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Kazuo was having what most Doctors would term as a panic attack. He had experienced them before. They weren't fun. His first time in the shadow realm had lead to a panic attack, being that as a child he had been diagnosed as claustrophobic. But this wasn't claustrophobia setting in. No. He hadn't meant to draw the kid's attention! He really hadn't! And if anybody believed that then there were seven golden balls that granted wishes… Oh wait… Goten told him those actually existed. FAWK! He cursed and kicked a random table in the palace hall, then winced as she realized his mother would have his hide for that.

And his Aunt Ai had made it a point to tease him relentlessly about it. Unlike the other royals she had no issue with the boy being a Saiyajin. Love is love. BUT HE'S A KID! A year younger than Usagi! And Usagi was five years younger than he was! Which meant Goten was SIX years younger! Oh life was so much simpler when no one knew he was gay! Why oh why did he have to go and make it public to them? WHY? Oh yeah… he didn't want the kid to feel alone. "Ish'na man ta a laha…" Kazuo sunk down to the floor and put his head in his hands. It hadn't helped that he had run in to Haru and Masa earlier that day. That had been… well fuck it had been a nightmare.

"What's that mean?" He hissed and jumped up looking at the object of his issues. "Did I scare you?" Goten tilted his head to the side.

"Uhh… yes… yes you did…I was uhh in my own little world…" Kazuo held his breath. Oooohhh he didn't need to be alone with him. That would cause issues. Issues he wasn't ready to face. Issues the boy wasn't ready for. Oh Kami he would be no better than Haru if he did anything with Goten. He stiffened at that thought. Maybe if he told him… maybe he would get that it couldn't happen. But he didn't wanna hurt him. He just got his best friend back… the best friend he had a crush on for who knows how long. He smelled good…

"Kazuo… what's wrong? You look tense."

"I am tense… had a long day… fuck it's only..." he looked at his watch, "it's not even lunch and it's been a long fucking day…" This was just great he was rambling. He sighed and slumped. "I ran into Haru and Masa today…"

"Who?" Oh that's right he didn't tell the whole story.

"Masa was the twenty somethin year old cousin of my best friend Haru…" Kazuo looked at Goten sideways.

"The one that…" Goten's eyes widened.

"Yep…that one…I never did finish the story…" Here Kazuo picked at his pants unsure of where to start. He honestly didn't want to talk about it. "Well… I was tossed out… nowhere to go so I went to Masa's apartment…thinking he would put me up…ya know… he was a friend…well I get there and he tells me he's back with his girlfriend… he had decided that he was straight… and well I couldn't go to Haru… he didn't know…well I thought he didn't know… but apparently Masa had told him… so the next time I saw Haru it wasn't pretty… and then… not even a few days later I see Masa in the same spot we always met at… with another guy my age…I had been played… I was a naïve fifteen year old who fell for a joke…I found out later that he did it for kicks… sick bastard…guess that's what ya get when you mess with someone older and more experienced…" he covertly glanced at the demi saiyajin to see if he had gotten the hint. He seemed to be in thought, frowning at the floor.

"Have you had any… since?"

"Course…had plenty of em… not that I'm a player or anything…younger… older… same age…the younger ones and older ones never lasted long… didn't trust the older guys… and I just felt like… I felt horrible like I was leading the younger ones on..." please, please, please get it… please understand.

"Oh." Fuck I feel like shit now. It's for the best Kazuo. He'll find someone. Someone closer to his age. Kazuo frowned then. What if he doesn't? What if he meets someone like Masa? He's never been in a relationship with another guy. He'd never gotten the chance. And people will recognize that… they'll play on that.

"Ahhh…" Kazuo pulled at his hair.

"You never told me what you said meant…" Goten quickly changed the subject.

"It doesn't translate…there aren't any Terran words for it…just know that I said some unkind things… it was something I learned from my dad… inadvertently…" Now he really felt like shit. He could just feel the waves of depression rolling off the boy. Ah it sucked being and empath! If he wasn't an empath he could just go on his merry way and not worry about it! But noooo he had to feel it. Who was he kidding? Even if he hadn't been an empath he would feel bad about it!

Love makes people do funny things.

Go away…

Is that any way to talk to your Aunt?

You're not helping my problem… it would be best if I stayed away from him.

Says who?

ME! It's wrong! He's a kid!

