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Chapter Five:

Emerald jewels stared us down, taking time to look at each of us before they wandered to lock onto my hazel eyes, another vision creeping into my mind in a haze: A sharp point at someone's throat, tears clouding my vision as I reached out my hand in protest. "Axel! No!"

Axel seemed about as unfocused as me before he closed his eyes and opened them, smirk curling up the sides of his mouth. "So, you're the four Xemnas has been going absolutely crazy about… The four teens who connected an otherwise unknown world." He smiled. "Pretty normal looking bunch, if you asked me."

Alison, Cody and I drew out our Keyblades, making him take a step back. "We're not normal." Alison said, never leaving Paul's side as Cody and I prepared to take the offensive.

The pyro eyed us carefully, then looking down he rubbed the back of his head. "You guys have to go with a fight? I'm not really up to it…"

"We ain't goin' anywhere." Paul said.

"Oh, I think I can arrange that…" Axel smirked, and in a flurry of flames, he held his chakrams, twirling them slightly as he smiled at us. "Well? Still up for fighting?"

Cody laughed, mocking him. "A little fire never scared me!" He pulled his Keyblade down as he ran, charging at Axel, but skidding to a stop and falling as a wall of flame appeared. "Hey!"

"Not scared, huh?" the redhead asked as the fire died down and Cody shuffled away. "If you were really him, you'd charge through without hesitation."

"Him?" I asked, interest instantly roused. Who is he talking about? "Who in the hell-?"

"Well," Cody growled. "I'm not him, so I'm not going to charge through the damn flame wall and get killed, thanks." His brown eyes filled with fire of their own. "Whoever he is, of course."

Axel smirked, face dangerously dark. "Don't like the comparison, huh? He never did either… But whether you're like him or not, you're not standing between me and her anymore." His gaze shifted to me and he pointed as well.

"Huh?" I choked out, my Keyblade suddenly heavier (although my mind might have been screwing with me). My eyes met the pyro's.

Cody snorted. "Yeah right. I'd like to see you try-"

Before the brunette's sentence was out, Axel punched his stomach harder than I had kicked it back at Alison's house, then brought his elbow into the back of his neck, successfully knocking him out. "Cody!" Alison yelled.

I looked up at Axel. "What-?"

"Dammit!" Paul shouted behind me. "Wait 'till I get my hand on ya-"

"You're in no condition to fight, Paul!" his girlfriend urged him back.

Axel chuckled, drawing my attention back to him. "I'd listen to her, Paul. I can't be sure if I could hold back enough to not kill you." Paul stopped struggling. The pyro turned back to me. "Now, you. I have a question…" His chakrams disappeared. "Does the number thirteen mean anything to you? Or what about the Organization?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." I lied, eyes narrowing. It's sad that in a moment like this, my mind can't stop thinking about how damn hot he is… "It's just a number and a name."

Axel shook his head. "You do, Rachell…." How did he know my name? "You know the importance of both of those things." He stepped closer to me, but I wasn't backing down. No way in hell. "You know what they mean."

"No, I don't!"

He took out a chakram and held it up to my neck. My mind immediately started to panic (damn fear of sharp objects), but I didn't move. My pride wouldn't let me. "You do! You have to!" He yelled, looking down and away. "You have to because he doesn't…"

'Roxas…' His eyes looked sad. "I… I don't…"

He growled and tried for a swipe at me, eyes suddenly full of rage. "Then I'll beat it into you!" I blocked his next few attacks, struggling more than I had against Seifer, but if I lost… If I lost, Cody, Alison and Paul wouldn't know what to do without their hero! I had to beat him, for Roxas, for Alison, for Paul…

For Cody.

I pushed the pyro back, adrenaline pumping through my body, fueling my strength and movement, like that four-letter word added energy to my fight. What? "I think that I'll have to beat it into you!"

He smiled. "Feisty. Just like him…"

I lunged, Keyblade hitting the chakram, sparks shooting out. "Don't… say that…!" I pushed him back, shuffling away to a comfortable distance. "Whoever he is, I'm not like him! And neither is Cody!"

"The he I'm comparing you to is a different person than the one I'm comparing your friend Cody to." He spun a chakram. "You remind me of another. Of the thirteenth member of the Organization."

