

Stan stood up, outraged, slamming his hands against the table, making all the silverware shake and clink against each other. He narrowed his sparkling and newly awoken eyes toward Kenny in a threatening manner. But Kenny wasn't scared. Stan always made scenes like this when his loved ones were insulted or something. He used to be like that with Wendy too, always wailing on and on about how she was his girlfriend and deserved respect and all that bullshit. He basically put on the show for Wendy so he could get laid later on for 'standing up for her'.

Kyle was different, though, Kenny was certain. Kyle was, for one, a dude. A very fiery, feisty and brilliant dude who could easily stand up for himself and probably do it better than Stan. So, keeping that in mind, instead of listening to boring ol' Stan, Kenny slowly turned his head toward the redhead for a reaction, his devious smirk still in play.

Kyle still had his back to them, his attention on the food sizzling in the pan. The only thing he did was sigh and turn the stove off in one swift movement.

"Stan, sit down." He said calmly, not even bother to finally turn around.

"Fine, but if he comments on –"

"Stan. When does he not?" Kyle reasoned, turning around with his hand on his hip.

"Yeah Stanley, when have I ever NOT fantasized about Broflovski here. I mean, DAT ASS!" Kenny moaned at the end of the sentence, which almost made Stan explode and beat him up. He totally would have if Kyle weren't there. His reddened face twisted into an expression of disgust and Kenny noticed him shuddering.

"What's the matter? Mental pictures?" He teased.

When Stan didn't answer, Kenny got up, snatched a sausage from the pan and went to the living room where Butters was.

"Hey Buttercup, these guys look like their doing fine, we can move on." He said.

"No way! I still need to kick Marsh's ass for lying to everyone."

"Move on to what?"

Kyle appeared in the doorway, his apron now hanging in his hand. He was looking straight at Kenny and even though he asked the question, it was obvious that he knew the answer. Kenny decided to tell him anyway, because the kid usually gave good advice and he needed some right now.

"To the others who were in my notebook." Kenny said.

"I suggest you skip Craig, Token and Christophe." Kyle said, moving into the living room, closer to the blondes. "I know that's most of them, but...Ken, they were really mad."

"Aw, you worrying about me, Broflovski?"

Kenny was about to step forward and maybe even make contact, but like a loyal dog, Stan was instantly at the redhead's side, shooting forbidding looks all around the room.

"We already went to Craig." Butters stepped in as well. "He was pretty chill."


"Yeah, dude. He was fine. I think Token's gonna be our only problem." Kenny said, jerking his head sideways, motioning to Butters that they had to get going.

"And Chris." Kyle added.

'Yeah...right.' Kenny thought sarcastically. Gregory was too civilized and the last thing he would let his partner do is physically hurt him. When everyone first saw the notebook and their own personal 'chapters', they completely freaked out. However, Greg didn't even experience that moment of insanity, instead remaining calm and composed during the whole thing. He even managed to keep the Mole somewhat least calmer than how he would have usually reacted.

Kenny felt like a salesman, going from house to house. He had only been through 3 and a half people (Tweek was the half since he took care of him through the phone) and he was already exhausted. It was a depressing, grey day and all that walking in the cold had got him yearning for a warm bed to lay in.

The two were walking to the richer side of town where they would hit Token's house too, once they stopped at Gregory's.

'I hear you're doing rounds. Christophe and I are at my place.


Butters showed Kenny the text, but neither of them bothered asking how that information got to them. It wasn't hard to find Gregory's house. Kenny had never been, but a large, white, Victorian house stands out like a sore thumb in South Park.

"I wanna do it!" Butters yelled and skipped to the house, where he pushed the pretty golden doorbell over a dozen times. "Even the noise it makes is fancy!" He was way too excited.

"Buttercup, we go to Token's all the time..."

"Yeah, but this house looks like the queen of England would live in it!"

"I heard you the first time." Gregory said even he before he had fully opened the door.

"Oh my God, even the inside looks all royal!" Butters leaned sideways, sneaking glimpses of the inside of the house. It was big with very high ceilings, making the rooms seem larger than one would have thought by looking at the house from the outside. Fancy furniture was scattered along the walls, leaving vast open space to walk around in.