Love is love Kazuo. It cannot be helped who we fall for.

And how many lovers did you have?

None of your business young man! I loved all of my lovers. Every one of them has a special place in my heart Kazuo. You believe it would be best that you stay away from him, but what if it's the opposite? Look at him my dear…he's a broken soul who needs to be healed. An apology from the young price will not correct everything. Even if you do not stay with him, showing him what it means to be loved in some way other than familial will bring some light to his soul.


Good! Have fun Kazuo! I know I would if I were you!

EW SICK! Get out of my head!

"Kazuo?" Goten waved his hand in front of the Kuro Lunarians face. "You okay? You looked like you were arguing with yourself."

Kazuo rubbed his temples. "Not with myself… my Aunt Ai. Minako's mother…stupid Venesians… I'm a daughter of Aphrodite! I can tell you your love life! I'll have over one hundred lovers blah blah blah…"

"A hundred lovers?"

"Eh I'm sure she didn't have that many…but she did have quite a few before she settled on my uncle." It's inevitable boy… your souls are intertwined. Just give in.


He could hear his Aunt as she tsk'd away in his head. As I said it's inevitable. But if you do manage to avoid it… you'll never forgive yourself for letting him get away…what if Trunks did decide that he returned Goten's feelings? That is a possible path you know…

WHAT? He winced. Damn he was caught.

Ah! There you go, now show the whole world who's nephew you are, and how you became general of the Lunarian armies. Use your charm boy! Before it's too late!

Kazuo leaned his head against the wall and mentally said every cuss word he knew in every language he could speak. Maybe… maybe this would work. Maybe he could do it. He peaked covertly at Goten again. It wasn't like they would be physical right away. That wasn't something Goten was mentally ready for. Slowly a smile started to form on his face. Giving in he finally turned to look at Goten flashing what Minako liked to call his 'charm your pants off' smile.

[for a change of pace! A short p.o.v from Bulma!]

She watched as Goten and Kazuo walked into the room laughing, and Kazuo tossed his arm around the smaller boy's shoulders. She wasn't sure how she felt about this. Goten was just now getting better from his heartbreak. Did he really need to get pulled into this so quickly? She could see that Kazuo was a charmer. And Luna had said he was charismatic. And for the past week she had seen as each time Kazuo smiled Goten's eyes would light up and she just knew his heart fluttered. Hell her own heart did every time the tall blue eyed boy smiled. And she had a husband!

But Kazuo had also made it a point to help her best friend's son. Goten was like her own son and she had worried about him as he slowly spiraled into darkness and hit rock bottom. However even with Kazuo's help he hadn't come back into the light. Goten was firmly rooted in darkness now. And he seemed happy to be there. But then … Kazuo was there as well, so there was no reason to come back to the light. That was one thing she could understand. It had been the same for her when Vegeta had come into her life. He was so drenched in darkness that it thrilled her, made her want to see what it was like on the other side. But she didn't want to believe that Goten of all people would be drawn in by something so seductive.

She saw it in the way Kazuo smiled at him; the way his blue eyes sparkled. They were so bright, yet at the same time they were a dark abyss promising things that would excite any pure soul. Most might be loath to admit it. But people like Kazuo and Vegeta just… they attracted pure souls. She wasn't a fool… she knew that there was something going on between Vegeta and Goku. But then … Goku was a Saiyajin… he could most likely give Vegeta something she never could. She knew Vegeta loved her. Otherwise he wouldn't have stayed. Oh he didn't love her to begin with. And he only stayed because of Trunks. But he could have left after Trunks grew up. But he didn't. She wondered if Chichi knew… maybe that was why she didn't like Vegeta. Not many people knew it, but her Ouji had certain… powers over Goku, just like he did her. Goku might have been more powerful, but he was pure, and Vegeta wasn't. And she knew that each time she lay with him, she gave more of her pureness to him. As did Goku. And Vegeta reveled in that fact.

Was she really willing to let the last of Goten's pureness be tainted by Kazuo? She might not be a martial artist, but Rei had taught her the basics of reading auras. Like Goku's, Gohan and Goten's auras were large and welcoming. Goku's was white, Gohan's was blue, and Goten's had been almost a bright indigo in color. She could clearly see something dark that ran along the edges of Goku's and Gohan's. She attributed that to Vegeta and whatever it was that had traumatized Gohan as a child. But with Goten's…it was almost…midnight in color now. And the more time he spent with Kazuo… the darker it got.