I snorted. "Oh really now…" I gripped my Keyblade tighter. Alison and Paul were silent. "Enough talk. More fight."

He wasted no time lunging for me, aiming a fireball, but I blocked it carefully, getting a small burn on my arm. While I was distracted with the fire, he made a swipe at my legs, successfully slicing a line across the knees. I felt a sting of open air. He's not playing, and I suddenly felt the serious tone of the fight. Either I was going to win or I was going to die.

I blocked the next two attacks, then dodge rolled (how, I'll never know), and aimed for his side, hitting my Keyblade against his rib cage. He fell on his hands and knees, holding his side painfully. So maybe I was stronger than I thought.

"How…" he wheezed. Did I knock the breath out of him? "How do you…"

"I'm fast." I bragged, smirking in victory. "Can't keep up?"

He shook his head, looking up with green eyes, meeting my gaze. "How do you have the Keyblade?"

I stopped and it seemed the whole world did, too. I hadn't given much thought to it, save for right after I got it, and now it seemed to nag away at my brain: 'How do you have the Keyblade?' I swallowed softly, then shrugged with a look on my face. "I… I don't know…"

He looked at my Keyblade- Oathkeeper- then sighed. "He had that Keyblade…"

My eyes widened. "He…" Roxas? Was he talking about Roxas? "Who are you…?"

"Well, congratulations, kid." Axel simply smiled. "Maybe you will be able to stop them…"

I stepped forward. He wasn't making any sense! Even for someone who had played the game! "Stop who?"

"I know you're confused, but you've got brains like him… You'll figure it out. But, even though this is the first time we've met…" A dark portal formed behind him as he stood. "I feel like I've seen you before… Also, you're welcome."

"Wait- What?" Alison asked behind me.

Then he was gone. As soon as the dark portal disappeared, Alison and I both looked to our Keyblades as a eerie feeling settled over us. Why would he say that? I looked up and stared straight ahead as time came back to. Everyone seemed to cheer as I stood there awkwardly, Cody rising up next to him and rubbing the back of his neck. The real Vivi looked around in a confused manner before walking off as Cody finally voiced his complaints. "What happened…?"

"Axel knocked you out." I told him with a slight smile. "But I think we're…"

"After our short break, the next fight is Rachell versus Cody!"

We exchanged a glance.

"I honestly don't know…" I told Alison and Cody, letting them treat my cut knees and burned arm with a potion. "He knocked you out, then talked to me about the thirteenth member of the Organization and about the Keyblades…" Paul looked slightly confused from his place by Alison, but less so than a few days ago. Cody tilted his head slightly.

"What did you tell him?" He asked, wrapping my knee in bandage.

I sighed and shrugged. "I told him I didn't know…" I looked at my hand. "But, how do we have Keyblades? I mean, we're not weilders, are we?"

"From what I've seen…" Paul said. "You ain't like that Sora kid. Maybe y'all have 'em by an off chance?"

The fact he remembered Sora's name was a shock within itself. "Maybe…" Alison mused silently. "Well, your fight's coming up. Are you sure you'll be okay?"

"Yeah. Hopefully Cody will go easy on me." I laughed nervously, pushing him slightly. He went up ahead with Alison and Paul as I let them lead the way, stopping to look over my shoulder as a black figure disappeared around the corner. I frowned.

What was that?

Cody smirked, Struggle bat held out to me, my own bat at my side as I prepared for a fight. This is what it came down to, this is what decided who would fight Setzer, who would be the new Struggle champ. Who would have all the pride…


Cody and I both lunged, our bats meeting midway with a 'thunk', our advances at gaining control evenly matched and seemingly futile. I discarded the possibility of me getting stronger, then wondered if Cody was really going easy on me. Before I could really ponder, Cody pushed a little, sending me off balance and right under his swing.

"C'mon guys!" Hayner and them were cheering.

"Go!" Alison and Paul yelled.

I jumped up, aiming a hit to his side, but instead hitting his arm, and then I heard the only yell that really stuck out at me.

"C'mon Rachell! Are you seriously gonna let that lamer beat you?"