"Nice place." Kenny said, suppressing jealousy and spite. Gregory lived alone in this mansion of his, when Kenny had to go home every night to a fucking shack with four other people living in it, two of which were usually intoxicated.

"Thank you for coming. I'm glad you're here. Christophe has been acting odd since yesterday." He said, rolling his eyes.

Butters didn't get mad this time, at the fact that the two mercenaries had also broken the rule. The small blonde was too mesmerized with Gregory's luxurious lifestyle to give a damn.

"What do you mean by 'weird'?" Butters mumbled, his eyes totally unfocused. The poor kid was so phased out that he jumped out of his pants when a series of loud stomping noises begun, getting louder and louder.

"Gregory!" A random door was slammed open, revealing a staircase behind it and...Christophe. "Who is it? Are they bothering you?" The Frenchman stepped out and began looking around the room suspiciously.

"Oh. McCormick. It's you..." He growled, like he was pleased to see him. His amused sarcasm made a shiver go down Kenny's spine and suddenly, he felt kind of threatened, even though an actual 'threat' had not been made. His gaze stuck to him and Kenny felt like he had walked straight into a trap. Christophe's eyes were gleaming, but had darkened just as well. His whole face looked like it had transformed and raw, wild excitement was only readable expression. Kenny wanted to run. The brunette had him right where he wanted him; he saved him all the work by coming here. 'This is the last things his victims see before...'

"They're not bothering me, love. Kenny's back."

"Yes, I can very well see that." He paused and eyed Butters this time. "Don't call me 'love'." He added mumbling, without looking at the Brit; his eyes remained fixed on the other two.

Either they were going out and hiding it or they weren't going out at all. Either way, Butters didn't need Kenny to tell him something had happened between them yesterday.

"Would you gentleman like anything to eat? I haven't restocked since I got back, but I might have a few frozen foods in the basement."

"I'd love that, actually." Kenny said, setting his palm on his stomach. Killing two birds with one stone: getting food and getting Christophe alone.

Gregory was about to go downstairs, when the Mole grabbed his arm.

"There are rats down there. I'll go."

Gregory arched a brow and opened his mouth to protest, but the Mole had already dashed off, the door slowly sliding shut behind him.

"Rats." Gregory said.

"What did –"

"Bloody rats." Gregory cut him off. "I've fought and murdered men twice my size to save his goddamn life, but he decides to protect me from rats...that aren't even there, by the way!" He stopped dead and gazed into the emptiness, his eyes frozen at one place. "If I had vermin, I'd get rid of them."

"So, I'm guessing Frenchie is having some issues with all of this, huh?" Kenny said, trying to sympathise instead of laugh.

"Issues! Since he saw the notebook, he's gone from furious, to cute, to treating me like a fucking pregnant woman!" Gregory's face reddened, but his voice remained in a normal tone, not fully raised.

Butters went over to the Brit and rubbed circles on his back. His adorable compassionate look made him look younger and more naive, along with the fact that he stood a foot shorter than Gregory; that made him look like a downright kid.

"He's been protective?" He asked the obvious in the softest voice he could manage.

Kenny looked away and didn't pay much attention to the other two blondes. He was waiting for Christophe to come back with the food. He was probably bringing his gun or his knife or some other freaky weapon. Besides, even if he did want to say something to the Brit, he feared that the image of the pregnant Gregory in his head would make him snicker instead of talk.

Christophe came back with, surprisingly, nothing more than three boxes of frozen pizza. Without a word, he made his way to the kitchen and turned on the oven. Everybody in the room was staring at him and as aware of that as he was, he pretended not to notice. The food was ready quickly and they all sat down to eat, all of this done in silence expect for a few casual exchanges between Gregory and Butters. Kenny didn't say a word, waiting for Christophe to make the first move.

"I am not angry." The Frenchman said, eventually. "At least, not anymore."

"So you're not going to kill me?" Kenny grinned.

"If you smile like that again, I just might." He paused. "I'd be more worried about the Black boy if I were you."

Kenny and Butters left the second they finished eating.

