It was just a regular Monday morning. Kids were throwing paper at each other, talking, laughing. Alois was sitting on his desk in his booty shorts, chewing gum and talking animatedly. Elizabeth was busy alternating between praying and chatting with her friends. The other Jesus freaks were listening intently to Elizabeth's rambles and bowing their heads whenever she began praying. Mr. Knippenburg, the science "professor," was no where to be found, but that was normal, as the bell hadn't rung quite yet.

At 7:55 the bell rang. The room hushed as the teens found their seats. Professor Knippenburg walked in shortly.

"Good morning, class," he said. The class murmured their greetings, all except one voice that was heard above the rest.

"Good morning, Professor Knippenburg!" Alois yelled, a mischievous look in his eye. He blew a bubble with his gum, a classical naughty-school-girl move.

"Alois, sit in your chair this instant," said Professor Knippenburg in his no nonsense tone. Alois had a reputation for being sent to the office for behaving like this, though the teachers gave up on forcing him to wear shorts that reached his knees long ago. Even though Alois is only in the eighth grade, he is probably the sluttiest person in the whole school.

"Why don't you come over here and make me, Professor Knippenburg," Alois replied seductively. "Like you did last night."

A gasp came from the other students. "What a slut!" Elizabeth whispered loudly, and her friends murmured their agreement.

Professor Knippenburg blushed, looking furious. "Gather your things, Trancy! You're going straight to the headmaster!"

Alois made a face of mock innocence. "Oh," he said. "Was that supposed to be a secret?" Giggling lightly, he hopped off the desk and walked to the door. Alois blew another bubble as he passed the professor.

"And spit that gum out!" Knippenburg fumed, but Alois was already half way down the hall.

Alois arrived at the office, plopping down in his favorite plush chair. He was sitting next to a boy with blue-black hair and an eye patch.

Wow, he has the finest anatomy, Alois thought. Why have I not noticed him before...?

"Hey," Alois said to the mystery boy.

Ciel starred at Alois, analyzing him. Blonde hair, blue eyes, gum, booty shorts. He could tell that he wouldn't like this guy already.

"...Hey," Ciel replied, turning away.

"What are you in for?" Alois asked, oblivious to the fact that Ciel had no desire to continue their conversation.

"I'm not 'in for' anything," he replied shortly. "I'm new."

"Ooooh, a new kid!" Alois cooed. "What's your name?"

"Ciel. Ciel Phantomhive."

"I'm Alois. Come on, I'll show you around," he said, already standing up.

"Wait," Ciel said. "Are we allowed to?"

Alois shrugged. "Who cares? If we leave now, we can ditch second period."

"I don't know, I don't think we should-" Ciel started, but Alois had already pushed him out the door.

"Where to first...?" Alois wondered aloud, standing in the middle of the hallway. "The cafeteria is close. Follow me." Grabbing Ciel by the hand, Alois dragged him toward the cafeteria.

How did this happen...? Ciel wondered, feeling a mixture of confusion and annoyance at this "Alois," who was saying something about the quality of the cafeteria food. Ciel's eyes began to wander, and he noticed that Alois' shorts exposed almost all of his thighs.
God, Ciel thought. If those shorts were just a little bit shorter...

Suddenly, Alois stopped and turned around.

"Eyes up here, Ciel," he said with a smirk. Ciel blushed, realizing that he had been caught checking out a guy.

What the bloody hell is wrong with me? He thought. I'm straight, aren't I?

Now might be a good time to mention that Ciel isn't as... experiencedas Alois is in things like sexuality. I mean, he hasn't even masturbated, for God's sake.

"Come on, pervert," Alois teased. "I'll show you the gym." The bell that signaled first period had ended rang out. Students filled the hallway as Alois and Ciel made their way to the gym.
As they stepped into the gym, Ciel was hit with the scent of freshly waxed floors and sweat.

"Are you sure we won't get caught here?" Ciel asked.

"Don't worry," Alois said, brushing off the question. "They don't use the gym second period, so we'll be fine."

Just then, the door on the opposite side of the gym began to open.

"Oh shit!" Alois whispered, pushing Ciel back through the door they came through. "Go!"

Alois and Ciel ran through the hallways, not stopping until they finally reached a dark corner under a staircase, one of Alois' hiding spots.

"'Don't worry,' you said," Ciel panted. "'We'll be fine,' you said."

