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"No, I really, truly won't."

"It's not gonna be the end of the world. She'll just be...ya know...part of your family!"

"Exactly. Can you help me pack after school tomorrow? My mom left her scented lipstick my room, so you're gonna need a gas mask."

Freddie couldn't take it anymore. "What are you two talking about?" he asked, tired of watching Carly and Sam's conversation from the staircase of the Shays' apartment.

"Trying to talk Sam out of moving to Yakima," answered Carly.

"And failing!" added Sam, who was sprawled on the couch with her face in a pillow.

Freddie rolled his eyes. "Over what?"

"Honestly? Do I have to say its name?"

"Her name."

With a groan, Sam sat up. "...Melanie."

"Oh, no. We've been through this before, Puckett - "

In one swift motion, Sam stood up, whirled around and grabbed Freddie. "You wanna hear a secret, Benson? I lied. Melanie's real, and she's coming! TOMORROW!"


"Permanently," answered Carly, which elicited a screech of frustration from her best friend.

"Don't remind me! She's gonna be living here again, she'll be going to Ridgeway, everyone's gonna love her and...and..." Sam flopped back onto the couch, pressed her face into the pillow again and screamed at the top of her lungs.

Above the kids' heads, on one of the apartment's rafters, the scream abruptly woke a small, curled-up blue and gold mass. At first glance, a visitor might think it was harmless, perhaps some kind of rare cat...that is, until, they noticed the scales. Yawning, the creature opened its bright yellow eyes and stretched its leathery wings before hopping from the rafter and landing on the couch, where it stared intently at Sam. The blonde, sensing its presence, rolled over and looked up into the eyes of the otherworldly beast.

Finally she said, "...What is your problem?"

A normal person would have screamed in fear and run out of the room with the intention of never setting foot in it again...but Sam knew that it was just a Terrible Terror. Furthermore, this was Crystal - quite possibly the last dragon living in the civilized world and the Shays' secret pet. She had been living with Carly and Spencer for the past six months, having followed the siblings and Carly's friends home when they returned from their "Great Time Traveling Adventure to Berk," as Spencer liked to call it.

"Crystal, stay away from Sam," Carly said as she picked up her dragon. "You know she doesn't like to be bothered when she's having her nervous breakdowns."

Sam was about to dish out a snarky comeback when Freddie's phone began to beep.

"Who texted you?" asked Carly.

"Wendy...she says we need to look at this email the school's sending out. Something about a 'mandatory technology course'..."

He was interrupted by a loud knocking on the door. "CARLY!" a voice rang out. "It's me! You got a few minutes, or what?"

Amanda? Now? "Um...sure, just gimme a sec!" Carly answered, running upstairs to hide Crystal.

"Don't let her in," Sam mumbled to no one in particular, sinking back into the couch.

After a few more seconds of insistent knocking, the door opened and a short, bright-eyed girl sporting braces, a camera, Coke-bottle glasses, a notebook and messy streaks of blonde in her dark hair swept into the room. "Hi, Sam!" she said enthusiastically, seating herself on the couch and whipping out a pen tucked in the spirals of her book. "You mind answering a few questions about - "

Sam screamed again, shutting her up.

"Okay...'no comment,' " said the girl, scribbling down the phrase.

Carly reentered the room. "Hey, Amanda," she said, trying to sound happy at seeing the motormouth eighth-grader. She had to admit, Amanda Clark was nice...nice and incredibly nosy.

"Carly! You do have some time for an interview, right? This one'll be real quick, I promise! So, care to comment on why your friend Sam was screaming? Or would you like to give an update on Spencer's latest sculpture? Oh, you don't have to do that, I'll ask him myself."

"He's at the World of Warlords, Amanda? You have actually chosen a story for your article, haven't you?"

Amanda's smile faded. "Well, see...well, no. It's just that there's so many awesome stories out there, ya know? The one for School at Sea's gotta be perfect!"

Any student at Ridgeway would have readily told anyone who asked that Amanda hadn't always been like this. She had once been a normal peppy, nosy girl, not a reporter one. That had all started when the brand new, year-long School at Sea contest was announced. No one knew the full details but apparently the previous winner, Missy Robinson, had been so insufferable that the people in charge of the school had agreed on a serious revamp of the contest terms. If a student wanted to enter, they had to prove they didn't get seasick easily, and they had to write and submit a mock newspaper article to be judged by the school's teachers. After last time, no random name was going to be picked. Faced with the prospect of actually working for the trip, most of the kids were scared away - then there was Amanda. A girl who liked writing and routinely referred to Seattle as "the boringest place EV-ER." For two months she'd been going around Bushwell and Ridgeway searching for the perfect story she could use to escape her normal life, even for just one school year. And by some stroke of bad luck, she was somehow convinced that her ticket to globe-trotting lay in the apartment of her neighbor Carly Shay.

