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It was two weeks since Spring Break. The surviving teens walked numbly into school. Alfred was the only one who showed any sign of the incident with his left arm in a sling. He wore Hercales' jacket to honor the boy. He had everyday. After all without him Alfred might not be there to look the other students in the eye to be with Arthur.

The boys didn't have to make up the assignments they miss, the new principal had excused them from it. That's right new principal. The old one's boy was found in the very back of the office, a bloody mass with a bullet to the leg and one to the head.

Alfred walked to the lunch table where the rest of the survivors all sat in silence. Once Alfred sat next to Arthur the silence was broken.

"Why did you even come back?" Lovino asked. "Matthew said that you could have been excused for the next few months, you know since you-" Antonio silenced the other boy by pressing their lips together. The Italian turned as read as a tomato, but kissed back. They were officially a couple so were Gilbert and Matthew. Feliciano and Ludwig had been for a while.

The American laughed. "Why would I not want to?" he said turning and looking at Arthur, taking his hand in his own and placing a chaste kiss on his lips smiling lightly.

The Brit smiled somberly. Alfred was still hurt and it shown clear in his eyes. The Student Council President felt guilty. He came back to see him. The bell rang and they gathered their stuff heading to their first classes. When they walked into the rooms students stood up and applauded them. They didn't need that. It was horrible for them to do that.

"Stop it!" They all snapped in unison, though they were in separate rooms. That is except for Gilbert who just smiled and waved, taking his seat. Lovino's was also slightly different he added a generous "you bastards!" to the end. The classes immediately stopped.

The tardy bell rang and then announcements snapped on as usual. Except they were different. "We would like all classes to gather in the football stadium, repeat all classes gather in the football stadium."

Every student quickly gathered all their stuff and shuffled out towards the stands. Arthur, Alfred, and Matthew ended up shuffling along in the back together.

"Would you believe me if I told you they started clapping when I came in?" Alfred asked as Gilbert Feilciano and Lovino joined the procession.

"Same here," Arthur said.

"And me," Feliciano pipped. "Uh Ludwig!" he waved the German over. He soon came with Antonio.

"The Bastards clapped for me too!"

"Dammit I thought they had just realized my awesomeness."

"They clapped for all of us I think..." Matthew said quietly.

They continued to walk in silence. They were the last ones to the stands but the teachers woudln't let them up.

"Go out on the field," Mr. Valian told them.

"We'd rather not," Arthur said, holding Alfred's arm as the American tensed slightly. He wasn't ready for anything like this. The sophomore feared his boyfriend might break down if they clapped for him again.

"You rather would," the teacher shot back. "Now go."

The boys walked out onto the field. There were banners with the faces of the dead students on them in the stands, and on the opposite side was the survivors. No one sat over there. The boys face the crowd with the principal.

"As you all know these brave boys defended their lives for three days against one of our staff members. We apologize deeply for this and we'd like to honor all of you," She said slowly and loudly into a microphone.

"I was only two days, more like one and a few hours, but whatever," Arthur mumbled. Alfred was pressed against him and shaking when he realized they were clapping again. "It's okay, Alfred they just don't know. Calm down. Please calm down," the Brit whispered quickly. The American took a deep breath and nodded.

"Alfred F. Jones can you come forwards?" The principal asked. The freshman looked hesitant, but stepped forwards after a second and went over to her. He was shaking visibly. "We'd like to award you for your bravery." She pulled a medal out from a pocket and slipped it over his head, but the moment it was done there was the sound of a gun fired.

Alfred stood still and everyone stared in horror as the freshman collapsed. "Alfred!" Arthur screamed and rushed over to him. Matthew did the same the rest of the group ran out of instinct, clawing at the fence and begging to be let out. The teachers quickly opened it and the students ran. They ran and ran until they found the choir room, threw it open and huddled in the practice rooms.

Alfred stared at Arthur and touched his face gently. The American smiled warmly. Arthur held his hand to he cheek, tear streaming down his face. Blood was leaking from the side of the boy's head. Not just a little but a lot. There was a hole clean through, in one temple, out the other. Bone and brain matter were strewn across the ground. Matthew and Arthur were begging him the stay awake, the stay with them while the teachers got the students out. The principal started dragging Arthur and Matthew away from Alfred the two boy's cried out.

Arthur ripped free of her grip and lay on Alfred's chest. "I love you," he muttered, praying the other boy could hear him as another teacher came and carried him away.

Alfred lay, barely alive. Everyone was gone. He wasn't conscious. A long silver haired woman came up to him and bent down beside him. "Remember to tell her-" but before she could finish Alfred was gone.

The boy sat in pure light. His friends that had died and stepped forwards one by one, extending their hands. The American stuck out his and and his friends took his hand in their his mother came up behind him and muttered. "I'll never blame you." He smiled and started crying. Then everything faded to white.

Ten years later...

Arthur stood on the football field. The other survivors around him. The others all had their fingers twined with another's. Gilbert's with Matthews. The duo wore engagement rings now that the "pure bred" Prussian's family finally allowed it... or so he told the Canadian. Lovino and Feliciano had a conjoined wedding to make things easier financially on the Italian's widowed mother. They all sat down a like they did every year in the same spots they had stood when the shot was fired.

They sat in silence for a while then Gilbert started, "Spring Break. It was coming and we all knew Alfred couldn't wait for that last bell to ring..."

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Fiery: I feel awful about the end, but to bring things full circle I had to do it this way and this way I wouldn't attempt to do a horrible sequel. I feel really bad bout this ending, but I really couldn't think of a happy one...

Arthur: *curls up and cries* Why? WHY YOU BITCH WHY? *pins against wall, sobbing* How could you? HOW COULD YOU?

Fiery: *looks to the side crying herself* I'm sorry I didn't want it to happen either. Go blame Belarus she's the one that shot him.

Arthur: *drops to his knees and lets go of Fiery, laying his face on his hands, elbows resting on his knees and feet beneath him sobbing*

Al: Arthur are you okay?

Arthur: *looks up* YOU BLOODY FUCKING GIT *throws self on him* I thought that was really you!

Al: No way that was Fiery! We ran out of stunt doubles remember?

Arthur: *looks over Fiery* Then who's that

Fiery: That is a very good question...

Natalia: How about we cut her face off and find out.

Fiery: Hows bout we don't?

Natalia: YOU KILLED BROTHER *lunges*

Fiery: Mother-