Fiery: Summary- The Hetalians get to live through another High School AU. This time though they get to enjoy the company of a homocidal sycopath during the entirty of their Spring Break trapped in the school. USUK, Spamano, Gerita, PruCan, FranCan, JapanxGreece, TurkeyxJapan. Yeah summary sucks.

Summary: *cries*

Chapter One

Spring Break. It was coming and Alfred couldn't wait for that last bell to ring. He sat in his last period class, Study Hall, goofing off with Gilbert, Antonio, Francis, and Tino, who felt out of place with the louder bunch. The four teens were laughing, throwing paper, and just overall goofing off. They rather enjoyed last period all of them even the kids who seemed to look sick at the sight of the school's "Bad Touch Trio". By the middle of the class period rain was pouring down relentlessly. The American student of the group jumped out of his skin when thunder erupted around them and the power shut down. Screams erupted from the girls, there was a loud crash followed by two thuds, and then what Alfred guessed to be a curse in German. Gilbert had fallen out of his chair, either that or Alfred had again and fallen on his poor friend. That would've explained the sensation of air blowing around him when the room went dark.

"Alfred, you dick, get off!" The "pure bread" Prussian growled.

The American laughed, "Sorry man." He got to his feet. Something felt odd, but he couldn't quite place it.

"Everyone calm down!" The teacher shouted, making Alfred tune into the chaos around him. Tino was whimpering with Francis while Antonio continued texting, probably that Lovino guy he liked, unaware as to what had happened. "Antonio!" Their teacher called once she achieved silence from the class.

"Um, it was 'C'?" The Spaniard offered weakly.

"Cut the crap I know you were texting. Give-" She was cut off by a light swinging into view to shine right on her face. "Turn that off. No wait don't! Just keep it out of my face."

"Sorry mam, I was coming by to see if you had any torches, Mr. Valian doesn't have any and the students don't dare use their phones like some of the kids in this class." The student body president pointed his glare at Antonio who had resumed texting. Tino nudged Antonio.

"What?" The Spaniard whispered keeping his gaze on the Finish boy.

Tino was trying to avoid talking and was gesturing for Antonio to put his phone away. His hands were flailing everywhere and he accidentally smacked Alfred in the eye. Wait in the eye? The American cursed. That's what felt odd, the pressure that usually rested against his ears and nose was gone and so were his glassed. "God dammit! Hey Artie you mind letting me borrow that flashlight for a sec? My glasses fell off."

The Brit blushed a bit, "You git! My name is 'Arthur' not 'Artie'." Arthur sent a death glare at Alfred while walking over to hand him the light. He held the flashlight out to the other teen who took it eagerly.

"Thanks man!" Alfred piped before disappearing under desks. A couples seconds later there was a loud thud and the American voice ringing out, "Son of a bitch!"

"What was that Jones?" The teacher threatened.

"Nothing mom," Alfred replied. "Fuck I mean- Shit I mean- Dammit I mean- Gah, I give up!"

The class was roaring with laughter at Alfred's pain. The teacher and Arthur looked beside themselves' with rage. Arthur snapped at the class who went dead silent as the teacher called out, "Detention for you and Antonio."

Alfred felt his heart sink. What? Detention. She couldn't his mom would kill him, especially for his glasses which were now just frames. The American looked up from the broken remains of the lenses to notice a certain Briton staring at his with a slightly sad face. "Need any help?" he offered.

Alfred just shook his head and sighed. "Nothing you could help with." The American climbed out from under the desk to see students wandering in the hall beyond the door. He couldn't make out any of them. All that was visible were colorful blurs and because he couldn't see them the horror addict started to shiver with worry. What if those weren't students? What if they were zombies or some shit like that? What if they were people with head crabs? Alfred immediately stopped when a slim hand was on his shoulder. The worried American turned his head to look at Arthur.

"You okay?" The worried Briton asked.

"Y-yeah," Alfred stuttered. Why was he being so kind? Arthur typically acted like he disdained the American with every fiber of his being. Maybe he was finally warming up to the awesomeness that is Alfred F. Jones.

