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Epic Mickey: The Fanfiction

Chapter 1: Escape

Darkness. That was all that could be seen. Not a sound, not a word, not a whisper. Then, as if blown in by the wind, faint sounds could be heard, they only sounded like faint rumbling though, like the sound someone's stomach would make if it was rumbling and demanding food.

Slowly the darkness began to lift itself as the sounds became louder and louder. The darkness faded into light, a blinding light.

The light then faded into a duller light, it could now be seen that the light was coming from an old light bulb that was shining from a low hanging ceiling lamp.

Two black orbs opened and closed themselves in a blinking motion as they focused on the lamp.

The two orbs were eyes, which slowly scanned the area. It appeared to be some kind of laboratory. High tech looking machines whirred and buzzed as old rusted gears clicked and clanked as they turned.

"…Wh…wha…where am I…?" A high voice asked to no one in particular.

The eye belonged to a strange looking creature that laid flat on some sort of table. It tried to sit itself up, only to find that it couldn't. The creature looked and saw that his arms and legs were bounded to the table by metal links

"Ah…Mickey Mouse…it's been too long…" An accented voice said from the surrounding darkness.

The creature known as Mickey Mouse turned his head to see whom the voice belonged too. It sounded…familiar.

The figure the voice belonged to stepped into view, a tall, old looking man in a white lab coat. He had a black beard and a long black mustache. The mouse's eyes widened with fear as he saw him.

"T…The Mad DOCTOR?"

"Please…" The old man said. "Call me, Dr. Ivanko."

"Wh…what are you doing here?" Mickey asked.

"I've been…waiting…" The doctor grinned. "For nearly 80 years!"

Mickey's eyes widened at the realization that it had been almost 80 years since he last saw the doctor, back in 1933.

"W….what have you been waiting for?" Mickey asked timidly.

The doctor grinned and pulled a lever on one of his machines. The low hanging lamp moved to the side as a loud whirring began.

From the darkness of the ceiling came a large buzz saw that was slowly lowering towards him!

Mickey panicked and began to thrash about, hoping to escape.

"C…C…Come on doctor! W…w…we were only acting back then! Don't you remember that cartoon we made together?" Mickey pleaded. "Why are you doing this?"

The doctor raised the lever and the buzz saw stopped moving and lowering. It was a good ten feet from slicing the mouse in two.

With the saw now off, the Doctor slowly walked over to Mickey, circling the mouse as he laid strapped to the operating table.

"…Tell me, my little mouse…" He mockingly tugged on Mickey's ear, which made him yelp. "When do you think, a cartoon character like you and myself stop living?"

Mickey looked at the doctor oddly, what kind of question was that?

"…Cartoon character's don't die…"

The doctor slammed his hands on the table and made Mickey jump.

"WRONG!" He yelled angrily.

After staring at the mouse with an intense glare for a moment, he exhaled and calmed down a bit.

"They stop living when their, forgotten…"

He slowly paced around his machines as he continued.

"Even if, a cartoon character is erased from existence, the memory of it still lives on…but when, that memory is gone…that is TRUE death…"

Mickey looked at him strangely, was he mad because recent Disney fans didn't remember him?

"But…your still alive aren't you…"

"If you knew, what kind of world we are in…you would see that I don't consider what I am now…living…and it's all. YOUR. FAULT!"

"MY fault?" Mickey looked shocked. "What did I do?"

The doctor chuckled a bit as he made his way back to the lever.

"It would seem that even in your later years, your still so naïve…"

The doctor then pulled the lever and the saw began to spin and lower again. Mickey thrashed around again in a desperate attempt to escape being sliced in half.

The doctor laughed evilly as the saw inched closer and closer. Sweet revenge would be his at last.

'Minnie…' Mickey thought as he shut his eyes, preparing to be sliced in half.

Mickey could hear the whining of the saw spinning, as it got closer. As he braced himself, he could hear the whining slow a bit before the sound slowly faded.

Mickey hesitantly opened one eye to see the saw a mere inch from his belly. He looked to the side to see the doctor rapidly pulling and pushing the lever.

"Confound it! What now?" He screamed in fury. "Why did it stop?"

Suddenly, the lights went out as well, as the machines could be heard powering down.

Mickey could hear the doctor yelling in rage from the darkness, and he heard him storm off to go see why the power went out.

Mickey struggled again, but found that he was still bound to the table. He went limp on the table and sighed, all the power-outage did was prolong his execution.

Mickey's mouse ears perked when he heard another noise from the darkness, and it was getting close.

Step, clank, step, clank, step, clank, step, clank.

It grew louder and louder until Mickey could tell it was approaching him. It then suddenly stopped.

Although he couldn't see, he could tell that someone or something was standing over him. He then felt what seemed like a hand fiddling with the bindings that held his arms until he felt them unlock.

As he moved his arms again, he felt his feet being unlocked as well.

Despite now being free, Mickey still laid there as he listened to the awkward footsteps fade away as whoever freed him left.

Suddenly, the lights flicked back on as the power was restored, and the saw started to spin again.

Mickey screamed and rolled off the table just in the nick of time as the saw came down and sliced through the table.

Mickey breathed heavily as he picked himself up off the floor. Someone had freed him, now he had to escape.

As he looked around his surroundings, he saw something sitting on a tray at a desk. Mickey scurried over to it and saw that it was a large paintbrush. Mickey instantly recognized it and picked it up.

"Hey…this is from Yen Sid's desk!" He cried. "His enchanted paintbrush!"

Mickey also remembered that this was the last thing he had seen before he wound up…wherever he was right now.

Deciding not to question how it got there, he held it tightly as he started to run away and escape the twisted laboratory.

He ran up a flight of stairs and found himself in a hallway. As he ran into the hall, Mickey gasped.

The hall was nothing but a stretch of floor floating in the air, with only pieces of what were once stone walls still attached to the floor.

As Mickey looked around the unreal hallway, he saw a mirror and gasped when he saw his reflection. He ran to it to get a closer look.

He touched his face a few times to make sure he wasn't dreaming. He no longer looked like himself, but rather…his OLD self… what he USED to look like, back when he first became a star in the early ninety's.

"…What happened to me?"

He suddenly heard angry screaming coming from where he just was. The doctor had found out he escaped. Mickey decided to figure things out later as he began to run. His first priority, was escaping.

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