"You're ridiculous." Gregory turned to his companion and said, once he had closed the door after them.

"And how is that?"

"You got all riled up yesterday and now, you just let him go like that! You're just angry that he was spying on you. And you, the greatest mercenary I know, did not even realise until the evidence was given to you." Gregory smiled and shook his head. "You're angry at yourself."

Christophe was never good at hiding his reactions, but he still made a point to deny everything, despite how clearly embarrassed he was.

"Stop speaking nonsense." He stated and shot up from his seat. "I am going to take a shower."

He began to march up the stairs.

"I'll help you turn the water on." Gregory called after him.

"But... I already know how..."

The blonde skipped up the stairs to join Christophe. He slung his arms around his neck and grinned straight into his confused looking face.

"You sure?"


Sliding his hand down the Frenchman's chest, Gregory whispered into his ear.

"I don't think you are."

He took him by the arms and dragged a very reddened and stuttering Christophe straight to the shower.

The sheer beauty of the situation made even Butters grin devilishly, which wasn't something that he usually never did. Out of each pair they had visited, this one was supposed to be the hardest one. However, it was going to be very hard for Token to argue after being caught in the act with a certain airheaded jock. Judging by what he saw, Kenny came to the conclusion that the two must be very comfortable with each other by now, since they were able to go at it inside Token's Jaguar, which, by the way, was parked in front of his house, out in the open street. His parents could have EASILY seen, but clearly, that hadn't stopped them.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Token hissed, once he stepped out in the cold air with nothing but jeans and socks on.

"Nothing. We were just passing by. You two are the ones with the shameless PDA display."

"Who told you to look in the car?"

Even though they had him cornered, Token still had the nerve to argue. Kenny wondered if he was even aware that he didn't have a shirt on and that he was blushing like fuck, probably due to the heated situation he was in before the interruption.

Clyde stumbled out of the car next. At least he was smart enough to be fully dressed and also sweet enough to bring Token his shirt.

"Way to cock block dude." Clyde complained.

"Shut up!"

"Oh please, you really think you're going to be able to get out of this one?" Clyde laughed. "Good luck, but ain't denyin' shit."

Token shot his friend a very dirty and betrayed look, which ruined his usually cool composure. He wasn't the type to get flustered so easily.

"Look Token, we saw the car rocking a mile away." Butters said with a whole lot of sass. "There's no need for us to stay here any longer, so why don't you just forget this happened and go back to doing to whatever it was you were with Clyde."

"No. I will not." He growled. "I don't want you thinking that I...that me and him are..."

Clyde walked up next to him and draped an arm over his shoulders. He pressed his other hand against his cheek and turned his face towards him. Token did not argue nor did he struggle, but he didn't look all too happy either. He gently pressed his lips against Token's, but only for a second. His puppy dog eyes stared straight into Token's angry ones and he smiled boyishly.

"Can we PLEASE, go back in the car." He begged, tilting his head to the side.

"What? N-no, but I..." Token stumbled with his words, pointing at Kenny and then to himself with his mouth hanging open but no word coming out.

"Oh, no need for that." Butters said, settling his hand in the center of Kenny's back. "We're leaving. Bye, guys." He said and waved as he and Kenny walked away.

The whole journey back was done laughing hysterically. They waited until they were out of earshot and then mocked and mimicked the rich boy until every single possible joke was made.

"Did you see his face when he saw us through the car window?"

"Oh my God! That was fucking funny!"

"Clyde just looked so disappointed."

They got home just before the sun set completely. It wasn't really that late, but the sun always went down really fast in South Park during winter. Butters invited Kenny in for something warm. Even though Kenny knew he was talking about something to drink, they both had an idea of what was going to happen.

Once inside, Butters didn't even glance at the kitchen. They both power-walked all the way upstairs to the bedroom, without even speaking a word to one another. The door was shut behind them and they stood in the middle of the room just staring at each other. Butters nervously tugged at his shirt, while as Kenny stared at him hungrily. As if Kenny was controlling him with his mind, Butters slipped off his shirt, revealing his pale bare chest. He wrapped his bracelet clad arms around himself and looked away from his partner's eyes.