"Awwwww," Francis and Gilbert cooed in unison.

"Aren't they such a cute couple?" Gilbert teased.

"Just adorable!" Francis laughed wrapping his arms around the fully flushed Brit who had just removed his hand.

"Belt up! We are not a couple," Arthur tried to dignify himself, shoving the French student's arm off of him shoulders.

"Sure you aren't," Francis winked at the poor unfortunate soul and draped himself over him again.

Alfred just laughed, causing the Brit to flush more. The teacher walked up behind the duo struggling. "Looks like you'll be joining Jones and Carriedo in detention." She smiled when she saw the Frenchman shrink away from Arthur.

Gilbert laughed. "Sucker!"

"You're joining them too Beilshmidt," she chided.

"I already have detention though. I actually have three hours racked up from today. You're not going to make me stay here until nine are you?" He asked sweetly.

"Yes I am."


"What was that?"

"Sorry Bitch Queen," Gilbert bowed, keeping up the awesome act.

The whole class was laughing besides Arthur who elbowed Alfred in the side. "Belt up all of you!" The class got completely silent.

"What is going on in here?" The principal burst in.

"These four idiots as usual sir," Arthur gestured to the school's "Bad Touch Trio" and Alfred.

"What did I do?" Alfred snapped at him.

"Enough!" The tall man with long blond hair stalked in. "Class is dismissed." Everyone quickly gathered their stuff and sped out into the hallway. "Except for you five." He said grabbing the Spaniard's shirt collar and pulling him back into the classroom, blocking the way for Gilbert, Francis, Alfred and Arthur who wasn't even going to attempt to leave. "Arthur take this group to the Detention Hall."

"Yessir," Arthur nodded and grabbed Alfred's arm and Gilbert's shirt collar. He started dragging to two teens to the Detention Hall. Half way there with Francis and Antonio walking in front of him, Arthur spotted one of the officers in the Student Council. "Ludwig!" He called the other teen over.

As soon as Ludwig's eyes fell on his brother he frowned. He wasn't a "pure bred" Prussian like Gilbert. He had been adopted from Germany by Gilbert's family. "What did he do this time?" the blond teen sighed.

"Several things apparently," Arthur sighed, handing the albino to his brother.

"Hey Bruder," the Prussian gave his sick, twisted looking smile.

"I'm not going to ask," the German sighed. He grabbed Antonio and started walking the duo to the Detention Hall, going a much faster pace than Arthur.

"Can't you walk any faster frog?" Arthur asked irritably after a few moments. He refused to touch the other boy.

"Your words sting me Arthur," he said dramatically, placing a hand over his heart. Then he smirked as if noticing something. "Why is your face so red cher Anglais?"

Arthur's face deepened it's red hue. "I-I don't know what you're talking about," The Englishman said defensively, and unlocked his grip on Alfred, and crossing his arms.

The French student laughed his signature "hon hon hon" laugh. "Do you fancy our American friend here?" he wore a sly smile as he said so.

Alfred looked over confused at Arthur who had his mouth open as if he was going to retort. Then he shut his mouth and glared harshly at the member of the school's "Bad Touch Trio". Alfred laughed. "Come on man we all know Artie doesn't swing that way. He's dating that Seychellesian girl."

"She's 'Seychellois' Alfred not 'Seychellesian', and she does have a name you know," Arthur sighed, running his hand down his face.

"Really. What'sit?" Alfred asked.

Arthur sighed, "It's 'what is it?' not 'what'sit, and her name is..."

"Hahaha!" Alfred laughed. "You don't even know your own girlfriend's name!"

"Sh-shut up I do its just... Bloody Hell... I don't," Arthur said looking at his feet.

"It's okay dude, at least she's not an over-the-internet girlfriend that could really be a dude," The American smiled.

"Right," Arthur smiled sadly. He looked up at the Detention Hall doors. "Well I better go." He hurried off, pulling out his phone to text someone as he walked to the Student Council Office.

"Well if that doesn't prove my point I don't know what does," Francis smiled.

"What are you talking about?" Alfred asked still clueless as ever.