My eyes darted to the right, seeing Seifer with a shit-eating grin on his face a taunting demeanor. He glared at Cody, then smirked at me, a sign he obviously wanted me to win. Whaaat? Cody must have heard the lamer comment, and growled under his breath, going at me even faster and stronger than before, making it hard to keep up with his hits and blocks, dodges and advances. No orbs, just sheer skill as I struggled (again…?) to keep him at bay. Just a little longer…

"Stop, stop, stop…"

We stopped in mid attack to look over at a very flashy man walk up to the Struggle rink, lilac shirt loosely fitting over his chest (no man should ever wear that color), black pants ruffled in the warm wind as he smiled at Cody and I, violet eyes sparkling. "You two are obviously equally matched. This is pointless."

"Oh, so how are we going to share the belt and trophy? Huh?" Cody barked. "Let us battle. Someone will win eventually."

"Eventually isn't in the future, young man." He was handed a bat, and my eyes widened. "Which is why I have decided that I will fight the both of you at the same time."

Cody started laughing. "Are you serious? Did you just see that fight? We'll take you down to quickly!"

Setzer chuckled, flipping his silver hair out of his face. "I did, and I saw your weaknesses. Out of all the hits she had sent to you, you went out of your way to block the ones sent to close to your face. And her knees are hurt, every leap she made was strained and I saw the pain in her eyes."

"Creeper…" I mumbled under my breath, but Cody heard and chuckled.

"So, if you do not mind, let us start."

Cody and I looked to each other and shrugged. The announcer cleared his throat. "Well, in all of the history of the Struggle, we've never had a two against one! This is a history-making moment! So, without any delay, I present the Struggle champ versus Cody and Rachell, the runners up!"

There were girls screaming for Setzer and I heard our friends (and Seifer) yelling for us to kick his ass, which I was more than happy to do. "Ready?" We nodded, taking our positions. "STRUGGLE!"

He was the first to move, jumping back, a safer distance away as Cody and I looked for a weak spot. "He can't watch both of us at the same time… I'll get his front and distract him if you aim for his back." Cody whispered to me. I smiled.

"I can do that." I told him back, gasping when he moved quicker than he had against me, bringing his Struggle bat to attack Setzer, but the silver haired man jumped back, and I took the opportunity to lunge, bat running from his right shoulder blade to his left lower back and giving Cody and me ten orbs, putting us ahead by a lot.

"Smart." Setzer chuckled, making me gasp with surprise when he turned on me, bat raised. "But, you left yourself wide open."


Cody was running at him again, this time hitting his stomach hard and I wobbled back, knees buckling a little. He was right- my knees were hurt bad enough to affect my fighting. I growled a little as five orbs fell into his possession, putting us ahead by only five. The brunette stumbled back himself, still gripping the handle of his bat with his life, dodging another short attack before jabbing him in the stomach. Twenty orbs? Damn Cody!


Cody and I looked to the announcer, who smiled wide. "Cody and Rachell are the winners!"

I beamed over at him, then tackled him into a hug, kissing him on the cheek. "We did it! We won!"

Out of the corner of my eye, Setzer was walking away, but he turned quickly, pointing in our direction as Alison, Paul, Hayner, Olette, Pence and Roxas ran up to us. I could see Seifer standing near the back, smiling at us, obviously content, and the Struggle promoter carry our Champion Belt and trophy over to us, handing me the trophy and Cody the belt. "Congratulations! You two are our new champs!"

With out prizes, I felt Alison and Hayner's hands on my shoulder. "Let's go get some ice cream to celebrate!"

The warm breeze blew past my face softly, making me sigh and look down at my ice cream, taking a small bite of it as memories surfaced again: Red hair blew past his face as he rubbed the back of his head, looking straight ahead as I laughed along with the black haired girl next to me. "Oh, Axel! You're face is red!"

I blinked it away, but another bite caused another memory to rush back, making my head hurt a little: Silver hair clashed against the sky as viridian eyes stared straight ahead. He took another bite of his ice cream, frowning a little. "How can you like this stuff?" Another bite. "So maybe it's not that bad…"

My mind came to again, and I looked over at Alison and Paul, the latter who still gave the ice cream a weird glare as Alison shook something out of her head, smiling over at me as she caught my gaze. "C'mon Paul, try it."

