Chapter Twelve: A perfect Ending

Usagi sat alone in the park, contemplating the recent events. King Seiya had taken Chibi-Usa back to the future, and the three lights were preparing to travel back to Kinmoku with thier princess. Now that Usagi knew that Seiya was the father of her daughter, she wasn't sure where they stood. She wasn't even sure if he loved her at all in that way.

"Usa" Usagi looked up and noticed Seiya standing by a tree, staring at her.

"Seiya" She said softly, allowing the tears to fall freely from her eyes. He was by her side in a second.

"What's wrong Usa?" He asked gently, wiping her tears away with his thumb.

"I'm so sorry Seiya. I am sorry that I dragged you three into all of this. I'm..."Seiya stopped her from talking by placing his lips on hers and they met in a sweet kiss.

"I love you Tsukino Usagi. I love you with all of my heart and soul" He said. "I promise you that I fell in love with you before learning that we have a child in the future. Allow me to prove to you that I am not doing this by obligation" Usagi looked deeply into his eyes and realized that he was telling the truth.

"What about your planet and your princess?" She asked. "You can't abandon her, and I can't abandon my duties"

"We don't have to abandon our duties" Seiya whispered. "Kinmoku is just a teleport away. We can make this work. For us and for Chibi-Usa" Usagi smiled up at him and realized that he was right. They didn't have to live on the same planet to have a relationship.

King Seiya and Chibi-Usa returned to Crystal Tokyo in the thirtieth century to find the Queen waiting for them and smiling a soft gentle smile.

"Mother" Chibi-Usa said, curtseying. Neo-Queen Serenity pulled her into a hug.

"You have done well, my daughter" She said softly. "You trusted your heart and saved Earth" She took Chibi-Usa's hand in hers and when she withdrew her hand, there was a lovely necklace which Chibi-Usa fastened around her neck. "This is a family heirloom that is handed down throughout the generations, and now I present it to you. You will no longer be called Chibi-Usa or Small lady, you now Princess Serenity. You have proven to be a lady, and no longer should bear the name with small in the meaning" Serenity smiled at her mother.

"Thank you mother" She whispered. "I love you"

The royal family lived in peace for many centuries, the battle was finally over.