"Ne vous occupez jamais," The French student sighed walking in the doors. The American shrugged and soon followed suit. In side there were the usual group that were a daily occurrence. Hercales, Lovino, Sadiq, Gilbert, and Antonio. But today there was also Byrnjar. Strange. The boy was so quiet and never got into any trouble.

"Thank you for understanding," the boy finished his conversation with the teacher and stood up.

'It's no problem," The Detention Hall teacher(everyone called him Romaji) said waving to the Icelantic boy. The teen gave one last nod then walked out.

"How come he gets out of this?" Gilbert snapped. "I have four fucking hours and I can't spend them on separate days! He gets one and gets off scot-free!"

"That's because he's a good student and besides he has a funeral to go to," Romaji sighed.

"Funeral my ass!" Sadiq snapped. "He's clever like a fox. The boy probably knows just how to sweet talk teachers."

Lovino just started cussing out of nowhere at Antonio who was giving him a hug. "Let the fuck go of me you fucking tomato bastard!"

"Lovi," The teacher walked over, holding out a jar filled to the brim with cash.

"No way! You're a fucking horrible father you know that you olive bastard!" Lovino snapped at Romaji.

"Put a fucking dollar in the fucking jar," Romaji smiled sweetly.

"Dammit," Lovino was about to fish out a dollar, but then he got an idea. "Antonio, I don't have anymore money, my daddy drained me off all of it." He whined adding tears in the corner of his eyes as he latched onto the Spaniard.

"It's okay Lovi, I'll pay for you," the member of the school's "Bad Touch Trio" soothed, petting Lovino's hair, carefully avoiding the strand that curls out of the front.

"Thank you Toni!" he said gratefully. Everybody looked on shaking their heads as the Italian sat up with a triumphant grin on his face. Romaji accepted the dollar from the oblivious Spaniard who was still rubbing Lovino's hair.

"Your hair is so soft Lovi~" he smiled and hugged the other teen who turned red as a tomato.

"L-let go of me you bastard!" the smaller Italian struggled against the Spaniard's grip.

Alfred jumped with Hercales woke up from his nap in the corner. How could that guy sleep so much? Francis and Alfred took their usual seats and started working on homework for lack of a better thing to do. But they stopped when a loud clap of thunder shook the building.

"What was that?" the American student asked.

"What do you mean 'what was that?' it was thunder you burger bastard!" Lovino shouted at him from across the room, still in the oblivious Spaniard's arms.

Alfred stayed quiet. Of course he would be the only one to notice. There was the sound of a gunshot with the thunder. The American had a couple guns at home and carried one whenever he went out. He had the second amendment rights and he was going to use them as much as possible. Luckily he was always able to sneak a handgun into school via his backpack. the American was still shocked that none of the teachers had noticed or found it yet.

The American's mind was racing. Why was there a gunshot? Who could have the gun? Thoughts as such rushed through his mind as he sat next to the door in the Detention Hall. After a few minutes a shadow fell on the window of the door, and the doorknob slowly turned.

A/N Time!

Fiery: Byrnjar is Iceland if you couldn't tell. Anyways I've been wanting to write a horror fic for forever. When I was over at(my school's) England's house(I was there for almost three days -) I had nothing to do at like 11:30PM and all I could think about was Alfred being scared and not having his glasses. Thus this story was born. I wish I could write serious stuff, but sadly everything I write either sucks or has a bit of humor thrown into the mix. The entire fist Chapter is humor. It turns more horror the farther you go in... Somewhat. "PDA." You'll see next chapter.

Al: ... Why'd you break Texas?

Fiery: I'm sorry I can feel your pain I'm blind too *sighs*

Al: Artie, she broke Texas again!

Arthur: *Sitting on couch reading newspaper and drinking tea* Fiery, don't be an arse to Alfred.

Fiery: I could never do that! *hugs Alfred then looks up* So fucking tall...

Al: Nah you're just short *smiles*

Fiery: Artie am I shorter than you?

Arthur: *stands up and next to her* Yup.

Fiery: Mother-