"No way. It's gotta weird name. I ain't tryin' ice cream with 'sea salt' in the title."

Alison frowned. "It's not even that salty! Although I have to remember how it tastes for next time I make it…"

Her boyfriend seemed to cave in without any pressure, and he took a small bite, eyes growing wide. "Okay, so it ain't that bad…"

I laughed, but Cody's reaction was less than happy. A frown was set on his face. "Ugh. How can you like this stuff?"

I smiled. "Because it's just the right kind of salty and sweet. It's perfectly balanced!"

"Yeah, whatever." He took another bite. "Okay, so maybe it's not that bad…"

I shook off his reaction in comparison to the memory's, then smiled at him. "See? All you had to do was get a taste for it!"

Hayner nodded from somewhere down the rail. "Yeah! First time I got Roxas to try it, he nearly coughed it out on me… But they made that batch too salty, so I guess that's why…"

"It took two more bars of the good kind to make him eat it everyday." Olette smiled. "He's loved it ever since."

Roxas laughed a little.

I smiled at them, then looked at the sunset, my mind drawn back to the Struggle competition. "Oh! Hang on!" I reached behind me and grabbed the trophy, plucking the beads off. I tossed the red one to Alison, the green one to Paul and the yellow one to Cody, keeping the blue crystal for myself.

"Did I really just get the girly color…?" Cody complained, but I elbowed him before he could continue. I held mine up to the sun, looking through the colored light, seeing my friends mirror me in a way. I smiled and put it away in my pocket before I dropped it, taking one more bite of my ice cream.

"Does anyone else want any more?" Roxas asked, looking over at us. "I'm gonna go get more."

"I'll take another one!" Paul chimed, Alison and Cody nodding in agreement. I smiled and shrugged.

"I'll be right back then-" Roxas stood and his foot slipped on the ledge, and he fell back.


I looked over as he fell, a shoot of pain racked my body and I held my head, falling backward.



"Namine? What's happening to me?"

"Who are you? And that's not my name. I'm Kairi."

"Kairi… I know you. You're that girl he likes."

"Who? Please, a name!"

"I'm Roxas."

"Okay, Roxas, but can you tell me his name?"

"You don't remember my name? Thanks a lot, Kairi! Okay, I guess I can give you a hint. Starts with an 'S'!"

"Rachell! Hey!"

I opened my eyes slowly and looked up at Cody, eyes slowly adjusting to the light. Hayner and the gang as well as Alison and Paul were looking down at me as I blinked up at them stupidly. "Are you okay?" Olette asked me, concern in her green eyes.

I sat up, rubbing my head softly. "Yeah, I think so… Ouch. That hurt."

"You fell backward."

I looked up quickly to see Roxas standing behind the crowd, blue eyes shining at me. "Y-You!"

Roxas tilted his head.

"You fell off the tower!" I yelled, standing up and pointing at him. "I saw you! You fell off right before I fell backward! And you should be dead!"

Silence settled over us, as Hayner started laughing. "Nice joke! Did you hit your head that hard against the concrete? If Roxas fell off the tower, what's he doing up here?"

I opened and closed my mouth stupidly. Dammit, he got me. "Maybe I was just imaging thing… Haha."

They nodded, when the clock chimed. "Ah, we need to head home." Olette said softly. "We'll see you guys tomorrow."

As they left, I turned to Cody, Alison and Paul. "He did, didn't he?"

"Yeah, but as soon as you fell backward, the entire place stood still and kind of backed up. Roxas was suddenly back on the tower and you were still out." Alison told me, her musing growing serious. "I don't think this is following the story line, guys. In a way, yes, but no at the same time…"

I held my head. "Oh great. More effort."

Cody chuckled at me, before scooting away. "We should do what they did and find somewhere to stay tonight. I'm tired as hell."

"After all that fighting today, who wouldn't be?" Alison said, taking Paul's hand in hers as they walked down the stairs of the tower together, Cody and I following. Just as we reached the bottom step, I turned and looked back up, just to see an ice cream stick fall down, reaching my feet as if on a cue. I leaned down and picked it up, turning it over.