Kenny smiled and slipped his own shirt off, making Butters go red at the sight of his toned chest and abdomen. For a kid who barely ever had food on the table, Kenny was built underneath that orange hoodie of his. His jeans were riding low, leaving very little to the imagination. He took the first step forward and Butters followed. By two more steps, they were pressed against each other, making out heatedly. Their lips refused to part as they kicked off their shoes and socks along with their jeans. The second Butters had stepped out of his pants, it didn't take long for Kenny to push him onto his bed. He climbed on top of the smaller boy and grinned like the Cheshire cat. Butters shivered beneath him, staring up with hazy blue eyes. He bit down on his lower lip seductively and pulled Kenny down.

"Mmmm." Butters moaned as Kenny licked a trail over his jaw bone to his ear lobe.

He pressed kisses on random parts of his neck, stopping from time to time at his collarbone and sucking hard. Butters squirmed under the other's weight, trying to pull him closer as much as he could. He tangled his fingers in Kenny's golden locks and tugged each time his crotch rubbed agonizingly against his.

"Mmmhmmhmm." Kenny let out a moan/chuckle. "Don't do that Buttercup, you just might push me to the edge." He whispered huskily into the smaller boy's ear, causing him to shiver for the second time.

Kenny then moved down to his chest, tweaking at his hardened nipples with his fingers and teeth. Electric shocks were sent all through Butters' body with every bite, following by a relaxing wave every time Kenny's tongue soothed the reddened parts. His mouth is fucking magic, Butters thought.

"Ken, ah-please...!" He begged.

"Whatever you say..." The other teased and lowered his head all the way down. With his teeth, he skilfully pulled down the cotton underwear, earlier in the way, and smiled at the sight of Butters' fully hardened cock.

He swirled his tongue over the tip, right before taking in the whole thing into his mouth. As he continued to suck him off, he prodded his fingers down to his opened.

"I'll be gentle..." He said.

Suddenly, without warning, Butters sat up and frowned, seeming quite insulted.

"I've done this before, you know. Don't take your precious time." He snapped and fell back onto the mattress.

Kenny, now even more aroused, pulled down his underwear and thrust in without even a second thought. Butters writhed under him and clenched his teeth. Kenny did not move, in fear that he was hurting him. As much as Butters may have done this in the past, it still hurt, especially since they didn't have any lube.

"Move." He ordered.

Slowly at first, Kenny began thrusting, loving the feeling of having Butter's around his cock. The smaller teen was still biting down on his lip and was uttering small, lustful noises too. It all drove Kenny crazy, making him pick up his speed.

"God...Ken. Don't you dare fucking stop." He whispered, clutching at the sheets he was laying on.

Kenny shifted a little, trying to find that spot. They were both sweating, with their wet bodies grinding up against each other. Kenny grabbed the inside's of Butters' thighs and spread them wider, allowing him to thrust harder and harder.

"Ah! Kenny, there..."

Kenny stopped. He dug his fingers deeper into Butters' flesh and hit it again, as strongly as he could. Butters cried out, his nails clawing at Kenny's back.

"Fuck...Butters..." Kenny grunted, trying hold back so they could cum together.

Luckily, it only took a few more thrusts. Butters began to twitch and breathe heavily. Kenny went even faster, hitting that same spot each time.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum." He cried out and arched his back against the bed.

Kenny came hard inside of him, spilling his seed and making the orgasm last all the longer. He only pulled out when Butters had stopped twitching and shaking and then fell next to him on the mattress.


"Yeah...I know..."

Kenny held Butters tight against him. The smaller teen had fallen asleep, but he was still awake. A thought had just occurred to him, which amused him: there was a 90% chance that ever other one of their friends was in the same exact position they were in at that moment. He smiled.

Even if they were angry and did accuse him of many things, Kenny knew it was quite the contrary. Those bastards owed him. They were probably even thanking him in their minds right now, whether they were in a car, on a kitchen table, a mansion or even fetching some after-sex coffee; it was all thanks to him.

In the end, this whole town was his chess board and all the people were the pieces. All it took was making the right moves for Kenny to win this love game.

The End.

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