Kazuo's aura was something completely different. If she had ever thought that Vegeta's was dark (his was a dark blood red by the way) his had nothing on Kazuo's. His aura was so dark, that when Usagi or Goku stood near him it sucked the light from theirs in then pushed it back out as part of his own. Yet it had a silver lining to it that made it shimmer. She couldn't even read ki or chi [1], and she could tell that if he ever lost his temper it would be more than devastating.

She frowned again noticing the way that the two stood close together. There was definitely something more there than just friendly companionship.

+third person P.O.V+

Bulma wasn't alone in her skepticism. None of the others were sure if they wanted Goten and Kazuo close. The girls (minus Minako and Setsuna) fretted over it knowing they should trust Kazuo, but worried for their friend. Goku and Gohan were happy that he was starting to act happy again, but were suspicious of Kazuo's intentions. Vegeta was just suspicious all around because of the fact that Kazuo had a hand in stopping the Saiyajin War. Pacifist or not, how could someone change their views on the Saiyajins that quickly, when they had killed hundreds of them. Trunks wasn't quite sure how to feel. He wanted to protect his best friend but knew that he had no right to do so. There were even times he felt jealous, which was stupid [2]. Minako would just smile every time she saw them together. Since she was an emapth, she knew the constant war that waged inside of Kazuo, and knew how much he held himself back. Setsuna just didn't care. While the rest weren't even sure what was going on.

As of right now the duo was sitting at the kitchen table in the flat telling the others about the last youma they had just watched the girls dust, in a very animated fashion.

"And it was all like… Please don't hurt me I'm sorry I won't do it again I promise!" Goten laughed. "All the while Minako just totally beat the shit out of it for scorching her hair!"

"And then it was all like..." Kazuo just fell out of his chair twitching on the ground for a few minutes. The others just laughed and pointed. Despite the doubts, Kazuo fit in perfectly with their group.

"Ami and Rei had to drag Minako away all the while she was screaming at the top of her lungs that she was gunna rip it's eyes out of its sockets! It took them a good thirty minutes to talk her down." Kazuo hoped back into his chair and leaned across the table closer to Goten.

"I could have sworn she was twitching ya know… I think they were two seconds away from throwing in her an asylum." He just grinned suavely at the demi saiyajin. Minako just glared at them.

"I wasn't that bad… BESIDES IT WAS MY HAIR! You would have done the same thing Kazu-kun." She jumped up and swiped a knife at Kazuo's hair. He ducked and covered his prized white locks.


"My point exactly!" She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Crazy onna's and their mood swings." Kazuo muttered under his breath. The other men in the room all held their breath.

"What was that?" They all rounded on him.

"I said crazy onna's and their mood swings!" He just grinned. As they all closed in on him he just shrunk into the shadow of the table laughing, before re-appearing behind Goten. "Tsk tsk."

"Ya know…I think he's flirting with Goten." Yamcha whispered to Krillin as they watched Kazuo lean down and whisper into Goten's ear in a flirtatious manner. This whole week, to them Kazuo had been way too close to their friend's youngest son. It wasn't normal for two guys to stand that close to each other, friends or not. Only a hot chick was allowed that close. But Kazuo just jumped in to the no go zone like it was okay and Goten didn't seem to mind.

"Dumbshit." Vegeta just snorted. They just frowned at the Saiyajin no Ouji.

Trunks looked at Gohan and they nodded, both thinking the same thing. Those two might be trouble, seeing as how they had no idea that Goten liked Kazuo. Hell it was obvious the way those two were practically hanging off of each other. Neither of them were about to let Goten be hurt in any way again. Kazuo looked up and narrowed his eyes in the direction of Krillen and Yamcha. He had made it quite clear that he had no tolerance for Yamcha, and the man was actually smart enough to stay away. But it didn't look like that would last much longer.

Suddenly he grinned wickedly and leaned over, draping his arms over Goten. His lips were close enough to the younger boy's ear that they saw Goten visibly shiver. Neither of them heard what was said but it made Goten flush. The more Goten flushed the more wicked Kazuo looked. He stood up tall and laughed when Goten mumbled a reply. Kazuo pulled Goten up out of his seat, "C'mon! I'm bored! Let's go do something!" As they were walking off Yamcha chose that moment to speak up.

