AN- I know already exactly where I'm going with this at least in the beginning. This is just a prologue of sorts. But, I always welcome ideas and suggestions because sometimes one is better than mine. Most of the time actually. Also let me know if I need to spend more time editing. I get impatient sometimes and just post things.

"Master, we have found her."

Wyatt's back was facing the group of men as they entered the room, roughly jerking a woman forward by her arm. He turned slowly and a small cold smile flitted across his lips.

"Billie. At last." He turned his gaze from her and looked at his men. Some silent message was sent and the disheveled group left, their footsteps echoing on the cement.

Billie looked defiantly at Wyatt, though her arms were still bound behind her back, and lifted her chin. Her hair was longer now but still the same shade of light blonde. It was tied back in a simple ponytail at the nape of her neck. In her simple, thin-strapped white cotton dress, she liked more like an angel than one of the most powerful witches of all time. Despite her almost 16 year age difference to Wyatt, she still looked beautiful, though time and grief had taken their toll around her eyes in the form of thin little etches that would never go away.

Wyatt's arrogant gaze bored into Billie and as he came to a stop in front of her. "Still as stubborn and headstrong as ever, I see." And he gave a short laugh.

Billie's lips thinned. "Still an evil arrogant bastard, I see."

"Bastard?" He echoed mockingly. "My parents were married."

A flicker of sadness crossed over her face which he did not fail to miss.

"Much to their everlasting regret, I'm sure. To have you for a son," she bit out.

Her words seemed to have no effect on him. They only made him cock an eyebrow arrogantly and step closer. "Their regret I don't care about. I am the most powerful witch in the world thanks to them. They served their purpose."

Billie stared into his cold eyes in disbelief, her tough façade cracking. Wyatt waved away her bonds but she didn't care. How could he say those things about his own parents? Parents he helped destroy? Where was the sweet little boy she used to babysit all those years ago? Where was his humanity? It was there somewhere; it had to be for all their sakes.

Her blue eyes stared up at him pleadingly with tears swimming in her eyes. "Wyatt, please, this isn't you. I know it isn't. You have to stop this madness." She got caught up in her emotions and clutched his arm. "Please, I know somewhere inside there's good in you. I know it. Your brother knows it. Your mother died believing it."

He looked down at her dispassionately. "You're a fool if you believe that, Billie. There is no good or evil, only power and those strong enough to take it." Something in his eyes changed that made her wary. She let go of his arm, her mask falling back into place, as he slowly circled her. She had never felt so helpless, so completely at the mercy of one man. She had to stay alive at all costs to make sure that Wyatt's dark reign ended before her death.

"Join me, Billie. You are the most powerful witch left alive. There is nowhere left for you and your friends to run to. Accept your fate. I have."

She wished for a moment that she could join him. She was worn and tired and hungry. He was right. They couldn't keep this up for much longer. She suddenly felt his presence close behind her and grew nervous. Something about this wasn't right. The vibe was off. But then, she had felt that way momentarily since Wyatt was in his early teens. Sometimes he'd say something or do something that struck her as odd…

Her palms grew sweaty as his low voice whispered in her ear. "Give in to me, Billie. Just give up."

His words struck a defiant chord in her and her spine stiffened. "Never."

A metal bar flew towards his head from the other side of the room which he ducked. She took the opportunity to bolt towards the only exit she could find but the door slammed shut and at tiny explosion off to her side made her fly backwards about five feet and crash to the floor. Wyatt's footsteps slowly thudded towards her and she struggled to get up. A hand wound itself around her hair, which had come loose, and jerked her up to her feet.

Her face was pulled up at an angle and tears slid down her face.

"There is no escape. Do you think I'm stupid?" He face was against hers as he practically spat the words out into her ear. He slammed her against the wall with a hand raised, ready to use his magic against her.

"Wyatt, how can you do this? We loved you so much and you've destroyed everything," she cried, turning her face away as his came closer.

"They betrayed me. Chris has even turned against me. My own brother. And you too."

"You're evil, Wyatt. I don't even know how this happened." She shook her head and glanced up at him. The look in his eyes scared her, but she could never give up on him. Piper wouldn't have. Piper hadn't. She felt like she still owed her for what she and her sister did to them and her children all those years ago.

His gaze flickered down to her collarbone and her stomach rolled. "Wyatt," she said hoarsely, not able to get the words out.

He looked up at her with his lips twisted in a sneer. "What?" The air had changed between them and she looked over for any way to escape. She felt his breath on the side of her neck and her heart pounded.

"What are you doing?" Her voice held fear and confusion. She looked down as his finger traced a circle over her upper arm. "Stop it."

His eyes mocked her. "Why? That's the beauty of it. I don't have to."

Her fear made her snap and she telekinetically sent a chair flying toward him. This time it connected and he hissed but didn't move enough to give her room to escape. She pushed against him but an arm grabbed her around the waist and through her to the ground hard.