"Oh, shut up. You know that was fun, don't even try to deny it. My heart is still beating so fast from the adrenaline," Alois said, gasping for breath as well. "Besides, I don't think whoever it was even saw us, so we're still okay."

"Fine, but I'm going to check into the office as soon as the bell for third period rings," Ciel said.

"Aw, why?" Alois whined. "Wouldn't it be more fun just to ditch the rest of the day?"

"If I don't check in they'll wonder where I am," Ciel replied. "I was supposed to enroll today."

"Okay, joy kill," Alois pouted. "I'll go, too."

During the forty five minutes Alois and Ciel sat underneath the staircase, they just talked. Mostly, Alois interrogated Ciel about every detail of his life, while Ciel tried to avoid answering personal questions.
As the bell for third period rang, Alois and Ciel made their way to the headmaster's office. Surprisingly, no one had noticed their absence. The secretary hadn't been at her desk the whole day, and the headmaster had stayed in his office. Alois and Ciel assumed their previous position, sitting in the plush chairs. It was as if they had never left.

"Will you get in trouble with the headmaster?" Ciel asked.

"No," Alois replied, smirking. "I'm his favorite."

"Right..." Ciel said, not really believing him. Alois didn't seem like the teacher's pet type.

Finally, the secretary showed up. She sent Alois into the headmaster's office, and gave Ciel his schedule.
Ciel walked to his third period class, math. Knocking on the door, another student opened it for him.

"Ah," said the professor, stopping in the middle of the lesson. "You must be the new student. Everyone, this is Ciel Phantomhive. I want you to make him feel welcome here. Now, are there any empty desks?"

A girl with blonde, curly pigtails shot her hand in the air. "There's a desk here, Professor Smith," she said, referring to the seat next to her.

Ciel walked to the desk, thankful that the teacher hadn't forced him to introduce himself.

"I'm Elizabeth," the blonde girl whispered. "Nice to meet you, Ciel."

Ciel smiled at her. Not everyone at this school was crazy.

Forty five minutes later, it was fourth period. Literature. It turned out that Elizabeth had the same thing next period, so they sat together again. Alois showed up in the middle of class.

"Sorry I'm late," he said to the professor, a smirk playing about his lips. "I was helping the headmaster with something."

"The headmaster's office again?" Elizabeth snarled. "Shocker."

"Stuff it," Alois said, hardly taking notice of the snide remark as he sat down on the opposite side of Ciel. "You're just jealous because I spent the morning with the hot new kid, and you didn't."
Ciel's face flushed a deep red as his eyes widened. Did he seriously just call me hot?

"First of all, you're a disgusting homosexual that will never see the gates of heaven," Elizabeth said. "Secondly, you know him?"

"Er. Sort of-"

"Of course he knows me. We're best friends, right, Ciel?" Alois said, perfectly calm.

"Um. Well-"

"That's enough!" The professor shouted. "I don't want to hear another word out of any of you three for the rest of class!"

Fifteen minutes later, Alois slipped Ciel a piece of folded notebook paper.

How did you get stuck sitting with Elizabeth? It read.

Ciel got out a pen and replied, She asked me to sit with her. I thought she was nice.

Yeah, she seems nice at first. Trust me, it gets worse.

When the lunch bell rang, Elizabeth asked Ciel if he wanted to sit with her. Ciel agreed, but looked back at Alois.

"You really shouldn't hang out with Alois," Elizabeth said. "He's kind of a slut."

Ciel didn't say anything. He liked Elizabeth; she seemed a little overly religious, but okay. But he didn't like the way she talked about Alois.

Elizabeth's friends consisted of a bunch of other preppy, religious people. They asked Ciel where he was from and the like, but Ciel didn't talk much. Once or twice he would look over at where Alois was sitting with a group of students that included a set of triplets, but would always look away shyly if Alois glanced in his direction. Alois and his friends looked like they were having fun, talking, laughing, and occasionally throwing food or ice at each other.

Lunch ended, and the rest of the day passed in a blur. At 3:35, the final bell rang. Alois and Ciel walked outside together, waiting for their rides. Sebastian arrived soon, idling in front of the school.

"Well," Ciel said, standing up. "That's my ride."

Claude pulled up right behind Sebastian.

"And that's mine," Alois said, starting for the car. "See you tomorrow, Ciel."