" can take some pictures of Spencer's sculpture if you want," Carly said quickly, wanting to cheer up the girl. "And I've heard something about a new class at school. Maybe you can write about that!"

"Oh, I heard about that! Have you read the email? Can you believe we're really going to be taught by - "

"Oh, maldita!"*

The sudden Spanish outburst had come from Freddie, who was looking at Carly's computer screen in horror. "Carly? Sam? You need to see this email. Like, right now. Oh, this is bad..."

"What, they're lifting the ban on Extreme Double Dutch?" asked Sam.

"This is worse!"

"What could possibly be worse than - "



We are pleased to inform our students of our brand new add-on course, "Technology In Our Time!" In this exciting class, students will get first-rate instruction about the latest revolutionary advancements in the high-tech world and how these great leaps forward affect our daily and for many generations to come! The course is mandatory and will be held in Room 6F, beginning this Monday. "Technology In Our Time!" will be taught by a special guest at Ridgeway, the world-famous computer master and Internet critic:


Freddie hadn't been joking when he said this was worse.

"ACK! Delete it, delete it, delete it!"

"No way!"

"¿Por qué nosotros?"


The last remark had come from Amanda. "The found of Nevelocity himself! I bet he's real smart and has so many interesting facts to share...I know! I'll do a story about Mr. Papperman! Everyone knows who he is! Why didn't I think of this before? I'll start on Monday! Bye, guys! I have to get my interview questions ready!"

And just like that, Amanda was out the door, leaving Carly, Sam and Freddie in a stupor.

"Can you believe this?" Sam said. "A whole class? With him? And Melanie? I'll never survive!"

" 'Mr. Papperman?' " Carly asked incredulously to herself. "Who calls a thirteen-year-old 'Mr.?' "

"Weirdos. I bet she's gonna be all 'Mr. Papperman this,' and 'Mr. Papperman that.' " continued Sam. "Man, Monday can't come slowly enough."

" could be worse," Freddie said cautiously. " could be raining."

At that moment, a loud thunderclap sounded from outside. Within seconds, a heavy drizzle was pouring down. If looks could kill, the one Sam gave Freddie would have sent him into a catatonic state. "You just had to say it."

Wow, thought Carly as she lay on the couch that night, Crystal curled under her arm. Sam and Freddie had gone home and Spencer still wasn't back from the convention, leaving her alone in the apartment. It was eleven o'clock, but she wasn't tired, and the storm was still going. Her head was buzzing with everything she'd learned that evening. Melanie was coming...Nevel, too. She could barely stand the guy in small encounters - a whole class with him? Sam was right: Monday couldn't come slowly enough. With such thoughts whirling around her head, she finally difted off to sleep...

She was walking through a forest, very slowly. She wasn't sure why, she only knew that she couldn't make much noise...and that she had to find Crystal.

"Crystal? Crystal, where are you, girl?" she whispered. As she called for her dragon, she realized that her voice was joined by the voices of her friends; Sam, Freddie, Spencer, and a few voices she hadn't heard in quite a while.








She was about to call out again when, all of a sudden, with a hideous metallic screech, the ground opened up, dropping her screaming into pitch blackness.


With a gasp, Carly bolted upright. She was still on the couch. Crystal was dozing on the chair, the clock read one forty-five and the storm showed no signs of calming down. Spencer hadn't returned yet, he would've woken her up.

"Easy girl," she said to herself. "Just another nightmare."

Then why had the voices of her friends from Berk seemed so...real?

She lay back down and closed her eyes, trying to fall back to sleep...but then she thought she heard a light knocking at the door. Just ignore it. Probably not real anyway.

But it was real, and it came again, louder this time.

Carly groaned. "Spencer, this is only funny for one of us!" she shouted at the door.

There was no answer, just more rapid knocking.

With a sigh, she got up and started for the door. "Listen, whoever you are, I am known to be extremely grumpy when people do stuff like this, and I don't appreciate - "

She jerked open the door and stopped dead.

There, standing awkwardly in the doorway, soaked to his skin, looking timid even for him, was the last person in the universe she had ever expected to see.

"I...guess that means I woke you up," said Hiccup Horrendous Haddock The Third.

Next chapter: More new arrivals, explanations and much more. The madness is just getting started.

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*"Oh, maltida" is the Spanish form of the Portuguese phrase "Ai caramba." Both of these translate to "Oh, damn!" which I thought was an appropriate exclamation. This is Nevel we're talking about, ya know.

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