"We can't do this," the child panted. His heart pounded in his ears as his butler pushed him back onto the comforter. He clawed and pushed against Sebastian's shoulders, but it was futile. Moonlight flooded in the window and illuminated strands of his dark hair, still damp from the bath he had gotten out of minutes before. "I love Alo- nnh!" He cried out as Sebastian bit down on his neck, not hard enough to draw blood. It would leave a mark, one the beast would admire in the morning.
"Don't speak his name in my presence," the demon hissed. His lips met Ciel's chest as his hands moved along his sides, hungrily devouring every inch of his skin. Ciel bit back a moan. He felt so delicate writhing underneath Sebastian like that,with skin as smooth and pale as porcelain and bones just as breakable. Soft hair, pink lips, petite frame- Sebastian would take nothing less than all of him. His mouth latched onto one pink nipple as an arm wrapped around the boy's thin frame, pulling him closer. Ciel's breath caught, and all the fight left his body suddenly. His body turned to putty in Sebastian's hands, and he had to bite back a moan. "There is no need to keep your voice down," Sebastian murmured in his ear. "I want to hear the sweet sounds I elicit from your-"
"Stop this," Ciel hissed, (still determined to protest verbally, at least) but Sebastian seemed to ignore the order. Ciel physically recoiled as kisses were pressed just below his navel, but steady hands forced him still. "Not there," he whimpered, his body quaking and shuddering. Sebastian coaxed and stroked until his little master became aroused. His cursed name was whispered between shallow breaths as tiny hands reached up and tangled themselves in onyx hair. Ciel pleaded for him to stop even as precum leaked from him, dirtying Sebastian's once-spotless glove.
A final kiss was pressed against his stomach before Sebastian leaned down and tasted him. His hips jerked, pushing his length deeper into Sebastian's throat. Ciel's breathing turned to pants as the demon's lips glided over his erection, solid but as soft as silk. His toes curled at Sebastian's side, the only warning before his body tensed and Sebastian tasted his pleasure on his tongue. This time, he couldn't contain the cry that left his jolted awake suddenly. He was sweating and gasping for breath and... wet. He could hardly believe that what he had just experienced had only been a dream. His first nocturnal emission had left him feeling disturbed and confused more than aroused. Ciel cringed at the mental images that had been seared into his memory, knowing they wouldn't be easily forgotten.
He crawled out of his warm bed to take a shower, but found his feet to be unstable. And then it came crashing down on him, the memory of last night, and he felt sick. Alois had violated him. He had drugged him and then used him as he pleased. That filthy bastard.

Ciel regained his balance and cautiously made his way to the bathroom. The sticky feeling of sweat and cum was unbearable. As he let the water cleanse him, Ciel contemplated the dream and what it could mean. Sebastian was certainly attractive- all powerful, perfect, divine-but that wasn't what really had Ciel interested.
The adolescent quickly wrapped himself in a towel and went back to his room. He shivered as he searched his wardrobe for a clean shirt to sleep in. A small knock came at the door, making him jump.
"Sebastian! Don't startle me like that!" he scolded as his butler entered the room, uninvited. Ciel clutched the towel closer to his body and tried to calm his heartbeat.
"My apologies; I assumed you were sleeping." Sebastian took in his master's wet hair and lack of clothing, a knowing smirk crossing his lips. He knew all too well what had been on his master's mind recently. "Not to be nosy, my lord, but what are you doing up past your bedtime? Did something wake you up? A bad dream, perhaps?"
"I couldn't sleep." The lie flowed from his lips so easily, so naturally, but Sebastian saw through it immediately. "What are you doing at my door in the middle of the night?"
"I came up to check on you." Sebastian quietly closed the door and walked across the room. He could tell Ciel was on edge by the way he was watching him so closely. How interesting to see that he could have such an effect on him. "Why another bath, my lord?"
"That's none of your concern," Ciel snapped, irritated at the thought that he needed to be 'checked on.' "You can go back to whatever you were doing, Sebastian."
"Of course." Sebastian bowed slightly. "But don't you want me to dress you first?"
Ciel shrugged indifferently. "If you please." The young earl let his legs dangle off the edge of his bed as his butler finished dressing him for bed for a second time. Sebastian knelt in front of him, gloved hands gliding over each button in the routine way. For the first time, Ciel felt uncomfortable about being dressed by him. It was ridiculous, he knew, but after having such a dream, he wasn't sure if he could see his butler the same way.

After all the buttons had been fastened, Sebastian looked up at his young master. "Are you sure you don't want to talk about anything?"

"Don't pry into things that don't concern you."

"But if something is troubling you, my lord, it is my concern to be sure to ease it in any way possible."

"Tch. Don't patronize me, Sebastian."

"As you wish. Just remember: dreams express wishes." Sebastian took half of a second to enjoy the surprised and guilty expression of his young master, then closed the door behind him.

Author's note: Two updates in one night? What? This is unheard of!