She cried out and clutched the side that had made impact. Her arms waved desperately throwing objects into him but he advanced toward her anyway, his blue eyes dark and chilling, without so much as even acknowledging the pain.

He dropped to his knees and grabbed her wrists hard, slamming them into the cement floor and once again making tears run down her cheeks. She tried to struggle but Wyatt used all his strength to pin her down, straddling her hips. He didn't want to hurt her too badly though. He had coveted her and her power for as long as he could remember. He was tired of waiting. Why should he?

Billie's blood ran cold as she realized what he now wanted from her. "Wyatt what are you doing? Get off me."

He ignored her.

The tears never stopped pooling in her ice blue eyes. This couldn't be happening. Wyatt was like a son to her. "Your mother and aunts were like my sisters. This is wrong."

He looked at her levelly, his blue eyes cold and distant. "But they weren't your sisters. I'm not your family. " He looked at her face and seemed to be thinking far off. "You're too beautiful to waste," he murmured. His words held no softness to them, only arrogance in acquiring a woman worthy of him in power and beauty. He would have her. One hand left her arm to travel down to the fly of his black jeans.

"You think you can change me, Billie? I can't be changed."

Her dress had ridden up during her struggle and something warm and hard was against her inner thigh. She choked down bile when she realized what it was. How could he want this from her? He was her family.

Her body shook with sobs as she struggled in vain. She tried to close her eyes and concentrate on projecting herself away from here but he could sense what she was doing and bit her neck hard. "I wouldn't try it if I were you," he warned.

Her mind was too terrified and in shambles and her magic was failing her. His hair fell in her face and he looked down at her legs he was keeping apart by force. One hand went to his cock as he adjusted it against her entrance.

"Oh my God," she choked out. The moment he was inside her life changed forever and she stopped breathing. A scream caught in her throat as she struggled to wrap her mind around the fact that Wyatt, of all people, was inside her. For the first minute that was all she could think about. It was as if her mind was frozen in shock. He allowed her time to get used to him before continuing.

He thrust into her hard, slowly at first then faster, burying his face against hers, and keeping her hands pinned high above her head. He felt triumphant at finally getting what he had wanted all these years, since he was fourteen.


After all this time, he was getting his wish. To feel her bare skin beneath his body. To be able to do this to her. To make her his forever.

He wondered how many other less-worthy men she had been with besides him. The thought of any other man touching her like this had always made him furious, even when he was younger. Chris had thought it was just a crush, but then, Chris was stupid and weaker than him. It had gone past crush and into a deep burning obsession, only made stronger by her continual defiance of him.

He had never had any intention of killing her. But, he would if she drove him to that. Because above all else, he craved power.

He closed his eyes, ignoring hers that were wide open and seemingly frozen, staring straight up at the ceiling of the attic. His breathing was faster as he single-mindedly raced toward an orgasm. His hands were growing tighter around her wrists with every second that passed and the only movements her body made were due to the force of his thrusts.

This was the single most soul destroying act that had ever been done to her. Even killing her own sister had been better than this. How could a boy who had been like part of her family do this to her?

She squeezed her eyes shut and turned her head to the side, tears running down as she did. "How can you do this?" she whispered hoarsely.

He looked down at her, her words distracting and causing him to slow down but not stop. He moved his mouth to the side of her face, pressing kisses against it. "You're lucky that I want you, Billie; that I've always wanted you. If I didn't, you would be dead along with the rest of my family."

"I hate you," she whispered in the same voice. She was unable to speak any louder.

He smiled coldly and kissed her neck. She strained to move away from him but to no avail. "I thought you loved me," he said mockingly, almost moaning at his closeness to release.

This time her heart felt like it was breaking and she turned to face him. To look into his eyes. Hers were full of disappointment and condemnation and he felt the urge to slap her.

"I did," she whispered, her voice conveying everything her eyes did. "But, now I just want you dead."

He didn't say anything just kept his eyes trained on hers and he thrust against her harder than usual with a few quick jerks. The horror shone in her eyes as she realized he had just come inside of her. Her silent degradation was causing him to feel something like guilt. He knew that he had just raped her, but it still made him feel angry to know that she had rejected him.

He released her hands and grabbed her face hard, kissing her unmercilessly before she could turn away. It was a kiss of defiance and possession and she wanted to vomit. She couldn't escape his tongue that was invading her mouth and when she thought she couldn't bear anymore he released her.

He quickly stood up arranging his cock so that it was back in his pants all the while smirking down at her. "You know, I've thought about what it would be like for years now." He was referring to having sex with her. "I knew it would be good. The best I've ever had," he finished simply, looking around the room they were in.

Billie had quickly covered herself with her dress and stood up, backing against the wall and not looking at him. Her body shook with humiliation.

"I'm not going to keep you from leaving," he told her, putting his hands on his hips, "But, know that I will come for you soon."

And with that he disappeared in a swirl of black orbs leaving her alone with her thoughts. She didn't leave. She didn't scream. She didn't do anything. She simply slid down against the wall to the floor and buried her head in her knees and wrapped her arms around her legs.