Summary: Usagi is betrayed by those she thought were her friends, but little do they know that thier actions rewrite history and Usagi becomes the one person they thought she'd never be. (this will have bits of anime, manga and live action in it)

Chapter One: Hurt

Usagi Tsukino was the happiest sixteen year old alive. She had wonderful supporting friends, an amazingly wonderful, sweet and caring boyfriend, and a loving family. Little did she know, however, that her life was about to change, forever.

"Usagi, it's time to get up for school" Ikuko called up the stairs. The blue haired woman didn't expect her daughter to come bounding down the stairs, already dressed and ready to go. Usually Usagi was running late.

"Morning Mama" Usagi said kissing her cheek. She grabbed some toast from the toaster and shoved in her mouth.

"Where are you going in such a hurry?" Ikuko asked. School didn't start for another half-hour.

"The girls have something they want to talk to me about" Usagi explained. "Rei will murder me if I'm late"

"It couldn't wait until after school?" Shingo asked, drinking his orange juice. Usagi shrugged.

"It must be important" She said. "Or they wouldn't have sounded so urgent" She left the house and headed over to the Hikawa Shrine, where Rei lived with her grandfather. When she got to the temple, she was about to go in, when she heard her name and paused, listening by the door.

"Are you sure about this Rei?" Ami asked. "I don't want to hurt her"

"It's the only way, Ami" Rei explained. "Usagi isn't suited to be our leader or princess and future queen of Crystal Tokyo. We can't allow for such a klutz to be in control, or rule"

"Rei is right" Makoto said. "A leader should be fearless, graceful and Usagi is whiny and pathetic. She's dragging us down in battle"

"So what do we do?" Ami asked. "We promised to protect her"

"We will protect her. By making her give up her transformation locket, she won't have to fight, and we won't have to worry about her getting hurt" Minako said. Usagi had heard enough. She scrawled a note, tears splattering the paper, and taped it to the door, then she spun on her heel and ran towards the school, tears blurring her vision.

"I wonder what's taking her so long. I want to get this over with" Makoto growled.

"She's always late" Rei said. "I'll check to see if she'd coming" Rei walked over to the door and opened it, spotting the note. She recognized Usagi's handwriting and snatched it up, reading it out loud.

Dear Sailor Senshi,

I didn't realize that you all felt this way. I guess I should have realized it sooner, but I thought that you all cared about me, I guess I was wrong. I'm sure you know that the silver crystal is in my locket, which is connected to me when I transform and it will kill me, if I take it off. I can fight my own battles from now on, and I won't be calling for help either. I am sorry to have been such a burden, but you won't have to worry about me anymore. I'll do my best to change, but I don't think you'll like the results.


Usagi Tsukino

"I guess she heard us" Minako said, shrugging. "I didn't realize the locket was connected to her"

"I'm sure she said that to scare us" Rei scoffed. "She survived fine without it, didn't she" The other girls shrugged.

"We can't force her to give up fighting. All we can do is keep her out of the group" Ami said. She turned to Rei. "Have you and Mamoru told her yet?"

"No!" Rei snapped. "We can't! Mamoru still wants Rini to be born. I am fine with sharing him, because I love that little squirt. Usagi doesn't need to know"

"What if Usagi figures it out?" Minako asked. "We can't force her to marry Mamoru" Rei shrugged.

"We'll cross that bridge if we come to it" She replied.

Meanwhile, Usagi had reached the high school, when she spotted Naru and her boyfriend Umino. Both of them were waiting for her and they looked solemn.

"Usagi-chan, I have some bad news" Naru said softly.

"What kind of bad news?" Usagi asked, warily. Naru silently handed her a photo she had taken the previous day. It was a photo of Rei and Mamoru, locking lips and making out. Tears filled Usagi's eyes once again. She dropped the picture and ran back the way she came. She ran to Jubann park, to the bench where she and Mamoru used to sit and talk. She sat on the bench and sobbed.

"Hey little one, why are you crying" Usagi looked up and whipped her eyes. She noticed Sailor Pluto, whom she had met when she had gone back in time. She gave a weak smile.

"I'm sure you already know the answer" She said weakly. Sailor Pluto sighed.

"That I do" She said softly. Usagi looked up at her.

"Is Rini going to..." She paused.

"No" Sailor Pluto said quietly. "Rini is not Mamoru's" Usagi stared at the green haired senshi and Pluto sighed.

"We set it up, the future" She said quietly. "Your future husband took the appearance of Mamoru because you haven't met him yet, and knowing that much of your future could wind up ruining the time stream"

"Oh" Usagi said quietly. "So you knew this would happen all along?"

"Yes, Princess" Sailor Pluto said quietly. "I did"

(A/N: Just a side note, the death busters never happened and won't, Hotaru is living with Michiru and Haruka, who have been keeping an eye on Usagi)

Usagi sighed.

"I wish I was the princess everyone wants" She whispered.

"Usagi, listen to me, you have people who love you, no matter what" Sailor Pluto said. "You can change if you like, to help you get over the past. I can tell you right now, that we also modified your future self's appearance, so you wouldn't realize you had changed. Do whatever your heart tells you, child. For in your heart is where the truth lies"

"Thanks Pluto" Usagi said softly. Sailor Pluto smiled and vanished. Usagi wiped her tears and stood up with a determined look on her face. She was going to change, she was no longer going to be a crybaby that everyone laughed at.