"Hey Goten! We were thinking of going out! Wanna come with?" He grinned like he had done something good. They had slowed down and stopped before they reached the door. The feeling in the room became tense as Kazuo turned around and scowled at Yamcha.

"No thanks! Me and Kazuo are going out somewhere!" Goten grinned and pulled the taller man out of the door quickly. Bulma reached out and smacked Yamcha on the back of the head as soon as the door closed.

"What was that baka? Don't think I didn't see what you were doing!" She seethed at him. "Get over feeling threatened by Kazuo! He doesn't like you so he won't try for you!" Everyone but Chichi and Krillin was glaring at him.

"But he's-"

"You don't know what you're talking about baka!" Trunks growled before turning to talk to Usagi whom he was still apologizing to. She was letting him sweat by not accepting right away. She felt it was only right because of how long he took to apologize to Goten.

Kazuo was busy pointing out everything to Goten as they walked the streets of Tokyo. For some reason Kazuo just couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was about to happen. The shadows he had sent out hadn't come back with anything yet.

"And there is Tokyo Tower. Looks like the schools are having their class trips to- Oh shit." Kazuo stopped as soon as his shadows finally came back.

"What is it Kazu-" before Goten could finish a blur of red crashed into his taller companion.

"KAZUO!" Dread spread through Kazuo at the voice from the body that crashed into him. Before he could even react he felt lips crash onto his. His only thought was the look of pain the crossed Goten's face.

+hours later+

Kazuo wanted to pull his hair out. Things had been going so smoothly with him and Goten. And one visit from a certain individual had thrown everything off! It seemed that he had been wrong to assume that Erin could ignore the fact that she had some feelings for him.

He hadn't told anyone about the incident that brought his son into this world. He hadn't been ready to admit it, but it looks like he would have to spill the beans now. Leaning back in what had once been his father's throne he sighed. Life sucked at the moment.

"He's upset you know." Looking up he saw Trunks standing about ten feet away. He hadn't even heard him come in. Oh this was great, as if the purple haired Saiyajin didn't dislike him enough as it was.

"Yeah I know. I'm just… I can't… I can't be around anyone at the moment. I won't… I won't be able to control what I do at the moment. I need to think…Gotta figure out how to start… WHERE to start…" He sighed again. "I don't feel anything for her like that. She is like a sister…"

"That you have a child with." Trunks deadpanned.

Wincing he nodded. "Give me a bit I'll explain to everyone once I can get my mind in order." Standing up he looked at Trunks. "Right now I need to talk to him. That's first. I could care less how anyone else sees me." Before he could move Erin walked in admiring the architecture.

"Kazuo." She smiled flirtatiously, her green eyes hooded. "There you are I've been looking for you!" Flicking her curly fire red hair away she glared at Trunks.

"Not now Erin. I'm busy." She pouted. "I have to fix this mess."

"What mess? With that child? Hmph!"

"Erin! Just… Go visit with Kousetsu!" Kazuo growled out. He pushed passed the smaller girl. "I need to see Goten."

"What does he have that I don't huh?" She stomped her foot making herself look like a petulant child. Pausing to fix her with a glare that made her step back he sneered.

"I don't have time for this Erin…but if you want to know what it is that he has. He has EVERYTHING that you don't. He has me." He walked off looking for Goten and ignored her screech of protest. Closing his eyes he felt out with his senses. There he was. And he was alone too. Walking out into the gardens he readied himself for an explanation. The younger boy was standing there looking up at the sky in front of the garden maze. Before he could stop himself he had walked up and wrapped his arms around Goten and pulled him close.

Goten had started to move when he spoke quietly. "Please listen…" It was a soft whisper that caused the demi-Saiyajin to pause. "I don't like her… I don't have any feelings for her but familial." He tucked his head in the crook of Goten's neck and breathed in. "Nothing."

When Goten didn't answer he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "It's now or never…" he whispered. Standing up straight he spoke louder. "When I visited Ireland, I saved her from a youma… When she took me to meet her family, they recognized me for what I was." Closing his eyes again he continued. "Almost immediately the marriage proposals started." He felt Goten stiffen and squeezed him closer. "I turned them all down. I even explained why. Sexuality isn't a problem for them. They are open to it."

