Title: In The Next Room
Fandom: Glee
Pairings: Brittana
Rating: K+
Spoilers: 'Sexy' (Obviously)
Summary: They had to write original songs, Mr. Shue said so, and then, to add to their misery, they had to perform them. Santana really didn't want to do hers.
Author's Note: I haven't written lately, so it might be a little rough around the edges and their might be two parts to this, because I found two songs that really go well with what Santana and Britt are going through. In The Next Room by Neon Trees.
Disclaimer: I so very much wish I owned. :(

"Right this way guys!" Mr. Shue shouted, walking backwards, waving his arms like an idiot. Santana had her arms crossed and rolled her eyes.

"We're not stupid Mr. Shue."

"Yeah," Puck cut in, standing in between Lauren and Santana. "We've been in there almost everyday."

"Calm down, Mr. Schuester has a perfectly good reason for treating us like children." Rachel stated. "Besides we have the opportunity to sing the original songs that we wrote and then vote to pick whose is the best, which will clearly be me-"

"Shut up, Rachel." Quinn muttered from beside her. The small brunette bit her lip and nodded, looking forward, silent.

The Glee club and their director walked into the auditorium. They headed to the front row and sat down, waiting for their teacher to make the stupid speech he usually made before these things.

"Okay you guys, I'm pretty sure no one has ever done this in the history of Regionals, so we need some songs that will kick butt, are we ready?" A few disgruntled grumbles escaped the students. He sighed. "Alright, Santana, you're up."

Santana snapped forward in her seat, "what? Why am I first?"

"Because I called your name. Up now."

"No way, there is no way in hell I'm going first."

Mr. Schuester blew air out of his mouth, rubbing his forehead in irritation. Santana Lopez was being more difficult lately. She was colder, closed off. She refused to sit near anyone in the group, but Puck, and by default Lauren. She glared at anyone who looked at her, including and especially, Brittany.

"Stop acting like a pussy, Lopez, get up there." Puck genitally shoved her out of her chair.

"What the hell, Puckerman?" Her intense glare was focused on him now and he twitched a little, forcing himself not to look away, but he did cover his jewels with a cupped hand.

"Santana, get up here now. Everyone is going and someone has to go first. Up here. Now." He demanded as he saw her start to protest. She snarled as she passed him, which caused him to jump, but she stood center stage.

She had on ripped jeans, not pre-bought, but naturally worn-down jeans and a Nirvana band tee-shirt. Her hair fell in soft waves that off put her badass and mean attitude. It was a surprisingly good look for her.

The band started up by lightly tapping the symbols before the strumming of the guitar joined in seconds later. Santana tapped her foot to the beat.

There you go, messin' with my mind

I am usually better when I lie

There I go, stuck inside a shell

And you're livin' on the other side

A lover's carousel

Her voice was smooth and it was clear who she was talking about when a blonde head ducked. Artie looked at Brittany with confused eyes as Santana's emotionless eyes sought sparkling blue ones.

Brittany knew Santana hid in a shell when thinks got to be too much, she had a lot on her shoulders and it brought her down. With taking care of her little sisters and brothers while working two jobs to make things look normal and keeping her bitch look. It was the only thing that kept her sane. Well, the shell and Brittany herself.

If you only knew


I lose control

When I hear your body move

Through the walls

In the next room


I lose control

When I hear your body move


I'm dyin' to break through

To the next room

The music sped up and the drummer hit several drums to make a wonderful melody. Santana held her hand to her chest, holding her hand out to Brittany. Said blonde looked at her best friend with a mixture of sad and shocked eyes. She hadn't thought Santana was serious about coming out, even just the Glee club. She thought she was just saying stuff to make Brittany leave Artie…

But here she was.

You make love to everything you touch

It's a natural reaction

It's a sensual attraction

You play me like I am made of strings

I'm the violin,

A melody

I want your lips to sing

If you only knew

How hard it is to handle

How bad I want this scandal


I lose control

When I hear your body move

Through the walls in the next room

She sounded nearly bitter, making a very accurate imitation of someone playing a violin with an angry look on her face. But when she sang how bad I want this scandal, she sounded so heartbroken that everyone in Glee could hear it, could feel it.


I lose control

When I hear your Body move

And I'm dyin' to break through

To the next room

To the next room

She danced around the stage, doing intricate dance moves that only Mike, Brittany and she could do. It went well to the music, but it was still so sad and angry.

Tell me 'my world revolves around you'

Tell me 'boy, I can't live without you'

Tell me you're losin' sleep tonight


I'll tell you straight

I'll never wait

I won't take

No no no no no no no no

Oh I won't take no no no

The ditzy blonde wanted to yell out that, yes, her world did revolve around Santana, she couldn't live without her, she was losing sleep because she missed her best friend, her secret lover. She missed her!

Oh I lose control

When I hear your body move through the walls in the next room

Oh I lose control

When I hear your body move and I'm dyin' to break through

Oh I lose control

When I hear your body move, when I hear your body move

Brittany could feel her body being pulling to the feisty Latina who jumped off the stage and grabbed her pale hand, yanking her up the stairs with her. She placed her in the middle of the stage and sung to her.


My heart You stole

Every time your body moves

I'm just dying to break through

To the next room

I lose control, my heart you stole

To the next room

I lose control

Santana dropped to her knees, holding Brittany's hands in hers and looking up at her beseechingly, hoping she would understand what she was trying to tell her. When the room stayed silent, everyone waiting with baited breath for Brittany to say something, Santana felt her hopes drop, along with her heart.

The blonde took a step back, taking her hands with her. Santana let out a snort with a decrepitating smile as her chocolate eyes brown eyes fell to the floor. She rose to her feet and turned to Rachel and Quinn.

"Told you a love song wouldn't sway her." Was all she said before walking off stage and out the back door of the room.

"What are you doin' girl?" Mercedes' voice rung out. "She just sung out to you that she wants you!"

"And she told you she loved you last week." Quinn mentioned.

"And she was willing to 'come out of the closet', so to speak, so she could be with you." Rachel added to the conversation.

"Is that true?" Artie said softly. Brittany, who's eyes followed Santana's disappearing figure, nodded, hesitantly. "Then what are you doing here?" She snapped her attention to him.


"If she would be with you, why would you say no?"

"Because…because I'm with you. I picked you!"

"But you love her."

"I love you."

"You're soul mates with her. In love with her. Meant to be with her."

"Artie…" He smiled lightly, a smidge of pain under his glasses.

"Go get your woman, woman." She was silent, before a soft: "Thank you." ghosted out of her lips and she was off to find her soon to be girlfriend, if she would still have her.

Because her body lost control too and that was how she was going to find her

The End