"They?" Goten whispered.

"The Sidhe… Elves…fairy folk… anyways Erin though disappointed said she didn't care. We became friends and I began to see her like a sister… she is like all of the girls rolled into one, and somewhere in the back of my mind I recognized that… But her parents persisted. She protested in my defense… but one night they decided to take action." Taking a shaky breath he continued. "There's this… oil… called Branwyn's Tears. It can turn a human into a Sidhe lover for a night… and it will also show your true self… no glamour can withstand it… however it only works if there is an attraction…" before Goten could move he spoke quickly. "Attraction might have been there for her… but not for me. They… found a way to alter it." He sighed. "They felt that since I was reborn as a human it would affect me and make me want to stay by her side. All it did was reawaken my Lunarian heritage. After that I was so angry that I exploded in front of the whole court. I think it was then that they started to realize that they made a mistake… I would have left after that … but she told me that she was pregnant… So I stayed until Kousetsu was a year old then we left…" They stayed quiet for a few minutes before Kazuo spoke again. "I didn't know it was her that was coming. I had… felt someone watching…if I had known it was her I would have warned you."

"Would you have told me everything?" Kazuo bit his lip at the question. Would he have? Glancing down at the boy he smiled.

"Yes." Kazuo was starting to get worried, so he did the only thing he could think of. He turned Goten around and kissed him. Kazuo felt him stiffen and kissed him more urgently. He had to get his point across! When he finally felt Goten relax, Kazuo smirked and backed him up to the beginning wall of the maze. Pulling back his smirk softened into a smile. "I don't want her."

Goten's eyes were wide and his face was stained pink. In other words he looked adorable to Kazuo. Laughing Kazuo brushed his hand across the boys pink face. He looked so innocent and lost right now. He had wanted to wait to do anything with him, but Erin had forced his hand. Not that he minded.

"I think we should tell the others before they decide to kill me."

"Not yet." Kazuo blinked and started in surprise when Goten stood on his toes and pulled him into another kiss. Oh sweet Selene he had created a monster. A monster he would enjoy to the fullest. Kazuo smirked as they slid to the ground.

He and Goten looked thoroughly ruffled when they found everyone. They were all looking at them in curiosity and shock.

"Uhhh don't mind us." Kazuo grinned. He had his arms wrapped around Goten, who was snuggled into his side. "Guess you want to know everything…" At their nods Kazuo made a face before he started. "To make a long story short… Erin's parents tricked us with some Branwyn's Tears." Minako gasped and glared at Erin. Before his cousin could strangle the girl he continued. "It lead to… that… they had altered it somehow. So it not only affected me in that way… it brought out my Lunairan heritage… I blew up in front of the court… Erin wound up pregnant… that's it."

"Uhhh what's Branwyn's Tears?" Kazuo pinched the bridge of his nose at Krillin's question. He had hoped for it to just end at that.

"A clear oil that turns a human into a sidhe lover for a night. No glamour can stand against it. However… there normally has to be an attraction between the two or…more… people who use it. "He looked at Erin. "I feel no attraction towards her."

"Well then."Erin stood "I'll leave. But I'm taking my son with me." Everyone began to protest as she reached for the small boy.

"So your parents can force him into something he doesn't want?" Kazuo spoke calmly through the noise. He looked down at his son who had attached himself to his leg. "Erin… I hate to do this… I really do… but you give me no choice… if you attempt to take Kousetsu I will have no choice but to retaliate… my Mother has recognized him as a Tsuki no Ouji. And my position as the General of the White Moon Kingdom has been reinstated. And should something happen to my sister before she sits on her throne… I will take her place and Kousetsu will be my heir." He narrowed his eyes at the small red head. "I might not have an army Erin…"

"But then again… you never needed one …" They all turned to see a slim woman dressed in a red and white sailor fuku. Her gold eyes were wide with mischief and held a confidence that could have only have come from experience.

"And who are you?" Erin sneered at the taller girl.

"I am Hizashi Sekaino, Princess of the Solar Kingdom. Sailor Sol of the Old Lunar Empire. Personal bodyguard to her Royal Highness Princess Serenity Usagi Tsuki II, now Queen Serenity Usagi Tsuki II of the Neo Lunar Empire." She stepped forward and narrowed her eyes. "And I will not allow you to take young Prince Kousetsu."


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